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Found 19 results

  1. TheCinC

    Suggestions thread

    Please read this before posting, at least read the bold parts, so we can keep this thread effective and clean! Ever since beta I've tried to create a suggestion thread like this, but so far without success.. Please help make World of Warships great again and add your own suggestions here. When you add a suggestion, please keep it positive, constructive and if possible, to the point. Be clear, be specific if possible, use terminology we all understand. I've added a catalogue of suggestions, per topic, here in this OP, so you can just go to whichever subject interests you most, or check if something already exists, to make voting easier and prevent duplicates. Please use the appropriate subforum for discussing current or future ships or branches, it is an interesting subject, but too vast to cover here. Please do not comment on the suggestions, just like them or not, so we can keep this clean and people can just trawl through the suggestions of us forumites. If you run out of likes, come back another day. I've seen quite a few inspiring suggestions, but most of those threads die a lonely death sooner or later, this is my way of trying to keep them alive. If you want a separate topic, or already have one and want me to add them here, PM me and I'll try to add a link in the OP ASAP. If you want to comment/discuss any or all of the suggestions, please start a separate topic for that suggestion, PM me and I'll try to add a link in the OP ASAP. If you agree with a suggestion, just click 'Like this'. The more likes, the more popular a suggestion is, the more likely it will at least attract attention. Thank you for your attention and your cooperation. Stickied and maintenance Edit: as of the 5th of May 2017, this topic has been stickied. Thanks Kandly, and thanks to everyone who has participated so far! You've all helped make this effort at providing constructive feedback a success! I will keep track of this topic and keep adding to the index, but will now do so every few days or maybe once a week, as this topic has now become way more popular due to being more visible, so otherwise I won't have any time left to actually play the game. EDIT: due to the backlog in maintenance, please just add a reply to this topic with a link to a new topic you've created, so people will be able to find yours if it drops off the front page. EDIT: I realise I am way behind on keeping the index up to date, but that is in part due to this topic becoming a runaway success. It was already doing pretty well before being stickied, now suggestions are still added at least a few times a week. I haven't found the time to do this in a while, busybusybusy, and will have to decide whether I want to keep doing that, especially since I don't know how important the index is to everyone. PM me if you think the index should stay. If my inbox is overwhelmed, that is encouragement to keep doing this. Important edit as of 28th April 2017: See here. So Kandly has promised to forward our suggestions to the Devs, which now happens weekly, and Sub_Octavian himself may pop in once in a while as well. Sub_Octavian explained that, for various reasons, nothing may come of it, which I understand, but we will at least be seen and heard by the Devs. I also don't expect answers or replies, or even a notification things have been looked at or forwarded, so don't get upset if that doesn't happen, just post a question in the 'Questions of the community thread' if you really want an answer. I for one am very happy just to know that things posted will get the attention of the people who can do something with them. So let's make the most of this! List of all topics in this thread, and topics covered elsewhere on this forum. If you create a new thread to discuss a new proposal, just add a reply with a link to that topic so it can be found from here. Topic: General (everything related to World of Warships that does not fit in any of the other categories) Communication - Added by: TheCinC Date: 8th of January 2017 WoWs APP - Added by: Dominico Date: 8th of January 2017 Rank based matchmaking - Added by: TomaszuJerzy Date: 8th of January 2017 Rank based matchmating - Added by: Rethyl Date: 11th of January 2017 Skill based matchmaking - Added by: Shagulon Date: 3rd of March 2017 Enable replay in game and ability to create output ready for Youtube - Added by Capra76 Date: 9th of January 2017 Ability to continue chat after completing game - Added by Capra76 Date: 9th of January 2017 Revised report system - Topic by FaceFisted Date: 8th of January 2017 Captain training for future ships - Added by: Cosseria Date: 5th April 2017 More varieties of signal bundles, as on other servers - Added by: Leo_Apollo11 Date: April 17th 2017 Remove new upgrades from containers - Added by: SyntheticMan Date: April 27th 2017 Historical captains, with unique abilities I (see also below) - Added by: Phlogistoned Date: 7th May 2017 Remove special upgrades from supercontainers - Added by: Mydgard Date: 15th May 2017 Reward XP based on playing a role that fits your