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Found 25 results

  1. Darth_Meuh

    High school fleet collection 2019

    Ahoy, any chance we get a third tour for HSF/WG collaboration this year? i still see harekaze and graf spee in the shop but without anime camo / commander, wich is a bit...lame :p and not worth the buy! And i still struggle completing this collection x) Thx for reading, cya on the seas.
  2. morganwhite


    Will the HSF and space camouflages be making a return anytime soon? There are a few which I would have liked to purchase.
  3. ABED1984

    How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    I've read some posts regarding the HSF Yamato camo but couldn't get a clear answer on how to unlock that camo. I've checked my missions list but didn't find anything about the HSF camo.
  4. Here's the thing, my goal is to own the Musashi with the HSF camo. The problem is that I won't be able to afford the Musashi for a very long time and the HSF camo is, as far as I understood, a limited time offer. So I don't have much choice except to buy the camo before I own the ship, but WG can just arbitrarily remove Musashi and then I stand there with a useless camo I bought for some 15-17€ that I can never use. Is that how it works? Or have I misinterpret something?
  5. Hi all, Interesting observation: If you put HSF "K117" cammo on Yamato and then disable the HSF special cammo viewing in port (via cog on ship carousel) the HSF "K117" cammo for Yamato will automatically dismount! Hmm... strange... was this intentional or it is a bug? Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Before we proceed, as happens with any anime topic, please keep it civil. I do understand some of you do not like it, some of you do. Arguing over it is pointless though. So, now that we are on topic, I have an image to show you. COVER YOUR EYES, IT'S ANIME Now, those of us who went and bought those HSF ships, may notice we only got the commanders. WG though, clearly has sprites for the XO's as well. Now i've been wondering, are those captains we get from missions down the line, or will they not be available?
  7. Rage_Unchained

    HSF "exclusive" missions

    Hi all, Can anyone that has purchased the "fleet assignment" bundles or whichever bundles are required, explain/tell WHAT exactly are those missions and rewards for them, please? WG has once again decided to go full "mystery" on us, without any semblance of giving a [edited]about properly letting us know about content... EDIT: The reason I ask is, I'd rather buy a camo for a ship or some doubloons instead of buying a girl captain just to get missions that will give me some extra badges or flags. Thank you in advance guys!
  8. KaytushaChan

    High school fleet?

    Hi guys an girls, little strange question but hopeing someone might know an answer or hint or rumor but thanks if not. Im some what new to the game and recently faced off against a ship names hsf graff spee, at the time i didnt realize it was an anime ship let alone the anime i was watching, so went to store to get it and it wasnt there yet its still on NA server so my question is does anyone know if they will ever sell or bring back HSF ships on EU as really want it >< arigato an happy hunting
  9. krautjaeger

    [MOD] HSF to regular commander pictures

    Small mod that changes the anime pictures of commanders for HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee to regular Japanese/German commanders for those that want the ships with normal looking crew. This mod will be compatible with any foreseeable upcoming version of the client. Unzip the file to ..\res_mods\<version number> (where version number is the current client build) HSF_to_regular_commanders.zip
  10. Hello guys, How do we know what's the drop rate of HSF Collection items from normal containers? At the moment I am playing the game only to get the camo and there's been already 2 days where I got not even one item from 2x2 crates. This is too damn frustrating, especially when you almost always get duplicates and need 5 of them for a new item. How am I supposed to complete this collection if I get a max of 1 item per day?
  11. Hi WG if I buy the recruitment special package, but already have 2 of the Captains, what happens with the duplicated characters please? thanks in advance. Phil
  12. I just wanted to ask if WG has any plans to bring the second High School Fleet Girls collaboration from Japan over to us EU chaps and if we would be able to obtain anything through missions or something? To my knowledge so far, from what was mentioned at the venue this second collaboration event was announced at. The following content is planned and/or possible. - 4 Character Silhouettes for Captains were shown at the announcement event. (Potential for new captains?) Noted in the article of the above picture; - Some voices were also released at the venue. - Isoroku (The cat from the anime) has a Camo/skin for the Harekaze ship. Noted in the article, it stated these images were sent from the Russian Development team. - Although it did no appear in the anime, A Yu Ocean School Yamato Camo/Skin. Sources: News from Japanese gaming news site Famitsu [Link 1] and [Link 2] (Apologies for I am not sure what other tags I could add to the post)
  13. RambaRal

