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Found 8 results

  1. ABED1984

    "Infernal Camo" is Lame

    Really wished my efforts of playing the "Twilight" mode is worthy but the lame looking Camo [( Which I consider it a 2nd class Halloween Camo compared to its doubloon counterpart )] makes me forget about this "Filth Collecting".
  2. Jethro_Grey

    Smash Pumpkins Event

    So, NA has this little event going on, which is actually quite nice. Link. It's basically a Halloween themed 'Bounty' event which NA helds occasionally, with CCs and volunteers with nice rewards (comm. Flag, aso.). EU, obviously does not... I know it's some work setting those pumpkin accounts up, but that'd be a job you do once and then can have this event run each year, or even multiple times a year with different themes, pirates, space thingy, whatever charity thingy WG might be doing,... Now, some may argue that: 1. NA does this kind of stuff to motivate players to play, while EU has a bigger player base and there would be no need to go through all the effort 2. Halloween is more a NA thing 3. needs volunteers 4. Snuffleupagus to which i reply: 1. So? It'd be really nice if we'd get a similar event, not only the usual 'sink X ships, get 3 papa papa once per account' and 'grind millions of XP for jack' And, while EU does indeed have more players, that doesn't mean that WG should focus on getting new ones and leave the old ones in a swamp of grind fests which barely qualify as 'fun', although with admittedly better rewards. 2. And yet we have Halloween containers in the shop and the run of the mill Halloween event everybody else gets If an event is good enough to make money or to motivate players to come back on one server, it's good enough to be held on all servers Also, fun event> grind event 3. I have no doubt whatsoever that there are enough people out there who'd volunteer 4. Cookie Monster. I win. ^^ So, @MrConway @Crysantos @Tuccy , any chance to get something like this in the hopefully not-so-distant future?
  3. Hi! This is my first post, so be gentle with me. I don't know how many people play the halloween events, but despite being old, people still don't know how to play it, either of the events, but Sunray spesifically. I just can't seem to get a bunch that even launches with all 7, or doesn't suicide within 3 minutes or has a clue what the Y and T buttons do (neither for their team or even them). I don't meen this as a rant, I'm curios wether anyone has gotten either missions to 5 on super hard? On Transylvania, one BB always manages to miss the ram. It will be a miracle when we manage this. Would waiting for people to learn it be advised?
  4. Filipin00

    Halloween styles?

    Hello, what are the ways to obtain the halloween styles (like the ships for halloween scenarios like jackal, igor and others)? I've seen so far that the only way is to get them from a halloween container. If that is the only way to get them then my question is how to get those containers? I've also seen that they are rewards for completing those scenarios on super hard with 3, 4 and 5 stars. Then when I tried, it said I need a division to play them and that's easier said than done for someone who has nobody to play this game with. Are there any other ways to obtain those containers? Will they be in shop or armory...anything? Thanks in advance.
  5. The Halloween event is only a few days away, and testing the new mode on the PTS made me think. For the first time, we have Halloween-ish VA going on, even tho it's the standard mesasages run through a bad filter. How sad is it that WG didn't take the opportunity to give These special captains their own VA? It would add so much atmosphere and would be worth a bit more credits and coal or whatever the currency of the week currently is. Same thing for Halloween themed ships, while some have awesome gun sounds, others do not. And playing the Shokkaku with Halloween camo and Hearing Standard lawnmover sounds instead of the 'flap flap flap' you'd expect from Bat like creatures...it breaks Immersion. WG, pls fix this! @MrConway @Crysantos! Apart from that, i'd like to see Yamamoto, Halsey and all the other elite/ legendary captains getting their own voice lines. I'd also like to see 'special' captains - like Jingles - with their own VA, and while their are many i would like to have, one stands out: Achmed the dead Terrorist! Imagine hearing, instead of the standard 'good luck and fair seas', his usual greeting 'greetings infidels'! Pls gib WG, you has moneys enough to hire voice actors and gib theme ships nice sound effects. What are your choices fellas?
  6. Tuccy

    Terror of the Deep

    Operation "Terror of the Deep" will be available as Operation of the Week from October 31 till November 8. Before this date, the operation will be unavailable. Afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions until the end of Update 0.7.10. Operation "Terror of the Deep (Hard difficulty)" will be available as Operation of the Week from November 8 till November 22. Before this date, the operation will be unavailable. Afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions until the end of Update 0.7.10. For more information consult the Portal article!
  7. Tuccy

    Halloween Stream-Fest!

    In time-honoured tradition, your World of Warships team is inviting you to join them for spooky shenanigans on our annual Halloween Livestream! What better way to ignore all the trick-or-treaters egging your house... Together with the twins - Crysantos & MrConway, we will explore the special Halloween game modes, both past and present, with the aim of finishing them all with 5 before diving deep into the abyss in our brand-new submarines. As is tradition, there will be some trick-or-treating for those that join us live. Catch us on Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook from 17:00 CET this Halloween! ? SCREAM SCHEDULE ? Halloween Celebration (EU Stream Team) STARTS: Wed. Oct. 31 17:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 17:00 ENDS: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 WATCH ON TWITCH WATCH ON YOUTUBE WATCH ON FACEBOOK This is Halloween (NA Stream Team) STARTS: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 ENDS: Wed. Oct. 31 23:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 23:00 WATCH ON TWITCH WATCH ON YOUTUBE WATCH ON FACEBOOK
  8. Tuccy

    Public Test 0.7.10

    Captains, The Public Test of our next update starts on October 27. Below you can find some useful links. What can you find there? How can you get there? What rewards await you? Where to leave your feedback? Action Stations!