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Found 24 results

  1. Gormadoc

    Graphics glitch / memory leak

    I get this aircraft icon in my Port after some battles. At the spot where we change from random to co-op Battle modes. it requires a reload of game to get rid off. It does no real harm i guess other than it's a symptom off Graphics memory not being clearet correctly. Se screenshot for details. I have drawn a yellow square around the area where the graphics glitch can be seen.
  2. Here I go again I really think it is horrible to put a red Nazi-like naval-flag on a WW1 era German ship like the Emden, it devalues the otherwise huge effort that has been made by developers, to make the ship-models appear as historical correct as possible. It would be nice if WG gave players like me an option to hide naval-ensign flags on ship-models in port and in battle-mode. Adding a switch button in the GRAPHIC SETTINGS would not influence the game experience for other players. If activated it would simply remove naval-ensign flags from ship-models in port and in battle-mode. But keeping Signal Flags and Special Event Flags visible to the player, as these influence gameplay. Just like the existing color-blind button in the GRAPHIC SETTINGS, which allows players to see the enemies in a different color than red. But it doesen't change the way other players see the enemies, they are still red to all others.
  3. Since the latest updates the graphics have been terrible. In the port, there appears to be WOWS graphics pixelating in the background. During game play the explosions, fires and shot trails are awful. Any suggestions
  4. Sybeck

    Weird Graphics Anomaly - Help.

    All of a sudden my game has a strange graphics glitch anomaly, the sea has developed stripes, and I can't figure out why. Drivers are up to date, have tried settings maxed (my usual setting) and settings minimal, unloaded all mods, but it remains. Has anyone any clue what is happening or even better a solution?
  5. WG must have a bucket full of irony to produce its latest video - GRAPHICS. The video clearly attributes the low FPS many of users are experiencing to the quality of our grahics cards and CPU's. I've recently purchased a top of the range gaming PC and was looking forward to enjoying the high graphics available (claimed to be available) on WOWS. This evening I managed to get 6 FPS. That meant a juddering image of the my ship sailing the WG seas. Then I remembered WG's video and its suggestion to have a decent level of play. So I reduced my setting from high to medium. Result: 10 FPS, not enough to stop the start/stop image of my ship. Then I reduced the settings to low. Now here I managed to get 20 FPS. The ship had no detail, the islands no trees and, in my opinion, the experience reminded me of low end games from the 1980's. To those who might argue that my PC or internet provider is at fault I say this: how is it that I can play WOT and WOWP at very high settings and have no problems. If WG goes ahead with a public launch of WOWS without first sorting out the low FPS problem, they risk a loss of reputation. WG's response has been to create a video and blame users' PC's for the problem. Shame on you WG.
  6. Rambos_Nachbar

    more frames per second; better performance

    Hey guys, I have question. Will WG improve the graphical performance of the game in the future or not? I'm playing currently on my laptop and only get fps around 15 -35, but very inconsistent. I set the ingame graphics on low and the resolution to 1366x768 on a 1920x1080 laptop. FYI games like 7 Days to day or Battlefield 4 are running smooth with 60 fps and medium to high settings. GPU is a GeForce GTX 760M with the latest drivers. Best Regards R_N edit: Oh, and yes, the game is running on the GPU and not the Intel graphic-chip.
  7. SkullBreaker007

    DX11 or 9?

    Hry guus I have a pretty low laptop, I was wondering what happens if I switch between dx9 and 11. I am currently in 11' Will switching to Directx 9 increase fps?
  8. GodzRott


    The problem I'm having is quite odd. I load the game, log in, the video in the background works fine and then it gets to the part where you see your current ship... This is where the problem is. everything, including the ship, is in red and blue and looks as if there are two (2) of everything? As if you'd need to use 3D glasses for it to work and oddly enough when I actually try and play the game, although the graphical issue is still occurring, the game itself runs flawlessly Haha! My PC is more than capable of running the game on the highest settings according to the website and this is the only game series I'm having this issue with (Its the same for WoT and WoP). I've attached a screenshot of the issue but I think the description of the fault is clear enough. Someone mentioned to me about anaglyph 3D settings? But I have no idea what this is or where to find/alter it. Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  9. Dark_Bishop

