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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Leute, seitdem die Lo Yang einen Hydrobuff bekommen hat, frage ich mich, ob man das Argument, Nebel+Deutsches Hydro auf den Deutschen DDs sei OP immernoch seine gültigkeit hat. Ein kurzer Vergleich: Schiff Schiffsentdeckugnsweite (Hydro) Nebeldauer / Aktivzeit Lo Yang 5,43 km 124s / 28s Z-23 4,44 km 69s / 20s A. Hipper 5,58 km - Vergleichen wir einmal ein paar andere Leistungsdaten: Schiff Max. Tarnung DPS HE DPS AP Torpedo-reaktionszeit Torpedo-reichweite Lo Yang 5,8 km 2180 2544 7,45 s 9,2 km Lo Yang 5,8 km 2180 2544 7, 67 s 6,7 km Z-23 6,2 km 1640 2760 7,90 s 9,5 km Z-23 (128er) 6,2 km 1500 3000 7,90 s 9,5 km Hinzu kommt, dass die Lo Yang um 1 Knoten schneller ist, einen kleineren Wendekreis und bessere Ruderstellzeiten hat. Die Lo Yang muss zwar ihren Turbo für das Hydro opfern, aber dafür ist sie den Dt. DDs in den meisten Bereichen der Leistungsdaten überlegen. Vielleicht verstehe ich da etwas falsch, aber die Lo Yang die in vielen Leistungsdaten besser dasteht, als die Z-23 ist mit dem langen Nebel und dem "deutschen" Hydro nicht OP. Aber die Deutschen DDs mit ihrem kurzen Nebel wären es dann plötzlich? Auch laut Stats steht die Yo Lang gut da. (Quelle Warships Today, 24.07.2017, 20:02 Uhr) Daher die Frage mal in die Runde geworfen, gibt es irgendwelche Gründe, weshalb man den KM DDs nicht das Deutsche Hydro wieder geben sollte? Falls es keine guten Gründe gibt, wäre es vielleicht möglich den KM DDs ein Deutsches Hydro zu verpassen?
  2. Colonel_Boom

    Giving Tirpitz Hydro

    Hello, i think its about time the often played Tirpitz gets some love. Currently Tirpitz plays abit awkward compared to the Bismarck. It exhanges hydro and mid range AA for torps. I think it's about time it got the hydro. It should have gotten it with the secondary buff to Bismarck level(i mean they had the exact same secondary setup). It feels uncomfortable to play as soon as you try to be agressive compared to the Bismarck, ignoring your torpedo tubes being incapacitated by the crew if the enemy just looks at it. And with the current premium ship policy and newly released premium ships i wouldn't recommend buying the Tirpitz if you are newer to the game or value your money. MfG Boom
  3. Hi all, Dear WG: Please re-make battle UI with simple fix that "Detected" / "Priority Target" / "Incoming Fire" / "Radar" / "Hydro" icons can _ALL_ be shown at once and not altering like it is now! Right now they can't all be shown at once and that is _HUGE_ problem in many occasions because player needs all information he can get... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread at Reddit:
  4. El2aZeR

    DoY can mount HSM1?

    I wasn't aware DoY is a cruiser or a DD. Seriously, though, is this intended or a bug of some sort?
  5. Darky_Madness


    After months of nerfing destroyers and boosting all other ships whit hydro/sonar better accuracy and increased torp spotting. when are Destroyers gonna be balanced again? destroyers cant hide anymore torps are easy detected. think its way to easy to find a dd and kill it now.
  6. How come EVERY CRUISER - INLCUDING GERMANS - use Anti-aircraft consumable when they FULLY KNOW that because of Wargamings intelligence when it comes to balance - There are NO CV'S farting around UNLESS YOU PLAY TIER 4-6 ? High level cruisers (7-10) HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA on how to hydro - YES, SOME cruisers use radar - but WHY THE EFF are noone using hydro and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF kill those FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF destroyers so our battleships can advance? (PS: Battleships ! STOP FISHING!) Either REMOVE the ANTI-AIR consumable at tier 7-10 or FFFFFFFFFF LEARN TO EFFINGS HYDRO OR HUNT TO FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Destroyers !!!!! Also - Carriers - keep up the amazings :) atleast THEY KNOW how to scout and kill stuff.
  7. Chassadhi

