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Found 99 results

  1. I'm quite new to the game and was looking for a few tips using the Graf Spee. Its a tricky ship to learn and as it has Torpedos, I find myself using it like a big destroyer, with me usually getting blown up! Destroyer wise, I find these smaller ships easier to play and enjoy using the stealth to sneak up on unsuspecting carriers. I usually bag 2 to 3 kills a game this way and got almost 90k damage with a T5 japanese destroyer! The Graf Spee is much harder, hence the request for advise and tips! Thanks
  2. Hi All, Paul "tx141" Walsh here welcoming you to my little video thread! Being predominantly a USN/Russian Destroyer player above all else, and seeing how there is quite the preference for Japanese Destroyers; I thought I would start putting together videos highlighting gameplays focused around my favourite Destroyers, and the tactics I use to help teams push to victory. Of course, I do play other ships every so often! So I shall also put out the odd Cruiser/Battleship/Carrier video here and there! As for the frequency of my videos, I aim to upload a new video every second Sunday (personal circumstances permitting!). Latest video: Ibuki - First Impressions Thank you for taking the time to check me out, and I hope my work has been of use to you! See you on the fair seas. Paul :)
  3. jerkchicken

    [DUTCH] Nederlandse Discord Community

    Wargaming Dutchies. Wij zijn een community van Nederlandse World of Warships spelers. We willen graag met elkaar chatten, spelen, informatie wisselen over het spel. Een aantal van onze spelers zitten een bij TOP 20 EU clan, en wij zijn bereid om vragen te beantwoorden en mensen te improven. Onze community groeit door jullie! De Nederlandse WoWS spelers! Join nu: https://discord.gg/Emaqpes Clans in onze community: TTT HOME AAO en meer,
  4. Hello, J'ai sur mes navires, un cas particulier, deux capitaines aux noms différents, ont exactement le même portrait. Cela peut sembler totalement futile, mais moi ça contrarie mon cerveau, visuellement. Est-il possible de modifier l'apparence du portrait du capitaine ? Je n'ai pas trouvé dans le jeu (au contraire de WoT par exemple ou cela nécessite 50 gold, mais se fait très facilement). Merci pour votre aide ! :)
  5. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Wargaming.net Game Center Help

    Hello all & mods & WG sorcerers, Background: I have two different accounts for separate regions. If possible via Game Center (GC), I would like to be able use them both. So here is the question: Could I install two different instances (of different regions) to run within the same Game Center? If so, how? How could I delete/alter the current instance (shows as "World of Warships (3) Europe") to an NA version? Looking forward to any assistance. Regards, Lshd
  6. LowSpeedHighDrag

