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Found 21 results

  1. HerMajestysShipGuide: Japanese Cruisers Tier V-IX June2020 version 0.9.5 Be welcome to the second of our guides. Last time we did the Russian tech tree cruisers, and as we are currently grinding our way through the Japanese for a second time, we thought why not just make a guide out of it? So here it is the guide about how we love to play the nippon fun machines. “At this point we really have to talk about a thing that occurs from time to time while having fun with the MM. Often times while playing tier VII we have games in which we meet so called “fail-divisions”, divisions in which for example one player has a tier V New York and one or two others use tier IV cruisers. What happens is that the matchmaker cannot handle these squads and ends up putting them in one team so that team with normally tier V to VII ships is stuck having two tier IV instead of tier V and the other having normal tier V to VII ships. This cripples the team with the tier IV ships so much and they end up losing much of their offensive power, as a tier IV in most cases has no chance of being offensive against the tier VII that sit on the other side. This happens because the Power difference when jumping form IV to V is enormous. For example, Kuma is not a bat ship, but Furutaka is better in any point, better guns, better speed better armour, and so on. This is also the case in most other nations. So, in most cases if the “normal team” does really big mistakes, the “fail team” will end up losing. There for we do ask you, just don’t do Tier IV/V or V/VI squads, it is for your own good.” So, let us begin with the guide: The characteristics stay the same on all ships of this tree, with only Mogami being an exception depending on the guns that are used. Therefore, we will write one guide on how we played the Ships and only make a small exception for Mogami’s gun choice. All of them can get pretty decent detection range when maxed out so they are quite stealthy. All of them are using or can use the famous Japanese 8-inch naval guns. These have decent AP which can devastate broadsiding cruisers and do good damage on broadside BBs when fired on their upper belt. The HE has high damage an incredibly good fire chance and like all 8-inches after the IFHE rework they have 34mm pen so you wont need IFHE. The range on the other hand varies a little bit as Furutaka (T V) only has 13.9km range but it gets constantly better from ship to ship until we reach the peak of 16.5 at the tier IX Ibuki. The range is enough to keep enemies at a comfortable distance while engaging or kiting away but do note that there are lot of cruisers who get much more range. Their downside is that their main guns take ages to turn which makes it mandatory to plan ahead while moving and fighting. They have very powerful torpedoes which do much damage, are travelling at a good speed, and have longer ranges than all other cruisers. They are all able to fire torpedoes at enemies while kiting them and getting a good chance for the enemy to get into the range of the fired torpedoes as they all have a very small gap between getting detected and getting in torpedo range. Some of them are even able to stealth fire their torpedoes as them have less detection than torpedo range. However nearly all of them are only able to fire broadside and backwards so facing away from the enemy is mandatory for torpedoing. Their AA is really crappy until you get to the tier IX Ibuki and tier X Zao they have at least okayish AA power. The fact that your AA will not stop any CV from attacking, makes it necessary to dodge their Attacks and getting a good routine at doing this. Armor wise they do behave more like light cruisers, so there is no scenario in which you can bow tank fire from enemy BBs. However, your armour is enough to angle and bow tank cruiser AP and most of them have enough belt armour to prevent BB shells from penetrating their citadel through it while the ship is angled. They all can move at high speeds and have good rudder shift times, but they also have turning circles that are over 700m which makes it impossible to turn in front of an enemy without giving them a good opportunity of just deleting the entire ship. Because as mentioned above, their belt armour is not enough to protect the citadel against incoming fire when not angled correctly. Consumables: From tier VI on all of them get the choice between Hydro or def AA for their first slot, while Furutaka has no choice and mounts the Hydro. Which to choose depends on your play stile. If you are really annoyed about CVs def AA at least helps to shoot down a few of their Planes although it really is no game changer for their AA. Thy hydro however while not being German is still good enough to help if you must engage a DD. All of them get a catapult fighter whose effect is very rng dependent. Zao gets the option to change this catapult fighter for a spotter which I really encourage you to do so. From tier IX you get a standard cruiser heal which also helps staying afloat as long as you don’t eat citadels. Our little Furutaka and Mogami Gun special: These two are the only ships we get with multiple options for our main battery. For Furutaka its very simple, just get the 8 inch guns as soon as you can, the 200 guns are just crap and inferior in every aspect. With Mogami it’s a little bit different, she can choose between the 155mm guns she had historically first, or she can use the 8-inch guns she was refitted with. We prefer the 8-inch guns, as they do have far less HE damage per minute, but they do have 34mm of HE pen. The 155mm only have 31mm He pen so in order to make them more comfortable when fighting BBs which have 32mm plating it is needed to use the IFHE skill. But this will drastically decrease the chance to set fires whereas the 8-inch guns already get a better chance of setting fires than the 155mm. Also, the longer reload on the 8-inch guns decreases the times we have to overextend when kiting away. Also the 8 inch guns turn faster than the 155mm guns and for the last point they get much better angle when firing backwards than the 155mm which again leads to more comfortable kiting. Our play style: The good concealment allows us to get a little bit closer than we could do with the Russian cruisers. But we