ship class, to encourage team work - Added by: Black_Baron_MC Date: 15th May 2017 Additional suggestions for rewarding XP based on playing a role that fits your ship class, to encourage team work - Added by: tsounts Date: 17th May 2017 Add an option to 'opt out' of receiving special upgrades - Added by: blindhai Date: 17th May 2017 Reward laying smoke for allies - Added by: blindhai Date: 17th May 2017 Historical captains, with unique abilities II (see also above) - Added by: Zen71_sniper Date: 18th May 2017 Fictional captains, with unique abilities - Added by: Gnirf Date: 18th May 2017 Topic: Gameplay (Bastion/Challenges/Missions/Game modes, etc.) New (historical) game modes - Added by: TheCinC Date: 8th of January 2017 AI controlled landbased planes - Added by: Affeks Date: 9th of January 2017 More time to cap in domination mode - Added by: Svadilfari Date: 11th January 2017 RTS-style game mode where CV controls all the ships on its team - Added by: Hawg Date: 23rd April 2017 Add means to decrease capture time - Added by: FallOutBoi Date: 5th May 2017 Add means to apply first win bonus to a game in which you actually did well - Added by: FallOutBoi Date: 5th May 2017 Topic: Game mechanics (Detection/Fires/Flooding/Shooting/Smoke/Spotting/Torpedoes, etc.) Realistic gun arcs for AA - Added by: Wembley_Mark Date: 27th February 2017 Upgrade that trades gun range for improved muzzle velocity/sigma/RoF - Added by: Aoteras Date: 30th March 2017 Either remove Radio Location or give us the option of turning off our Radio - Added by: TheCinC Date: 5th April 2017 Increase Manoeuvrability for DDs and CAs - Added by: TheCinC Date: 5th April 2017 Decrease accuracy for ship firing at target that manoeuvres and/or changes speed - Added by: TheCinC Date: 5th April 2017 Remove Hydro/Proximity Detection/Radar working through Islands - Added by: TheCinC Date: 5th April 2017 Scalable armour penetration - Added by: iFax Date: 5th April 2017 Add Semi-Armour Piercing (RN feature) to the skill tree, just like IFHE - Added by: Mymeria Date: 27th April 2017 Reduce reload time for spotter aircraft by 60 seconds, so having 4 due to 'Superintendant' skill would be more useful - Added by: TheRonson Date: 28th April 2017 Remove Hydro/Proximity Detection/Radar until it no longer works through obstacles - Added by: TheRonson Date: 28th April 2017 Gyroscopes allowing torpedoes to be launched sideways, then turn in any direction - Topic by: 1MajorKoenig Date: 25th April 2017 Allow players more freedom in choosing modifications - Added by: iFax Date: 6th May 2017 Allow player to set one ship as flagship, unlocking options for customization - Added by: Malhadras Date: 7th May 2017 Various options for balancing BBs and CVs - Added by: Han951753 Date: 11th May 2017 Change IJN DD torpedo launchers to launch volleys with random spread - Added by: tenacious_torps Date: 12th May 2017 Have radar only work for the ship using it, or not allow enemy ships to lock on - Added by: Klinkerhoffen Date: 15th May 2017 Change accuracy of fire based on how your opponent is spotted - Added by: Phlogistoned Date: 16th May 2017 Topic: Graphics (Animations, Improvements, etc.) More detonation/sinking effects - Added by: Dominico Date: 8th of January 2017 Corrections to various ship models - Added by: Piet11111 Date: 9th of January 2017 More variety in camouflage schemes - Added by: Ferry_25 Date: 27th of February 2017 Night battles with working light houses - Added by: Ferry_25 Date: 3rd of March 2017 Dynamic lighting in port based on time of day - Added by: Skyllon Date: 21st April 2017 Preference for historical camouflages, even if they are 'dull' - Added by: drmajga Date: 23rd April 2017 Ability to choose camouflages and bonuses separately - Added by: TheCinC Date: 5th May 2017 Allow players to fly multiple flags at once - Added by: NyronGT Date: 6th May 2017 Topic: Game client (user friendliness, options) Remember previous choice of currency for in game items - Added by: SyntheticMan Date: 11th January 2017 Remember previous choice for choosing a captain (From other ships or Reserves) - Added by: xxNihilanxx Date: 3rd March 2017 Option to have Minimap on second display - Added by: CaptainEbola Date: 4th March 2017 More information in the modules screen, allowing preview of module/upgrades - Added by: ThePurpleSmurf Date: 8th May 2017 Add ability to sell empty slots and captain's Reserve slots - Added by: Kibbari Date: 9th May 2017 Add option to set map preferences for all ships at once - Added by: Srle_Vigilante Date: 10th May 2017 Add separate slot for special upgrades to increase their worth - Added by: Gnirf Date: 17th May 2017 Show Challenges, Missions and Tasks that you can currently contribute to while in battle - Added by: blindhai Date: 17th May 2017 Show spotting damage while in battle - Added by: blindhai Date: 17th May 2017 Maximize air detection range at 10, as that is the maximum possible value - Added by: NoMoreAngel Date: 19th May 2017 Separate topics: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/114181-recruit-rewards-for-game-veterans-as-well-a-suggestion/ [This space intentionally left blank]
  2. Littelfoot