    Wirk-Kreise auf der Minimap

    ist wahrscheinlich zu unübersichtlich, aber manchmal wünsche ich mir kleine Kreise auf der Minimap, die mir zeigen, dass ein Verbündeter gerade Hydro macht: - ein Kreis um das Schiff, wo die Hydro wirkt (wie weit) - und der Rand des Kreises zeigt, wann's abläuft (360° == 60 Sekunden) ähnlich für Radar und DefAA … 1. P.S.: voll ausgefüllt, aber ziemlich durchscheinend (und optional abschaltbar) könnten diese Kreise ja sein, um nicht so sehr zu stören 2. P.S.: Nebel (mit seinem Ablauf) auf der Minimap zu sehen, hätte evtl. auch was, aber da wärs ja kein Kreis, sondern so ein "Croissant" ^^ 3. P.S.: alternativ könnte man auch was über den Sound machen: dass ich Hydro höre, auch wenn der neben mir Hydro an hat
  8. Should All Radar, Sonar Hydro and Smoke be removed ? I think it would add to more fun gameplay with the need for these. The constant smoke I have seen makes it totally unfair for other ships in the game. If you have 3 ships all using smoke they take it turns to use that smoke from each other and effectively wipe other ships away. In T7 matches the BBs have no location assistance, even when they do get it the CAs are already wise to it and move and before you have a chance to lock on they have reassembled to another locale smoked and off they go again. The gameplay mechancis are flawed with this. The fun is not there, it is not a level playing flield especially on T7 ranked. The Belfast is a T8 ship with its capabilities and far outweighs a ship such as the Myoko in firepower and stealth.
  9. WinningSpike010

    What about old hydro/radar's icons restoring?