    Unexpectedly low FPS

    Hi all, I was wondering lately... many things, in truth. However, concerning WoWs, the main thing is: Why is my FPS-rate so terribly low? I'm running a GeForce GTX 1060, have 24 GB RAM, and a Win7 x64. And yet, I'd expect my FPS on maxed settings to be higher than the actual 10-15 FPS I get when in-battle... Am I just plain wrong or what?
  10. Hello all, So I got home from work last night, excited like a child to play. The update installed, I loaded the game. I found the port view to be a bit odd. Icns were flashing slightly and the missions window was flashing in and out of view. I loaded into a match to find that the loading screen was flashing everytime I moved the mouse. Ship icons friendly and hostile would blur and smudge across my screen. So the game is now unplayable. I have changed my graphics settings from very high to low, medium. Vsync on and off, basically I went from top to bottom with no affect. I then updated my drivers from 15.4 to 15.6. I loaded in and the port screen seemed to be fine. Brilliant! oh... when I get into a game its still the same... unplayable. I created a ticket with screen shots and my system information but I'm holding little hope that I will get to enjoy WOWS any time this month if ever. Has anyone else experienced the above and been able to resolve the issue?
  11. CaseDaAce89

    Issues with playing

    Hi, has anyone had this problem?? (see attached) I have just started a game and this happens and does not leave i can hear everything working, ships firing, but i cant see a thing, iv tried all different settings low to high, and made sure all my drivers are up to date really confused? Any suggestions please.
  12. Sneaky_Wiener

    graphics in port and game crash

    Hi i expirient some graphics fails in the port and in game couldt see any thing but blur.. any others there have seen the same ???
  13. E69_Mikel

    Irregular framerate on Nvidia GPU

    Hi all. Since last update I'm sufering from irregular framerates, ranging from top 50 somethings to as low as 17 without advice nor previous notice. GPU load is less tan 15% but I had to lower quality settings and the problema is not away... It increases max framerates, but time to time it goes down to 20 or 17 for few seconds, mainly on zoom-in situations. Note I'm saying 'since last update'. Previously it worked nice and smooth, with just a bit of stuttering from an average 35 fps to 24/25 fps with graphic settings on default médium (only fullscreened). My hardware is a bit outdated Quad Core Q6600 @ 2,40 GHz with 4 GB RAM runing under Windows 8.1 64 bit, GPU is an Old Reliable GT8800 with 512 MB DDR3 dedicated RAM and last driver versión. Yes, is a third (or fifth) line rig for gaming, but had no issues until last update.
  14. Princess_Patricia

    Borderless Screen support

    Hi Forum,I am playing game with dual monitor setup and it is very inconvenient for me not to have a border less mode, I mean even to write this forum entry when I click on my other monitor game goes to the system tray it's very an-user friendly. In World of tanks you have created "Windowed" mode, but that one is also not good because then game has a frame around it, im sure you know what i mean by border less display, but in case if not, its when the game is full screen as normally, but clicking on other monitor does not minimize the game to system trey bur rather keeps it going just removing sounds. Rome 2 is a very good example of border less screen option.If possible move this thread to suggestion section as I couldn't find in 20 sec I spent in looking for it. Any dev answers? A game in 2015 should really have this option...
  15. Ronnin426850

    Lazy graphics

    Welcome to 2005. Where is the crew? Where are the water splashes? Why doesn't the ship sway? Where is the stormy sea? Where are the land shadows on water? Why doesn't the ship shake when it fires to the side? Why don't parts fall off? As a part of a generation of sailors, AND a person who waited for this game for years and years, I am gravely disappointed at how LAZY you were with the engine.
  16. Hello folks.. :-) tl/dr - can anyone please tell me which settings are cpu or gpu intensive, and/or how are comparable cpus doing for others? I've been experiencing FPS drops in-game for a while now, so today i decided to try and solve it - without much success.. or rather it was a bit disappointing, not sure if i should raise a support ticket...or if my cpu is just past it... as it does max out occasionally, whereas the graphics card is never pushed beyond 35%. Win 10, GTX 1070, i5 2500k OC @ 4.5GHz, 16GB Ram - latest drivers, no problem running any other titles i own at Max with good solid fps (Doom, BF4 etc). I saved a replay I had noticed an fps drop in last night; uninstalled game, deleted all old data.. fresh install, no mods. I used Fraps to run a 6 min benchmark on the saved replay, and tried all the settings; beyond medium settings I keep getting fps drops to unplayable levels. here is a sample of the results: 2017-02-07 11:44:44 - WorldOfWarships - maxFrames: 22234 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 61.761 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:15:07 - WorldOfWarships - highFrames: 23290 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 64.694 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:05:27 - WorldOfWarships - medFrames: 26493 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.592 - Min: 59 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 11:54:50 - WorldOfWarships - lowFrames: 26553 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.758 - Min: 68 - Max: 76 With everything maxed the average is fine (my screen is only 60hz), but the drops to low are at best very annoying, and at worst making the game unplayable for me... interestingly the ingame fps counter usually reports a lower fps than fraps...those min fraps 20fps show as 10-11 on the ingame counter. As there seems to be a parity between low/medium and high/max in terms of the bench results i got, I did a bunch of tests where I tried various combos of settings as i thought it would be easy to find the settings which were causing the fps drop, but the process takes ages.. and I'm not convinced i can reliably set anything above the stock medium without experiencing the fps drop... scratching my head over this a bit... so...what do you think, cpu past it? bugged? working as intended? anyone got a list of which settings are most cpu intensive? cheers all dash
  17. darkwater22

    [Visual] Bad lighting on Flags.