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    In light of the upcomming Naval Training Center (aka NTC) and the huge outrage becaue of it, I wanted to start from a different position to hopefully change something in this games development so here goes my first topic. Main reason for this is seeing so many players beeing highly emotional while not beeing able to express what would matter, namely a solid reason for why the NTC is a bad idea. If anyone looks in this forum or reddit they will notice that the community doesn't like NTC but the purpose of this thread is to find the reason for it. If you want to talk about something else please use the other threads to not derail my efforts. After watching the Introduction and Q&A of the NTC to the CCs I was baffled that noone mentioned a good reason against this feature other than balance and the skill gap between old and new players, maybe they where all just so stuned by the implications this new feature proposes and maybe they talked about that later. No matter I'm not here to blame the CCs but to pick up an important topic that I think has been neglected so far. Now we all know that balance is a thing that is measured by statistics at WG, same for the skill gap it seems like. I take that deduction from the vid and dev blog since they share some insight about the huge differences when talking about premium consumables. So far with the introduction, now the main point of this thread. Since the developer are looking for ways to keep their players playing the game (by having to grind) and maybe even introduce new players I think we should share the most important reason we are playing this game and why so many people think this is the worst thing that ever happened. I too share the very negative feeling for the NTC but I know why I still play this game in particular: The game is competitive Yes that's all. Over all the games I played and am still playing this is the one deciding factor for me to keep playing a game or drop it in the corner after I'm finished with it. I can give you examples from MMORPGs to single player strategy games. Sure there are other reasons to why I play a game but the reason on top is the main reason why I keep playing. No graphics, no innovative gameplay mechanics can keep me bound to a game like the replay value of a competitive game does. I really just like to play something and get good in it. Maybe teach someone else, theorycraft about best builds and so on. I know I know WoWS is not known to be a competitive game especially without a skill-based match making and people keeping their stars for farming the most damage and all of that. But in the end it comes down to my ship against the enemies ship and thats what matters. I know that to expect, the radar and secondary ranges of several ships as well as their dispersion characteristics. I know that I can try to fight an German BB in open water in a cruiser if I am far enough away so his shells wont be able to hit me reliably. Let's imagine a situation in ranked for the sake of having two fully upgraded ships (without NTC) to further specify the problem. If I'm driving my Amagi and see a Bismarck on the opposite team I know what to expect. I know that the max range of his secondaries is 11.3km and that I have to try to keep him at a range bigger than that or I will lose the fight against him. I know that my health pool is already a bit smaller (2.900 health) and I know that my guns are more reliable. But all of this information gets completely changed with NTC. You now can't denounce the strenght of a ship by the name alone but have to factor unknown stuff like level two upgrades into account. It gets even worse if you take two of the same ship. Yes the players are never equally skilled and captain skills are maybe different and what not. But even if all of that was equal or better on my side I would still lose to someone with a higher upgrade level despite of beeing the better player. The addition of the Naval Training Center will remove equality between players even more. Yes you have to buy modules and level your captain now. Yes this might be a bigger impact than what the NTC might bring in total. But the grind for these things stops relativly soon. Most of the ships can be played in their "endgame" configuration with only a 14 point captain or even below that. Farming some extra credits to equip ones favourite ship with the best modules doesnt take more than a week. And most of the time you can play around this stuff which is also a major point the community expressed in regard of the CV rework. If I see another Bismarck in my own Bismarck but I know I dont have the longer range secondaries I can still stay out of range from him. With the new updates the game becomes much more of a guessing game than it already is. Lastly I want to explain why a competitive game is important. If you have a competitive environment in your game the game itself has a high replay value. This means that players will play your game just to get better even if there are no rewards. Best example for this would be StarCraft. Even the old SC was still getting played by millions of players despite not having any new content from 1998 (SC:BW) to 2010 (SC2:WoL). No events, no new classes just the same old game for 12 (!) years. And some players even went back to BW after they didnt like WoL. This means if you manage to balance your game up to perfection players will play it for the fun of competive gameplay alone. So please Wargaming do not let your game become another p2w title as the countless ones released by EA in the past years, ruining even the Star Wars franchise with it. A game is more fun if youre punished for mistakes and not just get a bigger an bigger weapon to beat anyone that you meet. Because as soon as you can kill everyone with ease you move on to the next game since this one is boring now. So, despite my long rant about what the game needs in my opinion I would still like to know what are your reasons to play. Is it the competitive mindset like it is for me? Are you rather just playing for the visuals? Or is it the potential to grind a ship into perfection like Wargaming thinks it is? If possible I would like to know from you why are YOU playing this game? Feel free to add some reasons for it too and not just some rather short answer so we can convince the devs about this! TL;DR: WG thinks you play game to grind, do you really?
  3. ItsTipez

