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Found 12 results

  1. tzizt


    Und hier dann bitte alles zur Harugumo hinein.
  2. Capitaine_Clement


    Bonjour tout le monde, Bon, je suis un peu fan de cette ligne, vous l'auriez compris. Avec la sortie prochaine du Kitakaze et de l'Harugumo : Et bien je me suis dit qu'il serait bon de faire un petit guide sur les gunboat japonais, au nombre de 3 (sans compter l'HSF Harekaze). Bon, je vais pas vous mentir, ce guide, il en sort pas de mon chapeau. C'est une compilation de plusieurs guide, tuto ect, que j'ai traduit, et dont la source principale, c'est celle ci : https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6ygfsl/akizuki_a_brief_guide/ Fin bref, le voici tout traduit, tout beau et même enrichi!!! Bonne lecture, et désolé pour les potentiels fautes (si quelqu'un veux les corriger, qu'il m'écrive en mp) [GUIDE considéré comme fini, ce qui n'exclue pas de possible modification en fonction de patch / remarque / conseil ect] I - PRESENTATION II- DEBUT DE PARTIE : III- SE BATTRE CONTRE UN DESTROYER IV : MILIEU DE PARTIE : V : FIN DU JEU : VI : BUILDS : Voilà, ce guide est finis. J'espère qu'il vous à plu, qu'il était agréable à lire et surtout, utile. Je rappelle que je n'es personnellement pas ces navires, j'ai donc utiliser plusieurs sources. Si vous n'êtes pas d'accord, que vous avez des choses à rajouter, laisser une réponse, et je me ferrai un plaisir de modifier mon guide pour le rendre le plus exact et utile possible. Si il est suffisamment utile, peut être que @Tanatoy ou ceux en charge de cela pourrez l'épingler?
  3. I've played over 40 matches in the Harugumo now using the maximum stealth build and am very impressed in how it performs. I included the full ship module & captain skill build at the start of the video. I hope you enjoy the game I picked out highlighting some of the strengths and weaknesses of the tier X Japanese gunboat.
  4. Lyno_Lemon

    IJN 100mm AA

    IJN 100mm AA I just wanted to put this out there. I know there's lots of issues with the new CV rework, but I couldn't see this one discussed anywhere else. The AA from the IJN 100mm guns feels terrible since the rework. I've played them on Kii and Harugumo and no matter what I do or how I spec, shooting down planes is a massive chore. These guns had great AA values prior to the update, but now they seem to be lacking. They're AA ships, but seem to be the only ones I've played where shooting down planes seems to be an impossible task. It could be a coding error where WG has put the damage values a bit low or a glitch. I don't know. But since WG has stuck Kii on sale as an AA ship, they probably want to look at this as a priority. On a plus, some DDs seem to be able to defend themselves better than before. However, I think the AA system still needs more work. Sound Bug On a separate note, I came across a sound bug where I could hear a BB shooting as though it was me firing, but I wasn't. No idea if it was someone else shooting on other side of map or just random sound assets playing. I know others in that game also experienced this so thought I'd bring it to light. A little annoying, but only happened to me once so probably fairly low priority. Anyone else experienced this?
  5. Will the tier X japanes DD Harugumo also have a legendary upgrade?
  6. Mik1984


    Any news on what is going to be the "legendary"/unique upgrade for Harugumo?
