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Found 4 results

  1. Davao

    HMS Exeter premium Tier V

    Temat poświęcony pancernikowi V tieru premium Exeter Hit Points 29,400 Main Battery 203 mm/50 BL Mk VIII3 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire 5 shots/min. Reload Time 12 sec. Rotation Speed 8 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time 22.5 sec. Firing Range 14.27 km. Maximum Dispersion 131 m. HE Shell 203 mm HE 256 lb Maximum HE Shell Damage 2,850 Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell 15 % Initial HE Shell Velocity 855 m./s. HE Shell Weight 116.1 kg. AP Shell 203 mm AP 256 lb Maximum AP Shell Damage 4,550 Initial AP Shell Velocity 855 m./s. AP Shell Weight 116.1 kg. Secondary Armament 102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX4 х 2 pcs. Firing Range 4 km. Rate of Fire 20 shots/min. Reload Time 3 sec. HE Shell102 mm HE 35 lb Maximum HE Shell Damage 1,500 Initial HE Shell Velocity 811 m./s. Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell 6 % Torpedo Tubes 533 mm TR Mk IV 2 х 3 pcs. Rate of Fire 0.83 shots/min. Reload Time 72 sec. Rotation Speed 25 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time 7.2 sec. Torpedo 533 mm Mk IX* Maximum Damage 15,867 Torpedo Speed 61 knot Torpedo Range 8.01 km. AA Defense 12.7 mm Mk III 2 х 4 pcs. - Average Damage per Second 4.2 - Firing Range 1.2 km. 40 mm Vickers 2-pdr. Mk VIII 2 х 8 pcs. - Average Damage per Second 39.6 - Firing Range 2.49 km. 102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX 4 х 2 pcs. - Average Damage per Second 37.6 - Firing Range 5.01 km. Maneuverability Maximum Speed 32 knot Turning Circle Radius 650 m. Rudder Shift Time 8.4 sec. Concealment Surface Detectability Range 10.98 km. Air Detectability Range 7.08 km. Dziś go spotkałem w bitwie:
  2. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play HMS Exeter

    Hi and welcome once again everyone to my how to play series featuring the wows tier 5 premium british cruiser Hms Exeter. This world of warships HMS Exeter guide contains all my own personal hms Exeter gameplay highlights. I hope you enjoy the video.
  3. Es gibt anscheinend im März einen Marathon für die HMS Exeter (1. März - 29. März), siehe unten Screenshot im Spoiler aus dem Premiumladen. Gab es dazu schon eine Ankündigung, habe ich diese verpasst bzw. ist schon etwas zu den Aufträgen bekannt? Edit: https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/sales-and-deals/march-missions-2019/