don’t really push in before we have the intel on where each enemy is. The good torpedo armament often tempts players into trying early torpedo attacks. Don’t do that. See the Torpedoes of these ships more as a bonus tool for specific situations. If an enemy follows you can set a trap with your torps. Also torps are most effective when you are unspotted. And especially with Japanese cruisers, as your limited arcs let your enemy see by your movement if you have torpedoed, therefore take your time and torp when unspotted. If we face BBs we try to roll with our mates but are careful not to attract focus fire. In most situations kiting against enemy BBs is the easiest way to dodge incoming fire. And never forget that they can overmatch you. If you have to decide, nose in is the better option than making an open turn in front of a BB, but our aim is always not to get trapped into such situations. When there is no BB endangering us and we get only faced by cruisers we tend to play very aggressive. If they seem to open up we fire ap but if they try to nose tank we just spam them with HE. While fighting cruisers it is always important not to overextend, as they can devastate us when doing so the same way we punish every overextension. If we have to choose between overextending to bring in the rear guns and not doing so, don’t using the rear guns is often the better option. When we start getting focused by multiple enemies, we just stop shooting at them to get unspotted and get more distance. For this to work you need to always keep more distance to your enemy then your detection range. In the sum we really love this ships as they reward tactical and calm gameplay and with the torpedoes always keep an ace in the backhand. Our upgrade choices: Tier V Furutaka: Tier VI Aoba: Tier VII Myoko: Tier VIII Mogami: Tier IX Ibuki: Captain Build: This are the builds we are running across this line. Note that there is a variety of builds that can be used on this line especially for kiting/ He spam. For example preventive maintenance can also help very much. We use incoming fire alert to further support our kiting and dodging. Last stand is very important to keep mobile when kiting away even when modules are damaged. From tier IX on he superintendent is useful to get the extra heal but for the lower tears its not that useful. Survivability expert is very useful for cruisers as often times that last HP keeps us longer afloat than anyone would believe. The demo expert is very useful as it just buffs the already quite high fire chance on the 8-inch guns. Radiolocation is big help against enemies that have better concealment than us. And concealment expert is mandatory to improve the gap between detection and torpedo range. And now that you are finished, sail out and get you that Zao! Yar Majesty
  2. Hello everyone! Out from when I started playing WoWS, I quite quickly started playing the IJN cruiser line, and finally got the last ship of them all, the Zao. During the "grind", there were some ups and downs, where I actually loved the Furutaka (even before the hull C upgrade), hated the Aoba, loved the Mogami, and finally got the incredible ship Zao. However, on my way up the IJN line, there has been one ship that has been utter garbage for me, the Ibuki. As everyone knows, the Ibuki is more or less the same as the Mogami, a paper ship which can't take hits and has to use islands to hide behind and kite away from enemies. The playstyle, which I have become comfortable with when I came back to the game around summer, has given me great games in ships like Mogami, Yorck, Hipper, the french cruiser line and so on. However, I never got any of my cruiser tactics to work with the Ibuki. At the first 12 Ibuki games, I was incredibly unlucky by getting cyclones/storms in 6 of the matches (yeah, 50% cyclones!), which gave me a rather poor introduction to the ship (as I needed to get closer in engagements to help out the team, and then you are oneshot for absolutely every BB in the game, no matter the angle you have). In the other 6 games without the storms, I had rounds with around 70k-100k dmg done and thought that the ship seemed decent enough (although I died quite often whenever anything shot at me). The next 20 battles I had however, was unbearably bad. No matter what I did, sneaking behind some island to shoot at enemies, keep at maximum distance and kite... Slowing down and moving up in speed against single BB captains,... no matter what I did, almost every volley from a BB would get a citadel on me. Heck, if I was "caught" in medium distances and angled away whilst trying to run off, or even move my front in towards the shipts from a BB, I would be instantly killed off as more than one shot would pen and citadel me. I know some of you will say "just don't broadside then", but I almost never do, and the times I do it is only when I get outflanked and have no choice but to give one BB a chance at it, or have done a rare horrible mistake and have to take my chances and run away. It became so bad that in the very end of my grind, I found myself not firing my guns for quite a considerable amount of time, as I knew I would be instantly killed off. That is really a bad tactic with a ship type which needs to keep those guns active to be useful in a match. I got so sich of it that I just had to use 100k free XP to get past the horrible grind (as it was destroying the fun of the game entirely for me). And straight of the bat, with the Zao, I did 150k dmg and could easily have done 50k more (but I sopped firing as it was an even match and my teammates told me to stop shoot and just flee so we could win the game the last three minutes). The end result of my Ibuki grind was a rather meager 50% win rate for me with an average of 56k damage, which is 16k lower than my average of Mogami (with 57 battles) and even my Emile Bertin do 9k more on average! So, was this Ibuki grind just me being incredibly unlucky? ( I mean, the Mogami should be mostly the same, but I have a lot more success with that ship). Could it do with a little bit more protection to make it viable again? Could the BB players be more kind and not instantly fire at Ibukis they see, so that they don't go instinct?! What do you guys think? Personally I got the Zao now and kept the Mogami, so no more Ibuki on my part.
  3. SamuraiShakaViking

