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Found 6 results

  1. 1ndez

    Für Smolensk suchten?

    Hi Leute! Ich habe neulich gehört, dass ab dem 31.3 die Smolensk nicht länger erhältlich sein wird. Das hat mich sehr geschockt, da ich das Ding schon immer interessant fande. Nun habe ich mir überlegt meine Kohle (aktuell 46.000) nicht in die Georgia sondern in die Smolensk zu stecken. Mit meinem Coupon müsste ich jetzt noch 136.000 Kohle beschaffen. 1. Lohnt sich das ? 2. Ist es überhaupt möglich? 3. Wenn ja, wie lange müsste ich täglich spielen? glg Indez
  2. Considering that Aircraft Carrier Commander II achievement (not III but II... sic!) has a threshold of 84000 avg damage, causing over 93000 damage and getting -73000 credits as a result of the battle is a load of bull. I'm not a fan of regulatory agencies but I just sent an e-mail with the below screenshots to an ECN/ECA agency that Wargaming is misleading customers about the game being F2P, while the actual paywall threshold is higher than their own achievement limits. Screenshots attached.
  3. Even if the grind was practically possible, (which it never was?), it may be a health hazard? For either healthy customers and those with "health issues" ( presumably eg customers who are persons with a disability , wounded military veterans) as mentioned by wows manager / oligarch it's supposed to benefit
  4. Ocsimano18

