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Found 25 results

  1. Yare_Yare

    Graf Zeppelin Secondaries Question

    Hello i have a Question. Why do the 105mm Secondaries of Graf Zeppelin use the standard caliber/6 formula for armor pen instead of the improved german caliber/4 one? Is this intended or a bug/mistake by devs? 105mm : 6 = 17.5mm = 17mm the value displayed/active ingame 105mm : 4 = 26.5mm = 26mm the value that it should be The 150mm secondaries use the improved formula 150mm : 4 = 37.5mm = 37mm the value displayed/active ingame The complaint seems small but it makes a huge difference because the secondaries cant do damage to some equal tier dds/cruisers like the Mogami (25mm armor) or most DDs( 19mm) .
  2. Ok here i am once more exposing the naked king. I have tried all premiums and i noticed that Graf Zeppelin is sub par. I start with the good. Fast planes in general except for the rocket planes that are slow. Very good rocket planes. They are slower than those of other CVs but have good damage and penetration. They are very good against all types of ships. Problem is you can't use them more than a couple of times as they die fast. And now with the bad. All planes die very fast. Plane HP very low and being unagile just makes it worse. Torp planes are subpar. Harder to lock on than others, need to start from afar, low damage per torp only 4k. But you end up using these a lot since bombs totally suck. So yeah bomb planes totally suck. They are hard to manoeuvre and the AP bombs do minimal damage. Even if perfectly centered on immobile targets do bad damage. I tried bombing from various angles. The results seem rather random. Also, the bombs are not centered correctly and quite often if you bomb from the bow even on BBs they tend to go left and right to the sea! They seem to do better vs cruisers if they hit which is rare since quite often they miss. The ships feel too "thin" for these bombers. The bombs drop on sea never touching the ship one to the left and one to the right. The bombs should be much tighter. PS and imagine it is the most expensive CV! It is the most worthless of them all. I like it's looks and "voice" are cool but its damage output is very low. Please fix it I am sure others will agree and i find it strange that noone has brought this issue yet.
  3. Feldpropst

    Neuer Graf Zeppelin Nerf

    Torpedoschaden von 5,5k auf 4,544k. Der Schaden wurde erst kürzlich von 6k auf 5,5k gesenkt. "Graf Zeppelin and Soviet battleships changes. The total damage output of Graf Zeppelin is still very high. To keep the special features of GZ's attack planes and dive bombers and balance the total amount of damage this CV can inflict, the damage of torpedoes is lowered from 5500 to 4533. This change will be live at 14:00 UTC on 13.03.19. It's not planned to make further changes to the parameters of Graf Zeppelin, Saipan, Kaga and Enterprise. We consider their balancing finished. We also would like to remind you that you can exchange your CVs in the Inventory section before the time to do this expires with 0.8.2." https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog
  4. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    Greetings folks. I could not find a solid answer on this one, so I thought to post one myself. Is there a SITREP on the sale of premium aircraft carriers Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Enterprise and Saipan since it's been a month since the CV Rework hit Live already? A logical explanation could be that WarGaming will put them up for sale when the Royal Navy CV line will be released (along with their tier VIII premium CV "HMS Indomitable" which I'm very eager to open my wallet for.) My problem was that when Kaga got released I did not have the money available to buy her (RIP Shipfu) and when Graf Zeppelin got released I did have the money but it was awfully bad before WG put it off-sale and totally buffed her to the Heavens of Grognak. Kaga is still the one premium ship, out of around 60+ that I already own, I really itch to get into my port the day before yesterday, and I still regret I didn't cut down on my nourishment balance in order to get a Paysafe Card to get Kaga on the spot. The CV Rework has got my ears pointed as I like the way it's going, but I'm genuinely interested to know when these reworked premium aircraft carriers will be put back on sale. Please let me know if you have any usable intel! Let 'em have it! ~ Sirion
  5. Pikkozoikum

    Umfrage zum CV Graf Zeppelin ohne Stuka

    Hey Leute, hier mal eine Umfrage zur Graf Zeppelin, da sie mit 0.8.0 keine Stuka haben wird. Wenn viele daran teilnehmen und das Ergebnis entsprechend ausfällt, wird Wargaming evtl darauf aufmerksam #RettetdieStuka ps.: Einen Down-Vote: Ich habe nur eine Bitte: Voted für das, was ihr auch wirklich meint und sabotiert nicht die Umfrage, nur weil ihr anti-Rework seid. Zu mal die Umfrage an sich vom Rework entkoppelt ist. Es geht nur um das Load out mit Stuka oder ohne, ganz gleich welches Spielprinzp, ob RTS oder Action gameplay.
  6. Weiß einer wann die Graf Zeppelin wieder zurückkommt? Kommt sie überhaupt wieder? Keine Ahnung ob ich das hier fragen darf, bissi unübersichtlich
  7. They did it. They actually did it. They released the Graf Zeppelin in its current, useless state. Oh boy. I thought they knew how to sell things, but I was wrong. The GZ has EVERYTHING WRONG. Its planes have tier 7 stats Has fewer planes than the Enterprise, despite having planes of similar stats Has the worst fighters of tier 8, and just 4x2 squads. So anything has better AS. Has 5x3 DB, that we all know are unreliable to say the least, and that can't use manual drop cause of the delay. That's just 1 more DB than Lexington with Air Supremacy, And it will take a while to get Air supremacy, cause: You can't train captains with it. So, in summary: -bad fighters. -bad strike. Worse than the Lexington. And that's saying a lot. And, of course, no flexibility, no chance of going, say 3-0-2 for AS, or having a more balanced 2-2-2 or 2-1-2 loadout. They did something I didn't think possible. They made me NOT BUY a premium ship. and I have all premiums than can be bought (well, except the Fujin, I already had the Kamizake and the R). So I made this poll. Very easy. BTW, this is my port with the premium ships selected. I need a 3 screen setup to fit them all. Removed the pic, it had some non allowed historic flags. Update: Notser video recommending NOT to buy this thing; iChase review:
  8. Grimhardt

    Aktueller Stand Graf Zeppelin

    Nun, einmal eine Umfrage zum aktuellen Stand der GZ. Kauft Ihr sie euch oder nicht? Ich selbst bin derbe enttäuscht. Habe mir sehr viel von ihr erhofft. Sie sieht so wunderschön aus, aber das Loadout wie auch die Flugzeuglein selber schrecken mich ab - sehr stark ab!! Selbst bin ich kein Profi in CV's, aber für diese Perle hätte ich mir die Mühe gemacht und mein CV-play verbessert. Für mich absolut keine Kaufempfehlung... in keinster Weise. Bei diveres Youtuber auch nachzuschauen warum... Im GZ-Supertest-Thread sehen andere Meinungen ähnlich aus wie meine... (ab Seite 53) Die Tommies sind da ebenfalls zum größten Teil unserer Ansichten... Also bitte, bitte WG, tut uns (und euch) den Gefallen und gebt uns einen schlagkräftigen (nicht op...) KM Carrier und nicht diese (sehr hübsche) kastrierte Jammergestalt. Nachtrag von Tante Edith: Notser war der erste
  9. Which one is better and why?
  10. Azrael_Ashemdion

    Fair enough - kudos.

