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Found 17 results

  1. LowSpeedHighDrag

    WOWS not connecting to server

    Hello, The game doesn't seem to connect to the server. I am looking at a spinning icon on the login page, without any result. This happens on BOTH NA and EU accounts. Before this occurred, I was able to login into EU account activate my 24 hour Premium time. Then the client crashed with a Critical Error message window. After that, I am not able to login at all. I have tried the "check and repair" via WOWS Game Center. Removed the preferences.xml and nothing is allowing me to login / connect to servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated LowSpeedHighDrag
  2. _NLForces_

    Advanced CV guide

    This is the guide to becoming a better carrier player, a guide I would have wanted when I started playing CV’s. This guide will not be for those who have never played CV’s. I will not be explaining the controls, and I will only slightly touch on the consumables. This is for the more serious players, who want to become good CV players. I hope it will be of help to you. Have fun! 1: Introduction To clarify; in order to become a better player, this guide can help, but it can’t do it for you. Practise makes perfect, any experience is good experience. But most importantly: Have fun. It is almost impossible to keep something up if you’re not enjoying it. Question yourself: is this ship type for me? Or even: is this game for me? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get you started. 1.2 Basic rules To start off, let’s look at a couple basic rules that are vital in carrier gameplay: 1: Time to target is everything Travel time is killer. In order to have the maximum impact on a game, you need to make as many attacks per minute as possible. Push for a minimum of 1 attack per minute. Once you’ve got that down, try for 1.5 attacks per minute. Keep a notepad beside you with a pen. Make a tick every time you launch ordnance at an enemy (regardless if it hits or not—but it has to be one that you tried to hit). Then check the game duration at the end. Most people greatly over-estimate your average attacks per minute. Make sure to ride your boost continuously to fly as quick as possible. But don’t hold down W all the time, feather your boost button. Boost, let it recover for a second, boost again. You need to have it available if there’s fighters or AA that you need to avoid. Most importantly, ploink your carrier as close to the enemy ships as you dare. The shorter the time between attacks, the more attacks you will do. It doesn’t help dying fast though. Make sure you have an exit strategy, and turn tail before its too late. Also, never-ever trust autopilot. It will mess up the most basic maneuvers. Make sure to ‘babysit’ it by adding multiple waypoints (hold shift and click to add more) or better yet, do complicated maneuvers yourself inbetween attacks. So, don’t run to the backline instantly. Don’t hang around forever, waiting for the perfect attack run. Good enough is good enough. Attack, attack, attack. That’s the key to carrier gameplay! 2: There is always something else Now, what do you do when there are only uninviting targets? Iowa’s, Worcesters, Des Moines and ships escorted by AA cruisers. Answer: You ignore ‘em, look for something else. There’s always something else, you just don’t see it yet. I will explain target selection in more detail later in this guide. 3: Supporting teammates Unless there is some chad player on your side that you KNOW will shoot at what you spot, don’t waste time spotting targets for your team. Think of how many times you’ve stuck your neck out in a DD, spotted enemies that need killing but your team keeps lobbing shells at the battleship at the back. If you’re fortunate, your attack runs will coincide with spotting ships. 2: Materiel Now for materiel, the actual ship you’re sailing and aircraft you are flying. First, let’s take a look at what each tier of Aircraft carriers offers. TIER IV: This is where everyone starts with their aircraft carriers. The anti-aircraft at this tier is minimal, and so is your damage potential. However, with 0.8.5 the tier IV carriers are hopelessly OP. Club seals at your own discretion. TIER VI: Tier VI is like its predecessor, a learning tier. This is like getting your first bike, but with sidewheels. You start learning the real deal, but you’ve got a long way to go yet. TIER VIII: Early effectiveness. This is a path to your tier X, and I will not focus on them in detail (except for premiums). This is where your sidewheels are removed, and you are finally able to spread your wings (no pun intended) and explore the limits of the CV class. But remember, you’re still on a children’s bike. TIER X: The pinnacle of carrier design and gameplay. Brutal AA and smart opponents make this a very tough playground. It is however, the best way to master a carrier line. If you are thinking of getting a new carrier, here is a short overview of each line: United States Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Difficulty: ★★ Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★ + High potential ++ Extremely high potential +/- Decent potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health + high plane health - low plane speed + High plane speed +/- Decent plane speed +/- Decent plane reserves +/- Decent plane reserves - Low plane reserves And an overview the premiums. First the good ones: Enterprise Kaga Difficulty: ★ Difficulty: ★ + High potential + High potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health - low plane speed +/- Decent plane speed + Large plane reserves ++ Extremely large plane reserves (Comes from the quick replenishment time) Saipan Graf Zeppelin Indomitable Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★ +/- Decent potential +/- Decent potential - Low potential + high plane health - Low plane health + high plane health + High plane speed + High plane speed ++ Extremely high plane speed -- Extremely low plane reserves - Low plane reserves - Low plane reserves 3: Gameplay Now for the raw gameplay. This is mainly about skill, judgement and experience. If you thought good CV gameplay is easy, think again. How I approach a match: 1. Check your matchmaking, check for strong AA ships and identify your targets. 2. First, launch rockets for scouting. 3. Fly in, make sure to bail immediately when you spot strong AA ships 4. Target Destroyers if possible (ESPECIALLY if they have AA turned on). When you can't find any, just strike something else. 5. Decide what target to go for. When unclear, go for another scouting run. Make sure to target DD’s as much as possible early on, to give your DD’s the upper hand. 6. Scan the map for inviting targets. See the next section for Target Selection. Rince and repeat. 3.1: Target selection This is probably the most important skill of a CV player. Being able to select the target that you are most effective at killing, and making sure to keep ‘winning players’ in check. If one enemy ship is holding back an entire flank, it might be a good idea to give him some pressure. Equally, when a flank is about to fall, give fighter cover to your allies and wear down the enemies. This of course depends on the distance to target. The closer, the better. Always make sure you use your carrier as effectively as possible. Don’t listen to your teammates here, YOU know how to use your carrier best, not your teammate. Things to consider when selecting your target: 1: Type of target 1. Does it have strong AA? 2. Is it big or slow enough to ensure a hit? 3. How much health does it have (left)? 4. Is it susceptible to weapons I have? 5. Can the team kill this target without my help? 2: position of target 1. How far away is my target? 2. Is it close to strong AA ships/under fighter cover? 3. How much influence has the target on the game? (prioritize enemies that are doing well) 4. Is it moving, or unable or unwilling to move? 5. How close is my target to other points of interest? (unspotted DD’s or other juicy targets) All this is different in every situation, so you will have to judge and learn yourself. 3.2 Map awareness Another major part of carrier gameplay is carrier placement. Getting yourself in the best possible position every time, without exposing yourself to unessecary danger. This is not a simple feat. It is heavily dependent on the map where you slam your carrier down. Make sure you anticipate falling flanks, by moving up or retreating. At tier X, you can even reliably bowtank enemy fire. Make use of this! Distract the enemy team by letting them shoot your heavily angled flight deck. Getting down to 50% health and having a million tanked damage is as useful as doing 50k yourself. As a final note, DO NOT TRUST AUTOPILOT! it is on the enemy team, and will try to kill you. Do complicated maneuvers yourself, and give autopilot very specific instructions on where to move if you’re in open water. 3.3 AA mechanics Now for one of the most complicated parts about CV gameplay; Anti-aircraft. These mechanics have been rattled countless times, but it's finally starting to slow down. With that said, here is a compressed and oversimplified overview of current AA mechanics (as of patch 0.8.11). DPS: (linear) With 100 DPS at 70% hit chance (100*70)=70 DPS. Sector reinforcement affects only DPS. FLAK: (non-linear) With 10 base flak clouds and 70% hit chance, it will mostly be 7 bursts, 10 is maximum number and 4 is minimum. Every two seconds, a salvo is launched Flak zones: With a single ship AA, 80% of flak bursts (but not more than 6) is being placed in zone A. Rest goes to B zones. If there are several ships firing, the rules are slightly different: up to 8 bursts can be placed in zone A, and up to 10 bursts in B zones. The most powerful burst are being chosen in this case. If a single AA group has multiple squadrons in range, flak bursts that would have been in B zone otherwise, are distributed into A zones so that AA covers all squadrons. The zone width is determined by your course and speed: Speeding up: wide (zone X1) Slowing down: narrow (zone X2) Depends on how fast you are going - it takes time to accellerate and decellerate. If you are interested in the topic of AA, the wiki has a pretty good article on