  7. Je prend l’initiative pour essayer de lancer un débat plus serein et réfléchi. _______________________________________ Je pense que Azikuzi, Kitakaze et Harugumo sont un peu trop fort, en particulier à cause de la pénétration HE qui équivaut à celle des canons de 152mm malgré leur faible calibre. Ce buff à été fait pour ne plus rendre IFHE obligatoire dans les builds, mais la pénétration que donne IFHE en fait toujours un incontournable car il permet de faire rapidement de lourds dégâts à n'importe quel navire malgré la faiblesse intrinsèque que devrait normalement avoir ce calibre de 100mm : le manque d'alpha. Donc faut-il réduire la pénétration des 100mm HE ? De combien ? Un buff serait-il nécessaire pour compenser ? Pour moi la solution serait de passer de 25mm à 21-22mm de pénétration sans revenir aux 16mm d'avant. Cela permettrait de ne plus avoir IFHE obligatoire mais que cela conserve un intérêt, notamment de pouvoir pénétrer tout les zones blindées à 25mm et 27mm. Je serait d'avis qu'un léger buff aiderait à faire passer la pilule, mais je suis en peine de dire lequel; Bons débats dans la haine et la mauvaise humeur. __________________________________ Bravo à @JymmBlack qui à remporté un superbe prix
  8. Hey everyone! Last week, I got my 2nd T10: Worcester. Such an amazing ship, I love her so much. The thing is: I don't know what line I should grind next. I'm doubting between these ships: Montana (currently at T7 Colorado) Conqueror (currently at T7 King George V) Minotaur (currently at T8 Edinburgh) Harugumo (currently at T8 Akizuki) Gearing (currently at T8 Benson) Midway (currently at T7 Ranger) Here is a link to my stats page, so you guys can see what ship class I like most and what ship class I perform best in (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/). I like cruisers most, but I now own 2 T10 cruisers so I wanna try to get a BB, DD or CV next. Please answer the poll so I can see what you guys think of it :D. If there is another ship you think I should grind and didn't include it in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance, I'm really struggling on deciding :/ ~TheRedboss
  9. I am back here with my contentious opinions and weeby pics. Don't worry, this is a holiday diversion. I'm not actually back, this is a heatwave induced illusion. Fixing a recurring problem The idea of camping battleships has gone beyond the point of a meme now. The changes in game mechanic, the changes to battleships, and the release of battleship line after battleship line that are repetitively more and more immune to any type of instant destruction that many cruisers and destroyers risk. Ships like the Conqueror, which I will want to talk about later in detail, were given the improved regenerative abilities to dwarf all but the Minotaur in the list of her cruiser contemporaries despite being technically superior in armor and health to each and every one of her cruiser contemporaries with only one exception. I admit that I used to think that battleships were simply buffed over and over as a consequence of Wargaming attempting to wrongheadedly trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator to create a class that would be entirely damage proof yet at the same time far from game defining compared to their contemporaries. Looking at the changes that Wargaming has made however, I can't help but think that there is another goal beyond simply making battleships entirely immune to everything and that this is simply a consequence serving a larger and longer term goal. Whilst many of you could probably still think that I have gone insane and that marinating my brain in random so long has turned me to the dark side, I would like to defend my position by citing a few ships. I think that it is easy to say that Wargaming's balancing team is actually entirely stupid and have no idea what they are doing or that they know exactly what they are doing and that they are indeed trying to create the ubership that squashes all competition and that everyone will eventually end up playing. I am not sure how serious people are when they say that they think that Wargaming does indeed hate every class but battleships and that they will take away everything that hurts them, but I think that there is something larger going on here. The Worcester and the changes to the Japanese 100 mm guns are the causes of my suspicions. WG's newest trophy ships the Conqueror and the Republique are incredibly vulnerable to these ships with their 32 mm plates which makes it such that the Worcester and upcoming Harugumo are and will be excessively effective against these battleships thanks to their insane DPM. They are also incredibly effective against just about every cruiser contemporary and precedent to them, but that is a part of the larger argument. For now, I think that we should discuss a long and recurring issue of battleship camping and the cruisers that camp with them. The Failed Experiment The Kurfurst was something of a contentious ship when she was first released. There