    IJN power creep? .. again

    The IJN is so power creep.. forgotten, ignored again: To make a balanced game, you need balanced nations, as well as ships. Especially as the game evolves dynamically, and 'metas' change. (This neglect ruined wot). We all want future sustainability and survivability for this game. Which entails that it needs to grow and expand, retain it's fun factor, maintain balancing, while also consolidating from regions to globalized worldwide option like other mmo on steam and attracting new playerbase and increasing profitability for r&d and design. The CV rework, the new premiums, especially at tier 9, and recent ranked and clan battles show how veteran ships of the game are neglected, and certain nations given token minor buffs , if any, just to keep up with balanced development and meta memes. Eg the very weak flak on most IJN ships in the now CV dominated games is very evident.. I. Azuma, weakest of all the recent tier 9 battle cruisers.. ijn cruiser flavour is torps. Azuma gets no torps. All other battle cruisers got their nation flavour gimmicks (radar, secondaries, anti air, speed boost, reload boost, etc. Azuma gets no torps, paper armour, and no gimmicks. Why? If azuma was built she would have had torps and radar and 18 inch guns. Ywt, Eg. Georgia even gets a speed boost. Now even Benham, a USA destroyer gets better torps than the ijn... so then Why would anyone buy the azuma as well as or instead of an Alaska or stalingrad or j b??? (a bundle of tier 9s is now in the shop for $300). II. Ibuki is example , it has been so power crept by new tier 9s, it's a joke. Even premiums such as mutsu, kii, kaga (lower tier planes against tier x?) and even icon mikasa are so out of balance with present game. Kii the most expensive tier viii premium , at least gets torps and some flak, .. but still struggles against newer premiums or even tirpitz. III. There are no "brother special captains" for ijn and pan Asia. Why??? Only white males. IV (Is this racial bias, similar to ignoring / sidelining an entire continent, Africa, from this product.). Segregation? V There have been no special ijn arcs or events , even as there is now a second French event arc.. even though the French navy is hardly famous at all... Japan could be the biggest lucrative market for this game, together with pan Asian countries, Korea, Taiwan, india. But if their ships are essentially continuously nerfed and under powered, wg lose the profits and playerbase. Also collaborate more with manga and anime , but include guys anime too. Constructive suggestion: keep all nations balanced, enrich their flavors equally. If u do buff a ship to bring it up to date, with new ships, buff it properly. Since wg claim the game isn't historical simulator, they seem to try make some ships historical, and others op, early 1940s ships against 1945 to 1960 ships. Start a global world wide server, which players can access from different regions including africa to be able to play 24/7/365 (as in some clan wars,) so you have a proper global mmo like any other international mmo on steam. End regional separation when you could have a shared global playerbase. It works well on steam.. Also for collectors and naval players, bring back some legend ships (which may have been op b4, but are now no longer, such as kamikaze variants,) on special offers. Offer the collectors flags, special camps, or event badges etc in the armory.or to absorb "free xp". Why not use already developed operations and campaigns permanently, so that new players , or veterans who missed them, can benefit from hunt for Bismarck, or dunkirk op. Dynamo for example. Why not re use such well developed and designed campaigns, (eg instead of regrinding lines in the NtC?) Space battles and arms race is an awesome game mode. Why not make it available permanently.? Re events, instead of endless new currencies and tokens , make a single currency or token, which players can carry over to future events, if there's nothing they can get, or nothing they want in a particular event. There's so much you wg already have to build on, so much wg has already developed and designed, which can be expanded, that things such as the NYC are so unnecessary and superfluous. Stop the gambling loot crates, especially to skip a new tech tree. It's entirely unfair and discriminatory. Fix matchmaking, especially at tier viii. This also ruined wot. Include your global playerbase in queue ,on a global server option, instead of segregating regions, like any steam mmo. But please give the IJN some TLC and update and modernize the balance of Asia with the dynamics and meta memes of the game. And try remember and embrace the forgotten continent. Africa. They actually do have PCs and consoles, fiber, and 5g is rolling out soon. Several fiber connectivity to the EU including via Cyprus.. same time zone as EU. Why ignore this potential? Make a global worldwide server soon. And grow.
  4. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    Hey there, fellow players! I come to you in times of dire need. I upgraded my Mogami into an Ibuki. And hoooo boy is it a problem. I struggle to do things in this ship. Like... At all. I am not sure what the problem is. Mogami was quite decent, in the way it could throw shells at ships while kiting away and let some torpedos at them at the same time. Somehow when I try the same playstyle on Ibuki, I get blaped with an AP volley from a BB that east almost my entire HP every time. This ship eats citadels like they are lottery tokens. On the other hand, 15km range forces you to get into the range of half of the enemy fleet. I do not know if I just had bad luck with maps or what, but the ship seems like a massive downgrade from Mogami. AA is lacking compared to the previous tier. Given that I am running naked on it now, so it will probably change with the hull upgrade. HE spam is problematic, as lemming trains usualy stay way out of your range or force you to shoot from open water. Kiting is problematic, as you eat AP citadels even when angled. Ship is an automatic magnet for attention, every time I get spotted, no matter what other ships are nearby and no matter my angling, the detection jumps to 5+. Just what is this ship supposed to do? Going with the lemming train seems like the obvious, but most of the time you get blapped by BBs AP due to CV spotting you. Going solo is not an option, as any ship solo gets utterly destroyed by CVs. Sticking close to DDs might be an idea, byt again CVs will wreck you up, as a DD does not offer much in regards to overlapping AA bubbles. I just fail to find a role for the ship in the current meta. It might be because I am running without upgrades. But the ship feels extremely weak. PS. For reference, I am not against squishy ships. Atlanta is one of my favourite T7 Cruisers. And I am having a blast on the Tier VI RN Cruiser I forgot the name of... Leander? It is just that Atlanta and Leander have clear roles for itself. Ibuki seems like a HE spammer that lacks range to compete in the current CV+Snipefest meta.
  5. Ibuki is a relic of early beta days, why its still the tier 9 IJN ship despite having arguably worse stats than Myoko is beyond me. Its a remnant of a time the idea of ship balance and progression must have been different. I think its high time we replaced it with a worthy ship. In comes Myoko preliminaries. These line drawings so elegantly illustrated by Tzoli are a great example. Im mostly inclined to look at the 4x3 as it shares the most consistency with the rest of the IJN CA branch. Theres no reason to be scared that this thing will outperform Zao. Remember Zao has improved HE alpha, fire chance and velocity compared to the older 203mm guns. Not to mention better AA and armor layout. These preliminary Myoko designs were about the same weight as Myoko, but had a 13mm worse citadel plating. In return though it had 2 extra guns and was almost 6 meters shorter, meaning better turning circle and concealment(?). Of course a fantasy refit that replaces the 127mm/40 DPs with 100mm/65 and adds a couple of 25mm and 40mm mounts would mean were set! If you ask me, its time to get rid of Ibuki and replace it with a ship that can stand toe to toe with all the great tier 9 Cruisers we have gotten lately. Baltimore got considerably buffed while Neptune, Donskoi, Roon and Saint Louis are all great ships for their tier if played right. Not to mention the fact that removal of stealth fire hurt Ibuki. The other tier 9 cruiser candidate would be b-65/Super A class, but since it doesnt really fit the progression of the CA branch then I cant see it be anything other than a premium or FXP premium. So thats a discussion for another time.
  6. Captain_Breeze

    Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    How is it possible to go from the Mugami, which I totally loved, to then be awarded with the Ibuki for all your hard work.........No matter how you dress it up ....it's effing crap. Rant over This is going to be my worst grind to date, in my opinion. Ok, that feels better now that I've shared this.....
  7. Pikkozoikum

    Ibuki: Fire chance?

