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Found 2 results

  1. For those of you interested in finding out the final FXP cost of the HMS Nelson and watch her play live with her finished stats, and for those of you like myself that also have an NA account, a chance to win 1 of 2 HMS Warspites and High School Fleet Graf Spee! With 10 Point HSF Commander! Giveaways, Wargaming NA are running a live stream at Midnight UK time (BST) and 1am CEST.10th August for us. ** HMS Nelson Cost 375 FXP** As posted by Pigeon_of_War (Developers Administrator) on the NA Forum HERE. Why hello Commanders! On August 9th at 4pm, PDT (Midnight BST, 1am CEST 10th August) I will be streaming HMS Nelson for an hour and giving away two Warspites and a HSF Graf Spee With 10 Point HSF Commander! -Want to see final stats for HMS Nelson? -Want to learn the exact Free XP amount HMS Nelson will be worth? -Want to stop by and say hi? -Have a burning question about WoWS you want to directly ask me? -Want to try and win an HMS Warspite? -Want to try and win an HSF Graf Spee! With 10 Point HSF Commander? -Quick note, should be obvious but stating it anyways: Winners can be NA Server only- Here's your chance! Spread the word! https://www.twitch.tv/wargaming and https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships.NA/
  2. MarkGFL

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.