    Just some ideas

    1: Add special effects when you detonate someone like guns flying off barbettes, lifeboats flying, hull ripping up ect... 2: new achievement; Detonating Strike. If you detonate someone who is over 50%hp, it will award you with this achievement rather than devestating srike 3:a blue name tag that is on your name, which is like violator or division tags. Its purpose will be to tell your team that you have a slow game, and the punishment for being afk wont be applied. 4: issues about he (keep in mind that this is if the player has ifhe through this and the next issue) . If a he shell hits the hull and shatters (like if you are bow on in a bb), there is no way that a he shell can start a fire that way. Another weird angle that can start fires is a shell hitting a deck at 95 degrees and starting a fire (correct me if i got the angle wrong). A bigger issue is he hitting super structure (like the hoods,and has ifhe skill) penning and constantly causing 1k damage each and never getting saturated (i will discuss this in the 5th problem). Also, PLEASE stop adding more he spamming ships or ships which specialize in he. By 2020, battleships will be impossible to play because cruisers are getting more popular and op. 5: fire/he saturation. Imagine a yamato, that got hit in the nose by he and caused a fire, losing 9k hp. Now imagine it again, but with less hp and fire causing the same amount of damage. This is the problem with playing bbs, especially high tier. I wondered why it dosent saturate the hull, like torpedoes do to ships. He hitting the deck in the same place realistically has to saturate it at some point. 6: a built in replay system. Just press a button if you think you liked the battle enough to see it again, drops into a tab and you can watch it infinite times (i know you can do this manually with a few lines of code, but im too paranoid to edit the code without breaking something)
  4. sillybunny123

    Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    What about a fuel Managment ? imagine a game where ships have to keep an eye on their fuel Efficiency this could make matches so much more intense and tactical . how does it work ? Well pretty easy : everyone starts with a full tank . destroyer have the smalest tank and Battleships the biggest . you can/have to refill at the base . since Destroyer have the smallest tank we could get rid of those torpedo spamming Destroyers . they could go into the fight and shoot all their torpedos but than have to turn back to the base immediately to refill . Battleships dont really have to refill and can fight througout the whole match . Cruisers have to refill at least once in a match depents on how fast you are driving . faster= more fuel burned . you could safe some fuel and attack at the end while every one has to refill or slow down to make it to the end . you can run out of fuel if you didnt got fast enough back to refill . but you wont be dead . you can still fight but cant move anymore . ships could share fuel and give other teammates a little bit of fuel to get back to their base . what do you think about this idea ?
  5. Rawbeef