    Poll: Puerto Rico Grind

    This is the summary of the grind from Ensign Cthulhu of the NA forum. Here is the outline of the 0.8.11 Christmas event for 2019, as derived from the Public Test Server. There are some things which need to be said at the start. 1) The PTS has been reliable in the past with regard to what’s given out for missions and in some cases for directives as a whole. However, I can’t guarantee it. 2) Even if it’s accurate now, things might change when it goes live. 3) We’ve never had so many directives in one patch before, and I can’t say how long we’ll have to do each before the next is available. My WILD GUESS is that one will drop every 4 days, for 7 directives in 28 days. 4) This is a guide to completing the directives, not a navigation guide to the event as a whole. 5) The magnitude of all the tasks will only be known when things go live, but some forward planning is possible. ALL directives require at least Tier 5 ships (T6 carriers, as CV doesn’t have T5 any more), and unless I state otherwise, T5 is sufficient. Where I describe 2 modes, this means co-op and randoms only. 3 modes = Co-op, Random and Ranked. 4 modes includes scenarios (i.e. operations). This is almost always the case where credits or any form of XP (base, ship, commander, free) needs to be earned, so I will not repeat myself for every such task. SO here we go. Directive 1. Complete ANY SIX of the following missions, for 200 shipbuilding tokens. 3 modes in T5+ ships unless otherwise stated. 1. Get fire damage in CARRIERS or DESTROYERS only. 2. Score citadel hits, in BATTLESHIPS or CRUISERS only. 3. Get cap ribbons (captured, shared capture, defended). 4. Sink ships. 5. Tank damage. The number 2020 keeps coming up in the PTS directives, and my guess for this is 2.02… million damage tanked. 2 modes. 6. Earn credits in any ship. 7. to 10. Earn cash in BB, CV, Cruisers and Destroyers. For various reasons connected with the size of the prize in the PTS and previous experience, my guess for each of these grinds is 2.020 million. 11. In Italian premium T7 cruiser Gorizia, earn credits (probably a lot less than 2 million). More on this later. 12. In Gorizia, do a certain amount of damage to ships. 13. In Gorizia, earn base XP (gives a shipbuilding container). Tasks 1 to 5 and tasks 11 and 12 reward shipbuilding containers, with collection items. Remaining tasks not completed SHOULD be able to be finished while you work on subsequent directives. Therefore the important thing is to clear the minimum number of tasks ASAP to ensure progression. Don't panic about the cash grinds. If you can get the first six tasks done, you proceed on to the next directive and these cash grind tasks will continue to be worked on. The same goes for any of the other "big" items in other directives. The other thing to remember about them is that they do not count service costs; if you make 180,000 credits at T10 and lose all of it in service fees, the game still records you has having earned 180,000 credits toward that mission. DIRECTIVE 2. Complete any six of the following for 250 shipbuilding tokens. All missions not specifying the Gorizia give a shipbuilding container. 1. Sink ships. 2. Get citadel hit, fire, flood and torpedo hit ribbons. 3. Cause X amount of damage to ships. 4. Tank damage (2 modes). 5. Earn base XP in any T5+ ship. My wild guess is between 12,000 and 28,000 BXP. 6. Get a certain number of any sort of ribbon (co-op and random only). 7. Earn ship XP. 8. Earn ship XP in carriers. 9. Earn ship XP in battleships. 10. Earn ship XP in cruisers. 11. Earn ship XP in destroyers. 12. Get citadel hits in Gorizia. 13. Get main battery hits of any kind in Gorizia (this task awards a shipbuilding container). 14. Earn a (probably smaller than above) certain amount of ship Xp in Gorizia. 15. Earn a certain amount of credits in Gorizia. DIRECTIVE 3. Complete FIVE of the following missions for 300 shipbuilding tokens, and also receive the Gorizia (with which you can then do her related missions in Directives 1 and 2). All of the individual missions award a shipbuilding container. 1. Get ship kills. 2. Get torpedo or citadel hits (Co-op and randoms only). 3. Get secondary battery hits (co-op and randoms only). 4. Earn ship XP. 5. Earn base XP in any ship type. 6. Earn base XP in carriers. 7. Earn base XP in battleships. 8. Earn base XP in cruisers. 9. Earn base XP in destroyers. 10. Kill ships in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 11. Earn credits in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 12. Deal out damage in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 13. Earn commander XP in Gorizia (probably a lesser number). In the PTS, the Tier 6 premium destroyer Shinonome is used to stand in for the Gorizia. DIRECTIVE 4. Complete any five of the following for 300 shipbuilding tokens. In the PTS, there are NO shipbuilding containers in this directive. 1. Deal damage. 2. Earn base XP in any T5+ ships. 3. Earn base XP in Japanese ships. 4. Earn base XP in US ships. 5. Earn base XP in USSR ships. 6. Earn base XP in German ships. 7. Earn base XP in British ships. 8. Earn base XP in French ships. 9. Earn Base XP in Pan-Asian ships. 10. Earn base XP in Italian ships (if you have got this far, you will at least have the Gorizia). 11. Earn base XP in any one or more of Commonwealth, Pan-European (Blyskawica, Friesland) or Pan-American (i.e. Nueve de Julio) ships. NOTES: You will need ships of at least two other nations plus the Italian cruiser you scored in Directive 3 in order to finish this directive. In the PTS, the BXP requirement for mission 11 was half that of the others, which makes me think this will be a lower-effort bypass task. DIRECTIVE 5. Complete any 5 of the following for 300 Shipbuilding Tokens. 1. Earn money. Probably 2.020… million credits, based on deductions above. 2. Earn base XP in any T5+ ship. 3. Receive potential damage in Japanese, Italian, or Pan-American (Nueve) CRUISERS. 2 modes. 4. Score main battery hits with Japanese or French BATTLESHIPS. 2 modes. 5. Get fire or flood ribbons in Japanese or Pan-Asian DESTROYERS. 2 modes. 6. Get ship XP in any Tier 6-plus CARRIER. 7. Receive potential damage in US, German or Pan-Asian CRUISERS (2 modes). 8. Deal out damage in US, British or Italian BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn base XP in US, USSR (Soviet) or European (Blys, Friesland) DESTROYERS. 10. Earn base XP in Commonwealth ships (Haida, Perth). Let’s be blunt about this one; if you don’t have a large and/or properly diversified fleet, your adventure ends here. Fortunately, it’s not too late to grind and have some eligible ships. DIRECTIVE 6. Complete any 5 of the following for 300 shipbuilding tokens. 1. Earn credits (again, probably 2 million plus change). 2. Earn base XP. 3. Earn ship XP in USSR or British CRUISERS. 4. Get citadel hits in Soviet, Japanese or Italian BATTLESHIPS. 5. Get main gun hits in USSR, Pan-Asian or Pan-European DESTROYERS. 6. Get torpedo, bomb and rocket hits in any Tier 6+ CARRIER. 7. Get torpedo or citadel hits in German, Italian or Pan-Asian CRUISERS. 8. Get secondary armament hits in US or German BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn base XP in German or French DESTROYERS. 10. Earn base XP in Pan-American ships (i.e. Nueve de Julio). DIRECTIVE SEVEN. Number not given, probably any of the following FIVE. 300 shipbuilding tokens. With one exception (mission 10), this directive requires Tier 10 ships. (To say that I’m rather angry is to understate the matter.) 1. Earn credits in any Tier 10 ships (in 3 modes). 2. Earn ship XP in any T10 ships. 3. Earn ship XP in British or Italian Tier 10 CRUISERS. 4. Earn ship XP in British or American Tier 10 BATTLESHIPS. 5. Earn ship XP in British or Pan-Asian Tier 10 DESTROYERS. 6. Earn free XP in any Tier 10 CARRIER. 7. Earn free XP in Japanese or French T10 CRUISERS. 8. Earn Free XP in French and German T10 BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn Free XP in USSR or French T10 DESTROYERS. 10. Earn commander XP in any European ship, i.e. in Blyskawica or Friesland. Wargaming formally warned us that only the hardiest and best would be able to complete all seven directives, and oh boy, were they ever right!!! Anyone with time on their hands and at least one of every ship type at Tier 5 (T6 for carriers) should have no problem walking away from this with a Tier 7 premium ship, which has been the gold standard for the last three years. That part of it is likely to be easier than it’s ever been. The full event, though? That’s not possible unless you’ve been in the game long enough and played hard enough to get to the top in quite a few tech trees (or got some T10 ships for coal along the way). I can’t say to what extent it hampers the ability to get the Tier 10 Puerto Rico for free. Edited 16 hours ago by Ensign_Cthulhu 16
  5. SamuraiShakaViking