    Well. With the release of this messaging: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/premshop/Graf-Zeppelin-Situation-Update/ ...I have to admit that they did the right thing. Kudos. I'm not going to harp on what they did badly. They explain that in enough detail right there in their own message. What I will say is this: @Wargaming: In just short of 30 years of working software development, I know how much effort it takes to convince an executive team to go back on a decision and to admit publicly that they fucked something up. My exec team at [names deleted to protect the innocent] on a multi-million $$ development platform never figured that move out, and it cost us a lot of good faith in our community during my tenure. So, Wargaming: kudos to you. Congrats on overcoming a hurdle many never do. Also, kudos for coming up with a plan for a solution quickly during a show. I was this [] close to walking away after this debacle. Had you not self-corrected, it would have sent a very clear signal that was not pleasant. You *did* self-correct, though (admittedly with a considerable amount of cough player encouragement). And for that, you deserve congratulations. You've also sent a message that you actually do care how people receive your product, which is one that I think perhaps hadn't been loud enough before. I hope that you will continue to pursue this avenue. I think you will find that an honest exchange-style discussion is better (and I hope more profitable) than a one-sided one. Also kudos for apologizing to iChase. Nice to see you guys know how to try to mend fences, as well. @Playerbase: Although it took a lot of pushing to get your message through to the company, I will point out now that yes indeed, they *do* listen. Like any corporation, they listen through their wallet. A lot of people spoke with theirs, myself included. Back to @Wargaming: I'd like to suggest to you an idea to help you establish a more consistent communication channel with your community - a "Players Council". (This is something I did a long while back while at the above-not-mentioned dev tool firm.) The basics: You hold 9-12 seats on this council (too many makes for getting swamped in feedback, too few makes too isolated a sample) 20% are consistently "staffed" with players whose opinions you trust. The remainder are reshuffled randomly or semi-randomly per 'event' These seats are by invitation only, not asking for volunteers You send out invites, and keep inviting until you get full table confirmation For every major 'event' you have, you reshuffle who is in the seats No restriction on re-seating someone who gives good advice. I would imagine an 'event' in your context would be a new premium ship, a new service, a major change to gameplay mechanics, etc. Although you could NDA this stuff, I would lean towards doing it at a point where NDA isn't necessary They are involved with any major change to their respective "event". (i.e., "We're hot to push the GZ into the shop in time for the show, but let's give the Council 24 hours and get their feedback.") The input from this council is similar to a "focus group" marketing study. The objective here is to solicit feedback from "genuine" players - ones who are everyday, normal people. Not supertesters or CCs, because those two groups are already heavily committed to the game. You want voices of people who are from all walks of life and a smattering sample of your playerbase. You also want them talking about their experience dealing with you. You get them together on a TS channel, GoToMetting, skype or something to talk in a measured manner about their experience with the event, what they want to see, and to express to them what your goal is. And then you want them to talk about it to the community (on the forums, in Reddit, blogging, bullshitting with their friends, whatever). Remember when you invited all the CCs out to visit you? This is something like that, but with regular people and doing it in a low-cost "virtual" setting. I know you probably feel like you're tight on staff already, so maybe this isn't the best solution for you...but perhaps a mutation of it will help to both avoid something like a GZ moment, and will further push a feeling of "relationship" within your community. It's just advice. And just like any advice, it's free, you can do with it as you wish. I hope it helps. Best regards (and I mean that) - Az
  11. WarSurfer