it: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anti-Aircraft_Fire If you're interested, I also compiled the AA of all tier VIII - X ships in text files: TIER X AA TIER IX AA TIER VIII AA 3.4 General tips This is the big thing. How do you get the absolute most out of your CV? Here I wil list some tricks I’ve picked up over my time as a CV main. If you don’t recognize one of these points, I recommend looking in to and potentially learning them. 1: Pre-drop Standard, every carrier gets between 3-4 attacks per full plane squadron (differs per carrier). However, you will usually only get one attack off. Maybe two if you are lucky. This means you will bring -and thus lose- twice as many aircraft as you need. To get around this, many players waste 1-2 attacks on the water, to send those back to the carrier and prevent them from getting shot down. This is called: ‘predropping’ I often predrop at least once. Especially when you are attacking ships with strong AA 2: Flak dodging The basic practise of flying around the black flak clouds. They hurt alot, but are relatively easy to dodge, unless there are too many ships firing at your planes. Simple WASD-hacks and some good ‘ol intuition will get you through any AA umbrella. Once you engage your attack mode, you won’t have to worry about flak anymore, as its damage is reduced by 80%. If you are struggling with this, don’t worry. Flak dodging will become second nature with experience. 3: Supporting teammates This is a touchy subject. Many people see CV’s as the one to protect them or their DD’s from enemy air attacks. The truth is that fighter gameplay is very limited, and a simple consumable is no deterrent for many CV’s. Add to that the average intelligence of teammates in WoWs… This is why I never prioritize covering teammates with fighters. I will only help them if I don’t need to change my plans for it. There is no use flying over a DD for 2 minutes, spotting and popping fighters, just for them to rush out and die to torps. No… your planes are better used elsewhere. This is not to say you may never spot for your team, or never prioritze DD’s, but don’t go out of your way to do it. Just do whatever the hell you want, be it helping your teammates or doing damage. Never listen to your teammate, as selfish as that may sound. 4: Consumables One different use for your fighters is to spot enemies, or keep DD’s spotted. Just be careful that it won’t be shot down. Try to let the fighters survive the full 60s. You have two other consumables, are Engine boost and Torpedo heal. Engine boost is extremely useful. Try to save it for when you really need it. Torpedo heal is easy. Use when your planes reach low health or when you really need to tank some damage. ‘nuff said. Also try to save this for when you really need it. 5: AA baiting This tactic is surprisingly effective, its the practise of letting AA target the initial attack squadron. After a drop, if you INSTANTLY press F, all planes will head back up to the sky. The full squadron will be higher, because it started off higher (duh). Since AA targets the closest group of aircraft, they will target the attack element, not the squadron. This means you will (in theory) only lose the attacking element, and not the full squadron. Keep in mind, if the AA is too heavy or when you are taking flak (from 3.5km or more) it will have ample time to shoot down both the attacking element and the squadron before it reaches its ‘safe altitude’. This trick works especially well with the Hakuryu torpedo bombers. Try this out for yourself, it might come in handy one day. 6: Slingshot Slingshot! A feared word in the ears of many cruiser captain. Slingshot! A argument brought up most often during CV discussions. But what is it really? I will kindly use Yuro’s video to explain this mechanic. Click here to go to his video All credit goes to Yuro In my opinion, slingshot is a bit overrated. All slingshot does, is getting you to ANY ship without taking any damage (which is still retarded, don’t get me wrong) but the second you start the attack you will just lose your planes during and after the strike. Slingshot just means you can get close to the target and THEN lose your planes. It is still a very useful skill, and not at all hard to pull off. Try this out for yourself in a training room, and experiment with the different slingshot ranges. 7: 'Cold' side of sector With the addition of the priority sector, you can take less damage from AA by simply flying on the other side of the sector reinforcement. This trick only works (well) with dive bombers. You do this trick by approaching at an angle to the enemies' bow. Once the AA opens up and you see the burst damage from priority sector, you change course and approach from the other side of his ship. You'll take notably less damage, make sure to put this to good use!
  3. Bonsoir à la commu, Je suis nouveau venu sur WoWs, et je me demande comment peut-on détruire un/des avion(s) sur le jeu avec un croiseur s'il vous plaît ? PS : savez-vous à quoi servent les touche O et P ? Pour les canons AA etc... Mais je n'ai pas compris le système et leur fonction. Merci par avance pour vos réponses !
  4. blackwolf23king

