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Found 20 results

  1. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    46 hits, 3200 damage...

    So, how the hell its possible to hit a Des Moines at 10 km 46 times ( I was defending our cap) , Des Moines run aground and got stuck, so he make a perfect target - and I got only 3600 damage ? That.s some 69 (!!!) damage / hit ! I know my 155 mm are small, ( I was in a Clevi) - but I found ridiculous this kind of damage... Most of the hits fall on his mid-section, he was stopped, and I confess was like shooting pee-pee water-gun at him... I know a tier 8 cruiser vs a tier 10 one its hard pain, still... 69 damage for a hit ? Hell, even a 128mm DD gun do more damage ! (the game ended in 5 min, my team got smashed fast...) Your opinion, guys ?
  2. Capt_Han_Solo

    Mały problem ale problem. Auto guns.

    No i mam mały upierdliwy problem który toczy mnie od jakiegoś czasu otóż raz na kilka bitew zaczynam z jakimś chorym ustawieniem które nakazuje moim działom głównym napier.....ać bez opamiętania w jakimś trybie auto. Po prostu jak działa są naładowane to od razu jeb. Nie moge tego zastopować niczym. O ile na okrętach z uzbrojeniem dodatkowym przełączam na torpedy i mam spokój o tyle na wszystkich gunboatach jest kicha. Mój okręt napie....la bez opamiętania od razu jak się zapali zielone. Na BB jeszcze mogę przełączać pomiędzy rodzajami pocisków i wtedy jest spokój ale co z tego jak tylko się zapali zielone to sruu. Problem jest ograniczony czasem i po kilku minutach ten dziwny mode się wyłącza ale co z tego jak mnie wyświeca dla wszystkich i np. grając Ryskiem zostałem z 1/3 hp i po kilku sekundach było po bitwie z mega wqrwem moim i pewnie moich kolesi z teamu czemu trudno się dziwić. Drugi team musiał mieć ubaw. Dobra kończąc jak to cholerstwo zastopować? Ew. jaka jest przyczyna tego wariactwa? Dzięki z pomoc.
  3. Hi there, So, I had this idea already some time ago during closed beta... How about adding 1 vital piece of information to the main armament on each ship which would be... projectile flight time over certain distance. As we all know hitting something at 10km with Zao and Atlanta is not exactly the same thing. I guess that could help newcomers mostly to compare ships that they do not own yet or those that are already sold... but I bet also veterans would enjoy ability to compare certain ships without taking them to battle or making side notes... IMHO this is what determines accuracy more than dispersion and beside reload speed and turret traverse speed greatly describe offensive potential of the gun. Imagine Time to target: 5.1/8.2/12.7 (at 10km/15km/20km) Obviously this could be adjusted to be class/tier specific...
  4. Yikez

    Buggy as Hell?