    Graf Zeppelin - AFTERMATH

    Wargaming issued an official statement apologizing for the "Graf Zeppelin Incident" containing their admission of guilt and their future plans to correct the situation and to ensure "to prevent it from happening again in the future". As an owner of a Graf Zeppelin, thank your for your apology Wargaming. This is a good start, which I sincerely hope, in future will be regarded as a turning point for the better as to how this game is managed by you. There are many people who believe that you wont learn from this mistake and you will mistreat your customers again. Unfortunately rightfully so as you do have an unfortunate track record of making colossal mistakes and apologizing, only to end up making similar mistakes again. But I suggest that we take the affirmative and will again hopefully help you, together as the members of this community, in the course of not just "making Graf Zeppelin great again" but in the more important core issue of fixing the bond of trust and mutual respect between Wargaming Company and the World Of Warships Community. Now I believe if something is worth doing, its worth doing right. And as I mentioned your apology is a good start. But its missing some key aspects. As its very well put in your apology statement; "a simple "sorry" is by far not enough in this case". So here are my suggestions: 1- Compensations & Making Amends: * People who were offended, frustrated and upset, among many other things, were not just the people who bought this ship. It was the entire community. As you mentioned in your statement, this was an incident that affected the entire community. So, in order to rebuild the broken bond of trust, respect and love you have to compensate all your community and not just the people who bought the Graf Zeppelin. And you have to make amends. My suggestion in this case is: State openly the amount of money you made from the sale of Graf Zeppelin in total. And then convert that entire money into Dubloons and divide it equally among your ENTIRE playerbase. Even if that turns out to be 1 Dubloon that will be fine. The point here wont be the amount but rather will be the fact that you are open about this and SINCERELY SORRY. Because if you do this; you will clearly and without any doubt send the message saying that "Wargaming is really and sincerely sorry and ABSOLUTELY IN NO SHAPE OR FORM PROFITED FROM THIS INCIDENT". I am sorry to say but if you dont do this it would be saying "We are sorry but we are keeping the money. So we are not really sorry". And of course you should do this for every region. So all sales profits goes to the players of said region. * There is also a special part of the community that has to be recognized by you and I truely believe they also deserve a compensation. That special part of community are the people who came forward and wrote their opinions and helped you, Wargaming, realize the mistake you made and pushed you in the right direction by voicing their opinions. I am talking about the people who participated in any and all the discussions of Graf Zeppelin from the time of its release in store to the time of your apology. You MUST recognize this effort. Doing so will not only encourage them to be more constructive participants in the future but will also encourage others to do so and once and for all prove "Wargaming appreciates criticisms" and encourages DIRECT, HONEST, SINCERE COMMUNICATION. For this my suggestion is something simple as a commemorative flag. This will be not just be unique but more importantly it will be a visual reminder to all these people and the entire community of the values I mentioned above. Writing a heartfelt message in the flag's description and thanking all these people "for being helpful in their community in efforts of making it better" would be a nice touch. And if you think the flag idea is fine but how do we get all those names of people who helped us in this incident? Well.. I spent 2 hours of my own time and did it for you. Their names and the links that they commented in will be listed at the bottom of this post. * Now about the compensation camouflage that you are planning to issue. Thats nice. But "Players will also be invited to take part in the creative process to figure out what this camouflage will look like" is not what you should have said. IT SHOULD DEFINITELY AND SOLELY based on the expectations of the people who bought the Graf Zeppelin. In this matter my suggestion is again a visual reminder. The technical aspects of the camo absolutely dont matter. But it has to be a very specific camouflage with a MESSAGE. A message that says WE WONT FORGET what happened and future will tell us if we will use it to praise Wargaming or remind players in the game that there are mistakes that are being repeated. I suggest a simple hashtag # kind of message. Like on plain light navy grey color #WE CARE or #COMMUNITY CARES.. I am sure people replying this thread will also have great ideas for this so I encourage everyone to write their hashtag ideas for this camo. Please when you do so write things constructive like I did. Notice I didnt write #wewontforget because if Wargaming never makes this mistake again we should be able to use the camo to praise Wargaming. 2- The Issue Of Missing Apology: Now unfortunately the apology statement that Wargaming published does not contain any signature from an EU representative. The EU community was the first to be effected in this incident and was the first to react to it so that it can be corrected. Also in the process, we the players, received some very unfortunate replies insulting us in many aspects, in which one of them was even "that we lack the skill to play with this ship" was implied. So please make sure an executive from same level in EU, as the three gentlemen who signed the statement, signs this statement so that it is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that its not just NA and Asia Offices representatives that are sorry but the Wargaming EU is also behind this apology. 3- The Team To Test and Shape The Future of Graf Zeppelin This is a very special and heartwarming idea. As a person who will be on that team, I would like to say I really appreciate this. Again the idea, as special as it is, lacks a few details. Like transparency and efficiency. First of all containing these people in a closed Facebook group, gives a bit of a "behind closed doors" impression. A better way to do it would be in a forum posting where you can lock the post with a password so it can only be accessed by the people in team for replies but at the same time will be open for reading and oversight of the community. I honestly believe all these people at least earned the right to know "whats going on" about this situation. This would create TRANSPARENCY and would eliminate any wrong impressions or hypes about the affairs of this team and the future of the Graf Zeppelin. The other point is the composition of the team. As an addition to the Developers, CCs, SuperTesters and Graf Zeppelin owners I suggest 5 most experienced CV players from the playerbase to be added to this team as representatives of CV player community. The 5 people who have played the most games as a CV captain. Nothing improves things as experience. I firmly believe they would make incredible contributions to the matter. I spent hours writing this post. Hours of searching, writing.. I sincerely hope it will be helpful for the future of this wonderful game. Best Regards, WarSurfer p.s: I would appreciate it if you pin this thread until the time Graf Zeppelin is introduced in the live server once and for all so that we can all use this thread as a reference point and that I dont have to be bothered to bump it everyday. THE LIST OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO CAME FORWARD AND SHARED THEIR OPINIONS IN THE TIMES OF THE GRAF ZEPPELIN INCIDENT: Ishiro32, Lebedjev, aboomination, 15JG52Adler, SHDRKN4792, mtm78, 22cm, ImperialAdmiral, Unintentional_submarine, Dampfboot, Peffers, Zemeritt, Lord_WC, Negativvv, Verdius, Jethro_Grey, Spellfire40, P2Win, Ofenkartoffel, Gelb13, RAHJAILARI, Darth_Glorious, Smeggo, Juanx, APOLLOZEUSODINO, MasaruKondera, Panzerblitz, MadHunter1991, Flipped_Out, Boris_MNE, 1_Guisan_7, bigbramble, Akula971, piet11111, kekzmann, Bellegar, Reisen_, JG4_sKylon, 1MajorKoenig, cherry2blost, von_Boeg, drmajga, K3NnnY, WarSurfer, Fuchsgeist, Major_Damage225, Fourbombs, El2aZeR, MudMonkey, Deckeru_Maiku, Dampfboot, Malefic, Admiral_noodle, von_chom, Themisto97, Allied_Winter, Azrael_Ashemdion, Bluestrategist, Blooddancer, Gobbernator, Grimhardt, Svadilfari, Hoolahoop75, Ghostychan, GrossadmiralThranon, Radath, TIrande, MBrandis, jss78, Asamon_1, zaaaaaaP, absolute_justice, Koalabrut, Salkeaner, PseudoMi, Exocet6951, Horin728, Panzerblitz, Akula971, Admiral_H_Nelson, ShuggieHamster, philjd, aquiles7389, Tirande, 44smok, valrond, Dr_Bolle, avenger121, Zogash85, d_Lynn, Shingetsu, Loran_Battle, Kazomir, Leo_Apollo11, Jammci, pra3y, ASharpPencil, Widar_Thule, creamgravy, Micromagos, nazgarth, IICanta, Temeteus82, tenshox, Takru, Tubit101, Silberwolf, Drake847, Parkerzilla, Capra76, Grif, HectorBarbossa, Dlia_katyushi, Aragathor, Tathris, MadnerKami, Tyrendian89, BillydSquid, Johan_Jung, Hitman22, Aotearas, _DeathWing_, xXx_Blogis_xXx, __Canaris__, Strappster, sharpkiller_XD, lup3s, Maviba_76, Mymeara, Yaffle1234, Watchman35, MBrandis, FooFaFie, Djerin, Kuso_Teitoku, Bersigil, DreadArchangel, Kruzenstein, DenmarkRadar, Radath, CruleD, Kartoffelmos, Drunken_Jedi, RedStorm1, Bellegar, Commander_Cornflakes, Seeigel, Moebelwagen, Sams_Boneblade, Ferry_25, fumtu, Hidoc, beercrazy, atomskytten, SBS, KittyKami, NoirLotus, Deckeru_Maiku, Namolis, Redcap375, AndyHill, butterdoll, Cosseria, ColonelPete, ScienceWoona, Svadilfari, Azakeit, JG4_Schneeweiss, Kim_Jong_Tobi, Huntehamburg, PzychoPanzer, Nibloke, Corvi, return33, Azalgor, MeTaLMoose, Grimhardt, Technocrat_Prime, Zuzia_10, MoveZig, Haleos, Mymeara, Barkyro, RobS80, TheCinC, 13Ninjas, TheIdesOfMarch93, Hedgehog1963, The_real_Prophet, Bismarck_chan, Plushun, domen3, Shaka_D, Vaderan, AkosJaccik, wilkatis_LV, RamirezKurita, Nechrom, Klimons You made this happen. Thank you all.. If their is any typo or repetition or if your name is missing please send me pm and I will edit. HERE ARE THE LINKS TO THE FORUM THREADS THAT THESE PEOPLE CONTRIBUTED DURING THE GRAF ZEPPELIN INCIDENT:
  12. Junge, Junge, da passt man einmal nicht auf und schon sind alle virtuellen Ladenregale verstopft: Das Aristokrat-Paket 13.500 Dublonen (Graf Zeppelin) + 3.290 (Graf Spee, derzeit rabattiert) + 300 (2x Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) [nicht bezifferbar: Zugang zu 30 Aufträgen mit 3x XP bei Sieg] [nicht bezifferbar: "Graf Zeppelin"-Flagge] [nicht bezifferbar: "Graf Spee"-Flagge] + 2.500 (30 Tage Premium) + 10.000 (in "bar" ) + 1.000 (= 100x Sierra Mike, je 10 Dubl.) + 1.600 (= 100x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 600 (= 100x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) + 800 (= 100x November Foxtrot, je 8 Dubl.) = 33.590 Dublonen, bei EUR 99,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 335,93 Dublonen/EUR. Graf Zeppelin - Gold 13.500 Dublonen (Graf Zeppelin) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) [nicht bezifferbar: Kommandant mit 10 Fertigkeitspunkten] [nicht bezifferbar: Zugang zu 30 Aufträgen mit 3x XP bei Sieg] [nicht bezifferbar: "Graf Zeppelin"-Flagge] + 2.500 (30 Tage Premium) + 14.500 (in "bar" ) + 3.200 (= 200x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 1.200 (= 200x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) + 1.600 (= 200x November Echo Setteseven, je 8 Dubl.) + 2.000 (= 200x Sierra Mike, je 10 Dubl.) + 42 (= 62.500 Credits für Luftgruppen-Mod. 1 bei 1D=1.500Cr, derzeit rabattiert) + 167 (= 250.000 Credits für Flugüberw.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 83 (= 125.000 Credits für Schadensbegr.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 333 (= 500.000 Credits für Steuergetr.-Mod. 2, derzeit rabattiert) + 667 (= 1 Mio Credits für Tarnsys.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 750 (= 50x Schadensbegr. II, je 15 Dubl.) + 750 (= 50x Def. Fla-Feuer II) = 41.442 Dublonen, bei EUR 99,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 414,46 Dublonen/EUR. Schon der schnelle Vergleich zeigt, dass sich die "Gold"-Variante deutlich besser schlägt und mehr fürs Geld mitbringt, selbst wenn man die Spee dann ingame rabattiert kaufen "muss". Graf Zeppelin - Silber 13.500 Dublonen (Graf Zeppelin) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) [nicht bezifferbar: Kommandant mit 6 Fertigkeitspunkten] [nicht bezifferbar: Zugang zu 15 Aufträgen mit 3x XP bei Sieg] + 6.350 (in "bar" ) + 1.000 (= 100x Sierra Mike, je 10 Dubl.) + 1.600 (= 100x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 600 (= 100x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) + 800 (= 100x November Echo Setteseven, je 8 Dubl.) = 24.000 Dublonen, bei EUR 69,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 342,91 Dublonen/EUR. Graf Zeppelin - Bronze 13.500 Dublonen (Graf Zeppelin) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) = 13.650 Dublonen, bei EUR 48,90 ergibt sich ein Wert von 279,14 Dublonen/EUR. Graf Spee: Admiral 3.290 Dublonen (Graf Spee, derzeit rabattiert) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) [nicht bezifferbar: Zugang zu 30 Aufträgen mit 3x XP bei Sieg] [nicht bezifferbar: "Graf Spee"-Flagge] + 8.500 (in "bar" ) + 42 (= 62.500 Credits für Hauptbew.-Mod. 1 bei 1D=1.500Cr, derzeit rabattiert) + 83 (= 125.000 Credits für Schadensbegr.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 167 (= 250.000 Credits für Zielsys.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 333 (= 500.000 Credits für Steuergetr.-Mod. 2, derzeit rabattiert) + 500 (= 50x Sierra Mike, je 10 Dubl.) + 800 (= 50x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 300 (= 50x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) + 400 (= 50x November Foxtrot, je 8 Dubl.) = 14.565 Dublonen, bei EUR 39,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 364,22 Dublonen/EUR. Graf Spee: Kapitän 3.290 Dublonen (Graf Spee, derzeit rabattiert) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) [nicht bezifferbar: Zugang zu 15 Aufträgen mit 3x XP bei Sieg] + 4.000 (in "bar" ) + 250 (= 25x Sierra Mike, je 10 Dubl.) + 400 (= 25x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 150 (= 25x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) + 200 (= 25x November Foxtrot, je 8 Dubl.) = 8.440 Dublonen, bei EUR 29,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 281,43 Dublonen/EUR. Graf Spee: Standard 3.290 Dublonen (Graf Spee, derzeit rabattiert) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) = 3.440 Dublonen, bei EUR 18,90 ergibt sich ein Wert von 182,01 Dublonen/EUR. Wer nur am Schiff interessiert ist, kauft also schlauerweise ingame zum Rabattpreis ein! Gamescom-Starter groß 4.585 Dublonen (Mutsu, derzeit rabattiert) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) + 2.500 (30 Tage Premium) + 4.000 (in "bar" ) + 2.000 (= 200x India Delta, je 10 Dubl.) + 1.600 (= 200x November Foxtrot, je 8 Dubl.) + 42 (= 62.500 Credits für Hauptbew.-Mod. 1 bei 1D=1.500Cr, derzeit rabattiert) + 167 (= 250.000 Credits für Hauptbatt.-Mod. 2, derzeit rabattiert) + 83 (= 125.000 Credits für Schadensbegr.-Mod. 1, derzeit rabattiert) + 333 (= 500.000 Credits für Schadensbegr.-Mod. 2, derzeit rabattiert) + 750 (= 50x Schadensbegr. II, je 15 Dubl.) + 750 (= 50x Reparaturmannsch. II) + 750 (= 50x Aufkl.-Flgz. II) = 17.710 Dublonen, bei EUR 48,50 ergibt sich ein Wert von 365,15 Dublonen/EUR. Gamescom-Starter mittel 2.200 Dublonen (König Albert) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) + 1.250 (7 Tage Premium) + 2.500 (in "bar" ) + 800 (= 50x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16 Dubl.) + 300 (= 50x Zulu Hotel, je 6 Dubl.) = 7.200 Dublonen, bei EUR 22,90 ergibt sich ein Wert von 314,41 Dublonen/EUR. Der Wert des Albert-Pakets sieht erstmal toll aus, aber die 7 Tage Premium sind verhältnismäßig teuer und den König wird es früher oder später - schließlich ist er ja jetzt im Techtree - auch mit Rabatt geben. Sparfüchse sollten sich gedulden. Gamescom-Starter klein 2.000 Dublonen (Mikasa) + 150 (Liegeplatz, derzeit rabattiert) + 650 (3 Tage Premium) + 1.250 (in "bar" ) = 4.050 Dublonen, bei EUR 15,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 253,28 Dublonen/EUR. Anmerkung wie vor. Tarnung "rastloses Feuer" - Bestes Angebot 10.000 Dublonen (200x Tarnmuster "rastloses Feuer", je 50 Dubl., Schätzpreis!), bei EUR 24,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 400,16 Dublonen/EUR. Tarnung "rastloses Feuer" 3.250 Dublonen (65x Tarnmuster "rastloses Feuer", je 50 Dubl., Schätzpreis!), bei EUR 10,80 ergibt sich ein Wert von 300,93 Dublonen/EUR. Insgesamt ein schöner, bunter Strauß an Paketen. Nicht alle sind uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen (besonders das Ingame-Rabattangebot der Spee ist zu beachten!), aber nichtsdestotrotz ein schöner Gamescom-Auftakt. Musikalisch geht's nach Neuseeland:
  13. Na netu uz se objevuji prvni obrazky a predbezne staty t8 CV Graf Zeppelin. https://sea-group.org/?p=3080&lang=en Graf Zeppelin jako prémiová CV tieru 8 v 0.6.8, 4 letadla po skupinách, 5x torpédové bombrardéry ve skupině, torpéda se aktivují o půl sekundy dříve, než u ostatních, to znamená tři sekundy, shozy torpéd budou mít novou formaci, deck bude 2-3-0, bohužel bez střemhlavých bombardérů... Dále lze z statistik vyčíst solidní AA obrana. Zde pár statů k samotným letadlům: Jako stíhači budou - Messerschmitt Bf109T: 1580hp 175 uzlů rychlost (luxus) 61dps torpédový bombardér - Junkers Ju87C: 1630hp rychlost 135 uzlů naložené, 169 při shozu a návratu na loď poškození torpédem bude 10 500 rychlost pouhých 33 uzlů. Kapacita hangáru: 25-47-0
  14. Hi all, Interesting Graf Zeppelin thread at Reddit... Leo "Apollo11"
  15. HI I've just bought Graf Zepp and when speccing it out noticed that - I have AFT on Captain, but although AA guns have range increased by 20% the 2ndrys still have the stock 7.5km range instead of 20% buff to 9km (see pics below, the AA guns selected are buffed from 2km to 2.4 but 2ndrys are still stock). I tried logging out of game and back in but still the same. In case it was just an error on the port screen and they are 9km in-game I did a test in the training room and with AFT 2ndrys would still not open up until enemy within 7.5km. Anyone else noticed this? If it is a bug I think WG should fix it quickly! Cheers Parkerzilla
  16. Zen71_sniper

