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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, Which "Silver" ships you retained after finishing the grind of some ship line and reaching Tier X in it? Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Brainzzzzz

    Summary of North Cape

    So. Finally. Finally we are done with the Battle of North Cape. And maybe I am done with WoWs. First, let me give you a summary on how I feel about this mission, afterwards I would really like to read your opinions, comments and so on in the thread below. Thanks in advance! Now, I play this game as a premium user since the roll-out to live servers. Invested some money into ships etc. Why? Because I love this game. I love the setting, the design, the ships, the overall feel to it. Yes, there are some flaws and faults, but hey, the overall appearance and gameplay is ok. Some hickups in between (ships like Belfast, Nikolai, Conqueror; maps like Tears of the cruisers Epicenter; ....), well, you name it. Still, it was fun to play. And, sometimes not fun, it was at least ok. If some of you have been around for some while, you will have also encountered some of the more severe hick-ups in the game. The "Kill x amount of y ship" missions. These missions always produced the same predictable results: the to-be-focussed-class of ships were avoiding queuing in, and killsteals were common. Who doesn't remember the fun mission: "Kill a CV with a Destroyer". Oh boy, did we laugh at the rushing DDs, ignoring the caps to hunt down the Carrier on the map border. Oh those beautiful memories. Or, do you remember the great "Kill 20 soviet cruisers" mission... Jesus, did no one dare to play soviet ships for a while! Anyway - a big community outcry later, the missions changed to more playable variants, where your team doesn't start acting like starving hyenas. Having lived through all those missions, I was pretty satisfied having achieved all ARP-ships, Kamikaze R, all the new "Collections" etc.; sometimes the grind was borderline gruesome, but it was ok so to speak. But not this one. No. No no no, not at all. See, first of all, it seems you didn't get any Collection items anymore from shortly after New Years Eve. Second, the mission parameters in North Cape 5 were so stupid, that you could not achieve them in a regular amount of time. Three times 75k XP? 90k dmg in torps in a single battle? 11 torp hits with british ships? You could tell what mission your teammates or enemies had chosen by watching them: charging down the enemy lines with a Minotaur and launching torps and guns silent. Wargaming, I understand that it is hard to make the game fun and engaging. And I am really not all to mad at you for throwing the occasional screwball for reminding us how grateful we should be if you do things right. But this time, this special time, you went wrong on so many levels, that I can not sit by and let it happen. Don't get me wrong, I literally would sell the Duke of York if I would have gotten her, I didn't NEED her. But what you did was that you ruined the gameplay for the last 2-3 weeks. This, I can not take lightly. Not with spending my money on your game for premium time, premium ships and all the other things. Not with your blatant ignorance on what the community wants and the game needs. If you don't need the money any more, just tell me, and I will move on. For now, I have reinstalled another online game and spent the money dedicated for the Roma on some ingame credits. It hurts that much, because I really love this game. Question is: will it be a lovestory with a happy end, or will it end in a drama. Until then...
  3. VelocityTracer

    World of money grinding

    One thing i have noticed about World of Warships is the increased income of credits and the extra rewards for doing well, even on a defeat, which has been a nice change of pace from the other game where income is decided based on how the team performs as a whole. But there is still that dark cloud looming over the economy, if you want to upgrade your ship, progress to the next, or generally want to re-buy an old ship because you ran out of Port-slots. Selling price is also severely reduced from the price you bought the ship for Upgrades for ships in the higher tiers have a tendency of costing more than a ship as a whole, take the last hull upgrade on the Izumo for example, it almost costs as much as the tier 7 Colorado So in hindsight we're back to square one, World of Tanks pricetags for upgrades and at quadruple the price for a new ship. And then there is that decade long XP grind which should be covered in a stand-alone topic of itself
  4. JagEngland

