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Found 4 results

  1. Wir sind ein rein erfolgsorientiertes Team, welches in den Clanbattles und sonstigen Turnieren/Community-Turnieren das bestmögliche aus sich rausholen will und wird. Daher suchen wir Spieler die uns auf diesem Weg begleiten wollen. Erfolg beginnt bei uns schon in den Divisionsgefechten, was uns eben von den "casual-player" unterscheidet. Taktisches Gameplay, competivtive Erfahrung und Spielerisches Können erwarten DICH bei uns. Was solltest DU mitbringen? Ehrgeiz, Motivation, Lernbereitschaft, Kritikfähigkeit den Willen kontinuierlich besser zu werden bevorzugt Competitive Erfahrung (CW, KotS, usw) mind. 2000 Gefechte Stats auf unserem Niveau 60%+ (Clandurchschnitt: WR: 66% DMG: 78000) Aktivität benötigten Schiffe (T10) Meilensteine: - Platz 8 EU der 2nd Clanseason - Platz 10 EU der 3rd Clanseason - Platz 12 EU der 5th Clanseason - Platz 4 EU der 6th Clanseason Teamüberblick: PARAZ Wie kontaktierst DU uns? Über das Forum hier, per Ingame Nachricht oder einfach bei uns auf dem Discordserver vorbei schauen. Ansprechpartner: Citerella, slballer08 Discordserver: klick mich! Discorddownload: Download Bewirb dich. Schreib uns. Fahr mit uns. The Paranoidz
  2. Ten-ichi-gō About us We are an international clan always out to field a strong competitive team for tournaments and Clan Battles while claiming our position among the top five clans on the EU server. As such we regularly participate in tournaments like King of the Sea where we reached the semifinals three times until now. Our intention is to repeat and surpass this achievement in future tournaments and competitive gamemodes. Our text communication and clan organization is based on our well-structured and maintained Discord server while also providing a Teamspeak server for our members and friends to find division mates or just have a good old chat in one of our voicechannels. What we expect from applicants We are looking for outstanding players who are capable of keeping up with us in Hurricane League and who make a meaningful addition to our competitive team. Players aspiring to join us should prove competence and awareness during battle and must not be afraid to meet strategical challenges head on with flexibility and autonomy. Our highest concern is your ability to incorporate into a team and synergies with other players. An eagerness to learn, being able to take criticism and a respecting attitude as well as compliance to our rules are a necessity. Our Stats Requirements at least 60% Winrate PR of 1750 or above 3 or more T10 ships (not considering premiums) 1000+ matches on T9 or higher a minimum of two CW relevant ships We are looking forward to your application! You can contact KappaTheHutt; preferably via Discord with a message to vindicta-s-#9999 Links zu unseren Servern: Discord Server (https://discord.gg/vCB74dU) Teamspeak 3 Server (10go.teamspeak.de)
  3. [RAGE] Rage Crew RAGE is an international clan focused mainly on competitive play. We are looking for hurricane - typhoon level players with good teamwork abilities. We value good team play way more than just personal skills - this approach allowed us to compete with high level clans during Clan Battles and KotS. What we can offer: - Regular participation in Clan Battles at a high level, - Playing in a group of decent players with sense of humour, - Tournaments, - International playerbase, - Regular division play, - Well developed naval base with bonuses: +7% steel +10% coal -10% to ship service cost +4% XP +25% Free XP +8% commander XP Basic requirements: - At least 3 competitive Tier 10 ships with ~60%WR, and decent overall stats, - Voice communication through Discord, - Active participation in clan battles, tournaments, trainings and other clan activities, - Good understanding of game mechanics, - Ability to communicate in English, - Be able to take criticism (it’s constructive, sometimes), - Good recent results and continuous improvement of your gameplay. Stats are just guidance, therefore every application will be reviewed individually - interview in training room and division battles. Discord: https://discord.gg/4k9qyJv
  4. Hey gentles Iam looking for a german/english speaking Clan to participating in Clan Battle’s The Clan should be in Hurrican or Taifun League :) my Stats are linked here: https://wows-numbers.com/player/509601017,Schinken200g/ My T10 Ships are : Preffered ( + ) : CA: - Worcester ( ++ ) - DesMoines ( ++ ) - Salem - Minotaur ( + ) - Henry ( + ) - Zao BB: - Yamato ( ++ ) - Republique ( + ) - Montana - Conqueror - Kremlin ( + ) I dont Play DD‘s in this CV Meta actually, dont have much fun with that. :) Questions and anythingelse pls PM or Comment here. Have a Great day and good luck on the seas :) Schinken200g