    Idea's for WOWS

    New Classes - Battlecruiser - Heavy cruiser - Light cruiser - Patrol Boat - Destroyer escort - Torpedo boat New nations - France - Great Britain - Germany - Brazil - Belgium - Finland - Greece - India - Italy - Canada - Sweden - Norway - Poland I'm Hope thad they would add it in next updates
  6. Fellows, I've created this topic to get some feedbacks from you, our readers. Please, answer the questions above to help our team to make the magazine better! Also, you can write your ideas, suggestions and critics. Pay attention: do not "flood" there, please. Be serious. Link to the magazine's topic
  7. HMS_Zulu

    Future Plans

    Hi guys so this is my first post and I want to make it a good one. I thought I would kick things off with new ideas for upcoming patches in the future; here are my ideas, but please share yours too! Game modes: At the moment there are only point and capture the flag based elements, but an Idea could be attack/defense on a port. This could be developed so that there are real players attacking a fort (port) which is either held by AI or other real players - this possibly creating a more exciting and wider range of attraction for the game. Another idea could be a simple thing like protecting or fighting for an island which contains an airstrip. Each team would have to have a carrier, this making it possible for each team to get some planes landing on it; this may sound a bit like ctf but even so it is something different. Nations: I don't really know which nations are going to be added in the future but can you guys just confer it? I think the Royal Navy is being added as well as the German Navy (kriegsmarine). If anybody knows anything else, please can they list it in the comments? Consumables: In this respect I know that there are auto consumables such as the battleship repair ability but will there be things like in world of tanks. Maybe a captain could be injured and you need a medical pack to heal him? Another idea could be for the boiler crews - tea and biscuits; again like WoT it increases speed and turning speed etc. I know that these ideas may already be out there, but if not I simply made this topic to be approved, ideas to be thrown about, and just generally for them to maybe be seen by the developers and actually added them in the game. Please post your comments, replies and other ideas below! Thanks, HMS_Zulu
  8. Bunnytob

    Operation ideas

    The other day I has a bit of spare time on my hands, and I thought something along the lines of: Hey, why don't I come up with an idea for an operation? Well, a few hours of notepad & MS paint later, I have this unrefined operation here. My overall thoughts on this operation: - It might be too easy. Maybe I should make the aircraft stronger. - It would be an interesting premise for an operation, but, well, it needs refinement. So what do you think? Do you have an interesting premise for an operation? Do you think you could improve this? Feel free to chime in ;) - Bunnytob
  9. ok, so who should be heroic commander for each navy by your reckoning? my proposals: USN Nimitz, Halsey, Spruance, Mitscher VMF Gorshkov, Makarov DKM Tirpitz, Scheer, Hipper , Raeder (it would be cool to see commander commanding its namesake ship...) RN Jellicoe, Cunningham, Vian PMW Unrug :P not sure about French and/or Italian candidates
  10. Lukew82


    Hey all, would like to start with... I am loving this game! Am however getting annoyed with the timer. Would be nice if there are some more maps and annihilation win maps. Its annoying/frustrating when you only just manage to start getting hits and then the round is over because a destroyer capped the enemy base or your team get lucky with kills and win on points in a few mins. perhaps adding some AI CARGO SHIPS AS A MISSION or escorting or something would be cool, or a land assault/strike on a base or have land bases for extra points. Would be interesting to hear everyone else's ideas for improvements or add ons. Remember, that it is a great game already so what could make it even better in your opinion?
  11. Kirk_Helmet