    Well, on last sub-update WG decided to restore the old warning icons for spotting by hydro and radar instead of the generic danger indicator (exclamation point into a triangle) they introduced on 0.6.15: >> Update - 100MB [UPDATE] Update will happen 28 December; preparation begins at 06:00 CET until 07:30 CET (UTC+1). The game will be unavailable during this time (1.5 hours). General Changes: Winners of the Clan Battles Season have been added to the loading screen of the "Hotspot" map Added "Hotspot" achievement to the game (Rank among the top 16 clans in the Clan Battles Season) Added New Year pictures for combat missions, challenges and events Added start and end dates for Campaigns Returned old indicators of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar >> This could be a good news, because it's useful to know if you (mainly when playing a DD) are spotted by a long (radar) or a short range device (hydro) to choose the adequate reaction: either simply gain a little more distance or run away and dodge... and pray. Anyway it seems the "old" warning icons have instead become THE SAME icon (the old radar's one - see attachement) for both devices now. This means the restoring becomes quite useless: if the icon is one for both devices so the triangle or the circle it's the same thing... In fact the cruiser in the pic killed me (I killed her too... ;>) just because I was surprised Atago could have radar and I've reacted one second late. Maybe is there something I've missed? Or maybe could be a bug?
  10. Moin Moin, Ich bin jetzt schon ne Weile am recherchieren, bin mir aber bis jetzt nicht zu 100% sicher was wie mit der Hydroakustischen Suche stackt. Laut Wiki stackt Zielerfassungssystem-Modifikation 1 200000 Mit Wachsamkeit und Wachsamkeit mit Hydro, solange es um Torpedos geht. Weiß jemand, ob Zielerfassungssystem-Modifikation 1 200000 Mit Hydro stackt, um Schiffe aufzuklären? Beste Grüße Ratzebro
  11. Hello all who takes the time to read this. I normally wouldn't post whine threads. But there have been some minor and major annoyances. And I bet other people might have these as well. The opening post will be quite a bit long. It is also written from the point of view of someone who plays destroyers for the majority of the game. I enjoy these little buggers and dislike the slow and lumbering game play of the battleships and cruisers feel more like victims more than anything else. Now, if you look at my stats (they are public) you'll see that I 'only' have +/- 900 matches in a DD and 'only' 1800 matches in total. This does leave me open to the 'git gud' and 'get more experience' argument. While this is not as much as an argument in and of itself, I do believe that I have taken a fair bit of time to learn the game mechanics in details. That said, even if I lack experience, my performance is consistently slightly above average. It is my intention and hope to play/get a game that is as balanced as possible. It is not my intention to promote making 1 class overpowered compared to the other classes. However, I cannot be entirely without bias. The post is split up in several 'subjects' as per below. Concealment and Stealth firing RADAR/hydro Torpedoes Damage from battleships Maps Closing 1. Concealment and Stealth firing The general mechanics to concealment are actually quite well thought out in my opinion. With the exception of a few ships (Shimakaze and Conqueror spring to mind). However, lately it seems like concealment is not nearly as valuable as it used to be. Concealment is being countered in a number of ways. Soon there will be another change in the form of the smoke changes. What these changes entail is not really set in stone right now (to the best of my knowledge). So I will skip over them. As for smoke counters it is not just the usual suspect of hydro/RADAR. But also simpler things like torpedoes, torpedo bomber planes, radio location and shoot 'blind' with a spotter plane. In the old days the concealment had another option. The ability to shoot ships in the open without being seen or shot at yourself. This used to be the base concealment +4km for destroyers. However, ships like the Fletcher could get a range of up to 15km. This means that it had a maximum detection of 5.8km+4km=9.8km. Meaning that everything after 9.8km it could shoot at without it being seen itself. Now the Fletcher was a bad ship to do that with, since it had incredibly slow shells. But there were other Destroyers that were quite good at doing that. While I understand and agree that you should be able to see what is shooting you from the open or it creates frustration. It did damage destroyer game play amongst each other. The way it worked before the nerf was 2 Destoyers entered a cap together. They eventually detect each other and a short but severe firefight started between them and their supporting cruisers. Effectively starting the engagement. Torpedoes would be spammed if there was time. The loser was the Destroyer that got destroyed or smoked up. By smoking he was basically forced out of the cap. Staying in it and wait out your smoke gave the other DD oppertunity again later to scout you, kill you and smoke up himself. Since he did not have to use his lifesaving cooldown. The victor on the other hand did not have to do anything but dodge torps. The reason for this was that at this point, the DDs allies were all out of range to spot or in/behind smoke. This left the winning DD with the cap and still a remaining consumable. The problem with the current mechanics is that there is almost always a ship within 11,8km (stock Fletcher gun range as a reference). This means that when 2 DDs spot each other early game BOTH need to smoke up and play passive or they will both be taken down. Below is an example scenario of what I meant. I have taken full-stealth Fletchers with stock range module. This means 5.8km concealment and 11.8km gun range. The green Fletcher has the old system applied to him, the red one the new detection system. The removal of stealth firing did more than just remove the ability to fire from stealth in the open. It also ruined DD combat between the DDs. There is not really a way to outplay each other anymore. You both need to smoke up and hope for lucky torp hits or a detonation. I suggest to change it to a hybrid of both mechanics. Meaning that the direction you shoot at, you are detected for your maximum gun range (if not blocked by LoS blockers). But for all other directions you get the flat increase as per previous mechanics (4km for DDs, 6km for CLs and 10km(?) for BBs). This means that you can't shoot ships from the open without being detected, but you can still fight the fun fights like you used to be able to do. 2. RADAR and hydro RADAR and hydro are implemented as counters to smoke wielding ships. Be that either destroyers or cruisers. This is an ability that I applaud. Every game should have ways to balance and counter each other. The existance of RADAR and hydro itself is not a problem to me. The problem for me is the way it is working at the moment. RADAR and hydro are both complete i-win buttons. If a ship is in smoke, you just pop RADAR and he will be detected for the duration of the RADAR as long as the RADAR lives. The problem with this is that there is hardly a counter play to this. If you look at ships like the Des Moines or Belfast, their RADAR range is incredibly close to their concealment (not even talking about the Black which has RADAR range higher than its concealment). Which means that these ships can creep up to a smoke, RADAR and kill them without being seen (if they play it right). The only counter for this currently is staying at least 10km away from both or hide behind an island and using that as armour. Another problem is that RADAR is absolute spotting. With that I mean that it can spot everything and everyone within the range. This is a bit counter intuitive. This isn't a problem when there is just 1 or maybe 2 RADAR ships on a team. But when you get 3 or 4 or even 5 this leads to being perma spotted. It is incredibly difficult for a high tier DD to play when perma spotted. Especially if the team isn't pushing either. You are basically forced into supporting role only where smoke is actually a detriment to your own team more than anything else. The third problem is the fact that matchmaking doesn't take RADAR into account. RADAR is an extremely powerful tool that completely counters DDs. It is not rare to see a team consisting of Moskvas, Missouries and Des Moines's versus a team of regular BBs, Kutuzovs and RN CL's. This automatically means that 1 team completely counters the other team. One is smoke dependant, the other team counters smoke. The last problem is that RADAR is also able to look further than the view restrictions when encountering a cyclone. With this I point to stealth firing and why that is a problem. Furthermore, a cyclone is a complete counter to DDs as well. Since they can't see ships before they can RADAR and kill the destroyer. If a RADAR ship is spotted in a cyclone but can't spot himself, just activate the RADAR and kill the tresspasser. The DD in question is not able to counter it since it is possible he did not even know the cruiser/BB was there to begin with. For this I suggest that RADAR isn't able to look through solid rock. I also suggest that RADAR and smoke is taken into account in the matchmaking, RADAR function should be decreased in a cyclone as well (it is nearly useless irl in a cyclone as well). And since switching on a RADAR is like switching on a flash light, I suggest that a RADAR ship will also automatically reveal himself when switching it on. Effectively making it a double edged sword. But not for hydro, since hydro only means listening and not actively searching with a 'flashlight'. 3. Torpedoes In this instance I am not too fussed about torpedoes in general. My opinion that most torpedoes are all good and stuff. However, there is 1 glaring exception. In my opinion the IJN DD line has been nerfed too far. If you check the performance of the torpedoes, they are basically the worst of them all across the board. On top of that, they aren't the fastest, most armoured or best armed ships either. All they have is their superior concealment, with the exception of the Shimakaze. If you also take double spotter plane, radio location and/or hydro on nearly every ship into account it paints a picture of a line that has been surpassed in everything and by everything. Now I am not saying that we need to return to the 15x20km walls of skill. But even the 12km torpedoes on the Shima aren't great. And it seems to me it is near suicide to try to use the 8km torpedoes. I don't play the ships myself. Have never enjoyed them, not even before the nerf. But my prey has been affected too much and is on the verge of extinction. 4. Damage from battleships Now, if I am not mistaken. The game is build around some sort of a rock/scissors/paper system. The Battleships being the rock and the Destroyers being the paper. There are some nuances of course, since paper also counters and gets countered by paper depending on what paper you bring. However, there seems to be something off. Rock (battleships) seems to counter scissors (cruisers) a LOT harder than destroyers counter battleships. In some cases, rock even counters paper. A stray hit from a battleship AP can already cause thousands of hp of damage to a destroyer. Either completely wiping him from the map or crippling him in such a way that he is no longer combat worthy and delegated to either spotting or torpedo duty. WG has already stated that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. However, I still feel it is worth mentioning in order to keep it in the mind of everybody that this is still an issue. On top of that, WG has consistently released BBs that are increasingly more effective in countering DDs. The previous line (German BBs) do not only have incredibly strong secondaries of 11,8(?)km range that absolutely tear DDs to shreds, they also get a hydro consumable that they can use to charge DDs in smoke or counter their torpedoes. If you also take in account that some DDs only have a maximum gun range of 11.8km and a optimum gun range of 7-8km, there is nothing a DD can do to these ships but run away. They have had their hydro nerfed, so they don't get Hindenburg hydro anymore. However, their secondary range got buffed in the process. But the last line WG released is even worse, on multiple fronts. The RN BB line has received short fuse AP, meaning it will be even less likely to overpen a destroyer. They also get godmode napalm HE shells and great concealment and heal. It is increasingly more common to get hit from a RN BB. And to put some anecdotal evidence in the mix, I have been hit by a RN BB and this had taken out the following : 2x torp tubes, 2x guns, engine, rudder, multiple (all?) AA and double fire. This had to trigger a damage control. After which I received another hit, which took out my engine and rudder and put me on fire again. Ending my game in 2 salvoes. The worst of this is that these RN BBs have set a trend. RN BBs can just load HE and spam it on everything. But the other BB players have seen this. And while before they were flamed for not using AP, now they see that HE is more effective on this line. And they started using it on all other lines as well. As painful as BB AP overpens can be, HE completely wrecks. For this I suggest that RN BBs get nerfed back into line with the other BB lines. These ships counter their counters harder than anything can counter them. As for the KM BBs, I don't suggest anything, I don't know enough on the ships in order to make a good judgement. 5. Maps With the maps there are actually quite a bit of unfairness. I have picked a couple of high tier maps where it doesn't matter how well each player plays, they are disadvantaged through map design rather than anything else. I have put each map in a spoiler box to save on the space. I have already created quite a long wall of text. It might be considered nitpicky. But I still feel that it is worth mentioning. It might not matter that much for the average player, but the better will use the terrain to their advantage. And it is quite irritating if you or the opponent doesn't have that ability just through their spawn. Fault Line Islands of Ice New Dawn Sea of fortune Shards Shatter 6. Closing For the people that actually managed to read this far, thank you for reading my rant. I bet there is quite a bit in my post that you do or do not agree with. As for my expectation. It is basically nothing. I doubt that any changes will happen, especially on my behalf. I will do what I always have done and adapt. I will have to. But lately I have been extremely frustrated and needed to vent a bit.
  12. valoaa

