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Found 31 results

  1. Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. Either Alpha (Hurricane league) or Bravo (Typhoon league). Requirements: -60% winrate -mic and communication skills -team player deluxe 2000 We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  2. mttreggiani


    Hello, I wanted to ask for help regarding a coupon that I received and that allows you to receive a "200% refund of the value in doubloons of any purchase in the premium shop" so it is clear to me that buying a ship worth 18,86 € then of 4,700 doubloons would then receive 9,400. My question is if this coupon can also be applied to the store purchase of a package of 5,500 in order to arrive then to have 11,000?
  3. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  4. DutchDelightsNL

    Be Aware of Phising links

    Do not just follow any link! Be aware of hackers and phishing
  5. Flukeyluke

    flags? 10 daily?

    Edit, i dun goofed! mods feel free to move to Current Update so i just got a report in ranked for running a ship with no flags.... why no flags? well its my 14th game of the day and i have used the 10 daily flags i have earned in my first few matches the chap who reported me was a rather grumpy fellow but thats a diffrent story for a diffrent day... in my opinion if you can earn the medels that grant you the flags you should get the flags regardless if you have already had a kraken that day etc.... perhaps limit it to one medel per game rewards the rewards and make it a smaller box of say 5 flags 1. what are the possible solutions to running out off flags when you are limited to such a short supply? 2. why can we not buy flags with in game credits? ?. 1st bloods are worse and very hard to stock pile since you can only earn them in boxs of ones... 4. Any *new* news about the idividual flags being able to be broght for gold in the primium shop? i remember it was trialled on another server. currently we are stuck with bundles which contain flags which we may never use for example one bundle has 55 torpedo flooding flags which will be useless to someone who only plays high tier amarican cruisers or BBs... and so do nothing but needlessly infltae the bundle price 5. Will the supply likely increase after the random loot boxes are added to the servers or have these been scrapped? Ps i get lots of reports because i (insert salty [edited]comment here) and am not the gratest player.
  6. reefclaw

    Desync and premium time

    So, I'm one of many people experiencing desync issues. And i'm running an AMD proc (one core affinity is no option). And my internet connection is great. This however is not a topic about that. As there are many other topics like this. This topic is related to premium time. With these desync issues, the game is unplayable. Even untestable. We can not see where the enemy ships really are. We can not see where torpedo's really are. And we (at least i) experience huge rubber banding when maneuvering the ship. So, the game is unplayable and untestable. As how can you test that which you cannot play. But, when i bought one of the ship packages. (I believe it's the warspite one). I got 30 days of premium time. That time is now lost. The does not calculate premium time on actual time played. Nor on actual days online. So, i got the 30 days, and it's sitting there, now being used. Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you think wargaming should reimburse the premium time lost due to this desync issue? Ahoy, Reefclaw
  7. FloppyCopy

    GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. We have at the moment around 9 active players, but need more good players so we can mount a team on more days per week. Now we usually get to play 2 days a week because of lack of players. Also possible to disuss merging of clans. We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  8. Currently there is a fixed price for retraining your commander to another ship if you decide to pay gold or credits. On the other hand the skill reset features price is depending on how many skillpoints the commander has accumulated. Can't we have the same for retraining? While this fixed price might be worth it for a very high Tier commander I guess there's not a lot of players actually using it for their lower tier commanders. Currently I usually just got a new commander since retraining for gold is way too expensive and retraining without means I'd have to wait for 'perks' like situational awareness. But I don't really want to drive my USN DDs without... not even just a single game so I'd rather get a new one for 10k. The credit option for retraining is therfore also quite useless on lower tiers. I believe this way you will actually increase the amount of people using this feature while not losing out profit on the higher tiers where people would have already used it for the current price.
  9. PanNickt

    Unifikacja waluty premium

    Wygląda na to, że zbliżamy się do unifikacji waluty premium w grach World of Something. Na kodach bonusowych/zaproszeniowych z World of Warships (z tegorocznego Gamesconu) jako waluta premium podany jest już gold, a nie dublony.
  10. Hello Topic speaks pretty much itself. But do you still get xp and coins after for example: Im in a battle... i die... i leave the game/get back to port... Have i lost my xp and coins from that match because i left afterwards? Do i have to spectate the game until the end to get coins and xp from the battle? I'm pretty sure I get it afterwards but i've never noticed, so I just thought I could make a topic about since some others are probably wondering about that too.
  11. I personally have 18,000 gold (approx £50) in my game screen refunded for beta removal of ships I have previously bought through the premium store. However I cannot use these funds to buy replacement ships or deals through the store. These funds will also not be refunded as a credit note against future store purchases. I have no interest in the current limited selection of premium ships available through the in-game tech trees, but I would be interested in purchasing some ships or items through the premium shop - But I cannot.... I must suck up that I have £50 of credit on my account and pay additional cash for other purchases while my in game gold gathers dust and laughs at me. Am I the only player in this situation and does it sound fair that my cash has been blocked. I am looking for player/community support on this subject, requesting that account 'gold' duly purchased be a currency that you can freely use in the Premium Store as payment. I am hoping with sufficient support WARGAMING.NET will see the benefit of this change.
  12. FloppyCopy

    GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hello fellow captains! We need more members that wants to play Clan Wars - Season 03, either for our "first team" (trying to be competitive) or the more casual "second team". We are a fairly small clan at the moment, so if you look to play for the Stalingrad flag, look no more! We require you to have a keyboard, possibly a computer screen and maybe some teamplay skills. All applicants will be considered through stats. If in doubt, we will play a couple of games with ya, before final decision. www.gold-clan.com Quick info about our achievements in Clan Wars so far: Season1: Top20 teams - Typhoon League 1 Season2: Typhoon League 2 Season3: Hopefully better?
  13. xXGFactorXx

    Training Battle

    Hey guys i wanna know what does world of warships training battle for newcomer gives? I mean, it gives you credits, gold, or expierience?
  14. Habe in WOT gerade festgestellt, das ich auf einmal einen Monat Premium habe, den ich in WOT definitiv nicht gekauft habe. Messerscharfe Schlussfolgerung: Muss wohl vom Starterpaket in WoWS kommen, das ich mal gekauft habe, ohne die Beta wirklich grossartig zu spielen. Die Nachricht auf der Homepage bestätigt das. So weit so nachvollziehbar. Dazu aber zwei Fragen. 1) Wenn nach der Closed Beta von WoWS die Accounts doch hoffentlich noch einmal zurückgesetzt werden, wird es die 30 Tage dann noch einmal geben? Damit würde mir WG aber dann einen Monat Premium in World of Tanks schenken - und seit wann schenkt WG freiwillig was her?! 2) Shared Premium hin- oder her, das Gold scheint nicht geshared zu werden. Auf dem WOT ist friedlich mein WOT-Betrag, auf WoWS ist der Betrag aus dem Starterpack. Was jetzt. Shared? Nicht shared?
  15. _psyhopata_

    Konkurs _kurczaka ZAKOŃCZONY

    Konkurs dla społeczności kanału _kurczak: Przebij mój rekord 384k DMG, wyślij powtórkę na mój adres e-mail: krzysztofkow92@icloud.com. Warunki konkursu: Wszystkie typy okrętów, tylko X tiery, tylko bitwy losowe, subskrypcja kanału _kurczak. Nagroda: 5500 golda dla pierwszej osoby Czas na nadsyłanie powtórek do końca czerwca 2018.
  16. Hi, some of you may know me from WoT forum. I did play some boats for a bit but I sucked really bad so went back to tanks where I only suck a bit. Anyway, there's a 3rd party blog which has now twice posted that there will be no gold unification between WoWS and WoT like there is with WoWP and WoT. I assume they get the info from the RU forum just like they get info about WoT, generally it's pretty accurate. Now I have a bit of an issue with this if it is true. When the doubloons went on sale before the end of closed beta it was promised that they would firstly be refunded at open beta and then when the game went live they would be converted to gold. So some of us bought doubloons with the thought that we would use them to test boats and if we didn't like it then we would have the gold for tanks later. So I checked the FAQ here and it still says.... I know it's a long shot asking on the official forum but can anyone from WG confirm or deny this rumour?
  17. I know this whole unified accounts topic has been talked to death already but there is one thing about it that i could not find anywhere in the interwebz. When exactly does wargaming plan on implementing that world of tanks and warships share gold and free exp as they do for tanks and warplanes at the moment; like, after the Kriegsmarine is introduced, or before? Just saying if WG did it at the same time at least they maybe would earn a little bit more money so ppl can convert stuffz^^ *hint hint* Would be winwin...
  18. Misiuuuu

    Wypłata nagród od WG

    Przy okazji niemal każdego konkursu przewija się kwestia oczekiwania na nagrody. Społeczność jest oburzona, WG się nie przejmuje. Rozumiem, że pracownicy WG mają ważniejsze rzeczy na głowie ale jest przecież bardzo proste rozwiązanie. Wystarczy zatrudnić studenta - stażystę, który zajmowałby się tylko tym. Wypłaty realizowane byłyby terminowo (a jeśli nie to wystarczyłoby wymienić studenta), gracze zadowoleni, prestiż WG szybujący w górę. E: Właśnie zauważyłem podobny temat kawałek niżej, usunąłbym ten i przeniósł się tam ale chyba nie jest to w mej mocy.
  19. How do i unlock more slots in harbor since i don't have any gold ?
  20. Witam. Przy okazji "klikania" w porcie wykupiłem za piastry kontom premium zużywając cały zapas piastrów. Teraz okazuje się, że nie mogę sprzedając okręt zniszczyć ulepszeń co powoduje brak opcji sprzedaży okrętu. Jedyna opcja usunięcia ulepszeń jest za golda (piastry) i jestem w d........... z rozwojem floty. Może jest jakiś sposób na zniszczenie ulepszeń? Pozdrawiam
  21. Hi ! I have 48 ships and i need to redistribute a lot of points of my captains. But the price in gold is too expensive ! At least 275 gold for only one captain ! It is impossible ! Please, make us a much lower price ! Thank you !
  22. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Are we gonna get free gold?

    During WoT beta test we were getting 250 gold each day from WarGaming for testing purposes. Are we gonna get any gold(or what is it called) here?
  23. Hi We are recruiting. We are 6 members now. Playing casually, but looking to play some clan battles when it comes available. English speaking - TeamSpeak We have average win rate of about 60%, so if you are around this win rate, you should fit in nicely. Requirements to apply: -be a nice fellow -win rate over 50% -age 16+ Have a good one!
  24. Hi! Kann man eigentlich Dublonen/Gold zwischen den Spielen "verschieben"? Ich hab bei WoT noch ne Menge Gold rumliegen und spiel eigentlich nurmehr WoW. Da könnt ich das Gold natürlich dort gut gebrauchen.... LG. Ch.