    This happens to me several times and the bug dissappears when I enter specator mode.
  18. I would like to have the factions in World of Warships represented by their respective naval ensigns, on the ships, in the tech trees and behind the portrays of commanders/ships. I think this would add even more flavor to this already awsome game. British ships, tech tree etc. should have the "Naval Jack" instead of the Union Jack. Soviet ships, tech tree etc. should have the correct Soviet naval ensign, whereas pre-revolutionary Imperial Russian ships should have the "St Andrews Cross Flag" like the Aurora already has. Japanese ships, tech tree etc. should have the "Rising Sun Flag", which is the correct Japanese naval ensign, which they still use on the ships of the Japanese self defense forces today. German ships, tech tree etc. should have the "Reichskriegs flagge" which is also used in both Wot and WoWP, older German ships from the 1st World War-era (like the Aurora) should fly the Imperial German Warflag. The American Naval Ensigns should remain as they are, as the "Stars and Stripes" were used by the USN before, during and after WW2. I'm a historic ship collector/builder and a sucker for details, so this would just increase the fun I already have with this game.
  19. CaptainCrumpet

    Graphics Issue

    Hi All Anyone able to shed some light on an issue I have. Basically when I start a battle the bottom of my screen seems to have a layered light effect. Sometimes after fiddling with my Nvidia settings it changes back to normal but I have no idea whats causing it or what settings do or do not work. The attached as an example, the bottom pictures has the issue.
  20. whoaaaa! 3D artist here. Perhaps you should hire me if it really takes you 3-7 months to model a ship. Seriously??? One (1) month maximum, one and a half if it is a complex carrier! Including research, a picky art director to boot and plenty of breaks in between! And I am just rusty like that! Also, is there an Ultra level of detail (model and textures)? I have maxxed everything and it still doesn't look as it should. Love the game, nice graphics but they look very medium quality.
  21. Gormadoc

    Graphics glitch / memory leak

    I get this aircraft icon in my Port after some battles. At the spot where we change from random to co-op Battle modes. it requires a reload of game to get rid off. It does no real harm i guess other than it's a symptom off Graphics memory not being clearet correctly. Se screenshot for details. I have drawn a yellow square around the area where the graphics glitch can be seen. EDIT: I have a Nvidia Geforce 780 GTX graphics card.
  22. Prycek

    Graphics Bug/Artifacts in Port

    Hi! I've started experiencing a weird graphic bug when I'm in Port screen since yesterday. When I am panning my wiev I am getting odd graphic's artifacts. You can see the bug on my video below. I recorded that video with my cell phone, 'cause when I tried to record it using Dxtory (which I use for recording) the bug doesn't show. Dxtory is not causing this bug 'cause this happens even when Dxtory is not running. I don't know what is causing this bug. I've downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and the bug is still there. I've also downloaded some fonts for my Windows yesterday and installed them, but I don't think they are causing this problem. My comp specs are: i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz NVidia 750M 4GB RAM 16GB Windows 8.1 64bit I am running the game from an external HDD connected via USB 3.0 Has any of you experienced something similar? If yes can you tell me how to fix it?
  23. Search up the video yourself, I'm not sure if it's fine to be posted on this forum... ... *shudder* The first thought I had was ermigod. The second thought I had was "I would like to see those visuals in WoWs please". Pretty please? I mean devs conceded to ship wakes improvement, would it be too much to ask for at least some very good explosions? Even if too much smoke is difficult for now?
  24. Flukeyluke

    Battle damage?

    So i used to play a *very* old game (release date June 21, 2000 see if you can guess which game in the comments) where as you take damage parts off your ship would become visably deformed or explode. this was simplified in the game and tied to the overall Hp bar of your ship. what are the chances in the future we will have visable damage on our ships because right now all we have is some fancy shell holes, turrets getting blown up visually, which is nice and a silly paint effect that looks like some 4 year old made it in paint.... I am sure 80%+ off the player base would enjoy watching funnels get blown to bits and collapse or your cruiser superstructure get shredded by a battleship volley or watching a destroyer get visably mangled after an atlanta lands 10 HE shells. The way i advise this to be implimented would be each of the 4 current hp pools on ships *bow, stern, center, super structer*would have there own damage states on each ship going from as new to *oh heck this things falling apart* as there Hp pools get closer to 0. if needed have an option that disables the visable damage states so people on lower end pcs dont suffer from any fps drop or lag ps loving the current way ships snap into 2 when torpedoed at low Hp