    I don't understand that ship. I don't even mind the crap armor of that ship, but I have a 20% fire chance but I'm often below 10% every game. I can hit 20 times without an fire. My points are often low, only when I hit with torps I really get a lot dmg. But that can't be the strategy with a ship, that has such a poor armor. Also on high range it's crap, the shells are so slow, that enemies often dodge. So what 's the point of that ship? Especially what's wrong with the fire chance? Just last game 8 direct hits, 5 direct hits and 5 direct hits again (Aslo a few shattered shells) -> 0 fires
  8. My torp is nominal doing 20967 damage.Tashkent got only 11k. Why?
  9. Bonjour, C'est l'heure du retour imprévu pour Les Petits Guides Du Yolo Benson. Avec aujourd'hui un invité de choix aux nombreux atouts. Il est beau, élégant, racé, a des traits fins et fait preuve de grâce en toute occasion, vous avez bien sûr reconnu l'Ibuki ! Si ce n'est pas le cas lisez le titre avant de cliquer sur n'importe quoi la prochaine fois (mais merci à tous ceux qui ont pensé que c’était de moi que j’allais parler même si je doute qu’il y en ait parmi vous). Comme pour le Benson je vais m'en servir pour mettre en avant un point tactique mais tout ce qui sera dit ici est valable pour d'autres navires du moment qu'ils partagent certaines caractéristiques communes. Et comme je vous ai compris, promis cette fois ci il y aura des images. 0 - Le mot du jour Nous allons donc nous intéresser au kiting du verbe kiter, appartenant au premier groupe et reconnu par l'Académie comme nous le savons tous. D'où vient ce mot ? Il vient de l'anglais kitten ou chaton parce que vous courez devant un type qui, séduit par votre regard doux et mielleux, veut absolument vous caresser … enfin je crois. Plus sérieusement kite en anglais est un cerf-volant. Vous savez, ce modeste carré de tissu avec lequel vous jouiez peut être étant gamin et après lequel votre père adorait courir sur cinquante mètres car vous aviez lâché la bobine pour la quinzième fois depuis le début de la journée ! Ok pour l’étymologie, mais dis donc Jamy, le kiting comment ça marche ? Cela consiste simplement à se déplacer dans le même sens que sa cible qui vous poursuit pour maintenir une distance de combat vous arrangeant. Je parle bien de maintenir, un Colorado ne kite pas un Iowa, tout au plus tente-t-il d'accroître un peu la durée d'une partie bien mal engagée. L'idée est donc de chercher un point où les performances de votre navire sont moins réduites que celles de votre adversaire par rapport à un combat à distance nulle. La distance de kite va dépendre très fortement du navire et dans le cas de croiseurs japonais de rang VII et plus nous avons les rois dans leur domaine. 1 - L'Ibuki Je vais à nouveau commencer par introduire le navire en lui-même. La première chose qui saute aux yeux quand on regarde l'Ibuki est que visiblement quelqu'un s'est enfui avec ses HP. Avec seulement 39 000 vous en avez 20 % de moins que le Roon par exemple et même moins que votre TVII le Myoko vous laissant à la traîne par rapport à vos petits camarades et vous donnant la réputation de chips flottante. Le blindage lui est plutôt bon, rivalisant avec le Baltimore même si votre citadelle est davantage exposée. Malgré tout vous êtes bien moins vulnérables à ce type d’accident qu'un anglais ou un russe. Niveau vitesse seul le Donskoi fait mieux que les 35kts de la bête et le Saint Louis quand il se décide à passer la seconde. Avec 5,8s pour passer le gouvernail d'une butée à l'autre la réactivité est au rendez-vous, seul le Baltimore peut tenter de s'y frotter. Le rayon de giration lui par contre est assez élevé mais cela reste dans le domaine du raisonnable. Au final le navire possède donc une capacité à se déplacer et à esquiver supérieure à celle de la plupart de ses confrères. L'Ibuki brille à nouveau en termes de discrétion à égalité avec le Baltimore et ses 9,7km. Il se paye même le luxe de n'être vu qu'à 6,7km par l'aviation. En contrepartie la portée de 16500m est loin de sortir de lot, ou plutôt elle se distingue par sa faiblesse, certains pouvant atteindre des cibles plus distantes de deux kilomètres. Vous avez donc en général l'opportunité d'engager le combat, ou non, contre un autre croiseur. Votre bonne dissimulation vous autorise même à évoluer en seconde ligne derrière votre écran de destroyer si vous le souhaitez. 2- L'armement L'Ibuki a la particularité d'être le seul T9 avec des tourelles de T5 ! En effet vous avez toujours des tourelles doubles de 203 avec 25mm de blindage ce qui vous permet de concurrencer les DD au petit jeu de : je perds des tourelles sur chaque salve d'HE. Vous en avez tout de même cinq pour un total de dix affûts. Malheureusement l'une d'entre elles est masquée par sa voisine de devant. On ne peut pas penser à tout quand on conçoit un navire de guerre ! On pourrait croire que des tourelles doubles aussi légères tournent vite, mais non, elles sont dans la moyenne avec six degrés par seconde. La cadence de tir est par contre très limitée, il vous faut 50 % de temps en plus que vos petits camarades pour recharger donc le combat de DPM direct est à proscrire. Votre balistique, elle, est bonne, ce ne sont pas les railguns russes mais c'est très correct même à longue distance et vous pouvez tout de même jouer avec la couverture des îles. En terme de munitions les AP ne sont pas exceptionnels pour du 203 mm mais feront le travail sur des croiseurs de flanc à distance courte ou moyenne. Par contre les HE sont les meilleurs disponibles dans le calibre si on oublie le grand frère qui fait encore mieux. Que ce soit en alpha ou en chances d'incendies les salves de l'Ibuki sont précises et dévastatrices. En général les DD ou les BB n'aiment pas que vous leurs fassiez des câlins. Enfin l'un des grands points forts est la présence de torpilles puissantes et à longue portée disposant d'un angle de tir arrière classique chez les IJN et d'une grande efficacité sur laquelle nous reviendrons ultérieurement. L'alpha sur chaque flanc est de presque 138 000 avec des torpilles de 610 qui ont des chances de provoquer des inondations supérieures à la moyenne. Dernier point, l'anti air du navire. Vous pouvez considérer que vous n'en avez pas sans être loin de la vérité, même un Hiryu vous classera dans la liste des navires à attaquer si isolés et vous allez souvent vouloir être isolé. Autant dire que les porte-avions sont loin d'être vos amis et le fait qu'ils puissent vous mettre une correction est le dernier de vos problèmes au final. 