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Found 3 results

  1. HEARTS OF OAK ****** We still make them feel and we still make them flee,And drub them ashore as we drub them at sea,Then cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing,Our soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king. ****** Hearts of Oak is a clan named after the upbeat Royal Navy march, aimed at capitalising on the upcoming Scenarios Mode as well as friendly division or event play between players interested in Naval History. We aren't bothered about competitive play so much as the context and history of naval warfare. That being said, healthy competition is always welcome whether it be in one of our unique and historical Fleet Engagements* or who knows the most about HMS Victory! As such, enthusiasts of earlier periods as well as the 20th century are also very welcome. Stats and battle count aren't important here in the slightest, though a desire to improve is strongly encouraged. What you should be able to offer us: A genuine and sincere interest in naval history; regardless of period. The motivation to join in with scenario battles on occasion. A friendly, mature approach to both gaming and historical discussion. A favourite era/period A favourite ship type/class/line Ability to speak and/or type English at any level*** Voice chat is required in this clan. You will need to join in on our Discord Server and be an active part of our community. What HEART offers you: Unique Fleet Engagements! Re-live history! Healthy academic conversation or debate about naval history/history in general Open, chilled and friendly Random battle divisions Grinding help or assistance and training with the game itself The possibility of inter-clan play. The option to leave us at any time for any reason Sorry, but as a mature group, where mutual respect is compulsory applications from those 18+ will be considered Interested? Leave a comment and one of us will PM you!
  2. Worgenstern

    The Tonder Airraid

    Hi Fellow ship history fans For those in the neighborhood, there is an reenactment, with planes, of the Tonder Airraid on the 22. of July What is the Tonder airraid? well it's the first ever air attack carried out from a carrier. Hence I find rather relevant for WoWs :) (also I want Royal Navy carriers) Event link: Toender Airraid From Wiki; "The Tondern raid, officially designated Operation F.7, was a British bombing raid mounted by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force against the Imperial German Navy's airship base at Tønder, Danmark, then a part of Germany. It was the first attack in history made by aircraft flying from a carrier flight deck." A bit more reference info: Wikipedia: >>LINK<< A private page: >>LINK<< Sincerely Worgenstern
  3. TL;DR Nobody knows how to pronounce ship names. Wargaming should show us. Let's face it: nobody knows how to pronounce all ship names correctly and it clearly bothers people. Every other video or stream has the content creator apologizing for butchering the name of a ship. Even Wargaming struggles as between the Full Ahead videos, the How it Works and official streams, a single ship can have 4 different pronunciations (Fuso anyone? ). Some youtubers tried to make tutorials for single ship lines but it's all a bit disjointed and not exactly high quality. Wargaming: you're a global company. Besides, the cost of a voiceover round of 300 words, split into several languages, is nothing to you. Please, create an official reference, a video or a soundboard, that teaches us both the correct pronunciation and accent. Is it YAmato or yaMAto? And so on. Why? people care a lot about history and trivia about the ships we play, surely knowing how "Henry Four' was really called will be interesting some people just want to keep learning and speak correctly; learning languages through videogames is fun it will make WG look good if your own company releases use correct ship names we'll stop hearing CCs apologize for not knowing how to say 'Duguay-Trouin' I used two French ships as examples because I myself struggle with them but there are many more troublemakers in the bunch, with Worcester still sparking debates on Discords once in a while. With the release of French DDs, some with really cool LOOKING names, it would be a great time to do something like this. Heck, enlist your own staff and CCs as native speakers, record this professionally and release it. Thank you in advance! cc: @Crysantos@MrConway