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Found 2 results

  1. Hi WOWs fans, and also to @MrConway here's an idea - it might have com up before, but I could not find anything in 'search'. How about RENTING/LEASING premium ships? The trouble is, choosing a ship to buy is pretty much a gamble. Personally I am doubting between he getting the Hood or the Warspite. Both seem likely candidates,. I enjoy big fat BBs and I also like the RN cruisers. Since they do not come much fatter than the Good Old Warspite... that is an option. And since the Hood is a faster but less armoured BB (it is more like a cruiser) would be eligible too. If I could try - say <E5 and have it 'lend-lease' for the weekend - I'd certainly try it. And then buy it if I like. They do that with cars too (and all other sorts of stuff). You rent/lease it for a certain amount,. And then after the rent/lease period you can buy it, receiving the already paid rent/lease as a discount. I have seen a few people that bought DD Gallant after the 'operation Dunkirk'. If we had the Hood in such an operation (I'm not much good at DDs...) I think you'd have had another sale. Well the ideal would of course be to have missions in which you'd get a ship (like the Gallant) and hope they buy it afterwards. But that would be a lot of work... not gonna happen... Maybe a 'rental package' would be good too - have acces to all premiums over the weekend, and after that buy any of the 'leased' premium ships, for a discount (the discount being the price what you paid for the weekend-rental). EDIT: you could, with the 'rental', have a voucher code for a discount on something to make it simpler. I know it would solve my decision - and it might help others. Also, if alreday paid the rent, they might buy a ship (or maybe more) while otherwise they would not gamble if they are not sure if they like it or not.
  2. Hard_Way

    Mercenaries coming to the seas

    Hello gamers, I am Hard_Way, commander of Mercenaries. We don't really die, we just go to hell and regroup. For years now we have been playing world of tanks. "We" being a solid group of about 20 folks, mixed over the years with a lot of others coming and going. We're a bit rough, but that's all just first appearance. We have our roots in the UK, founded about 4 years ago. Now we are under the command of a Dutch bastard, be wary. At this moment the solid group is still together. What keeps is together is the joined interest in multiplayer gaming. Simply put, we like to game together. "So why this post then?" You might ask. Well, a lot of us (including myself) have picked up interest for World of Warships over the past few months. Now we all know that there is no integrated clan structure yet, but that will come. So here we are, looking to find new people to play more games with. If you fancy playing a couple together with some other folks, you can handle a few f***s and g*****its, than you might be, at heart, a Mercenary. If you want to find out, let me know! If you already know you ain't, well, no hard feelings, but I will try to sink ya. Hard_Way