    To all Graf Zeppelin captains

    Greetings! Can I kindly ask you, if you are an average or below average CV player, that you wait for a fix before taking your shiny new toy to a battle? Today I had three battles with GZ on my team, with a predictable outcome. In fact it was embarrassing. This doesn't apply if you are CV unicum Thank you!
  17. Introduction This topic is entered in the game play section of the forum because it not only concerns Aircraft Carrier game play but overall game play in WOWS. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" has been mentioned on and off over the past two years. During that time the current state of affairs of Aircraft Carriers in WOWS has not been significantly altered by meaningful changes let alone improvements. The only two noteworthy changes with regard to Carriers that have been implemented are (1) the new Flight Modes of the USA Carriers that was introduced at the end of 2017 and (2) the vastly increased number of new ships with very powerful Anti-Aircraft setups and/or Defensive Fire AA (for example ALABAMA, MASSACHUSETTS and the five new USA light cruisers). As a result there remains a virtual absence of meaningful WOWS Carrier changes to address some of the major Carrier related issues. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" will in all probability not be implemented until somewhere around late 2019 at best, in other words it is a long term event. In order to improve the Carrier game play that currently exists in the short and medium term, that is in 2018-2019, some plausible solutions can be proposed and implemented to address the most serious issues for the benefit of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers in WOWS. This topic therefore aims to offers such possible and plausible solutions for the 2018-2019 short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The solutions proposed are intended to be ones that can/should be fairly easily implemented by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and all need to lie within the framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. In other words, the solutions proposed in this topic are NOT intended as radical solutions which are a full departure of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. Instead the solutions proposed want to build on the strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. The Current Carrier Related Major Issues Proposed Short and Medium Term Carrier related Solutions The individual solutions proposed in this section are to be regarded as possible solutions for the short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The idea is to offer solutions that should be fairly easily to implement by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and that lie within the overall framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. As such these solutions are intended to build on the existing strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative A) SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative A) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative C) INVISIBLE SHIP AA FIRE SOLUTION DEFENSIVE AA FIRE SOLUTION DESTROYER PROTECTION SOLUTION CRUISER AND BATTLESHIP PROTECTION SOLUTION UNIQUE AND LEGENDARY COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 1 SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 2 SOLUTION PLAYER BASE EDUCATION SOLUTION TIER 5 CARRIER SOLUTION CARRIER-AA DIVISION SOLUTION NON-USA BATTLESHIP AP BOMB VULNERABILITY SOLUTION
  18. Dear WOWS moderators of this forum I have a question for you which is of concern to all those WOWS Buyer-Testers that have bought the GRAF ZEPPELIN for 50-to-100 Euros in August 2017 and since then been involved in 5x Test Phases and been giving test feedback during the 5x Phases of GZ testing to date. This is the question: "Please be so kind as to inform us (the "Buyer-Testers in the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Facebook Group") what Aircraft setup the (AI-controlled) GRAF ZEPPELIN will be using in "OPERATION HERMES" in WOWS Update 0.7.2 dated 1 March 2018." This question has also been asked twice already on the "WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Facebook group" that has been setup by WOWS for these GZ Buyer-Testers and the 5x GZ Test Phases they have participated in up to date. But apparently the WOWS moderators of that WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Facebook group do not find it relevant to provide their GRAF ZEPPELIN Buyer-Testers with any information on the setup of the AI-controlled GRAF ZEPPELIN that has now been released on 1 March 2018 as part of WOWS version 0.7.2 and is used in "OPERATION HERMES". So hopefully the WOWS EU Forum moderators will instead answer this question that the "WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Facebook group" moderators apparently do not want to answer to the GRAF ZEPPELIN Buyer-Testers that have so far participated in 5x GZ Test Phases. The answer is going to be real interesting because it takes about one month for the internal WOWS professional Test Team to complete all their regular internal test stages before a ship is cleared for rollout/implementation on the live WOWS servers in EU, NA, RU and ASIA. It is known that "OPERATION HERMES", which includes an AI-controlled GRAF ZEPPELIN, was tested by Supertesters on the live test servers starting 6 February 2018, so after the internal WOWS professional Test Team had already completed their own tests, and at least one CC released a video on YouTube some time ago that he had seen in-game that the GRAF ZEPPELIN is part of "OPERATION HERMES". The Phase 5 testing conducted by the GZ Buyer-Testers started on 9 February and lasted till 23 February 2018. After the Phase 5 testing by GZ Buyer-Testers was concluded on 23 February 2018 they received the fifth survey which the Buyer-Testers can still send in this week. Ostensibly the fifth survey feedback from the Phase 5 GZ Buyer-Testers is going to be used by WOWS Development to refine the GRAF ZEPPELIN. It is now clear however that an AI-controlled GRAF ZEPPELIN has on 1 March 2018 been rolled out (implemented) on the Live Servers in EU, NA, RU and ASIA, that is quite remarkable because the GZ Buyer-Testers are fully in the dark as to what sort of setup that GRAF ZEPPELIN has. On this WOWS EU website page: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update_072/ The following is mentioned: "0.7.2 Update Notes The update happens March 1; preparation begins at 06:00 CET until 10:00 CET (UTC+1)" "'Operation 'Hermes' The new Operation charges players with the task of escorting a ship loaded with gold while fighting German patrols. The Operation is made up of several stages: - Fight against the coast-based aviation - Repel attacks of enemy destroyers and cruisers - Finally, engage German battleships which receive powerful support from mighty aircraft carrier VIII Graf Zeppelin" So my question is about that last remark, as apparently an AI-controlled GRAF ZEPPELIN has now been released on 1 March 2018 in WOWS. I repeat the question: "Please be so kind as to inform us (the "Buyer-Testers in the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Facebook Group") what Aircraft setup the (AI-controlled) GRAF ZEPPELIN will be using in "OPERATION HERMES" in WOWS Update 0.7.2 dated 1 March 2018."
  19. Hazekase

    Graf Zeppelin

    Hi Ich konnte leider früher die Graf Zeppelin nicht kaufen Hat jemand eine Ahnung wann das schiff wieder in den shop kommt?
  20. Work in Progress. Everything is subject to change. Save the Whales.
  21. CorsariusPrime

