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Found 42 results

  1. Charger76

    Moskva Permanent Camo

    You sold me permanent camo for a tech tree ship for 5,000 gold. You now tell us that you are converting this ship to a "coal ship" and that those of us who bought gold and used it to but permanent camo can go to hell, you don't care. Not a new attitude from you Wargaming, but the clearest indication of it so far and the one that for me ends any chance of me parting with real money ever again. I have spent over €5K with you over the last 5-6 years and in the last year especially (it was creeping in before that, hence in the last year my spend has been WAY smaller than in previous years) all you have done is give me reasons not to trust you, not to do business with you again and spat in my face as a paying customer. If you decide to replace a ship on the tech tree, your customers who bought a permanent asset for a ship in that position in that tech tree should get the premium camo transferred. Anything less than that is theft and an abuse of your terms and conditions. If you can afford to lose my business and those of others who have acquired in game assets, then good for you, but I suspect the day will come when someone treats their customers with a little more respect and you will have lost out.
  2. Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. Either Alpha (Hurricane league) or Bravo (Typhoon league). Requirements: -60% winrate -mic and communication skills -team player deluxe 2000 We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  3. mttreggiani


    Hello, I wanted to ask for help regarding a coupon that I received and that allows you to receive a "200% refund of the value in doubloons of any purchase in the premium shop" so it is clear to me that buying a ship worth 18,86 € then of 4,700 doubloons would then receive 9,400. My question is if this coupon can also be applied to the store purchase of a package of 5,500 in order to arrive then to have 11,000?
  4. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  5. EuroPanzerTyphoon


    In WoWs there is a rule which I quote."The premium vehicle you want back must have been sold within the last two (2) months." Firstly, why is this rule just implemented into WoWs. Second, why have such a STUPID rule. It is only there to annoy us players as the time of selling doesn't affect if they are able to restore your premiums. Can someone give me the details of someone who can help me restore my premium. In WoT you can speak with Chief Of Staff. However I am not as familiar with the WoWs department so would like someone to help me out. Cheers
  6. FloppyCopy

    GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hello fellow captains! We need more members that wants to play Clan Wars - Season 03, either for our "first team" (trying to be competitive) or the more casual "second team". We are a fairly small clan at the moment, so if you look to play for the Stalingrad flag, look no more! We require you to have a keyboard, possibly a computer screen and maybe some teamplay skills. All applicants will be considered through stats. If in doubt, we will play a couple of games with ya, before final decision. www.gold-clan.com Quick info about our achievements in Clan Wars so far: Season1: Top20 teams - Typhoon League 1 Season2: Typhoon League 2 Season3: Hopefully better?
  7. _psyhopata_

    Konkurs _kurczaka ZAKOŃCZONY

    Konkurs dla społeczności kanału _kurczak: Przebij mój rekord 384k DMG, wyślij powtórkę na mój adres e-mail: krzysztofkow92@icloud.com. Warunki konkursu: Wszystkie typy okrętów, tylko X tiery, tylko bitwy losowe, subskrypcja kanału _kurczak. Nagroda: 5500 golda dla pierwszej osoby Czas na nadsyłanie powtórek do końca czerwca 2018.
  8. FloppyCopy

    GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. We have at the moment around 9 active players, but need more good players so we can mount a team on more days per week. Now we usually get to play 2 days a week because of lack of players. Also possible to disuss merging of clans. We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  9. DutchDelightsNL

    Be Aware of Phising links

    Do not just follow any link! Be aware of hackers and phishing
  10. Hello fellow captains! Looking for a relaxed clan to join? We are looking for a teamplayer with above average damage dealt. Also nice if you are on teamspeak. Our age span: 17-40 years old Language: english Apply! See ya!
  11. Hi! Kann man eigentlich Dublonen/Gold zwischen den Spielen "verschieben"? Ich hab bei WoT noch ne Menge Gold rumliegen und spiel eigentlich nurmehr WoW. Da könnt ich das Gold natürlich dort gut gebrauchen.... LG. Ch.
  12. Hi We are recruiting. We are 6 members now. Playing casually, but looking to play some clan battles when it comes available. English speaking - TeamSpeak We have average win rate of about 60%, so if you are around this win rate, you should fit in nicely. Requirements to apply: -be a nice fellow -win rate over 50% -age 16+ Have a good one!
  13. Flukeyluke

    flags? 10 daily?