    Just a few newbie questions

    Hello anybody, It was back in 2010 when I played a lot of NavyField. Since then I've pretty much ignored ship games (even though I have great interest in ships) but came back for this - and I love it! I have, however, a few questions: 1. I chose the German tree. I really like their navy (and they have been the most important WW I navy in the game currently). Having unlocked the light cruiser Karlsruhe I realized how bad it is (Dresden seemed best so far). Is there a way to earn the 18.000 xp needed for the Konigsberg on another ship or do I have to grind it (making around 300 per lost and 600 per won match it takes ages)? 2. Is there any information when British ships will be released for the game? They are my favourite navy - and the most important. Thank you. Best Regards, Jag
  5. I'm playing Shokaku atm, I enjoy the ship... even if I get shafted by MM most matches getting slung against Des Memes and Minotaurs but hey that's a different topic. With the mediocre XP and credit rewards, it's taking so much effort to grind XP towards the Taiho. The amount of concentration required to play CV's at a high level especially when being uptiered constantly is just so fatiguing. After five or so games I feel like I'm done and need to go back to playing one of the other classes which feel so simply by comparisson. Doesn't help that my teams decide to do everything in their power to throw the game, had a 184k game last night for a loss. So many BB's clumped together cowaring in the corner while the enemy takes all the caps. Do you guys feel the same, that it's just exhausting playing high tier CV's for any period of time.
  6. xxMacTavishxx

    Grinding is slow

    In my opinion the grind is slow. I play a lot every day (yes i like the game), and if i was playing wot i would have advanced to tier 6 for sure. The thing here is that the matches take a long time which is not a bad thing, but the experience should be more per battle.Alternative is that the experience need for research should have lower value. I suggest to balance them them on par with wot. A standard account should be able to reach tier 5 in three days of 3-4 hours play per day. Also i noticed that players who tend to play poorly take less than 100-300 exp per battle even if it is a win. Keep in mind that a standard account should be able to reach tier 10 in 3 months MAX , and this is an arcade game which means people play for fun and grinding the same ship every day is not fun, it is boring.My 5 cents.This game has a lot of potential, and it will be the new flagship of wargaming if they listen to players(i know where wot has gone).
  7. Spartan41

    Change the Exp for ships back

    this is bull the grind and economy was perfect in the closed beta why change it. now its too much in World of Tanks I can get a KV4 4 for 53,000 exp but in warships now every tier 8 is over 100,000 this is not bringing it in line with WoT this is just ruining the game change the economy back to closed beta economy exp nobody asked for longer grinds
  8. After today we have new BB in premium shop Now I need to think what to do in future (if I will stay in game) a) continue grind and level up my fleet with pain (without premium) b) continue grind and level up my fleet with pain for may wallet (buying premium days) c) buy premium ships one from T-5 to T-8 (or hire if will be in future) and use benefits of premium ships and not pay premium days, and fun without pain of grinding More are looks in this, more is my thinking that I will choose C... what is your opinion ?
  9. If you own a ship and have grinded up to the next ship in the tree, and sell the ship for the port to buy the next ship, is the previous (sold) ship' research researched/owned status and xp supposed to vanish and revert to an 'un-researched' ship with xp and upgrades removed? This confusing for WoWT or WoWp players as if you sell a vehicle, it remains "researched" and previously "owned" , you can buy it back for credits at any time . and its xp remains on the vehicle (even shown in the tech tree..)
  10. HrS_Sylar

    Missouri grind?