    Just playing this morning after an update to 0.4.0 and seems to have nothing but bugs in game-play and in the maps. Keep loosing the ability to fire guns and torps. Sometimes they come back on-line but usually get killed before that. Then all the enemy ships disapeer in another game and I loose my shooting ability briefly while hell rains down from invisible ships. Dead again. Last game had map bug. Could not select Map. Then all ships appeared to be in destroyed colours but not rendering on map and yep you guessed it hell rained down from semi invisible ships yet again and I lost the zoom to shoot ability to? Never mind Open Beta it Seems to be Sucking compared to Closed Beta? Hopefully Wg are aware as I do not have all the info they require to create a 'ticket' plus too pissed off now!
  5. With the old poll being almost a year old, I'd like to know how people now think about the Mogami. Just some (standard) statistics: (I know you'll never do the maximum damage per salvo or reach the full dpm, and you're probably able to do more damage per salvo with the 203mm AP due to the higher calibre and penetration, but these are just statistics.) 155m 203mm gun layout 5x3 (15) 5x2 (10) reload time 10.0 s 15.0 s 180° turn time 51.4 s 30.0 s HE / AP max dmg 2600 / 3300 3300 / 4700 max dmg per salvo 39k / 49.5k 33k / 47k max dpm 234k / 297k 132k / 188k fire chance per shell 10% 17% fire chance per salvo ~79,4 % ~84,5 % initial shell velocity 925.0 m/s 840 m/s I think the choice between 155mm and 203mm depends heavily on your style of playing. I prefer the 155mm guns mainly due to the number of guns and their ROF. The higher amount of guns and higher shell velocity makes it easier to hit destroyers. At long distance the 155mm AP shells are really underperforming but in CQC they're as good as the 203mm AP shells (against cruisers). The only time I really wish I had the 203mm guns is when a nearby battleship is showing broadside (in this situation I'd probably try to use my torpedoes but this is not without danger). But this is just my opinion and I'll be glad to hear yours.
  6. Just a quick bug report. Had a battle today, very laggy which may be important and had a little bug in my St Louis. After setting an auto pilot course I switched to binocular view and was engaged but unfortunately the guns (all of them ) wouldn't turn. One main gun was knocked out but even after it was repaired none could be turned. I could drive the ship, did so for awhile evading fire. I could fire the guns too, just not aim them. Had a brief search for a bug list but I've only been in CB for a couple of days and I need to go offline and buy food or starve so thought it better to just dump a message before I forgot. p.s. Love what I've played so far.
  7. PlPPlN


    Hello everyone. Some of you may be reading this thinking 'yet another person complaining about the furutaka' YOU SIR ARE WRONG! So, pre patch it was a crock of crap. We all know that. Those that argued it wasnt clearly didnt play it. But after the patch it is fairly good. I am getting some nice citadel hits and finding my stride. However, I rarely get over 20 hits a game. This is down to the fairly slow firing nature of the guns and the traverse time of the turrets. I would like to suggest one improvement. 1km extra range. Considering the calibre and the rate of fire I can only see this being a one salvo against same tier ships. I believe this would completely level the playing fields as the guns while a larger calibre are also slow firing and dont do that much extra damage than a 152mm gun. So I am suggesting this extra 1km range. I would appreciate it if people kept it clean in the comments, nothing rude or derogatory. We dont need the wot community here too. Thaks
  8. mart998

    cannot fire guns

    I have just spent several hours downloading WOWS and in my first game I left everything as installed. The game works just fine in default but I cannot play with the WASD setup and have to use the arrow buttons as I do in WOT. When I go to settings and change this I can no longer fire my guns. The left mouse button works for everything else but not firing the guns so I have just had to ram ships to death. There is nothing in the settings to solve this that I can see and if its not possible I shall have uninstall the game. If I go back to default the game works again but that's no use to me. Oh and I have had the game before, years ago, and the arrow keys worked then, that's why I have 47 odd games.
  9. Davey123

    new gun sounds?/

    what is up with the new sounds for main guns, i have only played my nagato so far, and it sounds like a call of duty match with those effects, where's the old rumble and bass of the 406mm guns, now they're like an air pistol, CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!
  10. thunder3oo

