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Found 5 results

  1. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys I asked this question before, a friend asked to post here When I play world of warships the gpu usage is 0% I checked it using process hacker Usage is fine with other games. My specs its a low end notebook 4gb ram Intel hd 4400 Intel i5 1.6ghz-2.1ghz Windows 10 pro(optimized for high performance)
  2. Hi i like the game however my i7 4770R quadcore (Gigabyte BRIX) with builtin GPU gets reallly hot at 85~90 degrees Celcius and that is at full fan speed (hairdrier sound). My resolution is a mere 1920x1080 (lower is just unplayable because then the lack of details makes aiming really difficult) and my settings are all on lowest and I get 58~62 FPS. I have currently these settings enabled: "Vertical Synchronisation" [On / Off] "Tripple Buffering" [On / Off] My question is: A) What do these two settings do respectively in WOWS during battle play? B) What could I do further to lower the GPU usage of my processor while still achieve 60 FPS for playability?
  3. captain_sam

    WoW on tablets?

    Hi guys, do one of you players play WoW on a tablet? I play right now on a laptop (win7 64, i7 dual-core, 8Gb RAM, NVidia GT 540) and the game runs really smooth. There are tablets for gamers nowadays being even more powerful than that, so I would guess there is no issue with playing WoW on a tablet. However, before I invest in such a goodie (need a tablet anyway, it is not just for WoW ;-)), I wanted to know if I should go for a gamer oriented tablet or if it is useless in the context of WoW. Love that game and would be too cool to play it in my bed next to the sleepy wife ;-). Thanks !
  4. lolletje08

    multi screen (and multi GPU)

    Today i was so crazy to go from one screen up to three screens, have to admit, plays great, though it are different screens. I have a gtx 670 and a gtx 260, the screen in the middle (1440*900) is connected to the gtx 670 and the two screens on the outside (1280*1024) are connected to the gtx 260. When i tried to stretch the window from WoWs it automatically resets to full size window on mainly the main screen (1440*900) sometimes on the other two's. But as far as i tried i am not able to get it over the three screens i have. Though i can do this with WoWp and WoT and other (not WG) games. I have tried to modify the preference file (after i found this in a total strange place compared to WoWp and WoT) but no luck. It starts on the main screen and a little on the screen on the right. then it adapts and goes almost full screen on the main screen. Is my weird setup the problem or doesn't have WG multi gpu/window implemented in the game (which i read quite often on topics from about two months ago) Regards, Lolletje08
  5. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys when playing world of warships I ised process hacker to monitor the performance I saw that my gpu was at 0% is that a problem( btw my game is laggy). How do I fix this?