    Change launcher from NA to EU?

    I redownloaded wows again for some casual fun. Problem is I googled-up world of warships and was directed to the NA version of the website where I downloaded the old launcher. I have an EU account but an NA launcher and game files I tried changing the server manually (res files) as well as the Aslan's mod to no avail (Unable to connect to server DNS error .....). I thought I would fix it by downloading the wargame launcher. Which did recognize my game file but now demands me to add an NA account to even launch the game. Is there a way to change my wows launcher into the EU one without having to redownload a reinstall?
  5. Kapitein_IGL0

    Requesting help: Game PC configuration

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to upgrade my old PC. Parts are over 10 (!) years old now, and it's starting to give up on me. I see a lot has changed in the market. Back then Intel was the way to go and Radeon GPU. I remember having to make sure the clock speeds on MB, CPU and RAM matched. Today I find there are multiple sites with a configuration tool. I had a go with it, and it says my current selection can run several games on ultra settings. See attached pictures. My monitor is a 24" curved wide screen running at 2560 x 1440 - (recommended by windows, not sure what it can do) so I guess there is no point in getting a PC which can run ultra settings on 4k. This config is made on dutch site https://gamecomputers.nl/game-pc/amd-game-pc/cerebro-extreme/, no idea if this shop is any good. I play mostly witcher 3, world of warships and some very very old games (total annihilation, red alert etc). Hoping to play remake of Warcraft 3 in january, maybe witcher 4 when it comes out. Stuff like that. I need the casing to be max 24 cm wide, to fit with the legs of my table, and with one side against a wall so heat might be an issue. Could you guys check this out, maybe suggest improvements. Budget is pretty fixed at around 2k, but that should be enough. My thoughts: I dont need colored lights etc, so basic case is fine. Just need the airflow and 24 cm width. I looked for upgraded casing and fans for sound reduction, but it's not the most important part. AMD is told to be the cheaper CPU while being a little faster for gaming. No idea if it's true. A dedicated SSD for OS, one for games with heavy models (witcher, wows) and a HDD for everything else I know wired connection is better, but I don't want to run cables at the moment. Will do after we move in about 3 years. Playing on wifi with 23 ping so it's fine I guess. Thanks for all your tips guys!
  6. Hey, i cant find the mod.xml for the national+ or national. It is not located under res/banks/OfficialMods or other folders under /res/banks. Does the game handle the national+ setting not like Arpeggio?
  7. I bought two premium ships some time ago AL Yukikaze and Viribus Unitis, they came with Personal Assignments for 3* XP boost for 25 battles. I only have 10 with Yukikaze and 12 with Viribus Unitis so far but the assignments are no longer there?!? As far as I can remember there was no exasperation date on that missions. Can anybody explain that to me?
  8. Jethro_Grey

    MOD request

    Hi, can someone pls help me with a mod? I want to replace the Dasha captain pics with custom ones. Could someone pls tell me how to set up the folder structure, naming convention, file format for the pic of the Dasha captains and so forth? There doesn't seem to be a mod request section so i post it here. Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. jerkchicken