    First suggestions on minor details

    Hello everyone. After the first day of playing the closed beta of WoWS I am really impressed by the game. I had lots of fun in my first couple of battles and find some ideas great. For example the profile gaining experience is a great feature, the idea of a newcomer being able to only face bots in co-op battles on his first level is very good. Also if anyone would dislike his new, stock warship - he can grind the upgrades in co-op mode not complaining about facing stronger opponents. So generally - great job developers. On the other hand while playing the game I noticed several things I would like to see implemented. Probably some of them are already considered or already being developed. Sorry if I repeated any already discussed ideas. I'll list all the things that came to my mind on day one below: - Lack of commands. I mean some typical commands like: "Defend the base", "Follow me", "Help", "Requesting fire on <enemy>" etc. - I guess developers are working on it already but this is definitely the thing we need. - Lack of minimap pinging. When we press right ctrl we see the mouse cursor, just like in WoT, and we can move it around the minimap. It would be helpful if we could also ping some sector which we would like our team to look at. - I was already explained you do it by double-clicking. - Lack of division chat channel in battle. While already in battle we can either write to "all" or to the "team". It would be good if players not using the headphones could write specifically to their teammates from the same division, especially if they use their native (not english) language to communicate. - Lack of the possibility to see ammo type specification during battle. Again a comparison to WoT (sorry for that, but some ideas there are good). So in WoT after pressing the right ctrl we can drag our cursor over the icons of ammo types at the bottom centre of screen and see their specs: average damage (in WoWS it's a max dmg as far as I noticed) and average penetration. It would be nice if we could see those in WoWS during battle too. - Along with the ammo specs visible under a cursor it would be also useful if a player could be able to get some short description of ability like the "repair", "smoke screen" etc. explaining in few words what exactly the ability does. Yes, I know that after few battles player already knows that "repair" repairs guns, engine, extinguishes fire and stuff, but it would be nice to have this info anyway. It would also be really useful if we could see the ability reload time before we use it, maybe along with the description? For example: "Repair fixes this and that and even that instantly and extinguishes fires. Ability reloads in: 1:00 min." - I don't know if others would agree with me but I somehow felt uncomfortable with the fact that I can't see the distance in "sniper view". I mean we can see the distance to our allies and spotted enemies displayed above them but I would like to also have the range to the point I am currently aiming at visible. The info we get under the ALT key somehow solves this one. I think these are all my suggestions for now. Again - sorry if I repeated the already discussed features. EDIT: Green points.
  12. As you can probably tell from my name, I'm hoping that the Battlecruiser HMS Lion gets introduced into the game at some point, hopefully with the next load of British Ships. Recently I've been thinking about what the hull upgrades might look. Here's the ideas I've had: Stock Hull: 1912 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 13.7km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor, 4-9 inches, top speed 24.4 knots, 46000 HP) 1st Hull Upgrade: 1918 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 16.0 km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor 4-9 inches, top speed 27.5 knots, 46000 HP) 2nd Hull Upgrade: 1930's fictional rebuild (along similar lines to HMS Renown (6*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 18.3 km), 12*4.5 inch Mk 3 QF, citadel armor, 9 inches throughout, top speed 30.5 knots, 50000 HP) (in my fictional history, Lion, Princess Royal, and Tiger were kept in service up to and into WW2. In response to the development of the Deutschland class cruisers in Germany, Lion and her sisters were rebuilt as heavy cruiser hunters, with improved armor protection, new engines and boilers to increase speed, aircraft hanger and catapult, new superstructure, and improved secondaries and AA defence, with Q turret removed to save weight and make way for aircraft hanger and catapult. Basically she'd look like a smaller Post-1939 Renown). On all three hulls, she'd have good (i.e. low) dispersion on the main battery guns and good range, but slow turret rotation speed, and slow shell velocity, so you'd need to add plenty of lead (see here for more details on shell velocities for 13.5 inch gun, also where I got my ideas for gun ranges. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_135-45_mk5.php). I'd also give her decent rudder shift, but with a large turning circle, and poor torpedo protection (keeping with history, and to keep her balanced). So, what do you guys think? What are your ideas
  13. stan66