3 – Bilan du navire L'Ibuki possède un très gros défaut à savoir sa DCA anémique, vous n'êtes d'aucun secours contre les avions quel que soit le tiers ou presque. Les capacités anti croiseurs sont assez limitées car vos AP n'ont rien d'exceptionnels. De même le DPM total est plutôt faible, ainsi que les chances d'incendies par minute, car vous mettez beaucoup de temps à recharger. En contrepartie le navire est rapide, maniable et discret. Les salves sont individuellement les plus puissantes (après celle du Zao et du Mogami si le capitaine a IFHE) que ce soit en dégât pur ou en chances d'incendies. En plus de cela vous disposez de torpilles particulièrement redoutables que vous pouvez lancer sans même être repéré par votre cible ! Au final l'Ibuki n'est pas prévu pour les duels directs à courte distance, les torpilles ne tirent que vers l'arrière et votre maniabilité ne vous sauvera pas d'une salve d'AP bien ajustée à 5km. Au contraire vous pouvez tirer parti de sa grande mobilité et discrétion pour vous positionner à votre guise et dicter le combat à votre adversaire … tant qu'un CV ne vient pas vous jouer le vol du bourdon à côté pour vous repérer. 4 – Equipements et capitaine Maaaaaaiiis Verdandi tu me gonfles avec tous tes chiffres, quand est ce que je joue du cerf-volant ? Patience Bambi, petit faon deviendra grand. Alors comment s'équiper avant la grande bataille. Contrairement à un finlandais connu je vous conseille l'hydro. Pourquoi ? D'une part parce que vos salves sont dévastatrices sur un DD, il n'a pas de plus grand cauchemar que vous (enfin sauf le Zao aka çatederangesijembarquelamoitiédetespvsurunesalve ?). D'autre part votre discrétion vous permet d'aller le déloger au chaud dans sa smoke. Et enfin le barrage ne résoudra pas votre principal problème, à savoir que si le CV vous repère, vous allez devoir trouver très vite un plan B pour vous mettre à couvert avant que les BB s’intéressent à vous. Pour les modules je favorise la discrétion, la maniabilité et la puissance de feu pour appuyer sur les avantages et accroître le pouvoir destructeur. Au final cela donne ceci : Alors pourquoi pas plus de portée sachant qu'elle n'est pas très importante ? Il y a déjà 6,8 km entre votre détection de surface et la portée maximale, une zone dans laquelle vous pouvez combattre mais disparaître au besoin. Aller à 19100m de portée ne vous ajoute pas grand-chose. Si vous voulez rester loin prenez un Saint Louis qui aura un meilleur dégât ou un Donskoi pour sa vitesse d'obus, ils seront plus appropriés. D'autre part en jouant loin du front vous ne représentez plus la même menace pour un DD, or ce sont eux qui déterminent qui prendra l'avantage dans la partie. Concernant le capitaine il s'axe sur deux points, la survie (qui passe par la prise d'information et la réduction de celle disponible pour l'adversaire) et les dégâts : Dans l'ordre je vous recommande : - Priority Target pour savoir qui vous veut du mal et donc où regarder et quand disparaître. - Adrenaline Rush car plus vous souffrez plus ils souffrent ! - Superintendant afin de récupérer une régen de plus bien utile en croiseur. - Concealment Expert qui est probablement la plus importante du lot. - Demolition Expert car sur les cibles lourdes comme les BB les feux sont une excellente option. - Vigilance afin de repérer au mieux les torpilles lorsque vous opérez auprès de vos DD. - Preventive Maintenance car vous avez des éléments fragiles partout sur le pont, autant les garder en état. - Expert Marksmen pour finir car pour deux points vous aurez difficilement mieux et cela aide un peu vos tourelles. La même logique s'applique avec les drapeaux où vous devais accroître autant que possible vos chances de feux et d'inondations ainsi que votre vitesse et votre régénération tout en réduisant vos chances de détonations. Le reste est plus une question de goûts personnels Même si NF est une valeur sure et que NE7 est là pour se débarrasser des avions ... quand cela s'avère possible : 5 – Hello Kiting ! Si le kiting n'est pas une tactique rare la façon dont je l'emploie avec l'Ibuki est risquée, cela demande une grande capacité à jauger son environnement et avec son reload faible il est justement plutôt bien adapté en vous laissant de la marge. Comme il n'y a que 7s entre votre temps de rechargement et le retour de votre spot à 9,7km, les adversaires noteront plus difficilement que vous tentez de disparaître qu'avec un Des Moines. Tout comme pour le Benson soyez averti, si vous voulez mettre en place la même chose vous pouvez y aller progressivement. Le but de l’opération est donc de vous maintenir à une certaine distance de votre cible en lui faisant (littéralement) feu dessus. La grande question est évidemment quelle distance ? Pour un croiseur votre zone de combat s’étend jusqu’à votre portée maximale (Wouaaah Verdandi, t’es trop génial comment on fait pour devenir toi ?) et au minimum il doit y avoir votre distance de spot entre le navire le plus proche et vous. Je parle du plus proche, pas celui que vous voyez comme étant le plus proche ! Toute la difficulté est donc dans la prise d’information sur tous les navires qui sont en capacité de vous voir sans que vous puissiez le faire en retour. L’objectif de tout cela est à la fois de pouvoir tirer sur la cible (ce qui est l’idée derrière beaucoup de tactiques il est vrai) tout en utilisant la meilleure façon de survivre en croiseur à savoir s’évanouir dans la nature à tout moment sous le nez de votre adversaire. Plus vous êtes proches de votre cible plus vos obus toucheront facilement. Méfiance toutefois la réciproque étant tout aussi vraie, il faudra faire attention à ne pas finir criblé de gros calibre. Autre avantage vos torpilles arrivent elles-mêmes à portée et vous pouvez vous servir de ce puissant complément à vos canons. 