    WoWSLauncher.cfg file

    Hello Captains, While trying to change regions (yes call me silly), I have inadvertently messed up my "WoWSLauncher.cfg" file. Could someone copy and paste theirs ideally EU (but NA server would be okay too)? I'm asking this since re-downloading 20GB + file is rather time consuming when I can edit few letters within that file. Many thanks in advance. This is the section of the WoWSLauncher.cfg that I edited. Could you open yours and tell me what is different?
  7. For god sake give cruisers from T6 and up heals because all cruisers get punished where other classes may not. No amount of angling or moving can stop random over matching and citadeling. It Doesn't seem to matter what skill you have, even if you predict a shot and move accordingly, that one shell will hit (mainly lower tiers) and citadel and it just isn't fair in most cases. And in the end we can do nothing to come back from this! once you lose the health its gone but BBs with a huge health pool get a heal! Leander and Abrruzi are classic examples of a ship that would suffer heavily if it weren't for their heals, I know I'm not the only one!
  8. I've created a series for complete beginners in which I'll be going through all the account levels (which experienced players have probably forgotten about) and explaining the basics of the game and the interface. I've created this topic separately from my main video topic so that if you know of a brand new player, you can send them here and they won't be confused and confuddled by all the other content. Here's the link to the playlist itself: StatsBloke's World of Warships Zero to Hero Playlist I'll post the individual videos here too in case you know someone who needs to know about a particular basic topic.
  9. Moin moin, ich hätte eine wichtige Frage zum Thema Flugzeuge. Als ich vor 2 Jahren das letzte Mal WoWs gespielt habe, konnte man noch ohne Probleme Alt drücken, um die Flugzeuge manuell ihre Torpedos abwerfen zu lassen und auch die Streuung zu verkürzen... Jetzt habe ich wieder neu angefangen und diese Funktion scheint es nicht mehr zu geben, diese würde aber mein Spielerlebnis um einiges verbessern. Ich habe es mit Flugzeugträgern von Tier IV-VI versucht, kein Erfolg. Es gibt bei Modulen->Flugüberwachung die Option "Angriffpunkt setzen", welche An gestellt ist. Jetzt ist nur die Frage wie ich sie ausstellen kann, falls das auch zur manuellen Steuerung der Torpedobomber und vielleicht auch Sturzkampfbomber führt. Ich würde nur gerne den Hotkey für den manuellen Zugriff wissen, Shift, Alt und co. habe ich schon versucht, kein Erfolg. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, falls mir einer von euch helfen könnte :) Viele Grüße, Robin
  10. Ich würde nur gerne wissen, wie man Torpedo- und Sturzbomber manuell beim Abwerfen steuern kann, damals war es der Hotkey Alt. Ich weiß auch, dass es erst ab Tier VI / 6 möglich ist, welches ich auch besitze, habe aber schon viele Tasten versucht, Shift,Alt und Rechtsklick haben auf jeden Fall nicht funktioniert..
  11. Hey everyone, new(ish) player and new forumite here! I came to the forums to ask for your help, as I'm in desperate need of suggestions. I'm just passing my 400 random battle mark and in the last few weeks my WR has dropped considerably to now a measly 46%. Now I'm the first to admit I'm not a great player (yet), but I consider myself not beyond help and I really want to get better. This is going to be a bit of a longer post so I apologize in adavance and ask for your patience. So, a while ago a friend of mine got me into WoWS and he let me play a few games on his account (he mains BB) and while I really enjoyed the game, I instantly knew BBs were not my cup of tea. No, I was going to be and still am a big DD fan. I love everything about those little turds and they fit right into my style of playing glass cannons and general support in other games (for those of you who've played Fractured Space, I mained the Interceptor). I'm especially a big fan of the IJN DDs, not surprising since I'm a f**king weeb lover of japanese culture *cough* and love the torp heavy play. And yes, before you say it: I KNOW they're hard to pick up and even harder to master. I'm just crazy that way I guess, I really want to master them. I have all IJN DDs up to Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu and plan to grind for the Akizuki (I want to try out a pure IJN gun bote and see if it fits me), then give that line a rest and grind different DDs until I feel comfortable enough to go into top tiers. Akatsuki is my fave at the moment, but I'm absolutely failing in Shira. Ok, why, so what's my problem? I just...keep losing. At first I though