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Found 6 results

  1. FredLabosch74

    Preis der Guineas

    Reife Leistung WG. Der Preis der einzelnen Guineas ist günstiger als in den Paketen. Ihr seid euch für nix zu schade. Weiter so.
  2. thunder3oo

    Guineas VS Sovereigns

    Hi there. Since I don't like very much playing DD's and I changed my mind about Cossack, I ask this: will be possible for players to exchange Guineas for Sovereigns? Warspite may not have the best AA, but at least I would play it. DD's I play rarely and when I do, I'm not very enthusiastic. Like other players, I got the impression that we will have the opportunity to earn Sovereigns for a longer time than ONE update. The latest news say that Sovereigns will NOT be earned beyond update 0.7.10. However, I guess it' not that hard to introduce an automatic calculator for conversion, since one is already in use for Steel/Coal resources. Thank you.
  3. Ein fröhliches Ahoi an alle Kapitäne! Nur mal eine kurze Frage. Ich spiele gerade mit dem Gedanken, mir das Admirals-Paket vom Zerstörer "Cossack" (wegen dem 10 Punkte-Kapitän) zu kaufen. Aber was kann ich dann mit meinen Guineas, die ich mir bisher erspielt habe, anfangen? Kann man die dann irgenwie anderweitig umtauschen, oder sich dafür etwas Anderes kaufen?
  4. operationalpha

    10 Guineas for less than 1 pound/euro

    Just found out you can buy 10 guineas for less than 1 pound/euro and it costs a lot more to buy additional ones. Do we know how many guineas can be obtained via in game missions?
  5. Hi all, What is your "strategy" regarding RN Guineas and Sovereigns? I bought 10 Guineas for 0.84 Euros and expect to get to 50 for the Tier VIII RN DD "Cossack" via normal play in "Directives". I hope to get 100 Sovereigns to get "Bert Dunkirk" and, possibly (if that is achievable at all via normal play), to get 220/200 additional Sovereigns for buying back my already existing "Warspite" / "Gallant" (and getting full Doubloons return). Leo "Apollo11"
  6. ledgeri

    Compensation for Guineas

    The offers are our for the Cossack and the Guineas. My question is, what will happen with the unused guineas? I mean there is a one time only pack for 10, and various pack from 1 to 40. What will happen the guineas, when e.g. i get the pack of 10 when i reach the 40 ingame, but after that i get 2 or more in the game? Will be changed for credits or soomething else, or this is "collateral loss"?