was the fact that she was large enough to have her own orbit and the armor to rival a Pacific Rim mech, this was to say nothing of her hydroacoustic search and her nearly invisible citadel. Back when she was first released, battleships without citadels were virtually unheard of and even the old Tirpitz could quite easily expose hers in close ranged brawling scenarios. The fact that she took 'only' 10-20k damage from incoming enemy fire was utterly unheard of. Sustaining a battleship broadside as a Yamato or a Montana at this age meant 40k damage if not instant death. This resilience, combined with her general immunity to the HE ammunition of every cruiser at the time as well as her ability to negate battleship AP to a large extent makes her incredibly strong at close ranged combat. This, combined with her secondary suite and her less than stellar main battery performance, made her the ideal ship to take into close combat. It didn't matter back then if half of her shells missed a broadsiding battleship 10 km away because it only took 2-3 citadel hits to irreparably cripple a battleship (the kinds of damage to outright kill a cruiser, but conversation for another day) which made things very simple. An American or Japanese battleship drawn into a closed range fight with a Kurfurst is dead. If they attempt to turn and run, they'll face 12 battleship caliber guns right into their broadside. If they tried to maintain their bow on position, they'll be roasted and shredded by the countless batteries of secondary guns. She could theoretically fix the problem with gameplay stasis. Whereas former battleships risked themselves far too much pushing in deeply to dislodge an enemy battleship, the Kurfurst will gain forewarning from torpedoes and her bow will protect her from incoming fire and when she opens up with her guns with admittedly poor angles, perhaps the only genuine mark of vulnerability that the battleship had, the enemy battleships would die right there. Less Stasis than Ever I promised to talk about the Haragumo and the Worcester and how they interact with the Conqueror and the Republique. Both of these ships are perhaps the largest oddity that made me reconsider my initial assumption that Wargaming was simply aiming to persistently make battleships more and more dominant in every task imaginable. These two ships are exceptionally well designed to deal with battleships like the British and the French tree crowns which is somewhat against the conceit that Wargaming wants to create a master class of ships that would dominate everything. On the other hand, I believe that Wargaming has made good on their attempt to make battleships tank more which is a bold claim to be sure. That said, I believe that I could vindicate this claim. I personally see the existence of ships that exists basically solely to either farm damage or exists to have their health pool farmed at little actual strategic implications for themselves to be an escalating problem. This is unlikely to turn around however. The impending changes to carriers will dispose of yet another decisive tactical option in the game and the introduction of yet another destroyer line with a hydroacoustic suite will heavily neuter yet another. This is something that is arguably more insidious than simply catering to the lowest rungs of players in the battleship class. Already ships that inflict continuous and undeniable damage such as the Hindenburg are held in much higher competitive regard than strategically stronger ships such as the Zao or the Minotaur as the game, more and more, continues to make the easiest and most mindless options the inherently better one. This, unlike many issues in regards to interclass balance, is unlikely to change soon. I can't help but feel we are approaching an age where dealing damage against not just cruisers but also battleships will become easy, but making that damage actually matter will only become harder and harder. The class getting screwed over the most by this whole fiasco is the cruisers again of course, their thin skin and relative visibility stopping them from being able to avoid the likes of the close to unavoidable DPM of the Worcester and the Harugumo. The game is moving away from cleverly using armor and maneuverability to defeat the enemy towards just pumping as many shells into the enemy as possible until they die and I think that is a real shame.
  10. Hi, i kinda felt the need to at least write up some sort of short view on current topics of discussion so I sat down for a bit and came up with a few things on the following 5 topics. 1.) Stalingrad 2.) Harugumo 3.) Worcester 4.) Role of the DD 5.) CBs/ranked/competitive. Its about 3 pages so for those who are interested feel free to take a look and share your opinion too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W74nNODMFxw0R-BwObUshyPKOnpXgn96d4bUgL2iipo/edit?usp=sharing Mr_Dced P.s: By the way i dont have a clue what if im doing stuff on here correctly so if im not... sorry in advance i probably didnt know better.