    Ishizuchi range&AA

    Hello. As usual, support guys sent me here (well, I can't understand why they don't communicate with the developers) But... anyway.I raise again the question about Ishizuchi primary guns range. Now with the german battleships in the game, there are more and more enemies who outgun the Ishizuchi. Getting closer to 12,9 KM means Ishizuchi get destroyed easily and pretty quickly, since her armor is weaker than her BB "sisters" of any nation, and her HP pool doesn't help much, as she gets on fire a little too easy, for example. Also, many CV players know that this ship has very weak AA, so they attack her first, most of the time. As she gets mixed with tiers 3-4-5 usually, she can't get much help from the team, since tiers 3-4-5 ships barely have AA to defend themselves.It was outgunned before, now it became even more outgunned. Try to think about enemy team having 2 CV's. Or... even better, 2 CV's, one or two Kaisers with their 26 sec reload time. What about 2 Konigs? See my point? So... a note to developers: take away those 25 seconds of reload if you must, but give us a little more range and some more AA. Since this is an arcade game, it can be done. Anything can be done. Also, there are some unused guns on the top of the main turrets, looks like they are standing there for nothing. Sorry, fellows, but what you call "balance" in this game... some of use call "chaos". In my opinion... Ishizuchi is not usable anymore. Please take this into account.Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I made this topic to suggest and discuss about a new (or upgrade) of the turret bearing locking mechanism in game. For now we can only lock ALL TURRETS or not at all. However, in real life (especially in the game) we have to engage multiple enemies, in multiple directions. Imagine if we can use CTRL+1 to lock bearing for turret 1, CTRL+2 for turret 2 and forth...it would be awesome and add a lot of tactics to the game. If you feel it's too much to worry about, don't use it. But if you can handle it, like in a FUSO, then you can make enemy think twice about getting close and try to surround you. I believe this is what Warships in real life would do too..For ships with gun configuration like the St.Louis or Omaha, I think we (or WG) can group guns into groups, front and aft group for example. So, how do you guys think? Edit 1: when you fire, only the NOT LOCKED turrets will fire, and you can unlock any turrets or group of turrets by pressing X Ps: if this is a repeated topic please excuse me, I just had fantastic game in Montana and this is what came up in my mind. I attach the replay too. I got High Caliber, Confederate,...12 citadel hit (4 alone on another Montana, 3 on an Izumo), 214K damage. Montana-1945_28_naval_mission.rar Montana-1945_28_naval_mission.rar
  12. Hello captains Today I realized, unfortunately, that JPN DDs keep complaining about not getting supported in caps and call us, the rest of the team, in many unpleasant ways I also sometimes feel the need to use. Scenario: 2 DDs in cap (Tiers 8 Fubukies in one game and Kagero vs Fletcher(far better guns)) spot each other Both start running and we start shooting at enemy DD (BB here) Enemy DD start shooting at our DD but our DD is too busy running away so he does not open fire As you can gues our DD dies in like 1 min (both games) because we didn't support So I will ask you guys. Maybe it's time to create a new Bad Advice and tell players that being a JPN DD, usually, doesn't mean you don't have to use guns to save your own [edited]. Especially when you have in front the same ship as you have. If you want to go stealth again you actually have to kill other DD before it's too late. Your team is not a god who can instakill all the enemies which are shooting at you. I personally believe that it's outraging to get at T8+ in a DD and never used your guns, because JPN DDs are TORPS ONLY. Did these guys ever use Fubuki with second hull to see how it works?? I would like to you guys to, at least, emphasize this in forums whenever you can. So we can save our mental health for the end of the battle and not lose it in the beggining arguing with pro ded DD players
  13. If you think you know all that is to know about Ishizuchi, you may be wrong. ,,Sailing in at tier IV, this battleship is often thought of as a proto-Kongo (a mean ship in its own right). The Ishizuchi is the perfect Premium ship to master the fundamentals of battleship captaining: big guns, heavy armor, and intimidation." (present description on Wargaming official page) Facts: Wargaming was lying months ago about this ship and is still lying rudely about it. Ishizuchi is NOT "a great choice" or a "perfect ship". Example: ,,the perfect Premium ship"... First lie - heavy armor. For tier IV, Ishizuchi has an extremely weak citadel (203 mm), less than any battleships on tier III-IV you can see at this moment in the game, and a pretty weak hull armor. Even tier III battleships have 305 mm citadels, like South Carolina and Kawachi. Kawachi as tier III has better armor than Ishizuchi (tier IV), both citadel and hull parts. Second lie - big guns, comparable punch. That's a shameless lie, designed to create the image of power and destruction. Power and destruction? Mmm... NO. It has 305 mm guns, which are horrible due to bad penetration, nasty accuracy and (again) horrible