    HSF commanders voice

    Hello, I recived Thea Kruzer captain (sp?) but when I put her on a German ship, the ingame voice voice remains the standard german one. My default setting is "National" but AFAIK this shouldn't prevent to hear captains with special voices (e.g. Seagull voice works correctly). Is this supposed to be the standard behaviou? I can see from the dropdown menu that she has a personalzed voice but I don't want the whole world to sound that way, just the ship where she is at the moment. Regards
  14. Mahlzeit, vielleicht habe ich ja nicht als einziger das Problem.. Seid dem heutigen Update sind bei mir keine Inhalte der HSF-Sammlung in den regulären Containtern. Gestern ging es noch, aber vorhin waren in beiden Containern, die ich erspielt habe, nichts von der Sammlung enthalten. Habe erstmal geschaut, ob ich ausversehen auf "nicht sammeln" gestellt habe, aber dem ist nicht so. Wie es mit den erspielbaren Containern für HSF Schiffe aussieht weiß ich nicht, da ich heute nur sch... Runden hatte (abgesehen davon, dass ich nur die Harekaze hab und der schlechteste DD-Fahrer der Welt bin) und mich gewundert habe, überhaupt die 2 regulären Container erspielt zu haben.. Hat noch einer das selbe Problem und weiß eine Lösung? Falls nicht werde ich wohl heut abend oder morgen ein Ticket beim Support anfragen.. So.. ab zur Arbeit, aber falls einer was schreibt, ich schau zwischendurch mal rein ;) MfG Maddin
  15. Capt_Kelris

    Voix "nationales" et voix HSF

    Yop plop à toutes et à tous! Depuis quelques temps (baaaah... le renouvellement du partenariat WG-HSF, en fait) je rejoue à fond mon Harekaze (bonheur!) mais... j'ai constaté un... bug? une anomalie? un schmurtz? Voilà.J'active par défaut les voix nationales, pour mes navires. Ainsi, mes capitaines français parlent français, les anglais parlent anglais, les US parlent anglais aussi (mais pas pareil), etc etc.... Mais si dans mon souvenir le jeu preanit en compte automatiquement les capitaines d'anime (et ça vaut aussi pour les capitaines ARP), tel le capitaine du Harekaze, il se trouve que ce n'est plus le cas. J'ai donc Akeno Misaki qui me parle avec la voix d'un viril capitaine japonais qui sent bon la testostérone.... Mouai... Pas génial pour l'ambiance... Mais pas grave, je peux sélectionner la voix de Misaki-san dans le choix des voix... mais si je fais ça... toutes les voix deviennent celle de Misaki-san! Toujours moyen pour l'ambiance! Alors est-ce un bug? Un problème temporaire lié à l'arrivée d'autres capitaines de la licence? Est-ce que ça va être corrigé? WG est-il au courant? Est-ce voulu? Quel est la racine carrée de 7232? Tant de questions sans réponse!
  16. Commander_Cornflakes

    Make HSF camos great again?

    After rewatching Haifuri, I realized how far off the color scheme of the HSF camos ingame is, compared to the ships in the Anime. For comparison: Anime | ingame camo | no camo Can we please get the real dark grey color instead of no color with some stripes? This goes for HSF Musashi, Yamato and probably Graf Spee too, of course WG-Ping: @MrConway
  17. Hey everyone! As most of you i like the benefits that the Steven Seagal captain gives (Expert Loader & Marksman), but i really dont like the voice over. There used to be a simple trick to "change" it into the standard english voice, by renaming him in the OfficialMods folder. But since a few versions that doesnt work anymore. I have created a very simple mod to fix it. All i have done is extract both voice overs (Seagal and English) with wows_unpack, and then renamed all files from english to match Seagal. Very easy, nothing special. If people want to could write a step-by-step guide to do it yourself. But maybe some of you will just want to use a ZIP that is already done. You do not have to change your Audio Setting in the game options. This will always make Seagal sound like the Standard English voice, regardless of your setting. Working without known problems with: v0.6.15.1 Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your /res_mods/ folder. I have also created versions for the ARP and HSF captains voices. Please report any problems here, thank you. (I did not see anything in the subforum rules about some file hosters being not allowed, so i just offer a few different ones. If one is causing problems, please let me know and i will replace it.) Hope some of you enjoy it UPDATE: As of v0.7.2 WG has changed Steven Seagal into a standard USN captain. The mod is no longer useful, he always has the standard voice now. The mod for ARP and HSF captains still works fine.
  18. According to the calender : 10 July - 31 Sept: High School Fleet Personal Battle Missions Earn experience for your High School Fleet ships. I can't find them. Do you ? Source : https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/82585-july-calendar/
  19. HunterHamburg