6 – Début de partie L’analyse de l’écran de chargement est importante pour les croiseurs car il détermine votre niveau d’agressivité dans la partie, l’Ibuki ne fait pas exception. Je vais distinguer trois cas de figure. Le premier, s’il y a un CV dans la partie. Déjà c’est assez moche pour vous mais cela veut dire que votre prise de risque doit être minimale. Vous n’êtes pas maître de votre spot donc n’essayez pas de jouer les héros dans les caps ou un escadron de chasseurs vous tuera (enfin lui non, mais les obus de 16 pouces et plus qui suivent, eux si). Jouez en retrait à proximité d’une source de DCA si possible, les croiseurs américains et anglais sont vos meilleurs amis, qui l’eut cru. Malgré tout la partie sera plutôt complexe pour vous si vous êtes en solo. Si vous êtes le navire le plus discret en jeu par contre c’est le rêve. Soyez le plus agressif possible et surtout éloignez-vous de vos alliés pour être sur une ligne de tir très différente et ne pas torpiller de face. Vous allez pouvoir farmer les BB adverses à votre aise car vous décidez de vous révéler ou non. Alors vous me direz qu’un croiseur même discret n’est pas très souvent dans cette situation, mais n’oublions pas que la configuration des flottes évolue au fil du temps avec les pertes, et de toutes façons c’est une information locale qu’il vous faut. Si tous les DD sont ailleurs alors vous êtes dans cette catégorie. Dernier cas, il existe des navires mieux camouflés que le vôtre. Il vous faudra être un poil moins audacieux et vous appuyer sur vos DD. En général ceux-ci sont aux avant-postes. Si vous calculez correctement vous pouvez déduire à tout moment les zones dans lesquelles il n’y a pas de DD ennemis grâce à la vision de vos DD alliés. Cela vous permet de jouer sereinement mais vos zones d’opération sont plus réduites que dans le cas précédent. Profitez de votre position pour les appuyer et leur donner l’avantage afin de pouvoir basculer en milieu de partie dans le cas précédent. S’il n’y a pas de CV poussez derrière vos DD vers l’une des caps. Ajustez votre direction et votre vitesse de façon à ce qu’ils soient spot en premier. En général le combat s’engagera et vous arriverez dans les secondes qui suivent canons pointés. Soyez très prudents car les BB et croiseurs ont déjà commencé à tourner leur artillerie vers votre DD et donc vous-même ! 7 – It’s raining shells ! Hallelujah ! Normalement si tout se passe bien les DD adverses doivent déjà tirer la patte et les vôtres péter le feu (les dévasts sur vos DD à l’arrêt dans un cap au milieu d’une smoke minuscule ne sont ni reprises ni échangées). Vous allez donc pouvoir lancer votre partie de farming simulator 2017 et cramer du BB par paquet de douze. L’idée de base est donc à présent de venir vers 10.5/11km de votre cible (en général un BB bien gras) et de commencer par lancer des torpilles en saturation. Votre but est de noyer une zone pour avoir une touche, pas de réussir une dévast. Tout joueur utilisera sa rép sur les torpilles, s’il l’a, car la pénalité de vitesse rend très vulnérable. Une fois les torpilles lancées placez votre artillerie en butée vers l’arrière et tournez pour vous placer en position de fuite. La flotte adverse doit alors se trouver intégralement derrière vous, le navire ayant le plus d’angle étant celui sur lequel vous tirez. De flanc vous prendrez des dévast donc il est impératif qu’aucun navire ayant des 203 ou plus ne se trouve en position de vous attaquer sous un autre angle. A partir de là vous allez commencer à le travailler à l’HE pour lui mettre des feux, pendant ce temps vos torpilles ont déjà fait un bout du chemin vers la cible. Tenez compte des possibles évolutions de la cible lors du lancer, car souvent il voudra tirer avec toutes ses batteries sur un croiseur, ce qui peut amener de légères évolutions. Si tout se passe bien il va prendre une torpille qui le forcera à réparer, ou, s’il l’a fait trop tôt, le ralentira et lui enlèvera un gros pourcentage de ses PV. Maintenant que vous êtes en position le kiting proprement dit commence. Le petit jeu consiste à tirer une pleine salve tourelles en butée (pour ne pas s’exposer trop) puis réangler le navire en modifiant la distance de combat en fonction de ce qui vous arrange. Au début prenez peut être un peu de marge, mais à 12km sur un BB qui n’a pas des obus trop véloces cela passe très bien. Anglé, votre blindage à la flottaison est bien assez épais pour faire rebondir n’importe quoi. Attention tout de même, l’arrière est sujet à l’overmatch et donc à des cita dans la cinquième tourelle, restez prudent. Vous devez être anglés, pas alignés ! Si la pression est trop forte cessez le feu et disparaissez, c’est notamment valable si Priority Target commence à s’affoler. Attendez un peu et recommencez. Si vous êtes parfaitement placés, les cuirassés adverses peuvent même vous ignorer, car la rotation lente de leurs tourelles leur ferait perdre beaucoup de temps pour simplement vous voir vous évanouir dans la nature avant qu’ils ne vous engagent. Une fois votre cible éliminée vous pouvez recommencer ailleurs. 8 – Conclusion Les joueurs de porte-avions ou de DD ont probablement reconnus leurs petits ici puisque l’Ibuki possède aussi la capacité d’alterner feux et inondations sur une même cible pour un plaisir maximal (enfin cela dépend d'où vous vous trouvez dans la chaîne alimentaire). A la fois rapide, discret et agile, l’Ibuki est parfait pour venir surprendre vos adversaires. L’alpha brutal de vos obus fera pencher la balance des combats de DD en votre faveur et les chances d’incendies vous donneront un atout maître pour venir à bout des cuirassés. Par contre le manque de DPM et la pénétration médiocre des AP ne fait pas du navire un tueur de croiseur. Tachez d’éviter les situations de duel contre vos homologues si vous n’avez pas l’effet de surprise et un flanc bien juteux à prendre. Une bonne salve d’AP sortant de nulle part vous donnera l’avantage. Sinon courez et disparaissez, vous en êtes largement capable en général car plus rapide que vos coreligionnaires (et si un Dimitri vous surprend c’est que vous êtes narcoleptique, pensez à consulter un spécialiste). J’espère que ce (tout petit) guide vous aura donné des éléments pour améliorer ou élargir votre jeu sur l’Ibuki et ses petits camarades IJN à partir du Myoko (voire les croiseurs des autres nations dans une certaine mesure). N’oubliez jamais qu’un bon croiseur est un croiseur qui peut jouer le mid-game, donc il faut bien peser les risques que vous prenez au départ pour ne pas finir transformé prématurément en récif corallien !
  10. I_Love_CVs