    Edit, i dun goofed! mods feel free to move to Current Update so i just got a report in ranked for running a ship with no flags.... why no flags? well its my 14th game of the day and i have used the 10 daily flags i have earned in my first few matches the chap who reported me was a rather grumpy fellow but thats a diffrent story for a diffrent day... in my opinion if you can earn the medels that grant you the flags you should get the flags regardless if you have already had a kraken that day etc.... perhaps limit it to one medel per game rewards the rewards and make it a smaller box of say 5 flags 1. what are the possible solutions to running out off flags when you are limited to such a short supply? 2. why can we not buy flags with in game credits? ?. 1st bloods are worse and very hard to stock pile since you can only earn them in boxs of ones... 4. Any *new* news about the idividual flags being able to be broght for gold in the primium shop? i remember it was trialled on another server. currently we are stuck with bundles which contain flags which we may never use for example one bundle has 55 torpedo flooding flags which will be useless to someone who only plays high tier amarican cruisers or BBs... and so do nothing but needlessly infltae the bundle price 5. Will the supply likely increase after the random loot boxes are added to the servers or have these been scrapped? Ps i get lots of reports because i (insert salty [edited]comment here) and am not the gratest player.
  14. Is it possible to get all the skills? Without paying for them? The reason I ask, is that many players, for a long time, has talked about using AFT (skill level 4), consealment expert (level 5) and other high level skills. I sometimes wonder how dafuk they got so far, because some of them are rather bad players, with less games than me. I have now played like 4600 games, and I still never got to level 4. In fact, most of my captains got skills no higher than level 2. But then, I never gave wargaming anything for wows either, I gave them anough for wot, tbh, and they drive their thirst for profit further in wows, whitch makes me think bad about paying anymore. I know many of the players who talk about them high level skills use gold, and have prem ships. But is that a requirement? If you grind without paying for commander training, nor have premium account, nor a premium ship to harvest xp, how many games do you need vs. how many games do you need if you pay to get there fast. So if you got to level 5, have you done it without paying? How much faster do you get there, if you buy more xp trough prem account, ships and training? And wargaming, no need to delete this post, many are willing to pay to get an advantage (pay to win), and this propably work as an ad for a way to do it.
  15. DutchDelightsNL

    Premium vs regular

    Hello there, question for the comunity here........................... Do you use premium? And if yess then wat? Can you maybe tell me if its worth using premium consumabels? Do you use them always or only for ranked/team battles? Do you have premium ships and if so, maybe explain what ship to go for? Do you have a premium account and if yess, why??? Tanks in advance i am learnig a lot here from all you guys also.....
  16. ThoBen83

    Gold statt Dublonen

    würde gern mal wissen wann, oder ob überhaupt, die Dublonen zu Gold gemacht und mit dem Pool von Tanks und Warplanes verbunden werden. - zahle lieber nur einmal(20€) statt zweimal(10€). das spart bissel Zeit und man kriegt bissel mehr Gold.
  17. Hallo zusammen, ich hab es einfach mal schamlos aus dem Englischen Forum übernommen. Danke an Babykim fürs zu Tage fördern Auf gut Deutsch: Gold, das in WoT lagert, kann auch nur für und in WoT benutzt werden (na gut es gibt noch Warplanes). Gleiches gilt, vermutlich, für Freie EP! Wer eine Quelle hat, wo Wargaming explizit eine Vereinigung von WoT Gold und Warships Dublonen verweist, möge sie mir bitte zukommen lassen. Greetings
  18. NuckingFoob

    "Unified Account"

