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Found 6 results

  1. Reimu_BakaEU


    Akizuki Japoński niszczyciel tieru 8 Stats: Punkty wytrzymałośći: 20400 Maksymalna prędkość: 33 knoty Czas przestawienia steru: 4.5 sekund Promień sketu: 730 m Wykrywalność na powierzchni: 7.56 km / 10.56 km (po wystrzale) Wykrywalność z powietrza: 4.44 km / 6.44 km (po wystrzale) Główna bateria 100mm/65 Type 98 (4 x 2) Zasięg: 11.3 km Maksymalny rozrzut: 123 m Przeładowanie: 3 sekundy Obrót dział: 11.25 sec/180° Amunicja burząca: 100mm HE Type 98 Obrażenia: 1200 Penetracja: 17mm Waga: 13kg Prędkość początkowa: 1000m/s Szansa na pożar: 5% Amunicja przebijająca: 100mm AP Type 98 Obrażenia: 1700 Waga: 13kg Prędkość początkowa: 1000m/s Torpedy Type 90 mod. 1 (1 x 4) Prędkość: 62 knotów Zasięg: 10 km Przeładowanie: 101 sekund Type 93 mod.2 (1 x 4) Prędkość: 67 knotów Zasięg: 10 km Przeładowanie: 112 sekund AA 100mm/65 Type 98 (4 x 2) 83 obrażeń, 5 km zasięgu 25mm/60 Type 96 Triple mod.1 (3 x 7) 56 obrażeń, 3.1 km zasięgu 25mm/60 Type 96 mod.1 (1 x 19) 34 obrażeń, 3.1 km zasięgu Sprzęt eksploatacyjny Kontrola uszkodzeń pierwszy slot, Dym drugi slot, Przeładowanie torped trzeci slot, Doładowanie silnika czwarty slot.
  2. now, after playing ranked and randoms with all the ship of the line, i think that those ships are a bit unfair against the enemy, with kitakaze coming close to being op, as it is both powerful, relatively stealthy and agile. what i'm talking about when i say "unfair" i mean: at the start of the match, if both the dds on both sides are going for the cap, by the time one spot the other, and the less powerful dd ( so everything else at their tier) has the chance of doing an u turn, they are dead. For the akizuki and kita is even more pronounced because: -the aki encounters those poor tier 6's and 7's without the slot 5 concealment module, that you not only termonuke in firepower, but even outspot -the kita has very respectable concealment, so usually, you get spotted at the same time that you spot the enemy, or very close to it ( thanks to the distances compression of this game) -harugumo is somewhat more balanced, but it has insane firepower, and if i can rush a shima with a daring, that has similar concealment, harugumo can do the same. at 12 kms they can easily win a battle against the light cruisers who should be his counter ( i know, the light cruiser can stealth up, hoping that no other torp dd is spotting him), or heavy cruiser with slow shell velocity, that's imho too much. Even stats wise they are always in the 2nd spot ( not counting the asashio's), either behind the ru line ( that usually farm bbs, so useless damage) or the uk dds ( even they imho a bit too strong, especially the lightning). what i would do in this regard? -nerf the concealment across the line of about 0.5 to 1 kms ( closer to 1km imho, they should be around the 7 kms mark), to make them more in line with the ru dds and not be able to rush a dd so efficiently as they do now. -swap the TRB with def aa, as those ship were born with anti air capabilities in mind and the TRB gives them the advantage of both a gunboat and a torpedo boat, and that's imho stupid also some buff -maybe tune up a bit the agility of those ships, especially the tier 8 and 10 ( i'm still thinking about it) -remove the full ap pen for Harugumo. This had been a very lazy and stupid design choice from wg: khabarosk had kept that rule because it has the armour to bounce those shells when properly angled, and as such it should have also the drawbacks of it ( arming those shells if they penetrate). But harugumo received this treatment because WG knew that it was an op ship and so they have indirectly nerf it this way, and as i said above, this is lazy design what do you think?
  3. Z_OnkelE

