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Found 7 results

  1. Hello captain, because this forum is in English this recruitment text is also. Below you wil find the Dutch translation (although almost everyone speaks English now a days ) Royal Netherlands Digital Army (RNLDA) is a Dutch clan and we are looking for Dutch players. We are looking for al sorts of players to strengthen our ranks. We accept new players as wel, because we remember how it felt when we started playing. Maybe you are somewhat insecure, don't have high tiers yet, looking for tips on gameplay and ship tactics. Or you are that seasoned player who wants to be in an active clan, playing foor the win, but also want to share your knowledge en experience with the newbies. No matter if you like to be bold and brawling, like to hunt and scout in a Destroyer (DD), you want it a bit slow but hitting hard with big guns from a Battleship (BB), or like to attack long distance from an Aircraftcarrier (CV). As long you are willing to play in a team, as a team and win with the team, you are welcome. And off course we want players who love Cruisers (CA) also We use Discord for voice communication (mandatory in teamplay) Interested? send me a message in game for an invite or send a application. Hope to see you soon in our fleet. McHook Dutch text: Hoi, waarschijnlijk heb je bovenstaande wel begrepen, maar nog even kort in het Nederlands. We zijn op zoek naar Nederlandse spelers die ons ream willen komen versterken. Het maakt niet uit welk type schip je voorkeur heeft of dat je net begint of zeer ervaren bent. Iedereen is welkom zolang je een teamspeler bent. we gebruiken Discord als spraakserver, dit is gezellig, maar ook zeker noodzakelijk om goed als team samen te kunnen spelen. Stuur me ingame een bericht voor een uitnodiging voor de clan of stuur meteen een verzoek. ik hoop je snel te zien in onze vloot. McHook
  2. Wij zijn op zoek naar leden die nederlandstalig zijn. Onze clan bestaat 3 jaar. Je kan ons vinden op ons forum http://bnnf-clan.actieforum.com/ of in game(PC) BNNF. We zijn een leuke groep die graag af en toe samen speelt, zonder verplichtingen. Via onze forum delen we tips trics, of gewoon een fijne screenshot :) Dagelijks hebben we wel iemand die speelt, we zijn een kleine maar fijne groep die respect voor elkaar heeft en het belangrijkste: fun heeft! Heb je een headset? Je speelt graag WoW? Zend gerust een request! MrLyssens
  3. jerkchicken

    (DUTCH) Discord Community [div/chat/hulp]

    (dutch-nederlands) Welkom! In de Nederlandse community op World of Warships. wij zijn een gezellige maar ook ervaren gemeenschap van Nederlanders die World of Warships spelen. Aangezien er nog geen Nederlandse topic op het World of Warships Forum is, heb ik dat hier gedaan. Hier kan je alles vragen. Doormiddel van Discord is het veel fijner en handiger om te communiceren, op te divisionen en vragen te stellen. We hebben veel Nederlandse spelers van top clans uit de regio EU. Nieuws over de Supertest (nieuwe schepen etc.) Er is veel vraag om in division met elkaar te spelen zodat je het spel veel leuker ervaart! En bovendien ook heel erg welkom voor Vlamingen! Ik zie je vanzelf op onze Discord verschijnen! ~Jerk aka Quincy, Community contributor of Wargaming Benelux. https://discord.gg/QpGNNge
  4. Glacore_