dispersion. Yes, this is the word that describes this ship. HORRIBLE. The penetration is so bad, that you're asking if they mistakenly put the 203 mm guns from Furutaka on Ishizuchi and called them "305mm". Along with bad armor, penetration and accuracy, comes the fact of small range, 12,9 km, one of the things that will drive a Ishizuchi owner mad, since there are ships like Myogi (6 guns, 365mm, more than 15 KM range) , Wyoming (12 guns, 305 mm, 14,1 KM range) and Phoenix (if I remember well - some 10 gunsx152 mm, 13,7 KM range that can be raised to some 16KM with one of the 4th skills of the captain), which can give a serious kick from greater distances. Wanna light the Ishizuchi on fire? NO PROBLEM. Third lie - intimidation. You cannot intimidate when you have a horrible ship. Everybody who knows "her", knows that she's the perfect target. Period. Now... what people don't know, is that Ishizuchi is getting TOO EASY on fire. I've used the ship too many times to be wrong about this. It doesn't matter if she's fast. Most of the time you'll encounter faster ships or ships that have both speed and greater range. Just imagine what's the outcome. Ship's on fire. You use the repair consumable. "Oh, no, now it's on fire again. But I just repaired it. Great, here comes a torp..." Well... that's the course of things with this ship. Beside that, there are other aspects. Anti-aircraft defense. VERY BAD, even if you have a skillful captain. The AA guns fire like the crew is drunk, sick, drugged... or something. Secondary guns have bad accuracy as well, and they have a bad range, even if you manage in the end to enable the 4th skill of range. So... defense? What defense? It's a joke. The entire ship is a joke. A bad joke. At least here (secondary guns) WG could have done something, but as far as I saw, they just take money and leave the player in possession of a ship that clearly is pretty unusable. And now comes the worst part: when players who enjoy playing low tiers enable the 4th skill of their St. Louis, Phoenix, Kuma, Tenryu (etc) and some long range guns destroyers... they have no trouble destroying Ishizuchi, spamming fire. In case of a dd that can shoot at more than 13 km away, when you sailing Ishizuchi with his 12,9 KM range, YOU DON'T EVEN SEE THE GUY WHO'S SHOOTING YOU, AND YOU CANNOT SHOOT BACK! Another thing. Like all these problems weren't enough, this is the only battleship who gets constant damages to the... rudder. Considering guns range, turret rotation speed, the deck "inclined" to catch fire, the bad armor and the bad AA guns, having a problem with the rudder is even worse. More than that, last updates seem to bring something very unpleasant. Almost full HP ships destroyed in a single salvo. That haven't happened before, and I played it many times before the updates. Imagine a battleship like Ishizuchi, 40000 and some HP... one blow (and that was angled, not a 90 degrees shot), and it's gone. Really, now. How to have fun with this ship? And Wargaming has and is doing nothing about it. Now... Some kid told me to enable the 4th skill. Where that kid failed - is that 4th skill of range works on guns up to 155 mm (in this case works just on the secondary useless guns, since the main guns have 305mm). Some accused me of asking for a "pay to win" ship. Nope. This is not the case. I just paid money to have fun. I have experience with this, and I don't have fun. Simple as that. And so on... Some people asked me why I haven't take the refund. Well, because it had a limit of 14 days, if i remember well (not nearly enough to properly test a ship), and implied some procedures that I do not agree with. More that that, I dislike very much to be lied, I dislike even more to be tricked. If someone who sells a thing (Wargaming in this case) say something about that thing, they should make sure the description FITS the product. Otherwise they must be accountable for the problem and change the product with a better one (since the buyer was lied), which in this case could be done. There's another option, one that is called "buffing". So far Wargaming has done NOTHING about it, not even when people start complaining about Ishizuchi. They did it for the ATAGO, but not for Ishizuchi, which means they don't respect their customers. So, you do something for those who paid more (Atago), but nothing for those who paid less (Ishizuchi). N.O.T.H.I.N.G. If in my first post about Ishizuchi I was using a lot of cuss words due a lot of anger, now I come with all arguments, after sailing Ishizuchi in many battles. I expect moderators to be fair, as they should always be. If you know what I am talking about, please use the poll. Let's demand the ship our money deserve. Thank you One annotation: As far as I see on their profiles, people like Phantombeast and Hellhound666 have never fought a single battle in Ishizuchi. I respectfully ask that people treat this poll in a serious manner, as we talk about WORKED money. Work, you what that is, I hope... These two negative votes don't count.
  14. Battleship shoot I have a few videos found, where battleships are shoot. I hope you like it. :Smile_honoring: USS Missouri USS Wisconsin
  15. Hey which is real common fire range of 127mm secondary dual propose naval guns WW2 common fire range for real? in game I think that its range is cuted by half
  16. ImperialAdmiral