  11. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview! Kitakaze and Harugumo are the final addition to the Japanese off-branch Destroyer line. Both ships are still Work in progress and the information presented here is of the first test iteration! History Kitakaze was a planned improvement of the existing Akizuki class. V7 – or Akizuki-Kai, as the project was named, called for an improved propulsion system, a revised torpedo armament, and even more cost reduction and streamlining in the manufacturing process. And while Kitakaze retains this historical background, Harugumo is entirely fictional (backed however by historical speculation – how contradictory that sounds!). WG refers to it as a presumed successor of the Akizuki line based on direction of development found in historical evidence. In-game rundown Kitakaze takes up the T9 position. She’s has same 10cm Type 98 gun with which the Akizuki is armed, as well as stronger AA armament. Finally, she is the first ship to receive a sextuple torpedo launcher. Modules Harugumo is the second tier 10 Japanese destroyer. She is armed with 5 of these 10cm Type 98 naval guns in twin turret setups, as well as a single sextuple torpedo tube. Both ships have a AA suite consisting of HAC 25mm guns, Bofors “Chi” single purpose AA, and the DP Type 98. In terms of AA, Harugumo and Kitakaze are almost identical. The only difference being the fact that Harugumo has an extra Type 98 mount, while losing 2 Type 96s. Consumable Choice Both Kitakaze and Harugumo receive the same consumables as their T8 sister, which are of course Smoke Screen, Engine Boost and Torpedo Reload Booster. A fun little fact I've found is that while running the premium consumable as well as the mod.3 torpedoes, the time difference to you having your booster and your torpedoes ready is about 3 seconds, meaning that in essence you have 3-5 charges of 2x6. Engine boost is the normal one: +8% Speed, and the smoke is also identical to other Japanese destroyers. Captain Spec To those that played the Akizuki, you know that there are quite a few Captain builds you can go for. Here are the ones I used during testing: Name/Captain Points T1 T2 T3 T4 Strefs' Japanese Gunboat Priority Target Last Stand, Torpedo Acceleration Survivability Expert, Superintendent IFHE, Concealment Expert Harugumo can shoot into the next map across! AKA "this is totally viable!" Priority Target, Expert Loader Last Stand Survivability Expert AFT Concealment, Expert, IFHE Full AA Priority Target, Expert Loader Last Stand or AR BE or Superintendent AFT, MAA, Concealment Expert Gameplay and Conclusion Kitakaze Pros: • Good rate of fire • Hard hitting torpedoes • (¼ Penetration!) • Decent Concealment Cons: • Slow • Mediocre maneuverability Harugumo Pros: • Good rate of fire • Hard hitting torpedoes • Large hitpoint pool Cons: • Mediocre maneuverability • Bad Concealment torpedo dispersion rant Why are the gaps in the centre always so terribly large? Unless your target is twice the size of Alaska, you're going to have a hard time hitting anything. I don't mind dispersion thrown my torpedoes about a bit on the edges, but the middle? really? Considering the Torpedo prediction indicator is always at centre of mass, hitting stuff really becomes a lottery game outside of 8km. Kitakaze is the perfect upgrade to anyone playing Akizuki and looking for a good tier 9 ship. She’s decently armed, has access to the 3m consumable slot, and after the rebalance she will receive improved speed, which will make her very competitive. That, and the fact that Akizuki will lose concealment (and maneuverability), should really make Akizuki players consider switching to Kitakaze. There’s no real downside, considering how T8 MM throws you into T10 matches more often than not anyway. While she can certainly fill the role of a support vessel (in a CV escort role, second line fire support, etc.), she can definitely hold her own against equal tier and even some T10s. Harugumo is a bit of an acquired taste. While she has an increase in firepower of 25%, as well as better range, with the upcoming speed changes to Kitakaze I don’t truly see a reason to play this ship. She is way too big and easily detected. While she has a healthy hitpoint pool of around 29k with SE, you’ll quickly find that much of this will be lost in the first few engagements. Due to the 19mm all-round (and 13mm on the guns, gah!), you become a very easy target for most cruisers and BBs. Harugumo can certainly take on destroyers, but she cannot outspot them, not even the Z-52. You can spec Harugumo for range (reaching a total of 17.5km maximum), though the high arc and high drag shells will take 20 seconds to reach target at maximum range, and most shells, with a penetration of 21mm (IFHE), won’t deal too much damage to most targets equal tier. While these points are true and will stay the same unless they are addressed, I should mention that she may become much more viable with the ¼ penetration changes for HE. This would allow 10cm Type 97s to penetrate up to 32mm of armour (with IFHE). Overall the first test of the new Japanese destroyers was quite interesting, and while not all of them are my cup of tea, looking at the changes, I can certainly see these ships becoming interesting picks, more so for randoms than anything, but interesting picks regardless. A little notice. For here on out, I will be giving away CCT boxes in my preview posts. Hidden in this post today is a secret code word (or rather phrase). The first 2 players that find them and PM me the code will receive 1 CCT Box.