    New ideas for World of Warships

    Hi everyone, (English is not my native language, so sorry for that.) Last week I downloaded world of warships, I am only in tier 2 but I already like it really much. I noticed it's still in development and wargaming was looking for some suggestions, so here are mine. In 2009 the game Battlestations Pacific was released, it's a sequel to the game Battlestations Midway, which some/many of you will know. The game is about the second world war between America and Japan, where you are supposed to destroy the enemy fleet/base with your ships. Even though this game is a lot older, it has some features which (I think) might be interesting to use in WoW, I'm not saying wargaming should use all of these, I'm just giving some suggestions what they could use to expand their game. My suggestions are: - Submarines, I guess everyone who plays WoW knows what submarines are so I'm not going to explain it. I don't know if wargaming is already planning on adding submarines to WoW, I think this would be a great idea, a submarine is very different from any type of ship that is already in the game, it would require new tactics and skills to master the battlegrounds. Although it might be difficult to balance them out with strenght, firepower etc. compared to other ships. (you could for example, only have a limited oxygen supply in your ship which makes you surface at least once, so that you won't be immume to shellfire from enemy ships.) I think it will be well worth it to add them to this game or at least in some game modes. When I used to play Battlestations Pacific submarines where my favourite type of ship and I'm sure many others will like it too if it gets added to the game. To counter submarines, destroyes could have depht bombs which can explode at different dephts to damage and destroy submarines or other counter-measures. - Weather/Light I'm only tier 2 so sorry if i'm going to describe something that's already in the game. In battlestations pacific some missions contained heavy storms, which reduces visibility very much and made it harder to aim your fire. This could be a nice addition to the game, it would also change the way the game is played. Since spotting range is also reduced. A night setting might also be something to add, also reducing visibility. Battlestations Pacific contains a lot more features which I think could be added to WoW like some gamemodes 5v5 (no Island map), but for now I'm going to leave it with this. I mean in no way to offend Wargaming that they should copy Battlestations Pacific, but I think looking at it historically submarines are not something to ignore. (by the way the features I describe are in Battlestations Pacific, it's not like they came up with it. I'm just pointing out some components which are in the game and might be interesting to use for WoW.) Thank you for reading this, like I said before English is not my native language, so sorry if i messed it up. Would like to hear what you think about adding some features of(which are also in) Battlestations Pacific. Have a great fight!
  14. Lyno_Lemon


    Just want to pose a question to everyone, including Wargaming. How much would people like to see a Austro-Hungarian battleship tech tree? Obviously this'd probably only go as far as T6 and would probably require made up upgrades as these are WW1 ships (e.g. Armour and AA upgrades). I would say we could have: Austria-Hungary (Battleships) T1 - Zenta class protected cruiser maybe? T2 - Habsburg class T3 - Erzherzog Karl class T4 - Radetzky class T5 - Tegetthoff class T6 - Ersatz Monarch class (Only guns were actually built so is a paper ship) Yugaslavia (Destroyers) T7 - Dubrovnik T8 - Beograd class T9 - ? T10 - ? And I'm lost for T9 and 10, but all of those are paper anyway with the exception of IJN+ USN DDs, Iowa, Yamato and (kind of) Lion, so I'm sure WG can think of something. Thought?
  15. MajorDooD

    may I have some suggestions please ?

    Hello,I have some innovative ideas ( although they may have been suggested by someone else before - yep, I am not a genius ) 1) naming ships just think about it, ability to name your own ship with ( at the beginning ) fixed prefix and whatever name you want to insert. Now that would be cool ( if not used with rude words or racial comments, etc .... ), and if it would be too hard for server to handle, you can start with something simple, like adding a prefix to the ship name ( instead of phoenix, you would have "cv-55" phoenix ), or changing the names only on the premium ships for starters. 2) map control did this ever happened to you ? Your teammate wrote something in the chat or asked for help and you were confused whether to firstly look him up on the map by his name or his ship class, in order to find him ? pushing M and alt because he is out of "sight" or pushing alt but being unsure whether is was this "phoenix next to you" or the other one on opposite side of map ? I know there is a ping, whoever makes an order gets highlighted on the map for a few seconds, but still, it is confusing ( and yes, me badly understanding the game mechanics may be the reason, I am open to "flaming" on this one :/ ) and at last, and also a bit of a fun cracker, can I become a beta tester by simply playing the emerald cruiser ? I can even sink an enemy ship with it, i feel like now, I can sail anything in any circumstances anyway, thanks for reading that mess right till the end ( or not ;d ), please leave a comment below ( no, I am not a youtuber )
  16. haXik

    Some ideas!

    Hello captains! I am here, because i love this game and i have some good ideas. And sorry for my bad english . 1) If is the ship destroyed and is floating on shoal, the ship fall throughrt the textuers. I think will be better, when the ship stay stucked on the shoal. 2) I am missing here some option to make my ship skin. Some editor, change some colors and visual upgrades. Or at least make or upload clan logo and give it on body of my ship. What do you mean about this ideas? Please, give a comment. And again - sorry for my bad english Moved from the CZ/SK language section
  17. Euan_Huzarmy

    PT server - The End.

