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Found 3 results

  1. Hi fellow experts In the Santas presents I recieved the Gremy as last possible ship draw after every other ship was fixed or bought way earlier. That the ship is OP is beyond doubt. Even for me the ship performs great. I have used my Udaloi captain, PM, LS, DE, AFT, CE and have 5 points, thinking what to aim for, Gremy is only T5 so SE is not worth that much o her more on Udaloi, Torp reload, Gremy is fast but Udaloi needs it, etc BFT to get higher reload and AR is the 5 points I think of most. What do you think? I seldom knifefight so I have avoided EM.
  2. ClearEvil


    Ahoj námořníci, na pátém tieru sovětských torpédoborců najdeme prémiový Gremjaščij. Svou stránku na Wiki má >> ZDE << Zde máte prostor k diskuzi ohledně této krasavice.
  3. So i got curious before i bought the Anshan, so i have made a comparison of the 3 similar ships hope you find this useful. Gnevny Anshan Gremy Health 13.900 14.400 13.100 For/end hull 10mm 16mm 10 Gun mount 10-13mm 13-16mm 6-10mm Deck 13mm 16mm 13mm Speed 38 knots 38 knots 37 knots Turning radius 610m 610m 510m Rudder shift time 4,4 sec 4,4 (3,5) sec 2,7 sec *Anshan with 'Steering-gears mod. 2' Concealment: Gnevny Anshan Gremy Surface detection in km 7,0 (6,8) 7,2 (7,0) 6,8 Air detection in km 3,6 3,6 3,6 Torpedoes: Gnevny Anshan Gremy Reload speed 70 sec 70 sec (79 sec) 69 sec Torp. damage 14400 14400 14400 Torp. speed in knots 64 (65) 65 (60) 55 Torp. range 4 km 4 km (8 km) 8 km AA guns: Gnevny Anshan Gremy AA rating 11 20 12 AA guns 2x1 12,7mm, 2x2 12,7mm, 3x1 37mm and 2x1 76mm 4x2 37mm 2x1 12,7mm, 2x2 12,7mm, 4x1 37mm and 2x1 76mm AA range 2 km 3,5 km 2 km Guns: Gnevny Anshan Gremy Rotation speed 36 sec 30 sec 36 sec HE damge 1600 1600 1900 Fire chance 7% 7% 9% *all of them have 11,9 km firing range and the same dispersion 104m at 11,9km Stealth firing: Gnevny Anshan Gremy Concealment in km 6,8 7,0 6,8 Gun detection addition in km 5,9 5,9 3,8 Stealth firing possible in km 12,7 12,9 10,6 Firing range in km 11,9 11,9 11,9 Besides the Gremy's un nerf'ed HE damage, fire chance and rudder shift time then the Anshan is the better destroyer as a ship, as the gun turrets are less likely to be knocked out plus it has much better anti-air guns. BTW. the Anshan's premium camo. gives you +100% free XP while also giving +50% XP and -3% detection, so that is another very good reason to get it. So my conclusion is that the Anshan is worth every penny, so get it while you can!