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Found 2 results

  1. Necro_von_Cortex

    Special vessel stats

    I noticed while every playable ship in the game has a wiki page, as well as a lot of other pages for mechanics, history and so forth. I cannot help but notice things are missing, those being details such as how Transylvania(Halloween special) operates, pages for the Submarines of halloween 2018(even though they are gone), Victory-class cargoships. You could of course argue the relevance of such details, but by the logic everything else is open for studying, this should be as well. Transylvania -How many knots does she gain pr. player within her circle? -What tier does she class as? (the higher tier, the better fireprevention is onboard.) -What's her armour? Torpedo protection? Top speed? 2018 Submarines In a year or so, no one will even know they were here unless they get pages of their own. Red Oak Victory (default engineer and cargo ships in operations) The real ships go about 11knots maybe 15.5knots at best. from the looks of it, it seems they got the armerment right but the gamewiki doesn't say. 8x1 - 20mm Oerlikon 1x1 - 3"/50 1x1 - 5"/38 This all would give it an AA rating at about 15 and artillery at 1 unless that 5"/38 has over 8km range or so. The same goes for the costal bunkers, I've seen 2 versions thus far. (+halloween catapult) One of Japanese design with some 14cm gun in a turret with no AA guns another with 6" guns and what looks like 2 Bofors, possibly with a couple of HMGs or autocannons. Anyone got any data? or better yet, the authority to make a wikipage for these.
  2. Hello! A couple of patches ago, the Chung Mu got nerfed very hard. Torp reload was increased by some 16 seconds, gun reload by 0.2 seconds. This made the Chung Mu a lot less fun to play. But it's still capable as a torp boat. However, the nerf hit its ability to fight other DDs pretty hard. Pan Asian DDs already suffer in DD vs DD fights because of deep water torps. So nerfing their gun power is not a nice thing at all. Chung Mu is a fletcher class ship, it should at least have the same gun characteristics. I played the Chung Mu both before and after the nerf, and I really miss the old one. But most of all I find the DPM lacking now, especially given the lower fire chance and higher shell arcs. TLDR: Please make gun reload 3.3s again. Thanks