    Well, that is the end of testing on the PT server. What are your thoughts on the changes made to various ships? What are your thoughts on the 2 new maps, Solomon Islands and Straits? I have come away from the end of testing feeling better than I when I started testing on it 2 days ago. I have reservations though, as much as the Minekaze needed nerfing slightly the rest of the DD's I believe could have done with a little more of a helping hand along with the USN DD's. Apart from those rushing through the tiers to test out the top tier DD's they were obvious because of their absence, very few indeed. I loved Solomon Islands but it will be the reserve of the lower tiers so I will miss it on OBT! Straits, I like the map layout but I do not like the spawn points (but still not as bad as the awful pre PT spawn point layout) and for me the graphics appeared 'washed out'. I am sure others will be able to give reasonable feedback on what they did and did not like but if you want to leave feedback please be subjective and give good reason for like or dislike.
  18. starkim1999

    ISE Class

    So i heard lot of things that people allredy suggestied this but this is my option how this could be a good idea and not too op and not too bad, this will indeed be something i never done so i hope you like it my suggestions what tier and what ship it will be: -it will be a tier 7 ships the same as fuso- -it will go under the category Carrier- -it will have 1 scout plane and 2 squadrons (ethier two torp bombers or 1 torp bombers and 1 normal bomber) ech squadron will have 2 plane in it, the scout plane is just one as it is on a normal ship- -the two turrents at front will be the main guns- -the two turrents on the back will be secondary togheter with the secondary at side- -will have some speciel perks- -same health as a normal fuso- What the things above can do (range, cooldown.... osv) -it will have the perks: launch scout plane (increasing the range with 6 km and spot ships far away), can launch 2 different squadrons planes (two plane ech squadrons), repair spray thingy. healing thingy. - -the turrents at the front i talked about you can use as main guns will have a range on 20 km with same accuracy as fuso, it will be able to choose beetween AP shells and HE shells- -secondary turrents i said above will have a range on 5 km to make it fair since it goes as auto turrents (the small ones will have the same range and stats as fuso) if a person is inside 15km of your ship the secondary turrents will begin rotate to them so the time takes not so long time, if it comes from ech side it will roate one turrent to the one ship and the other one to the other ship other side. to make this fair we know it has same power as normal battleship turrents when it shoot at a destroyer it will have AP shells on and when it shot at everything else it will have HE shell so the enemy can get a chance to kill the battlecarrier (carrier), still the smaller guns will be as a normal fuso.- -the ship will just have 2 reserv planes one for ech squadrons.- -it will have a new type of perk: can boost health for 10 seconds, to let the ship get a little chance to escape if its under attack- Cooldowns on different things: -the main guns you can controll will have same cooldown as a normal fuso- -the secondary guns (not the smaller one i talking about the turrent) will have cooldown on 15 seconds duo change of survivel (it will have same accurancy to hit as the normal secondary guns thats why)- -the planes when they land will get same cooldowns as normal carriers- -basicly nearly everything will be same cooldown i will update this- this post is not done this is the suggestion i got for now i will update it later i will add a poll so i be happy if u answar it
  19. mrk421

    Counter to RPF/RDF

    With patch 0.6.0 imminent and with it the controversial Radio Location or Radio Direction/Position Finding skill added to the game I had a thought. Like most people I don't think this skill will improve the game and would rather have it not exist. But assuming WG insists on leaving it in, we have to find a way to make it work. Many have said and I agree that one of the issues with this skill is the fact that it cannot be countered - the only way to somewhat protect yourself against someone with this skill is to have that skill as well. So what could be done to counter RDF? I have heard suggestions that there should be another commander skill which negates the effect of this one. In my opinion that would not be the best option. Here's what I would suggest instead: Add an extra consumable called "radio silence" to all ships of all classes from T4 or T5 upwards, or potentially even all tiers. It would be an extra consumable slot on all ships and would not compete with or replace any other consumables. Like the name says the consumable would switch off your ship's radio thus making you immune to being located by the RDF skill for the duration. A side effect would be that while the consumable is active you'd also be unable to spot targets for your friends. If you have the RDF skill yourself, you'd still be able to get the direction to the nearest enemy AND see targets spotted by your friendlies - you'd be listening with the radio, but not broadcasting... The consumable should have a rather long duration of perhaps 3-4 minutes and a short cooldown. The premium version would increase the duration, but not affect the cooldown. Assuming RDF is here to stay, do you think something like what I suggested would help restore some element of stealth play to the game?