    Dutch Ships

    It has been on my mind for a long time and never saw a topic about it so i though, lets start one myself. I have this one question:​ ''Will there ever be Dutch Warships included in this game.'' Because many people that we know the waters the best. I hope i will get a response from you guys. -Glacore
  5. Now, we are all very impressed by the story of the huge guns of all those impressive battleships. But there is also a beautiful tale of a small dutch minesweeper in the second World War called "Abraham Crijnssen", which is one of the few Dutch musuem ships that is still visited today: This small ship found itself in March 1942, just after the first Battle of the Java Sea (look it up) as one of the few surviving ships in the Dutch Navy. Because of huge losses occured in the region, it received the orders of withdrawing to Australia, however it was located on a small island in Indonensia with it's consorts Hr. MS. Jan van Amstel and Hr. Ms. Eland Dubois. The latter to attempted an 'escape' in the heavily patrolled waters around Indonesia and where spotted by japanese planes. The Japanese forces launched attack and sunk both vessels (actually the Eland Dubois was reported scuttled by her crew, due to a defect in her boiler). The commander (1st Luitenant ter zee I. van Miert) then decided to launch one of the most brave missions ever, instead of abandoning or surrendering his ship, he ordered the men to camouflage the minesweeper so it resembled an island. A picture of the bridge after camouflage. Hr. Ms. Abraham Cruijnssen disguised as a tropical island. The commander chose to only sail at night and during the day ordered anchors out and sticking as close as possible to the shoreline. I don't have the actual books by hand, but the number of times they nearly got spotted by japanese ships and planes is quite impressive. Please note that after the battle of the Java Sea, the Japanese Command was hunting down each small support vessel trying to escape the area! However, the trick worked, the ship finally reached the island Soembawa on March the 9th. so they could restock on cocunuts. That evening the ship made it to the straight of Atlast and escaped over the Indian Ocean. Where it made its voyage to Australia and serve as a patrol vessel during the remainder of the war.
  6. There will probably be ships from smaller nations as either one large tree or a number of smaller trees (IMHO the latter is more likely) so present ships that you like from these nations here eg. mr3awsome, on 21 August 2012 - 06:34 PM, said: Sverige Classthe 3 ships of the Sverige Class (Sverige, Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) were built by Sweden to increase the enemies (Primarily Russia) risk in an invasion of Sweden by forcing them to deploy their own battleships to counter this class. Sverige was paid for by public donations, whilst the other two ships were paid for by the Government. Sverige was commissioned in 1917 whilst the others were finished in 1921 and 1922 respectively. The other 2 ships were slightly longer than Sverige and were equipped with 2 shafts rather than Sverige's 4 with different machinery as well. Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V also had ice-breaking stems rather than rams. All three ships looked significantly different from each other after modernisation: Gustav V's 2 funnels were combined into a single one, Sverige received an S-shaped fore funnel whilst Drottningen Victoria retained her 2 upright funnels, each's fire control directories differed along with their Anti Aircraft armament. Stats: Length - 392.8ft (Sverige) 396.6 (Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) Beam - 61ft Draught - 22ft Armament: As Built 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1912 6 X 1 152mm Bofors M1912 4 X 1 75mm Bofors M1912 2 X 1 75mm Bofors AA M1915 2 X 1 57mm Bofors M1916 2 X 1 6.5mm MG M1914 2 X 1 457mm Torpedo tubes M1914 WWII 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1916 4 X 1 152mm Bofors M1916 2 X 2 75mm AA guns M1928 3 X 2 40mm Bofors AA M1936 2 X 2 25mm Bofors AA M1932 3 X 1 20mm Bofors AA M1940 2 X 2 8mm AA MG M1936 Propulsion Sverige 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Kockums-Curtis Ungeared turbines 4 three-bladed propellers 20,000HP/22.5knots Drottningen Victoria/Gustav V 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Motala-Westinghouse geared turbines 2 three-bladed propellers 22,000HP/23.2knots Armour: Main Belt - 200mm max, 60mm min, 150mm average Deck - 45mm Main Turrets - 203mm front, 102mm Side, 111mm rear Secondary Turrets - 127mm front, 76mm side, 76mm rear Barettes - 152mm Control tower - 175mm max, 60mm min, 100mm average Complement: As Built - 427 After Modernisation - 450
  7. The Zeven Provinciën-class frigates are highly advanced air-defence and command frigates in service with the Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy). This class of ships is also known as LCF (Luchtverdedigings- en commandofregat, air defense and command frigate). The ships are similar to the German Sachsen-class frigates in role and mission. Class overview Operators: Royal Netherlands Navy Preceded by: Tromp-class frigate Cost: €600 million ($816 million) In commission: April 26, 2002 Completed: 4 Active: 4 List of ships F802 De Zeven Provinciën F803 Tromp F804 De Ruyter F805 Evertsen The MS Tromp Anti-air warfare These ships were optimized for the anti-air warfare role. For this role the ships are equipped with an advanced sensor and weapons suite. The primary sensors for this role are the long range surveillance radar SMART-L and the multi-function radar APAR. The SMART-L and APAR are highly complementary, in the sense that SMART-L is a D band radar providing very long range surveillance while APAR is an I band radar providing precise target tracking, a highly capable horizon search capability, and missile guidance using the Interrupted Continuous Wave Illumination (ICWI) technique, thus allowing guidance of 32 semi-active radar homing missiles in flight simultaneously, including 16 in the terminal guidance phase. The primary anti-air weapons are the point defence Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile and the area defence SM-2 Block IIIA. The Mk 41 Vertical Launch System is used to house and launch these missiles. 32 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile and 32 SM-2 Block IIIA are carried. The Zeven Provincien Ballistic missile defence The Koninklijke Marine is investigating the use of these ships for the role of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). During tests carried out by HNLMS Tromp in the Pacific ocean near Hawaii, experimental modifications to the SMART-L to allow even longer range were proven (detailed in the Tromp article). A study by the Koninklijke Marine, the Netherlands Defence Material Organization, Thales Nederland, Raytheon Missile Systems, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin has been conducted to establish the feasibility of modifying the De Zeven Provinciën class to provide it the capability to intercept ballistic missiles. In particular, the study examined the feasibility of integrating the SM-3 Block IB missile with the SMART-L and APAR radars. The study concluded that - with certain modifications to the SMART-L and APAR, as well as to the ship's Combat Management System and the missile itself - BMD with the De Zeven Provinciën class could be achieved. A contract was awarded for the radar modification in June 2012. The Ruyter Modernizing The De Zeven Provinciën class are very modern. The De Zeven Provinciën-class ships will get the new Smart-L mk2 radar that can detect ballistic missiles at a range of 2,000 km (1,200 mi). The Dutch minister promised also that the APAR radar will have a bigger range than 400 km (250 mi). This is because the Netherlands is the first country that is participating as an active missile shield for NATO. In late 2011, the Ministry of Defence announced a modernization program to upgrade the SMART-L early-warning radar so that De Zeven Provinciën-class frigates can detect and track ballistic missiles at extended range. Although there are no plans to acquire the BDM-capable SM-3 surface-to-air missiles, De Zeven Provinciën-class frigates can pass on the tracking and detection data to other sea-based or land-defense BMD assets, including U.S. Navy’s warships, that can deal with a ballistic missile threat. This modernization program is scheduled for completion by late 2017 for the entire De Zeven Provinciën class. The Evertsen