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Found 1 result

  1. Here's how to get better: Step-by-step: 1. Stop caring. You cannot defy your nature, so play to your nature. Just try not to be too toxic in case you get upset. That's the stop caring part. But don't stop caring about other players. (this'll be important later on) 2. Get into the most demanding, tough, dangerous situations you can think of. Take point in the vanguard. Contest caps. Get into knifefights with larger ships than yourself. Then learn to get out of it alive. And again. And again. In the same match. You'll die a lot, but it's ok, because you don't care. 3. Play ranked. You'll handle ranked just fine, because ranked is permanently a dangerous situation. Find a season where you manage to get to rank 1 in a 100 games or less. Better if 80 games or less. 70 if not starting from scratch. Remember how you did it. 4. Play randoms again. Theorycraft the best equipment, skills and consumable combo. Realize other ships do it too, including your enemy. Memorize and counter them. Play T10. Realize at T10, every ship is a beast. Down those beasts. Surgically assassinate DDs with paper thin radar cruisers while two whole teams are on standoff (and live). Win 1v7 with flexible cruiser-ing and point decaps. Learn to perma-dodge 3 invisible DDs in a Yamato. Continue to fight and contribute in a match with a 46-health Fletcher (a good thing, because it means you lived from your first encounter, partially because your team eagerly supported you, you wonder why). Lead a charge down a flank with a Gearing and collapse the flank in record time, so half your team is already sitting in their base by the 7 minute mark. If you die, learn to die fighting and bring 1-2 with you, or at least buy time for the larger half of your team to cap the whole map while you lure the enemy mob into a corner. 5. (This is the important part). Now learn to teach all of that, to your whole team, in 2 sentences or less, in any situation, in any match. Aka learn to communicate, and make ppl want to communicate. Use humour. Be appreciative. Be nice. Be able to point out obvious things (or whatever you choose to be the obvious thing) so your team will act sensibly. Present battlefield information in a way which is highly logical, sequential, and elicits action. Coordinate with the sensible ones, so the sacrifices of the less-sensible ones will not be in vain. Always in 2 sentences or less. This shouldn't be difficult if you learned in from ranked already. 6. Learn to not just facilitate communication, but facilitate moral. So that when you and a few more ships are doing that heroic last stand in a corner facing the whole enemy team, you don't just manage raise the moral of the defenders to the last (breath? salvo? ship?), but also boost moral of the free-cappers to easily wipe the displaced enemy easily after the sacrifice. Calm the occasional captain who is losing it so others will not be affected. Use more humour and maybe some empathy, such as offering to drop some life-saving equipment when you pass his bottoms-up ship on your way to to wipe the remaining enemy off the cap. I mean, it's complicated, but good jokes are always good jokes and will even get the enemy team in on it (A BB and a DD walk into a corner...). Always make a DD-train when reasonably possible. It's a cute thing to see. I mean, nothing like a good game without toxicity. Also, never underestimate how higher chance winrate gets when everyone on the team is ready to go to another's aid, or coordinate more thoughtfully to support each other in operations. That includes you. Sometimes, you just gotta die. Hopefully when you do, it was meaningful, and the game is 75% won already. 7. Learn to play CV, now that you have learned the other ships. Realize from a top-down view, randoms are chickens and the CV is a god, the only god since the beginning of time WOWs. Repeat steps 1-6, but with CV. Main CV. Internalize it. Learn to drop bow-on from max range to hit a Yamato flanked and covered by two T10 cruisers. Then learn to follow up again with the same high-difficulty drop to flood the baited-repair, and proceed to win with some coordination from your friendly fire-spam Zao. Learn to do it against unicum divisions, and your friends. All the while perma-spotting another DD without losing your bomber squad. Also, because you stopped giving a lickin' care, you will bait with your own CV, sailing into vision range with your teammates, baiting salvos but dodging them then turning around safely behind an island, at which time the enemy BBs will have realized they were baited out of position, wasted many salvos on you, and your own friendly ships are literally in their face and citadelling them now when they were tunnel-visioned on you, and because they wasted so much firepower on you, your friendly ships now completely out-match them in remaining HP and it's GG in 5 minutes, assuming you don't fk up your remaining drops. Enemy CV may also try to snipe you for your low baited health, but even if it succeeds, it was wasted as your work is already done and the game is still pretty much already won (by all-cap). 8. Try to play a DD like a BB (zone everything away in a 10km radius of projected threat). Yolo and die in funny ways because you don't flippin care. Win anyways. 9. Play in a division with 3 friends whom also understand and demonstrate steps 1-9. Say sorry to whoever came down the flank your division is at, before sinking them. Die to a mob of DDs. Win anyways. Because your team is such a good team, eating all the enemies in the other flank with gusto. You wonder why. 9.5 Buy some gold and buy a premium or two to farm credits to re-buy lower tier ships for clan wars (which you will only use a single time in a very long time). Or just buy gold. Just buy gold. Buy gold. GOLD. WG DEMANDS IT. This step was sponsored by [edited] (no please don't drag me away Aghhhhhh) 10. Retire.