it was just a bad losing streak, but since then I've just stayed in a spot of mediocricity in regards to WR. I've already read and watched most material on how to drive DDs better and I still don't have the impact I'd like. I think even if my awareness, tactical decisions, etc. have become better, my WR has actually declined from when I just YOLO'd around the battlefield. A few months ago it was win some lose some, but now... Sometimes I can pull amazing wins, or even a kraken but still it's very inconsistent. If I end up losing, I'm still on top of the scoreboard frequently. Again, not saying I was great in those games (just look at the score difference), but jeez, I really don't know why I'm doing so badly. It's very frustrating. What I've tried: - Dropping down to lower tiers again with mixed success as the randomness of team quality is higher down there. - Divisioning up with friends. Very fun, but as all my friends are <100 battles, I'm more of the teacher here than the learner...and I'm not sure if combining our n00bishness is better or worse. I've also already identified some things I need to work on: - Prioritize survival over taking caps. - Be more patient and careful with positioning. - Know when to bug out. These are points I have a bit of a problem with, as it frustrates me to no end when I need to give up a flank or cap, but I know I need to learn when to just fold and relocate. Also improving situational awareness is an ongoing effort. I oftentimes see when a flank collapses and relocate accordingly, but sometimes I still suddenly realize I'm on my own after my backup vanished or simply didn't support and pulling out would've been better. Well, with all that self-diagnosis and trying to improve my games of late seem to go like this: For example, I was in Shiratsuyu, one of only 2 DDs. I go up front to a cap, spot one enemy DD. Ok, he'd outgun me, no chance to contest the cap alone. I mark him for friendlies. Nothing happens, just long range fire against BBs. I turn to evade being spotted. I ping again. Nothing. I eventually get spotted, enemy team opens up on me like hell. I pop smoke, run, take quite a few dents but I escape. My team instantly asks for me to spot. I politely tell them I'll gladly spot, but need help against that DD. Ok, new approach. I see a smokescreen a bit off and torp into it to force the enemy DD out. He eats one torp, but no kill. He comes out of the smoke, straight for me. I hold fire and hammer F3. Nothing. He detects me, so I open fire on him with guns myself and wind him down to an inch of his life before being killed by the enemy team who promptly opened fire on me again now I was visible. Team writes "stupid DD no spotting". The other day, I'm in Mutsuki. Our team has a good start. I cap, spot, contest and do pretty well. We then have all three caps. Then I look at the top and suddenly see half of our team dead. HOW? Ok, still winable, they lostall but one of their DDs. Gotta sink some BBs now that I'm almost uncontested. Jinx! Enemy KM DD finds me and I die to his guns, game lost. Oh and I was out of smoke because I gave it to a teammate in a pinch just for him to sail straight through it and die anyway. Sometimes I feel no matter what I do, I end up losing anyway! Either I die to an enemy gun-DD or I do well but somehow my team dies behind me... But I don't want to whine all day, the only blame I can assign is to me and I want to lean how to make the most of it and get better. I mean I clearly must be doing something wrong? This finally leads me to my questions: - As you can probably tell I feel pretty uneasy against other more gun-heavy DDs. Are IJN DDs just a bit out of luck with almost any other DD having the upper hand in a 1 vs. 1 fight (in regards to DPS)? Are they just so reliant on teamwork that it depends heavily on what randoms you're paired with? Should I just stay even further away from contested caps? Or am I just that bad at making them work consistently? - I recently tried a bit of V-25 and Sampson and they seem like fun. Maybe I should pause on the IJN for a bit? I'd have some guns to at least try to defend myself then. - Also, I know I made the mistake of taking a new commander for every new ship instead of levelling one and then reassign him. So I don't have access to CE yet (8 point is max for any of my commanders) and that might be another issue. Should I just grind until CE and then see what happens? - Is it just a matter of getting more experience and "git gud" or should I try something specific? Anyway this concludes my lengthy explanation, I'm looking forward to what you have to say. Thank you very much, I'll take any suggestions to heart! Take care!
  12. SirDixie

