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Found 3 results

  1. Ich bin ja eher der "Vorwärtsstürmen, wo Engel furchtsam weichen" Typ, was auch oft genug schief geht, aber was sich in letzter Zeit beim gegenteiligen Spieltyp abgeht, ist wirklich nicht mehr lustig. Da sitzen die stärksten Schiffe - wie auch immer manche dieser Spieler an die gekommen sind - irgendwo am Kartenrand und schauen dem Gemetzel zu. Oder sie sitzen hinter einer Insel und bewegen sich nur, um nicht in die Schusslinie zu geraten. Oft genug sind das dann auch noch die, die sich nur bei der Absonderung besonders wichtiger Tipps und Anweisungen hervortun. Am Allerschlimmsten sind aber die, die bis zur Hälfte des Spiels zuschauen und nichts tun, bis das eigene Team die meisten anderen Schiffe versenkt oder die HP runtergeschossen haben, um dann glorreich aufzutauchen um den Rest wegzuräumen. Ist das eigene Team am Verlieren, renne sie davon, bis die Zeit um ist, um ja keine Repkosten zu haben. Kamm man das System nicht so programmieren, dass man in gewisser Zeit zumindest eine gewisse Anzahl Schüsse auf Gegner in Schußweite abgeben muss? Wenn nicht, gibt es negatives Karma und am Ende ein rosa Röckchen. Mir ist schon bewusst, dass es SO einfach nicht ist, aber vom Prinzip müsste es doch möglich sein, so ein System einzubauen, einen solchen Algorithmus zu entwickeln. Damit würde man die Camper dazu zwingen, sich ins Geschehen einzubringen.
  2. Here is my ranked season encapsulated in one picture: It has been the most unrewarding and frustrating experience to be honest. I have only stuck at it as I have been in the rank 2-4 bracket for the last week. I have reached rank 2-4 twice. Now at 3-0....
  3. red_eye1980

    The Meta

    Is it me or has WG managed to create a game exactly like World Of Tanks but with ships? Vehicles that are slower and less agile but have more guns? I used to play WOT blitz on a tablet. And there, it was hide - camp - cover - dodge - flank etc. But most of the times it was an urban environment so I thought fair enough. And then there was WoWs. Since the release, everyone got the spotted indicator, then smoke circles were added and detection circles on the minimap, now there are even mods that show how long the smoke circles are going to last, then maps with more and more islands and ships that can lob shots. I used to only have the spotted indicator on my Ijn dds and assumed that I am spotted by everyone on everything else. I used to sail in the open, with my (non IJN) DDs, BBs and CAs and hope that my angling, aiming and dodging was better than the opponents. That I had enough teammates and fire power to sink the opponent before he sank me. That we had more guns, within their effective range, pointing the other way than they had, and picked the ''right'' targets. People used to frown on campers, island/borderline huggers who were ''rightly'' punished by CV strikes and DDs. Now if you sail in the open you are called a YOLO/NOOB/POTATO etc. Before, there was even a video by WG that explained that it was ''wrong'' to sail forward and reverse behind an island which was a standard practice in tanks. Now most do it, and it is effective. Just time your smoke. Then hop to another island and do it again. And then there is now, which is even more obvious in the ranked season. I realized that I have ''trained'' myself to rely on the spotted indicator. To be far enough so that radar will not spot me. To find an island where I can shoot undetected or the enemy cannot return fire. To be relying on the smoke duration mod and the premium smoke consumable. To stay hidden for as long as possible otherwise I get focused on and die before I can count to ten. And the sad part, is that it works. Then come out all brave at the very end to finish off the few fleeing ships. Now I understand that this is an arcade game. But it should not be like WOT. This is a ship game. Most battles happened in the open sea. What happened to the quote that said: ''No captain can do very wrong when he places his ship alongside that of the enemy'' Your views?