    HSF Yamato Tarnungs Boni

    Moin Moin, Ich vermute zwar das mein Thema kein eigentlicher Bug im Spiel ist aber ich hätte das Thema gerne geklärt. Ich habe mir inzwischen die Tarnung der HSF für die Yamato erspielt. Dazu habe ich mir die Tarnung für die Musashi für 5k Dublonen gekauft. Erstere ist mit dem Beenden der HSF-Sammlung zu erspielen. Und ich vermute das dieses der Grund ist für "angepasste" Boni bei dieser Tarnung. Dieses finde ich aber gerade im Vergleich zur HSF-Musashi Tarnung für mich etwas verwirrend. Die Musashi mußte ich mit "Free XP" erkaufen, also im besten Fall keine Dublonen einsetzen - dort ist eine Premium-Tarnung dann inklusive. Für deren HSF-Tarnung muß man aber wie oben erwähnt 5k Dublonen hinlegen. Bei der Yamato muß man die Premium-Tarnung ebenfalls für 5k Dublonen erkaufen. Dafür kann man sich die HSF-Tarnung halt erspielen. Nun ist mir halt aufgefallen das gerade diese "erspielbare" Yamato Tarnung im Vergleich zur "erspielbaren" Musashi-Premium Tarnung verringerte Boni auf Basis-XP sowie eine Änderung in Bezug auf Wartung/Creditverdienst hat. Ich weiß nicht ob dieses ein Bug ist oder "working as intended", gerade das hätte ich gerne von @Sehales, @dies_ari, @Crysantos oder @MrConway geklärt bekommen. Falls es schon ein Topic darüber im Forum gibt habe ich es mit der SuFu leider nicht gefunden.
  20. They are finally here. Three different options for each: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The packs vary greatly with the gold Harekaze pack being a monster €100 deal, while the Graf Spee gold pack is a more modest €40. Between the packs you'll also get different amounts of skill points for your commander. 12/10/8 for the Harekaze and 10/8/6 for the Graf Spee. NOTE: Only the Harekaze gold pack gives you a unique HSF (Harekaze) flag. Despite there being a HSF Graf Spee flag in the bundle on the SEA server, it is not listed in the EU Graf Spee gold pack. Edit: Confirmed as being a typo. The Graf Spee flag is actually included in the Graf Spee gold pack despite not being listed in the shop.
  21. SteDorff

    HSF captain Isoroku

    On NA server I found the HSF discussion someone mention HSF Isoroku (cat) on ASIA server has been a give - away long time ago now as with Arpeggio there also have been 3 characters that we got later. Since it is not in the missions but in the game - client? is there a chance we see it later? Normie players may want too look away and skip this thread .
  22. Im shop wird darauf hingewiesen das die HSF Kapitäne eigene "voice lines" haben, doch davon ist nichts zu hören. Ist das ein bekanntes problem oder kann ich das selber fixen? danke im vorraus
  23. I made a bad decision to not buy the HSF camouflage for Musashi when it was available. I bought the four captains that I didn't already have, but I didn't give the camouflage a second look. Getting the Musashi felt so far off, but now I realize that I should have bought it in advance anyway so that I would have it once I do get the Musashi and have Moeka captain it. Will there be another chance to buy it?
  24. Hi all, Anyone using HSF "K117" cammo instead of "normal" Permanent cammo "Type 20" for Yamato? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage "Type 20" -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +20% credits earned in the battle. +100% to experience earned in the battle. HSF "K117" -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +50% experience earned in the battle. +50% Commander experience earned in the battle. Leo "Apollo11" P.S. What about HSF "Y118" cammo for Musashi - anyone knows how to get it?
  25. DarkTrooper_83


    Hallo , ich wollte das eigentlich schon früher schreiben und habe es leider wieder vergessen. Es geht um folgendes , die HSF Kapitäne und ihre Schiffe. Ich habe mir Thea Kreutzer gekauft und da stand , das ein Mission mit dabei sei! Als ich die persönlich Aufgabe starten wollte lass ich aber leider das ich doch ein Schiff bräuchte, was aber zuvor nirgendswo stand!! Will man da nur einem das Geld aus der Tasche ziehen oder habe ich was übersehen und es stand doch irgendwo ........ dann tut es mir leid. Bin aber erstmal sehr entäuscht von Wargaming, denn ich hab schon etwas in das Spiel investiert weil es mir sehr gefällt und dann so ein ........ mfg DarkTrooper_83