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Found 4 results

  1. 159Hunter


    So, I've really really trying to make Monarch work. But I just keep failing. The guns seem underwhelming with AP and I hate HE spamming in a BB. The ship's armor seems lackluster as well and AA, well, it has next to none. I really tried, but I've run out of ideas. Any suggestions, tips & tricks you can give me are welcome. Thx
  2. HMS_BlackPud

    Unblocking Stats

    Quite a while ago I blocked my Stats, can someone explain to me how to unblock them pls
  3. Pivke

    T-22 seeking advice

    hi have been playing some greman destroyers recently. i had great fun and great success with tiers 2, 3 and 4 but now i have hit a "brick wall" which is the tier 5 T-22... literally a brick of a ship. it looks like straight down grade to previous ships? cant even launch torps from stealth, too clumsy to avoid shots, guns are meh... and tier 5 matchmaking isnt too kind either. so how to you play this ship? i need all advice i can get.
  4. Hey there fellas. Upon deciding to research the USS Essex, I now come to the question of how to give the other T9 CV, the Taiho, A run for their money in a 1 vs 1 Situation. What I'm guessing is that I should research the Anti Air load out first, since the strike package only has one fighter, but in any case, is it possible to Cv snipe Taiho using a strike loud out? or is 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bombers not enough to do the job? I will be researching both load outs, but which of the two is better for fighting against a Taiho player? (regardless of skill) I appreciate any advice! until next post, USSARIZONA_2015