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Found 3 results

  1. Good Day WOW's Developers @Sub_Octavian, Community Managers @MrConway and Fellow Commanders @Excavatus, Following these Posts, I searched for guidance to re-build my Commander skills: Following the second post, where Mr Crysantos made a post (still @Gamescom), I sent him a PM yesterday 24 August @10:33 AM, but perhaps it isn't that easy... I headed to Player Support, inquiring about an (outdated) guide on US server. I clarified that I was not looking for the Commander Skills Builder, but the Guide. From them, I then then understood that I might need to head back to the Forum. I confirmed whether Forum assistance was indeed needed. I finally resolved to consult the Forum: Should an updated Commander Skills Guide not be available on all servers? The outdated Commander Skills Guide is available on the US and Asia servers. I checked the WOW's Wiki; only explanations given of skills arrangements. The new developments cannot perhaps be reflected immediately, everywhere; Basics guidance must, however, be provided swiftly to aid in re-builds. Modstation Mod "Help Me" update (& therefore correctness) seems confirmed. Currently, after the reverts, it is the only thing in place to re-build skills with. The Community and myself would greatly appreciate any aid in this regard! Many thanks in advance! Kind regards Counter_2019 (P.S. Kudos for WOW's Wiki and "Help Me" Mod being up to date! Should players learn sooner to build themselves?)
  2. Locotenent_Nicolai_RO

    WoWs test server rewards

    I played some battles on the test server, i win 10 of them, i made all of the missions, and i did not received any day of premium on my main account. What is happening? I have to wait until the test server session ends? Thanks in advance.
  3. Olligarchy

    How to "git gud m8"?

    So, as may be largely apparent I've finally decided to make the switch to World of Warships and whilst I wait for my workday to end so I can head home and start up my game, I figured I'd pop my head in here and ask the more experienced players for their "pro-tips" and thoughts on how to avoid the most common mistakes and traps that new players fall into. So if you've any ideas or thoughts throw them my way! I've read all the guides I could find on these forums and the website, but I'm sure there's something that can only be explained in specifics rather than generalities!