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Found 4 results

  1. Out of 182 perfect shell hits only 81 did any damage. A WHOPPING 101 shell hits did NO damage at all! Any tips how I can reduce this vastly "wasted" shell hits? Your know-how is greatly appreciated.
  2. While i have no problems with range skills as i prefer 203mm guns i find amazing how any ship can citadel me so easy, no matter what angle i am. Almost every battle ends with someone sinking me with one salvo, having 100% HP or 50% doesn't really matter. I also tried German CAs ships and even those, while they get damage fast it happens in a "normal way". I even use Survivability skill but it doesn't make any diference at all... If i was WG i would review the angle calculations for this ship because, in my opinion, something is messed up, and i did saw a few topics about similar stuff as well. I like the ship any way but this is annoying as it puts an early end to a lot of battles. I think it's normal to get hit in the citadel once in a while, but in this case is just ridiculous.
  3. andrija_kaser_1

    Hits under the magazine

    Alright so yesterday i decided to do experiments with several warships in training area. I choose a battleship for testing and several bots that were bbs,dds,ac, etc. I wanted to check if there is any chance of causing 'quick detonation' under their turret. I was actually surprised that magazine hits did not result in detonation, but rather darker hull color and heavy damage. I never got a citadel or caused a detonation. So why does that happen very rarely? Shouldnt it be 0 hp and destruction of the entire vessel?
  4. You are right, it was a estupid rant with a lot of mumbo-jumbo mixed together, i'm actually an experienced player and that should be a reason to measure my words. I deleted it and I'll think twice before i get mad about something again and say things i don't really believe. In my poor english, i was actually trying to say it's too easy to hit a ship, not too hard. Maybe because i play mostly with DDs that have short range cannons. This is the class i play the most, from Isokaze to Kagero but i've been trying to play other classes and i just feel that aiming is not giving me the sensation that it was me hitting that ship, then again, maybe most people doesn't give so much importance to that. I can't say the same about torpedoes so maybe i'll just stick with DDs for a while. Before this i had some weird RNG moments ending with a game crash that made me restart my pc and that, along with some frustration related to other issues i think the game has but i doubt will be fixed any time soon, made me start "beating" the keyboard. Cheers "if i aim here... i may get a hit somewhere around there, ahhh failed, i'll hit again in the same spot, let's see.... nice, a citadel hit!" I have a hard time celebrating this kind of stuff.