    Hydro range stats in game gone.

    Hey, I've noticed when you ctrl + mouse over your hydro consumable in game you can no longer see the stats for your particular ship. Yes, I'm aware you can still see the hydro ship detection range by pressing "H" and . then selecting to show the minimap circle, but this does not show torpedo detection range. Now, I do not have the game in front of me at the moment but I imagine this is the same for radar also. Why remove this!?
  13. FR4C Company Ahoi Capitäne, FR4C Company ist ein Clan der erfolgreich im Team fahren und Spaß am Spiel haben will. Wir nehmen ergebnisorientiert an Turnieren teil, machen regelmäßig Trainings. Trotzdem geht das RL bei uns vor. Alles kann, nichts muss. Wir erwarten aber Teamplay in Clangefechten und Divisionen. Jeder im Rahmen seiner besten spielerischen Möglichkeiten. Eine Gemeinschaft lebt von der guten Kommunikation, daher setzen wir TS als Grundlage eines funktionierenden Clanlebens voraus. Bei uns befinden sich Spieler aus den unterschiedlichsten Altersgruppen die alle eine geistige Reife mitbringen. Unser Clan ist hilfsbereit bei Fragen oder sonstigen Problemen. Trainer, Gefechtskommandanten und erfahrene Spieler geben gerne Tipps und Tricks zu Schiffen, Spielmechaniken und Taktiken. Wir bieten: o) Wettkampfteam + Funabteilung o) Trainings + Hilfsbereitschaft o) solidarische Gemeinschaft (Du bist bei uns nicht bloß eine Nummer!) o) eigener, gut durchstrukturierter TS Wir suchen: o) Teamplayorientierte Kapitäne, für Divisionen, Turniere und PVE o) charakterlich gefestigte, sympathische Mitspieler o) TS-Anwesenheit wenn im Spiel und Gefecht gestartet Zusammengefasst: Bist Du ein Spieler der auf einem gewissen hohen Niveau teamplayorientiert ist, Spaß am Spiel mit sympathischen Leuten im Vordergrund steht und TS Dir kein unbekanntes Kürzel ist, dann melde Dich bei uns und schreib uns an. Ansprechpartner: Railthunder [Leiter der Rekrutierung] xXMcTigerXx Al_bundy64 XX_Grizzly_XD Team Hydro Das Team Hydro sucht für Clanbattles, Liga und clanexterne Trainings frische Mitstreiter, die Interesse an Wettstreit auf einem hohen Niveau haben und sich selbst gesteckte Ziele erreichen wollen. Unsere erfahrenen Gefechtskommandanten Arcolor und Centurio_Macro bringen sich nicht nur taktisch sondern auch menschlich in die Gruppe ein und kümmern sich im speziellen darum wöchentlich zu dem ordentlichen Clantraining, Gefechte gegen andere herausfordernde Teams zu organisieren. Diese Bemühungen zahlen sich mittlerweile bereits aus, was die Ergebnisse bei Clanbattles und League of the Seas bzw King of the Seas zeigen. Pilotseason Clanbattles: Typhoon Gruppe I und ungeschlagener Erster in Liga IV beim Turnier League of the seas. [Stand 21.02.2018] Unser Ziele sind es uns stetig als Team und Einzelspieler weiter zu entwickeln, aus begangenen Fehlern zu lernen, neue Taktiken auszuprobieren und vorhandene zu optimieren. Wir respektieren das RL der Kameraden, erwarten jedoch auch von jedem Mitglied die Motivation seinen Beitrag zum Erfolg des Teams zu leisten. Unsere Spezialität ist es die Stärken eines schlagkräftigen Teams mit der Größe und Flexibilität eines Clans mit vielen Spielern zu kombinieren. Das 2.Team "Wolf Pack" (Orkan Liga Gruppe I), dass auf einem gewissen Niveau spielt und in regelmäßigen Abständen als Trainingspartner fungiert, bringt noch mal eine Portion mehr an Spielspaß z.B. in Divisionen/Unternehmen für die Zeiten wo gerade kein Teamevent stattfindet. Ansprechpartner: Railthunder [Leiter der Rekrutierung] Centurio_Macro [Gefechtskommandant] Jaybee4711 [SOFA]
  14. Tubit101