    [DUTCH] Nederlandse Discord Community

    Wargaming Dutchies. Wij zijn een community van Nederlandse World of Warships spelers. We willen graag met elkaar chatten, spelen, informatie wisselen over het spel. Een aantal van onze spelers zitten een bij TOP 20 EU clan, en wij zijn bereid om vragen te beantwoorden en mensen te improven. Onze community groeit door jullie! De Nederlandse WoWS spelers! Join nu: https://discord.gg/Emaqpes Clans in onze community: TTT HOME AAO en meer,
  10. Die German Ghost Division sucht in WoWS Aktive Kameraden um gemeinsam die Ozeane unsicher zu machen! Uns liegt viel daran zusammen zu fahren und den Gegner in Angst und Schrecken zu versetzen !!WIR suchen Kameraden für Spaß am Spiel!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR Rekrutieren wieder! = Was Wir Euch bieten = - Eigener Discord Server - Kameradschaft - Tipps & Tricks = Was Wir verlangen = - Ein T-8er Schiff (nur für Die Leute Pflicht, die bei CW mit fahren möchten) - Aktivität, auch auf Discord (Pflicht) - Du bist 16 Jahre + - Du Besitzt ein Funktionstüchtiges Headset - Vernünftiger und respektvoller Umgang mit den Kameraden - Teamplay & Kommunikation Bei Interesse melde Dich noch heute bei der German Ghost Division per InGame Nachricht bei folgende Ansprechpartnern... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Führungsebene GER_GrimReaper Lord_von_Hafen pepe2005 PrivatPaula ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR suchen Dich!
  11. Duecut

    Daring Help

    I've been having allot of trouble with the Daring, Jutland I couldn't get to grips with radar cruisers, but the Daring I just couldn't even manage without Radar cruisers in the match. Anyway after watching some of Flamu's youtube video's I think I've managed a few games reasonably well. To translate "Well" I've cause damage, sunk ships and capped objectives (so I'm happier) Anyway to the help that I need. With all the other ships I use the wiki page for commander recommendations, but for some reason these recommendations don't exist for the Daring. So the image shows what I currently have, for all you daring players out there what would you recommend?
  12. Aspyrstil

    I don't know what to do.

    I have almost every line at tier 5-6, and i don't know what line continue to go up to tier 10. I want to have at least 2 ships in each class except CVs.
  13. TheTamau