    Graf Zeppelin on Ranked are broken

    Hi everyone, from my experience I can say that the Graf Zeppeling is totally broken in the ranked season. It is not normal for a BS to be deleted from the map at one time and GZ can to do so once after another, with all BB's Please, the GZ is out of the game retired to be able to adjust it and I do not think it's fair to put it in the ranked seassons because it is FULLY BROKEN.
  22. Yuudachie

    Stuka Sound

    Hallo ^^ habe da mal ne frage bzw ein Problem ^^ Wiso höre ich nicht die Jerichosirenen der Stuka Bomber wenn sie mich angreifen oder ich Angreife?
  23. Widar_Thule

    Authentic "GRAF ZEPPELIN"

    AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN Instead of taking their current approach to representing historic warships, I advocate that WOWS would strive to represent historic ships following an "AUTHENTIC" approach. To be sure, I do NOT mean a "SIMULATOR" or "REALISTIC" approach, but an "AUTHENTIC" approach. For those that do not understand the difference between the concepts: · AUTHENTIC - "Conforming to an original and/or the real world so as to reproduce essential features". · SIMULATOR - "A computer simulation (or "sim") is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer under real world conditions". · REALISTIC - "Resembling or simulating real life (conditions)". WOWS is NOT striving to be REALISTIC and I do NOT advocate that WOWS should be REALISTIC. Instead WOWS can and should be AUTHENTIC in their approach to historic ships, because if WOWS is not even that, then one might as well start playing some fantasy space combat game and not a game featuring historic ships whose statistics and performance are based on essential features of the real world historic ships.A ship in WOWS can be both AUTHENTIC and GAMEPLAY BALANCED, the two are not mutually exclusive. THE REASON FOR THIS TOPIC I post this topic for the benefit of the WOWS developers and graphical artists who are involved with the re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. When looking at the outward appearance and characteristics of the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN it becomes clear that the definitive study on the GRAF ZEPPELIN published by author Ulrich H.J. Israel in 1994 titled "Flugzeugträger Graf Zeppelin" has been overlooked by the WOWS developers and graphical artists. That book is probably the best single source on all aspects of the ship and her armament. Because Ulrich Israel his book in is German and there is no English language translation of it I have made an effort to translate and present key parts of that source, combined with other excellent source material from authors such as Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop, Manfred Griehl, Adolf Galland, the detailed book series "Die deutsche Luftfahrt" (which consists of 35 volumes) and many other sources into this single topic. My goal is to provide as much overlooked data on GRAF ZEPPELIN to the WOWS developers as possible in the English language so that it hopefully is used during the re-design process of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. It is my goal and interest to see GRAF ZEPPELIN, which from a military technological point of view was a truly unique ship, depicted in WOWS in an authentic manner. RELEASE DATE OF THE REDESIGNED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN It would be best to NOT AGAIN RUSH GRAF ZEPPELIN TO COMPLETION LIKE WAS DONE FOR GAMESCOM. Instead it is better to take the time to get the ship right and display it in an AUTHENTIC manner before release, because experience shows that WOWS ships rushed to stores are usually never authentically corrected in order not to "hurt" the feelings of customers which have already bought the ship. I have bought the ships during GAMESCOM on release date but I do NO want to see the redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN rushed to completion again, take the time to get her authentic and right! AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN in a 1943-1945 configuration, which is the equipment state that WOWS representatives have stated will release the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN in, has some unique ESSENTIAL features which should be represented. These features will be described in the following topic. In WOWS increasingly we see more and more concepts to try and come up "national" characteristics for new ships and ship lines to try and make them unique and interesting. For GRAF ZEPPELIN these "national" characteristics do not need to be made up, since the ship really was a unique design, the main points of which will be listed here. One thing to point out before we present the list is about the Hanger Deck space of GRAF ZEPPELIN, since this is usually overlooked when this ship is discussed. The GRAF ZEPPELIN was a very large Aircraft Carrier, the largest purpose built Aircraft Carrier up till 1942 and arguably up till the end of the war. The real world 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN at 33,550 tons had 5515 m2 of Hanger Deck space, which was double that of the 36,000 tons LEXINGTON (2674 m2 hangar deck space) and the 25,500 tons ENTERPRISE (3195 m2 hanger deck space) had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space that GRAF ZEPPELIN (5515 m2) had. On 30 May 1942 the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy (Erich Raeder) ordered that the Air-Wing (including reserves) of GRAF ZEPPELIN in 1943 was to consist of 48x naval Me 109 G-6 (later designated Me 155 A-1) and 54x naval Ju 87 D-5 (later designated Ju 87 E-1). Given the Hanger Deck space on GRAF ZEPPELIN of 5515 m2 storing up to 102x Aircraft would certainly have been possible. The Hanger Dimensions are hard indisputable facts when you study the Hanger Dimensions of the Hanger Decks of GRAF ZEPPELIN, LEXINGTON and ENTERPRISE. In WOWS the LEXINGTON gets 72x Aircraft, the ENTERPRISE gets 96x Aircraft and the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN gets 72x Aircraft. The ENTERPRISE in WOWS gets to use her RESERVE aircraft which were carried on board in a disassembled state, these RESERVE aircraft however the WOWS ENTERPRISE is allowed to use in a naval battle so there is NO reason to not also allow a redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN to do that as well in WOWS then. Giving a re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN the 102x Aircraft (including RESERVES) that were in real life ORDERED for her on 30 May 1942 and which her huge Hanger Deck space could store would be authentic. Balancing could be done for the 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN, just as has been done for the 85x Aircraft KAGA and 96x Aircraft ENTERPRISE. Since the Tier 8 Carriers are also often as a result of WOWS Match- Making forced to send their Tier 8 Aircraft against the superb Tier 9 and 10 AAA of Cruisers and Battleships. Having a high number of reserve Aircraft makes both a 85x Aircrft Kaga and a 96x ENTERPRISE fun to play, in like manner a 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN will be fun to play which is a good thing for a 50+ real world money ship. Based mainly on the excellent and most probably definitive GRAF ZEPPELIN primary source study published in 1994 by former Fregattenkapitän (Commander) of the DDR Volksmarine Ulrich Israel the following authentic characteristics for a WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN can be listed. Since the book by Ulrich Israel is in German I have translated some of what is in the book into English to make this information available. Converting the authentic characteristics of the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN into WOWS requires making some compromises in order to let the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN both fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers and still have the a decent balance between authenticity and game play, the following points are such a authenticity/game play balance compromise which would enable a unique and powerful but not overpowered re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN: In 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically launch an IN-AIR Carrier-Group (Strike Force) consisting of: 6+8+8 = 22x Fighter-Aircraft (Me 155 A-1) and 8+8+8 = 24x Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (Ju 87 E-1). This authentic data