    Relearning the game

    I'm getting back into warships, I haven't really played since the RN cruisers were the shiny new thing and you could buy Belfast. The short version is that I'm finding it difficult to do well on a consistent basis against real opponents. One good game is usually followed by 3-4 (or 6) bad ones where I die early or miss every salvo. It's got so bad I am doing more damage in the St.Louis than any other ship, which is clearly not a good thing. When I'm spotting I'm not actually assisting as much as I think I am, when I go shooting stuff I normally get swatted quickly, when I'm keeping safe I feel like I'm not contributing to the team and when I play BB I just can't stand the glacial reload (probably because I need more practice at deflection etc). So, with that in mind where's a good place to be learning things and good vids to watch (watching Notser and Flambass on Twitch but most streaming seems to be high tier stuff)? Any particular lines and ships I should be aiming at or revisiting? I will say I'm not going back to the Emerald and if anyone does I'm going to be on your team being bad in the Atlanta instead... Also, which are people's preferred choice of crate? I've mostly gone for consumables up to now with the occasional flag/camo thrown in. In port atm (apart from tier 1 ships): Chikuma St. Louis (1/4 pt captain) S. Carolina (1/2 pt captain) Clemson (1/4 PT/SSE) Omaha (2/8 PT/EM/DE) Texas (10 skill capt PT/EM/BFT/AFT) Pensacola (1/4 PT/EM) Atlanta (1/11 PT/EM/BFT/AFT) mostly used for co-op and scenarios Dresden Emden Leander (Bert Dunkirk PT/SSE/SI/CE plus another with PT/SSE/SI who has been replaced for now) Also have the mission for the RN HMS Acasta. Long term plan is for Bert to go into the Fiji, but I'm not ready for real tier 7 games so that needs to wait.
  13. FunkyDazMonkee

    Why short range on T9 Buffalo

    Hi, long time on/off player, first time post'er. My question is why the heck has a T9 with the same guns as the T8 balitmore have such a short range? Am i missing somthing? I mean i can understand longer reload for 'balance' but the range is stupid short. Dont get me wrong im a BB main so i make mistakes in CA but with the range being soooo limited when i make a mistake im in under 15km range and mostly against T10 so i go bye bye. Any one else have this problem, is this somthing that needs to be tweeked/eddited or can any one suggest somthing to help this crippled ship. Any help much appreciated Many thanks Cpt. Funky_DM
  14. Hi there fellow captains. Over the last few month's you guys and girls gave me great feedback on how I could improve my game, I'm really grateful for that and because of it I went from a bad player to now below average and working towards average. I will be content with average but my goals is to be a "good" player and get everything in the green. As of late in the last couple of weeks my performance has been staggering. From going "great" and sometimes even "unicum" scores per evening I went back to "below average" and "bad". Whilst my average tier is still around 6/7. I read alot about this feature "replays". And I think it can help me to evaluate my game. Where does one find this? Also idk if my understanding of the game gets better and thus I see more idiotic mistakes made by my team or even the reds. But teammates have been surprising me to say the least on their decisions. Now the last time I blamed everything else except me, you here on the forum proved me wrong, and I hope this is the case yet again! I must be missing something but I don't know what. There were plenty of games in hindsight where in I could be more of an asset to the team and so lost because of it. Or at least I hope that is the reason since I can work on that. There were also games no matter how well I preformed (to my knowledge) but it was a lost cause from the start I think. Some questions on games that seem hopeless. So sometimes you have these games. No matter how hard you try to communicate they will be stuck, for in this example, at the D line. Really they did not got of that square for like 10 minutes. I and a Z-46 tried to cap A but to no avail. (Me in a Hipper I recently unlocked) At this point I feel hopeless, getting salty and what not. How do you capitalize on these kind of games? I really don't want to blame my team here, even tho they could have done better positioning. I did not do great that game either. Here in my T6 Normandie I did rather well score wise. But we still lost. I would not post this if it was an exception. To my experience it is a a big chunk of my games that end like this. Is there something I can do to motivate my team better? How do I read the games a such, even when they go in my examples I can get the most % out of it to win it?
  15. Freyr_90

    How to Udaloi?