    Positioning of USN CA and CL

    Where do you go with USN radar CA and CL when the match starts and after when the match develops? I try to go where I can radar or that I can somewhat safely shoot others, but because of the short range I get quickly focus fired and killed or I can't contribute to the team.
  14. How do you keep your bombers alive in Kaga / Shokaku (admittedly, mine's currently stock)? They appear to be made of paper, and it's like playing Tier4 again, and it's gonna be another long painful 3 captain skills before I get the second plane-health CO skill improvement. I'm not talking about preserving planes by squad-shortening, or sling-shotting - I mean how do you get them onto a ship without having them melt? People say "use Islands" – how? I mean yeah if there's a big island in exactly the right place you can fly over it and appear at the last minute and maybe still have time for your crosshair to recover and room to drop your ordinance successfully; but if it's outside / at the AA bubble's range, you're only cutting down on player positioning opportunity not on time spent (damage taken) in AA. If the target's too close to an island, torps have no water to land in (and your DB crosshair goes all janky too). And approaching from behind an island denies you the opportunity to angle correctly because it, not you, picks the attack angle on your target. If there's a small island, you're going to be visible regardless - unless you enter a TB attack run, which adds the frustration of having to fight crosshair bloom and move planes that now handle like flying barns around to try and get the run to connect with a ship who should be evading. I've looked at Youtube, but the videos I'm seeing don't seem to show players continually loitering over islands the whole game - which makes me question whether the "flying over islands changes your height and thus dodges flak" advice is actually true. If it is, how does it *actually* work mechanically? Because whether flying over land or water, my planes seem equally fragile. Likewise, Youtube seems to be sceptical of Concealment spec - which gels with my experience of some unspotted DD or incoming plane breaking my concealment when I've committed to an attack run on another target and thus nullifying the benefit. More planes, and faster replenishment, on deck seems more beneficial. How are you supposed to make use of the Torpedo Bomber heal? You get very few, healing one plane who is taking damage seems a waste, and planes seem to die so quickly that using it reactively mid-attack-run seems awkward to say the least. How are you supposed to minimise damage on an attack-run? Evasion seems to be near-impossible without sacrificing aim-bloom: Is it just a case of screwing aim and hoping to roll more badly-aimed dice than well-aimed ones from depleted survivors? Is it, likewise, a case of just going "screw my angle-of-approach, I'm gonna take the path that gets me in-and-out fastest even if it means my dive-bombs are gonna get scattered in the water all around that CA"? I assumed it was just a case of making your best-guess as to what sector is reinforced and accepting that you're going to get explosions in your face while you're trying to make your ordinance connect - now I'm not so sure given the number of videos on youtube where people seem to be able to fly planes down the throat of targets I've got melted by, and they seem to dance out with a fraction of the losses I take. Is there some way, other than guessing, to know which sector is currently reinforced in order to avoid it? Is there some trick to avoiding flak when you're on your attack run? I don't mean spiralling in on your target so that the flak is constantly spawning off-target, I mean once you're actually letting your crosshair recover and you're locked into an approach, what can you do other than eat damage to the face? I seem to recall people saying entering the attack run temporarily evades flak, but entering an attack run is usually dictated by where I need my planes to be at release-time. Is it worthwhile trying to time engaging attack runs to evade multiple incoming flak clouds? Because listening to guides, tutorials, videos, etc - I get the impression I'm over-thinking this, but there's gotta be some explanation - other than "not enough CO points, not fully upgraded Shokaku" - as to why my planes evaporate before they can apply meaningful damage.
  15. Hello im getting crashes of the game and every time it happens i get to see the global commitable memory reaching the 100% mark. Anyone know whats the problem ? It should not be a cpu/ram/gpu problem since i tested all of them separatelly on stress tests. The gpu memory is 4GB by itself. Application C:/Games/World_of_Warships_Eu/bin64/WorldOfWarships64.exe crashed 04.27.2019 at 00:36:36 Message: Unhandled exception Hash: 6637 EIP: 0x00000000651669F7 Current thread #11164 native trace: (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF6651669F7 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66518F91A (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167046 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66516782C (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167990 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664913B89 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664FB72D8 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664909126 System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 9819552Kb/137438953344Kb (1%) Working set (process physical memory): 2348736Kb/8348404Kb (28%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 5170020Kb/11203316Kb (46%) Global physical memory: 6062656Kb/8348404Kb (72%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 11194540Kb/11203316Kb (100%) System info: APPLICATION = DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAY3, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAY4, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \\.\DISPLAY5, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 5 = \\.\DISPLAY6, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 6 = \\.\DISPLAY7, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF
  16. ProjectX2


    Hello E1 DR34D is the name of the clan The point with this clan, is to help people in this game So if you need someone to play division with, or need help with how to play your ship Cap points modules and so on, you are more then welcome to join Easy going, no hard cap or skill limited You are more then welcome to check my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/550738642,ProjectX2/ Come on Discord for a talk https://discord.gg/yHJfAME
  17. Not sure whether to post this here or in the Ship>BB section but... here goes. I'm starting my first serious attempt at working up a BB line, and going US (hoping for a tanky playstyle but not KM). After a shaky start, I got to quite enjoy the Wyoming - I tend to be fairly aggressive and basically solely use AP. Stats look like this: and a 'decent' game: Now, I'm stuck with the inability to get any decent results with the New York. I know it's only 12 games (all with stock hull, most with upgraded propulsion, same captain as Wyoming) but this is it... And an example of my poor performance... Looking through MX stat, there seems to be an inverse proportion on damage dealt vs potential damage sustained... which to me suggests I am too aggressive? Most extreme cases are about 1.7m PD and 12k dmg vs. 600k PD and 50k dmg! Any suggestions on how to play the NY to it's strengths? I have a loathing for joining lemming trains which means I subconsciously tend to go too much the opposite extreme... solo yolo! What is my optimal engaging distance, and are there any battlefield positions/actions to avoid like the plague? Thanks in advance for the advice