    Returning To The Ibuki In

    So many requests for a re-make of this commentary that I decided to include two fairly short games, trying to show off the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the ship, and how to work around them. As usual you can find my recommended build in the end.
  11. LazyInsight

    Low win rate with Ibuki

    I need some advice on how to improve my Ibuki gameplay and rise my WR (currently 49%-50%). 1. Some general advice; - role of the ship - positioning (eg push caps, support from outside of caps or hang far back) - which targets to prioritize - what consumables to mount - maybe some good guides already exist? - some tricks maybe? 2. Can this ship (Ibuki) have major impact on the match? Examples: Destroyers - can smoke friendly ships and then spot (acting as force multiplier for allies), can contest caps, can oneshot other ships with torpedoes Battleships - can oneshot other ships with main battery, can tank a lot and fight on frontline Carriers - can constantly spot DD, can kill DDs Radar Cruiser - can push cap, detect (for allies) and kill DDs / RN Cruisers Ibuki - ? 3. There will be captain skill rework soon. I am interested what skills should be chosen for Ibuki in that new skill tree.
  12. So US CV captains get a comfortable and reliable premium carrier, but what about us IJN CV captains? Last time I checked with WG and premium CVs they said they "don't want to sell the carrier experience as it is now" and I'll say I could agree with that, but I don't really care. Here I'll throw some cash at the screen if only I could get 1 IJN premium CV. My proposal could be called the Japanese Saipan equivalent, yup its the Ibuki-class Light Aircraft Carrier. So Saipan being the Baltimore Conversion, this is the conversion from Ibuki so they're both converted from tier 9 CAs. First off lets get some stats in here shall we, also I will compare with Saipan. Ibuki Saipan Displacement 14 800 tons 14 500 tons Length 200 m 209 m Beam 21 m 23 m Draft 6.3 m 8.5 m Propulsion 72 000 shp 120 000 shp Speed 29 knots 33 knots DP 2x2 Type 98 8 cm DP none AA 16x3 25 mm 5x4+11x2 40 mm (4x4) + 16x2 20 mm (15x2) Aircraft carried 27 42 (48) So of course I find some info to be conflicting with in game stats (in game stats are in the parentheses), but this only proves that they can be adjusted to fit ingame or at a certain tier. So they are equal in most areas, with Ibuki's speed being made up for in better concealment as she's smaller, Ibuki's low AA would be made up by actually having long range AA/DP. The problem lies in the amount of planes carried as Saipan looks a lot stronger. Now this might just mean Ibuki will have to make due with tier 6, but personally I would like the two to be the same tier, for rivalry reasons of course. So I say just buff it up to just short of Saipan, let Ibuki have tier 10 planes or maybe just make up for it in some other stat change/consumable etc. In the end I don't really mind what prem CV arrives with the Japanese flag, but having the two rivals fight both at tier 9 and tier 7 seems like such a cool thing to do. At this point I'd buy any prem IJN CV SO PLEASE LET ME THROW MONEY AT YOU ffs Looking at this picture makes me sad, seeing it in game wouldn't make me sad. Get the hint WG?
  13. I like it so far but I wonder if it will be worth to keep. I also have an Atago. Thx for the opinions.
  14. Lord_Kazuki