    So.. not a particularly proud moment for me, but I just free xp'd most of the Udaloi grind to Grozovoi. Did I act out of rage/impulse? Oh yes Could I have saved the free xp? Definitely Am I really sorry? Not sure.. The thing is, it just feels© like an awkward boat to me. Compared to ships from its own line: Ognevoi had at least passable torpedoes. Sure, they were slow, but 10km at tier 8 is actually good. Guns were a bit meh, but I found that most DDs avoid picking a fight with you (unless they know what they're doing) and they were sufficient for starting fires on BBs Grozovoi also gets 10km torps. And a heal. And speedboost. And more HP. And dakka. Compared to other T9 DDs I played Fletcher feels© more versatile with good smoke, great torps and totally adequate DPM Z46 has hydro going for it Chung Mu has the ultra stealthy torps You're left with a DD that isn't really a cap contester (lol 7.2km detection), can get outgunned by the dedicated gunboats and is not a particularly good torpedo boat either (8km) Just feel the need to mention - this is just my personal opinion, based on a low number of battles. I am not crying for buffs/nerfs. In fact, I kept the Udaloi in the hopes of getting gud. Any advice, suggestions, tips and tricks are more than welcome Cheers!
  16. Jethro_Grey

    The game is stealing my collectibles

    When i ended my game session yesterday, i double checked the number of duplicates i had, cause i had the feeling that the game didn't account for all duplicates received yesterday. So, i closed the game with 4 duplicates yesterday. After the first container today, in which i received 2 duplicates, i checked again and i have 5 now. If my math serves me right, 4 duplicates plus 2 duplicates is 6 duplicates, not 5. I restarted the client to be sure, and it's still 5. I'm slightly pi$$ed now, it's hard to collect these thingies, in the time remaining without the game dropping 1 duplicate here and there. Any help here pls @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy? Is it a known bug?
  17. Die German Ghost Division sucht in WoWS Aktive Kameraden um gemeinsam die Ozeane unsicher zu machen! Uns liegt mehr daran zusammen zu fahren und den Gegner in Angst und Schrecken zu versetzen !!WIR suchen Kameraden für Clan-Gefechte!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR Rekrutieren wieder! = Was Wir Euch bieten = - Eigener Discord Server - Kameradschaft - Tipps & Tricks = Was Wir verlangen = - Ein T-8er Schiff (nur für Die Leute Pflicht, die bei CW mit fahren möchten) - Aktivität, auch auf Discord (Pflicht) - Du bist 16 Jahre + - Du Besitzt ein Funktionstüchtiges Headset - Vernünftiger und respektvoller Umgang mit den Kameraden - Teamplay & Kommunikation Bei Interesse melde Dich noch heute bei der German Ghost Division per InGame Nachricht bei folgende Ansprechpartnern... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Führungsebene GER_GrimReaper Lord_von_Hafen pepe2005 PrivatPaula ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR suchen Dich!
  18. Wh1te

    Yet another whine thread....

    Dear fellow commanders.... Iam here to whine..... well not exactly sorry for the deceptive title. I don't know if it is my "noobieness" or RNG/ bad luck, messed up gameplay features or all of them. Lets cut this short, I will write whine stuff and you will tell me if it is me or just the game and nothing/not too much to do about. I. BB air to water attacks...... why is it nearly impossible to avoid torpedos and bombing runs even with extreme perception?! I mean ... I see enemy planes.... 8 km decreases ....7,3km .omg they are coming for me.... hard turn .... meanwhile enemy cv captain clicks modifies entry point and iam dead because iam a big fat BB .....meanwhile(lets jump to the====> II. so meanwhile I am being shot by various HE spammer cruisers and constantly on fire and nothing to do about it....because my team far away and I cant even move because of flood(s) (If ive survived the torp run) III. Does XVM already exist in this game? Because every damn time I see a nice flank and fair amount of team mates heading that way thinking nice at least not alone..... yeah.... till I get in fire range when I realize iam alone and the others came with me long time turned the other way(where they die almost instantly 6 out of 10 times) So pro....or more pro players than me please help..... How to deal with these constant situations?! (ps: I do play mostly us bb+ca ..... and the number III. is regarding both of the class ps2.: if you wonder about...I think iam familiar with certain game mechanics, angling aiming,shell choice ) +I.: Will the US bb line be better after tier 6.... I mean its not that bad but Colorado better than NM or same/similar)
  19. Drodzy marynarze! Odzywam się do was z prośbą o pomoc, mój kolega ma następujący problem. Gdy ściągnął WoWS to mu się wyświetliła taka ikonka i gdy odpalił gre wszystko chodziło, ale po 1 rundzie WoWs zrobił się " Brak odpowiedzi " I musiał zamknąć program. Zaraz po tej czynności próbował uruchomić grę, ale zamiast ikonki WoWs była ikonka taka jak zamieszczona na obrazku. Gdy ją otwiera aplikacja pyta " Co chcesz zrobić z tym plikiem ", a wybór ma taki Otwórz (plik nie zostanie zapisany automatycznie) Zapisz Zapisz jako. Pomóżcie bo ten błąd nie daje grać :/ Obrazek - http://wstaw.org/w/3svb/
  20. RCFrEd12