can be translated into WOWS terminology which fits into the current Tier 8 Carrier design. An IN-AIR Carrier-Group for the re-designed WOWs GRAF ZEPPELIN is proposed which consists of 4+4+4= 12x (5+5+5=15x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft and 5+5+5=15x Ju 87 E-1 (6+6+6=18x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft for a total IN-AIR strength of 27x Aircraft (33x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill). This is still less than ENTERPRISE which has 36x IN-AIR Aircraft in WOWS. In WOWS game terminology the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 IN-AIR Carrier-Group strength (Strike Force) would translate into 6x Squadrons total: 3x Fighter-Squadrons each with 4x/5x Me 155 A-1 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each with 5x/6x Ju 87 E-1 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1. The size of 4x/5x (Me 155 A-1) and 5x/6x (Ju 87 E-1) IN-AIR Aircraft per WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Squadron is therefore not fully authentic but as close as possible when compared to the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS and as such a game-play compromise. GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically have launched 5x Squadrons with 8x Aircraft per squadron, and 1x Group-Staff Squadron-Flight with 6x Aircraft. The authentic total launched by GRAF ZEPPELIN: 46x Aircraft. It is proposed that in WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN would only launch 27x Aircraft (or 33x Aircraft with the AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) in order to fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's 2x Fighter-Squadrons and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each consisted of 12x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Fighter-Squadrons and 5x/6x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Multi-Purpose-Squadrons. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's Group-Staff Squadron-Flight consisted of only Fighter-Aircraft: 6x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Group-Staff Squadron-Flight. GRAF ZEPPELIN's 1943 authentic Total Aircraft strength: 54x Ju 87 E-1 and 48x Me 155 A-1 = 102x Total Aircraft. Of that number 8+8+6= 22x Me 155 A-1 and 3x8= 24x Ju 87 E-1 would authentically be IN-AIR and 26x Me 155 A-1 and 30x Ju 87 E-1 would be ON BOARD. That is the authentic real world data. The proposal for the re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN (with the "AIR SUPREMACY" Captain's skill adding one more Fighter/Dive-Bomber Aircraft) is 3x Fighter-Squadrons with 3x4/5 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft IN-AIR with 36x/33x Me 155 A-1 ON BOARD RESERVES and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons with 3x5/6 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft IN-AIR with 39x/36x Ju 87 E-1 ON BOARD RESERVES. Since ENTERPRISE in real life had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space of the 8000 tons larger GRAF ZEPPELIN this is both authentic and workable in WOWS. Especially since the smaller ENTERPRISE in WOWS has 96x Aircraft (36x Aircraft IN-Air) and the KAGA has 85x Aircraft in total. So this proposal would give GRAF ZEPPELIN a maximum of 33x IN-AIR Aircraft and 102x Aircraft total, compared to ENTERPRISE with 36x IN-AIR Aircraft and 96x Aircraft total. The Supreme Commander of the German Armed Forces and the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy in 1942 ordered that torpedo bombers would be GRAF ZEPPELIN's main armament (when she was to be commissioned in 1943). The Me 155 A-1 was the naval version of the Me 109 G-6 Fighter-Aircraft and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 48x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. The Ju 87 E-1 was the naval version of the Ju 87 D-5 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (to be used in the roles of Torpedo Bomber, Dive Bomber, Smoke Laying Aircraft, Mine-Laying Aircraft, Reconnaissance Aircraft) and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 54x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. Based on the real world information the AUTHENTIC WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Air Group setup should DEFINITELY be 3/3/0 (anti-capital-ship) with possible variants being 3/2/1 (all-round) or 3/1/2 (all-round) or 3/0/3 (anti-minor-ship) as alternatives to the authentic 3/3/0. All four options would be interesting to have as permanent options for the ship when the ship is re-released for sale. Releasing GRAF ZEPPELIN with an Air Group which can only fight Capital Ships (Battleships) well is to be avoided, since an Aircraft Carrier like every other ship in WOWS needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and Destroyers and Cruisers also need to be be targeted effectively for self-defence. GRAF ZEPPELIN's designed Top Speed in 1943: minimum speed 33.80 knots, maximum speed 34.25 knots. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should use these authentic values. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch and land aircraft AT THE SAME TIME. This was probably the most UNIQUE feature of GRAF ZEPPELIN compared to other WW2 Carriers. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch 1x Fighter-Squadron and 1x Multi-Purpose Squadron AT THE SAME TIME and in HALF the launching time of other Carriers due to the 2x Compressed Air Catapults. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could authentically launch her Aircraft from her 2x Catapults without the need to turn into the wind as practically all WW2 Carriers had to do. This again translates into faster Aircraft launching times because GRAF ZEPPELIN could avoid the time consuming turning into the wind manoeuvres. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to land 1x Squadron at a time even when Aircraft are being launched. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could have a faster rudder response and smaller turning circle than the GAMESECOM GRAF ZEPPELIN due her the 2x Voiht Schneider Shaft Propellers under the keel which could propel GRAF ZEPPELIN at maximum 4.5 knots IN ANY DIRECTION. The inauthentic 2x German War Flags painted on the Flight Deck of the current WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN should be removed and replaced with the authentic BRIGHT YELLOW bars which GRAF ZEPPELIN would have had painted on the Flight Deck. See details below. The wrong camouflage colours and pattern which is used by the WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN aircraft should be replaced with the authentic camouflage scheme and colours which the GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would have had. See details below. The wrong Aircraft Markings and Emblems on the WOWS GAMESCOM ZEPPELIN (fighter) aircraft should be replaced with the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft Markings and Emblems. See details below. For the authentic lighting arrangements on GRAF ZEPPELIN I refer to the details below. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should get an authentic splinter camouflage scheme which should be similar to that of the 1942-1943 TIRPITZ, with which she was scheduled to operate together from her ordered berth at Faettenfjord, Trondheim in Norway. Images showing relevant TIRPITZ camouflage will be added to the topic. The 1939-era Fi 167 A-0, Ju 87 C-1, Me 109 T-1 were all outdated by 1942 and the German Air Force had no production lines for these aircraft and their outdated engines any more. The Air Force stated in 1942 that they would not build these aircraft and not equip GRAF ZEPPELIN with these aircraft. Instead the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 were developed from then current models, weapons and engines. The torpedoes used by the Ju 87 E-1 were the 650-kg 450-mm German Torpedo Typ F 5 b (40 knot speed/2000 meter range) and the Italian Typ F 5 W (W for Whitehead-Fiume) (40 knot/3000 meter range). The main practical differences between the two torpedoes types were mostly Torpedo drop speed and Torpedo drop height. The 1942-era Ju 87 E-1 could be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN Compressed Air Catapult with a bomb load of at least 1000 kg (1x 1000 kg or 2x 500 kg), the older 1939-era Ju 87 C-1 would have been launched with 1x 500 kg and 4x 50 kg bombs. GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would