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    This is me in my Benson, being hydroed by a Loyang sitting at the very edge of the cap circle: https://imgur.com/a/IiBh0 Note that this is at the start of the game. There is no other factor causing me to be hit, except for the hydro spotting me (and naturally guns pointed at me as an effect of being spotted). This is me being dead at the start of the game, due to the Loyang hydro: https://imgur.com/a/cyLTT I had no chance whatsoever. Notice that the hydro range of the Loyang is over twice as long as the diameter of the cap zone. Twice as long!! How am I supposed to escape or play around a mechanic like that? Remember that not every cap has an island to hide behind. I can't bait the hydro, because when it gets turned on, it takes too long to get away. And the duration of the hydro? Two minutes!! This constitutes to an automatic I WIN button for the Loyang. What is WG's intention behind this? How do we play around it? Is the only solution to buy a Loyang and have every single DD in the game be a Loyang? Please explain your plan and strategy on this WG. Let me also add that when running from a Loyang hydro, it is 100% necessary to get out as fast as possible, which means that I have to position my ship that makes it incredibly prone to be shredded length-wise by BB AP. Currently, DD gameplay and winning matches as a whole revolves around whether you have a Loyang on your team or not. It is frankly giving the Loyang a ridiculously overpowered and pivotal role. Now, you might say that "both teams could get Loyangs, it's fine" - but it's not fine. This is a balancing blunder because it overblows the importance of the individuals playing the Loyang, just like with CVs - the role of a single ship becomes far too critical to the rest of the team. It should be emphasized that WG does not balance MM around radar and hydro. One team can get all the radar and hydro and the other team can get nothing! Some might try to excuse this by coming up with complicated explanations of how they want other DD captains to play around this mechanic somehow. I don't really see how, but I'm sure somebody will try. Let me just preemptively say this: Giving the Loyang EZ-mode and then asking others to perform incredible feats to somehow get around it is terrible balancing. Some might say this is situational. It is not, this is the rule rather than the exception. Speaking in terms of game development, it's a complete failure - which just happens to benefit WG financially while it takes a dump on the players. I look forward to hearing your well thought out reflections on this problem. Of course, I am especially looking forward to hearing WGs thoughts and solutions. Hopefully they will help me sorting out my mistakes and become a better player. Thank you in advance!
  15. valahsaint

    Ernst Gaede - Hydro removed?

    Hello guys, This may be a dumb Q, but i didn't find any info anywhere (searched a while for it): When was the hydro option removed from the Gaede? I saw some games from this year (march) and it had hydro equiped: I just got mine and the 4th slot (for hydro) isn' t available. Any info? Thanks, V