  12. Kitakaze and Harugumo In [early] Preview The information presented in this preview is marked “Work in Progress”. The ships in question are therefore still subject to change. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. History Kitakaze was what the Japanese Navy referred to as the “V7” project. It was supposed to be improved, more streamlined in production version of the existing Akizuki-class destroyer. Kitakaze was to be faster, have improved AA performance, be cheaper to produce, and feature an experimental 6×61cm torpedo launcher. A peak speed of 36.7kn was to be achieved, and existing work on the prior “V6” Super-Shimakaze was cancelled in favour of V7. The first few ships in the class were directly transferred, while the last set was to be purpose built. None were produced by the end of the war as shortages became greater and greater, and finally the war had ended. Harugumo is Wargaming’s take on what a feasible successor of V7 might’ve been like. She features even more AA, the experimental Japanese Bofors-Chi, as well as an extra 10cm mount towards the aft. There is no more history to this ship. In-game rundown I will not be mincing words and will straight out get down to business. There are a lot of stats that will be interesting but we’ll keep it for the actual review once they hit the live server. What is important right now are the big 4. Concealment, Maneuverability, Survivability, Armament. T9 - Kitakaze [北風] Kitakaze is, for all intents and purposes, a carbon copy of Akizuki, she has 400 more hitpoints, Identical Maneuverability and Concealment. That’s right, she’s still at 33kn. She is however, in addition to the 10cm DP guns, armed with a sextuple torpedo tube now. Kitakaze can dish out a respectably sized spread of torpedoes, albeit at a slower rate than Akizuki (torpedo reload times are dependent on how many torpedoes are in the tube). Pros: Decent torpedo Armament Very good AA armament Cons: Almost identical hitpoints to lower tier predecessor Torpedo reload time Still no defensive fire! Slooooow Conclusion Kitakaze will pretty much be the same as Akizuki. There are no major changes to how she plays. Her AA is scaled a bit to a more reasonable AA setup for T9+, even though she still doesn’t receive defensive fire. The torpedo tube can be considered a useful upgrade due to quad spread being atrocious, But we’ll see how these will perform on the live server (perhaps the new meme launchers). I’d have loved to see her gain her “historical” speed. But Then again, that’s something that might be included in future tests. T10 - Harugumo [春雲] Harugumo is where things start to become interesting. She’s Bigger, faster, and better armed than Akizuki and Kitakaze. Harugumo gains 4000 additional hitpoints. She also receives the same sextuple torpedo launcher, an additional 10cm gun mount (25% dpm increase!). Harugumo gains a top speed of 35.7kn (expect to bleed a lot of that in turns though!). Pros: Strong Armament overall Very good AA armament Sizeable hitpoint pool of 29100 maximum (SE) HISTORICAL CAMOUFLAGE (okay, that might only be a plus for me!) Cons: Detection range of 6.2km! Maneuverability of a small cruiser Conclusion Harugumo will suffer from the same problems both Akizuki and Kitakaze suffer from, but even more seeing as she will ALWAYS see tier 10. I am of course, talking about the fact that her guns don’t allow her to penetrate even tier 8 destroyers. While specing IFHE resolves this problem, you will still have a hard time penetrating cruiser armour. Setting fires will likely be a good way of farming damage off ships in Harugumo. Her fire chance might not be the best at 5%, she will certainly have the fire rate to do so somewhat reliably, should a captain choose not to spec for IFHE. Finally, she will be the least stealthy destroyer at her tier after Khabarovsk, so working with that will be... interesting. So that’s that! These are the new ducks and my initial opinion on both. What I’d like to see I’ve stated above, but here’s a TL;DR: Faster speed on Kitakaze – That’s about it. They both look fun, and should the 13mm change take place, they’ll be able to hold their own against even the most formidable destroyer foes.