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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everybody, During the month of September - October I'll be pretty much revamping every Captain's Academy episode I've ever made along with as much new information that applies to the game we love today. I will be updating this thread with all the latest videos as I'm done with them. So without much hesitating, here we go! Episode 37 - Skill Builds for BB and CV Episode 37 - Skill Builds for DD and CA Episode 36 - How to Carrier Episode 35 - How to Battleship Episode 34 - How to Cruiser Episode 33 - How to Torpedo Episode 32 - Captains and Captain Skills Episode 31 - How to Destroyer Episode 30 - AP or HE? Episode 29 - Damage Saturation or Why Did I Do 0 Damage Episode 28 - Overpenetration Mechanics & Penetration Mechanics II [Corrected] Episode 27 - Citadels, Armour and Penetration Mechanics Episode 26 - The Armour Viewer Episode 25 - Aiming & The Reticule Episode 23 - Fighter Strafing/Barrage Episode 21 - Manual Torpedo/Dive Bombing Episode 20 - Invisi-Fire/Stealth Fire Episode 19 - How to Aim??? Episode 18 - Training Rooms Episode 17 - Which Consumables? Episode 10 - Essential Controls
  2. While there are several different topics on the recent GZ and iChase incident I intentionally wanted to place my remarks into a separate one so I can refer to it in the future if needed. First I'm somewhat pleased that WG took the stand and acted on the mistakes rather quickly, however as for me the trust and faith is lost towards them now. This is because to me it seems WG has a serious internal issue that revolves around human values other than anything else (management principles, technical, communication, etc...) Evidence shows that WG does not learn from past mistakes - despite they say so. How many months had to pass since the Christmas Convoy incident to have the next one? Or to name a more closer one, the copyright strike fear issue for Youtubers? How many valuable and good people will have to become victim of WGs behavior to have them realize: a significant change is required internally. So I stop ranting on this but want WG to read the below story - it is not mine, I heard a long time ago first, but I believe it perfectly fits the current situation.
  3. Now that the NDA has been lifted, here's a video review of the Tirpitz Enjoy everybody