    I'm a newb please help?

    So just started playing WoW, since i play WoT. Here are my questions: 1) Do I use HE shells or AP and when would I use AP over HE and vice versa? 2) Which is the best starting nation and type? Like which route should i take on tech tree? 3) Is it worth buying a premium ship to grind credits with? 4) Anything else I should be aware of?
  21. Hello everyone! It's recently come to my attention after the latest patch that i seem to be unfairly matched against two aircraft carriers and also i seem to be getting messed up by enemy bombers all of the time. Its annoying as hell because i used to get 1000-2000 xp a game using my carrier before the patch, but now im getting 300xp a game ;_; I hope wargaming fix this soon. I don't mind the grind, but its the bad rewards i get now for doing the exact same thing as before. Additionally, people in matchmaking don't seem to be very supportive when it comes to the carriers, yes, i get the odd game where a battleship protects me and we win, but it seems that everyone is having fun with the run and gun idea while i get torps in my back like salt being shook onto food. p.s. Carriers also suck for not getting actual fixed wing aircraft (which are not biplanes) until tier 7 -_-
  22. licky_2014

    a little help......please

    i know someone is going to say....... wrong forum, it's been asked before, etc can ANYONE tell me how to get the name of the player and/or ship to stay visible during game play permanently, if it is possible. thanks for your answers in advance
  23. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys I asked this question before, a friend asked to post here When I play world of warships the gpu usage is 0% I checked it using process hacker Usage is fine with other games. My specs its a low end notebook 4gb ram Intel hd 4400 Intel i5 1.6ghz-2.1ghz Windows 10 pro(optimized for high performance)
  24. Ok, I want to get into CV's. I have the Midway and Hakuryu, but I am just so afraid to play them, I am by no means amazing, but I know the basics, I can do well. The other night I played the Kaga, managed to kill the enemy CV off because he was alone and I thought why not. Did 207k dmg helped my team and enjoyed it, I overall love CV's, I love every ship class. But the the night before that I played against a Kaga in my Saipan, and this guy knew what he was doing, strafing didnt work, his bombers appeared in the least expected spots and overall I couldnt do anything, my team then said I was terrible, Kaga vs Saipan is so one sided and all of that other stuff, and that really put me down because before that I had a really fun Saipan match. When I play CV's I feel this overwhelming pressure, that I need to perform well and not let my team down, and those comments that my team made in the Saipan match are the exact comments I hate and really discourage me. Also another thing is that my team expect me to have fighters everywhere like they can teleport or something, I cant instantly get them over there and they say I am bad just because of that, like my planes are super fast. Anyway, this post is getting long, but I really dont know what to do, I want to play CV's so badly, but I am just so afraid, and I am not very good with micro when under pressure, not by the enemy, but by my own team. Anyway thanks for any input.
  25. This is taken from page two of the F1 help (I'm pretty sure the majority didn't even know there were multiple pages in F1, just like me). As you can see there are tiny timers next to the icons. I'm playing on a 42" screen and even I never even noticed these! Reason is of course I don't have time to search for such small details when the icons start to blink! They do so because I'm taking damage and that usually grabs all my attention. But I would deem such information vital, so please replace that small circle with a easily readable countdown instead.