    Ibuki captain skill 4: need advice

    Hello, guys. A bit buffled at selecting level 4 skill for Ibuki. There are three options IMO: Demolition expert - stock 17% chance of causing fires +3% from the skill. Doesn't sound a lot, does it? AFT - possibly get better shots on enemy DDs for close encounters? Because current AA abilities are enough as there are less CV players in higher tiers these days, alas. Survivability expert - would boost HP from 39K to 43.6K. Looks fine but at this tier it is rather unimportant. You get under fire from, say, Yamato, Des Moin and Roon (like yesterday) - your extra 3600 HPs don't matter much. I am more inclined to survivability but maybe you guys have really good improvement with DE and AFT? Thanks) PS Level 5 is concealment expert all the way, of course )
  15. Crusherheads

    Ibuki - Research points - Zao

    Greeting's, i aint here to comment about the machine itself but the research points he earns. Not sure if any one has notice or probably is just me that even doing a "good game" you only earn around 2000-2400, "medium games" around 1500-1700 research points. The credits earn for this boat i find it quite okay, but what suprises me and makes me feel that the research points on this boat are "locked". yesterday i won and did a good game with rougtly gave me 450,000 credits but only 3900 points, i say to myself okay this game was "once a month match" but well. What i trying to reach or say is even with Izumo or a Destroyer at same tiers, i could earn alot more research points that this boat. And izumo you mostly earn research points by doing heavy damage and with destroyer the capping and damage are accountable for it. Theres games that i manage to do 70k-120k with ibuki and i havent yet surpass the 4000 research points. Ofc i using Premium but no flags. And me and friend with his roon on a platon we did a game with he earned roughtly 3800+ and me only 2500+ on a match with i has on top of the team score and he on 4º ... So its just me? Knowing Zao is a great machine and his popularity is at scale. Did appreciate ur opinions and thoughs/experience about it, i quite fine with this ship though the "research points earned" again seems to be locked or limited. Any ways thx for ur attention, and sorry for the moaning, i forgot to screenshot the games scores, but i will eventualy put to prove what i wrote above. P.s: Check the screenshot bellow, 170,000 damage and only 3900 research points and i won that game, that was my best games with ibuki so far.
  16. piritskenyer


    Hello there people, This here be a preparation thread. Preparation for the Ibuki that is. What that means is that I'm asking for your experience with the Ibuki, and also for your setups, your opinions. What is Ibuki's major advantage (if any) over her peers? What is her major disadvantage (if any) over her peers? How does she compare to her line of ships in general? How does she compare to her predecessor? How does she compare to her successor? What equipment and captain skills do you recommend? I'm currently still grinding the Mog (poor thing really had a terrible break with the loss of EM), and I have a cpt laid out like this: BFT, SA EM, IFA Supernintendo Demo Grinding the next skill points. Might retrain and drop BFT and EM for their 3 points to get CE faster. Cheers
  17. YEAS MY TIER 9!!!!! o wait..... no.... Guys i have unlocked my tier 9 Ibuki and I don't know what i have to think about it. The range is worst... the ap does sometimes penetrate and sometimes it is crap. Is it good after some upgrades? So yes, wich upgrades are good to equip and wich not. Or is this ship [edited]and it's going to be a hard grind to my tier X zao?... Is there any special play style for this ship? well... all the best to every1 and have a nice day Regards, DEXCON
  18. So, I was sailing about in a T9-T10 battle in my Ibuki and I see 2 Khabarovsk on C, where I am headed to. Before I can set my turrets right, I am barraged by a rain of AP shells from these 2 Soviet destroyers. I am chuckling and moving forward thinking how can a destroyer think about APing my Ibuki...little that I realize that as I move forward, those AP hits start to hurt bad. Like really BAD. In no time, I am at reduced to 70% HP. And this is before I can hit them in a meaningful way with my relatively slower RoF. Soon enough, 1 of them breaks away and dies. The other one, as expected, goes under smoke as soon as I start hitting back with HE. But lo...the Khabarovsk comes back and start pounding with incredible RoF and venom in AP. In no time, despite healing, I am done with a final salvo of AP from destroyer worth nearly 7k! WTF. Now, reasonably, I would take this pounding by a BB or a Cruiser or a torpedo salvo by a Destroyer or fire but heck...AP? Is that "working as intended" or my expectations are all messed up regarding encountering a higher DD? I never faced this situation before and I am pretty baffled and "hurt". Have you faced this? Is it normal?
  19. Takeda92

    Kitakami mk2

    From Ibuki's wikipedia's page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibuki-class_cruiser Imagine if this was in the game. But don't tell WG, or they will make it a premium and either never sell it or sell it in bundle and then buff it after they nerf all torps
  20. MassTahh

    Mogami vs Ibuki

    Hi there, Is it only me or Ibuki is really inferior comparing to Mogami? - Mogami with Advanced Firing Training has comparable range to Ibuki with an upgrade yet it can spam HE like crazy which enables it to BBQ Battle Ships and pin down Destroyers. Ibuki however has superior penetration which makes it more useful vs cruisers. Hitting Citadel with Mogami's AP shells is very uncommon while fighting similar tier cruisers on Ibuki - no problem. Ibuki can heal... has superior torpedo armament and better drop angles. In theory quite even comparison... in practice however... my results are FAR better on Mogami. Additionally other players seems to have similar feelings about those ships. Question is... Should Ibuki get a buff or Mogami nerf? Otherwise we have a situation like when mogami was tier 7 and Myoko tier 8....
  21. Mads2500

    Ibuki - Worse than Myoko

    Hello fellow captains. I've got a little mystery I need you to help me with here. How come a tier IX Ibuki have a worse dpm, then a tier VII Myoko? How can the Ibuki have less HP than a Myoko? Ibuki only got 400 meters longer fire range. Ibuki almost got the same AA capability as the Myoko. What is going on here? It must be a mistake from the Dev. team im assure. If not, please enlighten me, how the Myoko is a better ship then Myoko? Im just very confused. But then again, it's still a beta, but still...