not take off under their own power from the Flight Deck as with most WW2 Carriers, but instead they were launched from 2x 21-meter long Compressed Air Catapults at a rate of 8x Aircraft per 3.5 minutes per Catapult at a speed from 0 km/h up to 140/155 km/h in 3 seconds, so 16x Aircraft would be launched in about 3.5 minutes. At the same time Aircraft could still land and be processed down to the 2x Hanger Decks due to the 3x 6.5 ton Elevators which could still be used when Aircraft were launched and landed. This in WOWS translates into faster Aircraft launching times, launching of 2x Squadrons at the same time and landing of Aircraft while launching. This makes the GRAF ZEPPELIN unique in WW2. German Aircraft used a special starter fuel mixture which allowed their Aircraft to heat their Engine Oil etc. temperature ready for flight in about 3 minutes. This saved both Aircraft fuel and precious time. On USA and other Carriers the Aircraft would have to run their Engines for 20+ Minutes in order to heat the Engine Oil etc. up for flight, wasting both valuable time and fuel. The German starter fuel mixture translates in faster WOWS launch times. Since GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to also be able to operate alone, so in WOWS it would be authentic to give her 15-cm guns the same range as those of Tier 8 BISMARCK and TIRPITZ especially because she is so easy to spot in WOWS. The GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-cm guns were also intended to be used in an Anti-Aircraft role in case of a massed enemy Aircraft attack. The 15-cm guns would then be used in "Zonenschießen" (=Zone Fire) via "Sperrfeuer" (Barrage Fire). It would be authentic to let the re-designed GRAF ZEPPELIN use her 15-cm guns also in an Anti-Aircraft role. In WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN Commander can only be used on GRAF ZEPPELIN since there will be no other German Carriers in WOWS. It would make sense to therefore make that a Unique Commander, a possible name candidate is "Helmuth Brinkmann" the Commander of PRINZ EUGEN. In real life Captain (Kapitän zur See) Helmuth Brinkmann was chosen to command GRAF ZEPPELIN. The GAMESCOM WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN has 2x Shields on the bow and an Eagle on the stern. In wartime not one single German War Navy ship went to sea with these, they were removed and kept ashore and were only to be used in peace time. So since WOWS is an arcade wargame the 2x Shields on the bow and Eagle on the stern should be removed. The Me 155 A-1 was armed with 1x MG 151/20 and the Ju 87 E-1 was armed with 2x MG 151/20. This was a 20-mm 750 RPM auto-cannon which could take down a fighter with only 3-5 direct hits. This weapon and the ammunition it used was harder hitting than any weapon used on the Carrier Fighters of other nations at the time and that should be taken into account when determining Damage Per Second for the Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1. Another key issue is that the Me 155 A-1, like the Me 109 G-6, would have all the armament in the nose. With nose armament is it much easier to hit an enemy target and fire accurately, that translates into higher DPM than wing mounted armament like on practically all USA fighters for example. Another key issue which translates into higher Hit Point Values for German Aircraft is that the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 German Carrier Aircraft (like USA Carrier Aircraft) had both armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks, while practically all Japanese Carrier Aircraft did not have this. Even the 1939-era Me 109 T-1 and Ju 87 C-1 had armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks. GRAF ZEPPELIN had an armoured flight deck as well as some other interesting armour arrangements which I will add here when I have time to do so (To be continued...). GRAF ZEPPELIN RELIABLE SOURCES AND AUTHORS WOWS AND ULRICH ISRAEL'S GRAF ZEPPELIN STUDY CHARACTERISTICS OF AN AUTHENTIC 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN as she was scheduled to be commissioned on 1 April 1943 and scheduled to be ready for operations from December 1943 at the earliest and Spring 1944 at the latest some ESSENTIAL features which will be discussed in detail below as well as other relevant data. EDIT: PROPOSED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN AIR COMPLEMENT AND AIRCRAFT DATA GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK PAINTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK LIGHTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT CAMOUFLAGE AND COLOURS EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT UNIT EMBLEM EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC AIR COMPONENT 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN HANGER DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Me 109 T, Ju 87 C NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Fi 167 GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC IN-AIR STRIKE FORCE EDIT: AIR FORCE ORDERED FIRST PRODUCTION SERIES OF 220x NEW Me 155 A-1 and 115x NEW Ju 87 E-1 CARRIER AIRCRAFT IN 1942 WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN SQUADRON SETUP GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC ORGANIZATION OF CARRIER-GROUP GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Ju 87 E-1 MULTI-PURPOSE-AIRCRAFT GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 AERIAL TORPEDO TYPES FOR Ju 87 E-1 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Me 155 A-1 FIGHTER-AIRCRAFT EDIT: HIGH-ALTITUDE FIGHTER Me 109 H, Me 155 B, BV 155 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 MAIN ARMAMENT: TORPEDO BOMBERS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 Ju 87 E-1 BOMB LOAD GRAF ZEPPELIN COMBINED LAUNCHING AND LANDING GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT LAUNCHING GRAF ZEPPELIN CATAPULT LAUNCHING PROCEDURE GRAF ZEPPELIN ELEVATORS GRAF ZEPPELIN SPECIAL AIRCRAFT STARTER MIXTURE GRAF ZEPPELIN NO TURNING IN THE WIND GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT ARMING AND FUELLING GRAF ZEPPELIN PROVEN TECHNOLOGY AND TRAVEMÜNDE GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLES GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLE TESTING GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 TOP SPEED GRAF ZEPPELIN VOIHT SCHNEIDER SHAFT PROPELLORS GRAF ZEPPELIN OPERATING ALONE GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-CM ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 OVERPOWERED GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC 1943+ HULL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN GRAF ZEPPELIN DESIGNATED COMMANDER GRAF ZEPPELIN NATIONAL FLAG ON FLIGHT DECK GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NATIONAL EAGLE ON STERN GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NAME PLATE ON SHIP GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO COAT OF ARMS ON BOW MG 151/20 AUTOCANNON ON Me 155 A-1 AND Ju 87 E-1 COLLECTION OF RELEVANT DATA ON WOWS TIER 8 CARRIER AIRCRAFT JAPANESE NAVY WANTS TO BUY GRAF ZEPPELIN IN 1942 AERIAL TORPEDOES AND THE BRITISH, JAPANESE AND GERMAN WAR NAVIES 1941+ GERMAN AND JAPANESE NAVY COOPERATION 1940+ GRAF ZEPPELIN DETAILED HANGER DECKS ANALYSES GRAF ZEPPELIN COMPARED TO USA AIRCRAFT CARRIERS FROM 1936 TO 1945 GRAF ZEPPELIN ARMOUR ARRANGEMENT
  24. Jaja, noch ein Thread, ich weiß, aber ich dachte, das könnte wichtig sein, für die Leute, die eine GZ haben und nicht alle Threads durchschauen (wollen). WG hat die Graf Zeppelin aus allen Premium Shops entfernt und schickt sie noch einmal in die Development-Phase zurück. Alle Spieler, die eine Graf Zeppelin gekauft haben, können diese zurückgeben. Dafür muss einfach der Support angeschrieben werden. Falls man sich aber entscheidet, das Schiff zu behalten, wird man zu einer Art "Supertester nur für die Graf Zeppelin" und kann mit Community Contributoren und Supertestern an der Entwicklung des Schiffes mitarbeiten. Dafür gibt es dann eine eigene Facebook-Gruppe. Sobald die Graf Zeppelin dann fertig ist und released wird, kann sie zuerst drei Monate lang gar nicht gekauft werden. In dieser Zeit ist das Schiff dann zwar fertig und die Stats final, aber nur die Leute, die die GZ behalten haben, können sie auch spielen. Weiters bekommen alle Spieler die die GZ behalten eine besondere Permacamo für sie, an deren Design sie selbst mitarbeiten können. Source: