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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Out from when I started playing WoWS, I quite quickly started playing the IJN cruiser line, and finally got the last ship of them all, the Zao. During the "grind", there were some ups and downs, where I actually loved the Furutaka (even before the hull C upgrade), hated the Aoba, loved the Mogami, and finally got the incredible ship Zao. However, on my way up the IJN line, there has been one ship that has been utter garbage for me, the Ibuki. As everyone knows, the Ibuki is more or less the same as the Mogami, a paper ship which can't take hits and has to use islands to hide behind and kite away from enemies. The playstyle, which I have become comfortable with when I came back to the game around summer, has given me great games in ships like Mogami, Yorck, Hipper, the french cruiser line and so on. However, I never got any of my cruiser tactics to work with the Ibuki. At the first 12 Ibuki games, I was incredibly unlucky by getting cyclones/storms in 6 of the matches (yeah, 50% cyclones!), which gave me a rather poor introduction to the ship (as I needed to get closer in engagements to help out the team, and then you are oneshot for absolutely every BB in the game, no matter the angle you have). In the other 6 games without the storms, I had rounds with around 70k-100k dmg done and thought that the ship seemed decent enough (although I died quite often whenever anything shot at me). The next 20 battles I had however, was unbearably bad. No matter what I did, sneaking behind some island to shoot at enemies, keep at maximum distance and kite... Slowing down and moving up in speed against single BB captains,... no matter what I did, almost every volley from a BB would get a citadel on me. Heck, if I was "caught" in medium distances and angled away whilst trying to run off, or even move my front in towards the shipts from a BB, I would be instantly killed off as more than one shot would pen and citadel me. I know some of you will say "just don't broadside then", but I almost never do, and the times I do it is only when I get outflanked and have no choice but to give one BB a chance at it, or have done a rare horrible mistake and have to take my chances and run away. It became so bad that in the very end of my grind, I found myself not firing my guns for quite a considerable amount of time, as I knew I would be instantly killed off. That is really a bad tactic with a ship type which needs to keep those guns active to be useful in a match. I got so sich of it that I just had to use 100k free XP to get past the horrible grind (as it was destroying the fun of the game entirely for me). And straight of the bat, with the Zao, I did 150k dmg and could easily have done 50k more (but I sopped firing as it was an even match and my teammates told me to stop shoot and just flee so we could win the game the last three minutes). The end result of my Ibuki grind was a rather meager 50% win rate for me with an average of 56k damage, which is 16k lower than my average of Mogami (with 57 battles) and even my Emile Bertin do 9k more on average! So, was this Ibuki grind just me being incredibly unlucky? ( I mean, the Mogami should be mostly the same, but I have a lot more success with that ship). Could it do with a little bit more protection to make it viable again? Could the BB players be more kind and not instantly fire at Ibukis they see, so that they don't go instinct?! What do you guys think? Personally I got the Zao now and kept the Mogami, so no more Ibuki on my part.
  2. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    Hey there, fellow players! I come to you in times of dire need. I upgraded my Mogami into an Ibuki. And hoooo boy is it a problem. I struggle to do things in this ship. Like... At all. I am not sure what the problem is. Mogami was quite decent, in the way it could throw shells at ships while kiting away and let some torpedos at them at the same time. Somehow when I try the same playstyle on Ibuki, I get blaped with an AP volley from a BB that east almost my entire HP every time. This ship eats citadels like they are lottery tokens. On the other hand, 15km range forces you to get into the range of half of the enemy fleet. I do not know if I just had bad luck with maps or what, but the ship seems like a massive downgrade from Mogami. AA is lacking compared to the previous tier. Given that I am running naked on it now, so it will probably change with the hull upgrade. HE spam is problematic, as lemming trains usualy stay way out of your range or force you to shoot from open water. Kiting is problematic, as you eat AP citadels even when angled. Ship is an automatic magnet for attention, every time I get spotted, no matter what other ships are nearby and no matter my angling, the detection jumps to 5+. Just what is this ship supposed to do? Going with the lemming train seems like the obvious, but most of the time you get blapped by BBs AP due to CV spotting you. Going solo is not an option, as any ship solo gets utterly destroyed by CVs. Sticking close to DDs might be an idea, byt again CVs will wreck you up, as a DD does not offer much in regards to overlapping AA bubbles. I just fail to find a role for the ship in the current meta. It might be because I am running without upgrades. But the ship feels extremely weak. PS. For reference, I am not against squishy ships. Atlanta is one of my favourite T7 Cruisers. And I am having a blast on the Tier VI RN Cruiser I forgot the name of... Leander? It is just that Atlanta and Leander have clear roles for itself. Ibuki seems like a HE spammer that lacks range to compete in the current CV+Snipefest meta.