    OnkelE's Gunboat Destroyer Guide

    WIP NOTE: This guide is currently (starting October 2018) under a full rework to reflect changes in core mechanics and also to include new lines of gunboat destroyers. 0.1.:Table of content 0. Preface 0.1. Table of content 0.2. General remarks 0.3. Abbreviations 1. Chapter: What is a gunboat destroyer? 1.1. Which destroyers count as gunboats? 1.2. US Navy 1.2. Russian Navy 1.3. Pan Asia 1.4. Poland 1.5. Royal Navy 1.6. Imperial Japanese Navy 1.7. Kriegsmarine 2. Chapter: Gameplay (part 1) 2.1. General tactics 2.2. The defensive part 2.3. The offensive part 2.4. Your role in the battle 2. Chapter: Gameplay (part 2) 2.5. Additional tips 2.6. A word or two on captain skills 2.7. Please, sir, I want some more. 3. Chapter: Supplement 0.2.: General remarks All ships listed below are denoted with their associated tier number. Premium ships are indicated be a *. In the list of ship characteristics all numbers are given without modules or camouflage, except premium ships which are assumed to be modified by their special camouflage. In most cases the ships are considered to be in their top hull configuration with all upgrades. In many cases the torpedo armament will not be discussed in detail because for several ships listed below they can be regarded as secondary armament type. If they can be used from concealment there will be an according remark. 0.3.: Abbreviations AFT - Advanced Firing Training BFT - Basic Firing Training CE - Concealment Expert DE - Demolition Expert EM - Expert Marksman AA - Anti Air AP - Armour Piercing (shell) HE - High Explosive (shell) APmod - Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 CSmod - Concealment System Modification 1 MBmod - Main Battery Modification 3 SGmod - Steering Gears Modification 2
  4. ollonborre

    Soviet DD's- BFT vs AR

    I'm currently grinding the Soviet gunboat line with the end goal the Kebab, but I have run into a bit of a dilemma. Basic firing training or adrenaline rush? The problem I have is which one is more effective overall, especially since this captain will go through all the preceding ships. BFT gives that nice flat -10% reload boost and 20% AA damage, so it is a nice more for your points type of skill. And it helps those DD's that don't have acess to the reload mod. However AR is a bit cheaper and gives you 1 extra point. And once you drop below 50% HP (which you will most of the time) AR gives you a higher reload than the flat 10% of BFT. Where my thinking lies right now is that BFT will help the preceding ships a bit more with that flat 10% on all the time with no real downside. And you also have to factor in that on the Taskent and Kebab the heal will make the AR effect jojo around a bit where as BFT will always work. Plus the added AA bonus on those ships is not unwelcome. So I lean more towards BFT, but if there is something I forgot to factor in or someone have a different oppinion I will be happy to hear it.
  5. RambaRal

    Gunboat: US or RU line?

    Hello Captains, as I managed to drag a friend in game, I'm going to start a new ship line to play with him. I am currenly playin Japanese CA and DDs and, for a change, I'd like to start a gunboat line. Considering that I have the Błyskawica and that I perform decently (considering my overall beta skills) with her, but, most of all, that I find her very funny to play, I'd like your advice to choose between US and RU DDs the line whose gameplay is most similar to Błyska's one, so decent speed, fast firing, not-arc-ballistic shells (I know that mid-tier US DDs have parabolic trajectories, is this the same also for end tier ones?) Any useful suggestion? Thank you!
  6. So except from CloakingDonkey that for some reason seem to think Russian destroyers will be useless most tests I have seen seem to conclude with two things: 1) They SUCK up to and including T4 2) T5 Onwards they own! One example: This vid is special however as there are hardly any cruisers or DDs to challenge iChase while playing this round. So why are the Russian DDs overperforming? 9% chance to fire 9 - NINE - !!!!. I understand that Rus DDs are long range gunboats with sub-par torpedoes and that they need something to help them perform. But NINE percent is insane - and it will have the BB and even the CA players go on a ragefest on the forums. USN DDs have a 5% percent chance (T5 onwards) that can be buffed to 8% by a Captain LVL 4 skill (possibly at the expence of the LVL 5 stealth skill). If a Rus DD does the same it's chance for fire will be 12%! I might be wrong here but I belive the Rus DDs need to have their chance to fire skill reduced - even 7% would be very good out of the box. Fire is controversial enough as it is - and one of the reasons USN DDs don't feel OP is their bad chance to set fire to targets.