    Roma's gun fragility

    Every game Roma's guns break 2-3 times per game. Even hit by 203mm shells breaks them. PM doesn't help much. Is it intentional or bug?
  17. Hi there i have it often now with fast firing guns (US DD mainly, sometimes with Phoenix/Omaha/St Lousis too) that when i fire gun per gun salvos, they just keep firing and firing. Only way for me to fix that is with selecting either torps, or or the second ammo. It happens 8 out of 10 times when driving straight lines and every time when manouvering wildly to avoid enemy fire. Bug ? Feature ? and while im here and posting, maybe some of you can confirm that light ships get "drawn" to islands while passing closeby. Rudder sits straight at 0 and the ship turns into the Island. The usual typo and language disclaimers apply
  18. It just seems to me you don't really get a lot for your money, or more importantly, XP. All the upgrade seems to do is to make them fire slightly faster while turning a bit slower. No more range, no more damage. The turret traverse speed on the Omaha is good, but not so good that I feel that the increased ROF is really worth the trade-off, the Omaha's guns are already quite fast-firing. Are there any secondary stats that make them worthwhile? Accuracy, module HP, better AP penetration?

    Naval Guns Dispersion Pattern

    Hi all, just a thought that came to mind and I did check to see if it was valid. It seems to me that the naval guns dispersion pattern (the oval target area with which guns hit or miss the target) is way off reality and actually results in rather ridiculous naval battle tactics, which in actuality would have resulted in disaster. What I mean is, that as in the Battle of Denmark straight, when Bismark demolished Hood, the result was BECAUSE Hood was heading towards Bismarck head-on thus making it easier to hit (citadel hits), had Hood been sideways towards Bismarck, the hits would have been fewer and she might have survived the combat (though perhaps badly damaged). In actuality, naval guns dispersion is narrower sideways and bigger rangewise (this is precisely why "finding the range" was such a big deal in naval battles). This makes sense, when you think of ships tossing and listing while on sea, the guns pointing sideways would not necessarily change much due to ship movement, but they would be severely affected by pitching and rolling, which would affect the range of shot mostly. This is why I find it quite ridiculous seeing BB's in a battle trying to "angle" their ships nose first in order to get shot to deflect off armor and to lessen the number of hits (and succeeding), when exactly the opposite should actually be true. Therefore the Vertical and Horizontal dispersion patterns in the game should actually be adjusted 90 degrees for them to be anywhere near correct. It also stands to reason, that since BB's width is usually somewhere in 30-50 meter range depending, their length of 160-250 should actually make for a much easier target. I included some links, which better illustrate the matter: https://defense-and-freedom.blogspot.co.uk/2015_12_01_archive.html (scroll down a bit and you'll see the chart). and http://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/docs/fm6-40-ch3.htm These are both excerpts from actual artillery studies and I just feel that doing it "the wrong way" feels awkward and absurd and somewhat deducts from the game-playing experience. It also leads to the BB players not firing full broadsides, as was the accepted and recommended BB practice at the time, instead strangely "wiggling" around trying to get ships "angled" which just ain't right... Any thoughts? Any hope of getting this "fixed"?
  20. Iron_Walls

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    When looking through any book of naval ships like 'JANE'S' it gives the gun sizes in inches. 14", 15", 16" and 18". When looking at the history of different ships all the data like range etc. is given by the ships gun sizes in inches. This is not only true for Battleships And Cruisers, but all ships like 3.5 ", 4", 4.7". This includes almost all secondary guns and even some AA guns. I feel this mminor change would help the aviance of the game.