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Found 3 results

  1. SebBrady6602

    Whats going on with the Iowa?

    Right im not going to sit here and take ages going through things but ive been playing this game since the Beta so ive played a lot of this game, and i tend to sit in my favourite ship ever which is the Iowa class. But recently since the last patch what on earth is going on with this ship?! The guns are pea shooters. I came up against a one on one fight with a colorado class and we were both at full health. I was aiming exactly between his citadels and getting perfect hits, 7 out of 9 hits usually. And i was doing 2000hp of damage. What on earth is that about?! When he returns fire im just wiped out. Its across all games im noticing my damage output is horrendous getting 40 50 hits every game doing about 10K damage. An atago side onto me using AP rounds should be a good hit. Well it was. Now id be lucky to even do the overpen damage to him. This is ridiculous and is making me very frustrated with this game. Whats the point in playing tier 9 games losing so much money when everything will damage you far quicker than i can damage it. That isnt right. This is meant to be a tier 9 battleship not a tier 2 cruiser. Whats going on?
  2. TheRealSlimFufu

    HE shells and possible revision of physics

    Hello. First off I would like to say thanks for creating a game that actually caught my attention and interest. Now to my concern. I have about 600 games and I would like to talk a bit about the HE shells. The reward for spamming HE shells over AP shells seems to large. Every hit you take from HE shells disables this and that. Have been in many games where I have been dead in the water for the entire game because of random incoming HE shells. The chance of disablement seems too high compared to the chance of catching fire imo. The level 5 commander skill will take some of that but it seems far from enough. I hope this is something you will take in consideration cause too many players out there just spam random HE and are able to disable ships entirely in seconds and it's honestly very frustrating to play against. Even if you use repair tool you are disabled again the second it's fixed.
  3. nibiru_star

    HE shells and fire damage

    Hi, So just a note, what do guys think of the new damage on the HE shells? Here a round in my cruiser with a high fire rate. I think the % on fire might be a bit over the top.