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Found 5 results

  1. 777_zamani

    Premium Camouflage

    Some players maybe bought the Premium Camouflage Their XP should be balanced I think Unique premium camouflage Included with premium ships of Tiers VI-IX = Effect must be re chang to ( 50 XP ) Unique premium camouflage Included with premium ships of Tiers VI-VII = Effect must be re chang to ( 75 XP ) Unique premium camouflage Included with premium ships of Tiers VIII-X = Effect must be re chang to ( 100 XP ) also : WG must be design Unique premium camouflage for lower tier Can be bought in the game Because players Must have to buy Spend some money So it should be worth the purchase :) what is your opinion ?
  2. Hi i like the game however my i7 4770R quadcore (Gigabyte BRIX) with builtin GPU gets reallly hot at 85~90 degrees Celcius and that is at full fan speed (hairdrier sound). My resolution is a mere 1920x1080 (lower is just unplayable because then the lack of details makes aiming really difficult) and my settings are all on lowest and I get 58~62 FPS. I have currently these settings enabled: "Vertical Synchronisation" [On / Off] "Tripple Buffering" [On / Off] My question is: A) What do these two settings do respectively in WOWS during battle play? B) What could I do further to lower the GPU usage of my processor while still achieve 60 FPS for playability?
  3. 777_zamani

    balance Update 0.7.7

    Hello to all friends We want to talk today about the issue of game balance This balance is requested by all users And it's very important 1- The uniformity of the power of the destruction of the whole Anti-Air for example AA 40 mm Bofors Mk2 maximum dameg It's On different ships There is a lot of difference { in CV saipan is 64 and montana is 382 } our more ships Like the pictures below 2- Use smoke Just a tactic To escape or hide ( So, when the ship is in the smoke, it is not able to see the ships out of the smoke ) Unless : He uses radar or HYDROACOUSTIC for a limited time. It does not matter whether the destroyer our cruiser solution : It must be realistic < When the ship uses smoke Can not see outside the smoke > 3- ships of tier 5 ( V ) our 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Do not have : Damage Control System Modification 2 So The time for the out of fire more than solution : Should be reduced Time of Cooldown DAMAGE CONTROL 40 sec 4- Shoot the bullets at sea It differs from the ground When the ship runs at high speeds of 28 to 38 nautical miles And firing When the waves hit the ship's chest The ship's chest rises and goes down again Therefore, the shoot is not accurate and the error of the bullet goes higher solution : Gameplay must change again 5- We all know : All of the battles of the WWII were equipped with radar and HYDROACOUSTIC It is surprising why even the ships premium They lack it As : tirpitz -scharnhost- gneisnau - < These ships had the most modern radar in their time solution : Added radar or and HYDROACOUSTIC To all the Japanese - American - germany - Russianand france battleships ... 6- All tier 8 cruisers must be able repair ability 7- Limiting the number of torpedoes ( destroyer ) Based on historical facts 8- Added a new signal flag Direction Accelerates fire extinguishing and recovery from flooding: -20 % 9- Added An option at the port To customize the music 10- Balancing the power of HE bullets This amount is much higher in English battleships than other ships 11- all ships must able to Single-firing ability for example : montana have 4*3 gun, curently he can 4 time shot ok 4*3 =12 he must can 12 shot fire Any time The player can choose either a triple -shot or a single shot evry main armament 12- All of the aircraft carrior Should be balanced In the number of plain 13- The details of the ribbon will be more accurate For example,when the Pointing mouse over the ribbon To be determined ( the number of crash planes will be specified 14 fighter 4 tropido 3 bomber 2 catapol ... ) 14- Create a new tournament between Allies and axisTo rebuild historical maritime battles 15- balance of the Ship Graf SPE He has only 2 triple main armament and reload time is 20 sec Compared to other ships, it has a very small chance solution : Reduce Loading Time to 15 sec 16- some tier 7 ships do not have the ability to fight 9 tier solution : Matchmaking must be re chang like this :( tier 9-10 ) ( tier 6 - 7 - 8 ) ( tier 4 - 5 - 6 ) ( tire 2 - 3 ) ( tier 3-4 ) 17- Reduce the number of simultaneous fires To a maximum of 2 18- Ship customization : ships Numbering on For example ME224 18- The most important part ( TUNINGS ) What is tuning ? The tuning means raising some of the defenses of the ships While there is no effect on the game And it means boosting the defensive power of the ships. These packs of tuning boxes At the Premium Shop Can be purchased ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Detect BOX By purchasing this package maximum duration 25% Add radar or HYDROACOUSTIC to own your ships tier 7 our higher usable At ships tier 7- 8 - 9 - 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AA box By purchasing this package Replacing anti-aircraft balls with better models To increase the accuracy and the amount of damage max 40 % usable At ships tier 7- 8 - 9 - 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drive box By purchasing this package Maximum speed of the ship + 10% Rudder Shift Time -20 % usable At ships tier 7- 8 - 9 - 10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armour BOX By purchasing this package Boost the armor of the ship tropido protection 20 % armour ships 20% HP 10000 usable At ships tier 7- 8 - 9 - 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 777_zamani

    Must Add sailors and soldiers

    Hi all dear friends I draw your attention to a basic point The essence of this game is its own charm We live in the 21st century Have a glance at other gaming companies This Game ( wows) : It's really without a show of soldiers, sailors and crew members. It lacks charm and excitement It's really unfortunate that your company can not design an army of soldiers and ships crew ? If you really have a problem with graphic designers Get help from other companies This game without animation human crew It's really a crazy and Soulless game. please Add this animation to the ships at least in the port It also improves the animation of air defense AA and its effects in the Sky Picture below. ( main_1200s) Please post their feedback in order to improve the game. Thanks. 20171001_021512_PBSB109-Lion_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  5. hey there...it is a relief for me to tell you that: 1)old ranked battle mode was better b/c of the variety of maps following one battle after the other 2)old ranked battle mode was better b/c of the more seriously playing teammembers 3)old ranked battle mode was better b/c there were NO People being AFK during the battle time 4)old ranked battle mode was better b/c one had the Impression to Play vs equal good Players ALMOST ALL wargaming ANNOUNCED considering the new ranked battle mode is FAKE. 1) new ranked battle mode SUCKS b/c there are 2 maps availiable to either have map number 1 e.g. fivetimes in a row or map number 2... 2)new ranked battle mode SUCKS b/c more and more crusiers camp behind battleships,2 crusiers guarding the only carrier etc... in such a serious game mode thats not smart *omg* 3)new ranked battle mode SUCKS b/c at least in every 3rd battle there is 1 Player AFK for the whole time of the battle/unless he/she got killed 4)new ranked battle mode SUCKS b/c it is obvious to not Play with equally good Players: only noobs camp behind BBs and Islands or do stupid stuff like rushing to the core of enemy movement to get shot asap so about that update and improvements: wargaming is telling us a huge story. they fucked it up to get more noobs play ranked battles with elevating their poor playstyle out of the noob vs noob Levels towards the players with higher Level ranks. now i feel better. and i hope u spread your individual discomfort about this basically GREAT game towards wargaming.net so THAT THEY CAN LEARN AND CREATE IT TO BECOME BETTER-BETTER ! if wargaming.net gets no Feedback and force from the Players reading this in the Forum only the wargaming.net ONLINE SHOP gets better..... cheers