    Trying a constructive suggestion. ( Borrowing from NoZoups recommendations. Split lines in relevant tech trees, to make battlecruisers a grindable branch line. There's no shortage of historical actual real ships for wows time frame. (why need NTC research bureau wot (waste of time) and presume subs will be new line too. Bizarre to regress (backwards) with NTC , when they should grow expand and modernise the game horizontal ly. And improve quality of life, eg UI issues etc Be cool to try bring back some pertinent historical relevance too. (Ref to drachinifel) If they gonna shake up the entire game further, even as cv rework becomes "years of the cv" re- rework of a reworked rework, might as well shake rattle n roll it up further good n proper... That's all folks.

    Kapitäns EP Grind zum 19er Kapitän!

    Liebe Community und WG. Ich bin seit ein paar Monaten sehr aktiv in diesem Spiel ! Bisher gefällt es mir auch sehr gut. habe etwas über 2K Gefechte. Was allerdings nervt ist dieser unglaubliche Grind zu einem 19 Kapitän! 1.7 Millionen EP für einen 19 Kapitän ist doch wohl etwas übertrieben. Zumal Spieler die langer hier sind, und mehr 19 Kapitäne haben immer schneller zu diesen kommen als neue Spieler. Wieso verwendet ihr hier nicht das gleiche System wie bei WOT! Elite schiff gleich mehr XP. So wären Low Tier auch gleich Interessanter und würden öfter gespielt. Oder setzt die 1.7 Millionen auf 750.000 Xp runter. Bin sicher das würde gut ankommen! oder wollt ihr nur 10er Schiffe! Dann wird dieses Game nie groß werden da es viel mehr Skill erwartet als WOT! Wer meiner Meinung ist liked bitte oder Antwortet einfach. Bitte liebes WG Team beschäftigt euch damit. Vielen Dank!