    I am making such a slow progress towards the Missouri. What am i doing wrong? What can i do to speed it up without doubloons? How can i speed up the free xp gain? How much doubloons would i need if i want to go that way?
  11. Hello everyone, I am almost at half way of to both Tier9 BB. Amagi has 102K xp and NC has 34K xp. I have watched Youtube videos for both ships. Actually i am confused right now. On paper Montana has better armor thickness for citadel protection. But it seems to be its on "paper" etc. As like in the title which one i should go to first? It would be most appreciated if you explain your reasons. Sorry if i have grammer errors cause English is not my native language.
  12. Add missions, kind of side quests. Add more PvE content, Co-Op. I recently saw the Mighty Jingles showing "Armored Warfare"'s newly PvE content, pure Co-OP missions, that only enrich the game. He sounded genuinely​ excited about it! And then he made a video about WoT and it's new patch...you can see his description about it. I don't know if it's just us, the old gamers that love PvE and Co-Op and the new generations prefers only competitive, i think a gamer (there's a difference with "fanboy") wants a bit of both in a game. Some, like me, prefer PvE/Co-Op mostly, but to have PvP as an option. A videogame is different from a Board game... The grind is horrendous if the game is repetitive. I am personally tired of hearing people, "this has a lot of potential blah blah..", and all i know after 20+ years of watching the gaming industry is that if a game is from the starting good, it'll be good ("DiRT Rally" pops to my mind right now). There is no such thing as "potential" (same thing for "Pay to Advance"!). A Developer has a plan and he'll act on it. Nothing else, nothing of the things we would want or imagine. I love the game, i hate the grind it puts you through. A friend of mine gave me a gift, Premium for 30 days! And yet, the grind remains is terrible! In CBT it was great (I was playing CBT on NA), i really enjoyed it. I just wanted to unlock everything, i didn't care about the time it'll take me cause it went reasonably well. What do you afraid really? This is the game, minor things you will add in time, the game has replayability anyways (and it'll have a 1000 times more IF you add PvE/Co-Op content), just stop finding grinding as a solution if you don't have imagination. We were talking with a friend about the two, supposedly, huge PC space titles. "Elite Dangerous" and "Star Citizen" and he told me Elite is all about grinding. Of course when we discuss we elaborate and go in depth, something i won't do here, as it already is too long (and modern gamers hate reading..). SC? Well, for an informed gamer it is a concern at this point really, if they'll deliver or not... Anyway, PC Gamer has great articles in general, a recent one is about CoD and it is called "How I would repair Call of Duty's negative image (by ruining it)". And then, you have "No Mans Sky". That's fαcking imagination. Simplicity and imagination make successful and enjoyable games. When the Developer makes games out of passion and love, and not to try and find ways to hide his lack of it. And i am impressed people don't mention this. And i thought Westerners hated grinding, yet, no comment for some reason. Everything is ok... Anyway, i didn't want it to be a rant, but i am bored and sick of the same things over and over again. And yes, if i don't like something i stop playing it, do not worry about this. I prefer quality over quantity any day. This is a suggestion, even as an aggressive one, if you take it as such. Again, i love the game, i hate the grind! "don't take offence at my innuendo."
  13. SkullBreaker007

    Should I start IJN BB's line

    Hey now that I have been olaying us bb's for quite a while I am about to get the tier vii bb colarado( havent heard good things about it) So far the USN BB's have been somewhat disappointing except for New Mexico. Now after a ling time as im just about to get Colarado I hear its probably the worst US bb. Im thinking of checking out the japanese battleship line and hear it has some nice midtier bs . I just have 2 questions 1. Is it better for now to focus on US bbs and get to iowa or montana or shoild I start checking the ijn bbs? 2. A dumb question but I have the ishizuchi battleship does that mean I can research kongo ir do I have to get myogi for that. I dont have access to my PC so I cant check out.
  14. jerkchicken

    Grinding for USS Missouri

    Hey, I'am grinding hard for the missouri now, what I'am doing is just basicly: Get alot of exp and convert it with doubloons to free exp. ive got enough doubloons to get it to 850.000 f.exp. (I've got already 320.000 f.exp) So my question to you guys: How can i grind about 100.000 exp a day? (to convert it of course) I've had a day that i reached it so anybody some tips or tactics? (to make it basicly fast and easy) I already have to boost: -Premuim account -Premuim ships -first game win (200%+ exp) -some boost flags Thanks, Splire
  15. SchnauzerFaust

    Credit Grinding Monster - Atago or Tirpitz?

    Price considerations aside, I'm looking to buy a solid credit printing machine to fuel my CV captain ambitions. So naturally Tirpitz and Atago are in my crosshairs. - I love huge ships. Tirpitz falls into that category. - Tirpitz gives me a German BB captain. German BBs will likely be my next grind after USN CVs. Just love capital ships. - On the other hand Atago seems to print more credits. - I have no idea if I like high tier IJN cruisers. So far I only have the Kuma and I like it more than what I've seen in the USN line. - I'm not concerned with win rate and performance when playing for credits. I like to rush, do some serious damage, die quickly and hop in to the next ship. so Atago seems better - it costs less to repair, can get into the fight quicker. Any insights into the Atago vs Tirpitz earning debate are very much welcome. This includes anecdotal evidence, match performance screens and all. Thanks