    Hallo zusammen. Ich hätte da mal eine Frage. Während der verschiedenen Betas hieß es immer, der sog. Unified Account würde sich nur am Anfang auf den Premium-Status des Accounts beschränken, zukünftig solle auch das Gold / die Dublonen synchronisiert werden. Ich bin nun nach längerer Abstinenz von WoWs wieder zurück und wundere mich, warum dies immer noch nicht umgesetzt wurde. Die Vereinheitlichung zwischen WoT und WoWp klappt doch auch. Da ich noch einen kleinen Batzen Gold in WoT rumliegen habe, den ich da nicht brauche, würde ich den gern in WoWs nutzen. Das dieses "Problem" immer noch existiert hinterlässt bei mir einen etwas schalen Beigeschmack um ehrlich zu sein. Ich habe wenig Lust, das Gold bzw. die Dublonen doppelt zu kaufen / zu bezahlen. Ist das komplett unter den Tisch gefallen oder kann man noch mit der Einführung für WoWs rechnen? Danke im voraus für eventuelle Antworten!
  19. PanNickt

    Unifikacja waluty premium

    Wygląda na to, że zbliżamy się do unifikacji waluty premium w grach World of Something. Na kodach bonusowych/zaproszeniowych z World of Warships (z tegorocznego Gamesconu) jako waluta premium podany jest już gold, a nie dublony.
  20. xXGFactorXx

    Training Battle

    Hey guys i wanna know what does world of warships training battle for newcomer gives? I mean, it gives you credits, gold, or expierience?
  21. The idea I will propose here sounds obvious to me. Yet it wasn’t proposed on this forum. So if this not possible for a reason I hadn’t thought of, please delete/lock this thread. I will start with what I think to be the biggest issue on this game on the long run. I have more than 25 ships in my port, as much captain, and still want to get more. It is possible to get port slots easily, you can farm credits to buy quickly their upgrades and modules with mid-tier ships, but you can’t get a good captain in less than 200 games (666k(15 points)/[1.1k per battle*premium*flags]). I get « bored » of the ship (or the ranked/team battle season end) before I have my captain ready. The idea is to be able to use gold to give an elite ship the no-retraining benefit from premium ships. It is already possible to give some silver ships premium advantages such as credits and XP with their gold camo. Why not give silver ships the no-retraining benefit for some gold as well? From WG PoV, a player will most certainly pay once or twice the 500 gold to fully retrain a captain from one ship to another, but no one actually use one captain for 2 ships with the gold retraining. Gold retraining is more used to get to the top of the tech tree with only one captain. If you set it at 1k to 3k gold depending of the tier, people will stop training new captain and use more gold. From the player PoV, no difference. The main point in the captain retraining is, according to WG, to avoid seal clubber in low tier. This is obviously not “working”, since everyone has at least one low tier ship to sealclub farm credits (a premium even gives you the possibility to pass through the captain training). Another idea would be to make the captain “premium”, meaning no retraining for him on every one of your elite ship, but I believe that would be less business friendly, as you could have 3 and more ships per captain.
  22. Hi ! I have 48 ships and i need to redistribute a lot of points of my captains. But the price in gold is too expensive ! At least 275 gold for only one captain ! It is impossible ! Please, make us a much lower price ! Thank you !
  23. Aakkonen

    Captain personalization

    Hi, I'm prolly not the only one who craves the personalization from WoT? Like change name, picture etc. I'm positively perfectionist What your opinions are on this? Discuss
  24. Hallo zusammen, wieso sind es immer noch Dublonen statt Gold nachdem nun das Spiel Release wurde. Früher wurde doch immer vermittelt ein Account für alle 3 Spiele. Die gleiche Prämienwährung! Was soll das? Bei den Flugzeugen wurde es so umgesetzt, aber das Spiel ist ja auch geflopppt. Bei den Schiff jedoch nicht - weil die Schiffe scheinbar erfolgreich sind? Neue Möglichkeit den Leuten das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen? Kriegt Wargaming immer noch nicht genug Geld? Welchen Grund hat diese Entwicklung sonst? Gruß tankfuchs