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Found 10 results

  1. _ThatOneGuy_

    Go Navy Tokens

    Hi, i was wondering if after the event will there be a different way to get some tokens? I didn't do the whole challenge due to my holidays and I wish i could grab some more to get that sweet Worcester camo.
  2. resania

    Go navy loyalty

    Is it possible to get the last recruitment offer today? at 73/75 right now due to vacation and not being able to play....
  3. Bonjour, Quelqu'un a-t-il une idée de ce qu'il se passe après le seuil de 75 points de fidélité ? Y-a-t-il un intérêt à rester dans la même équipe ou est-il préférable de changer ? Tanatoy, tu pourrais nous renseigner ? Merci, bonne journée
  4. As a started I was looking for a topic in which forum members discuss the GO NAVY competition and the point (motive) of the event. Only thread I found was closed due to non constructive content,, therefore I try to raise a constructive question about the situation. First of all my understanding is that the GO NAVY competition will run for roughly 1 month: "The competition will start the day after the update is released at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2); The competition will end one day before the next version of the game is released. Each new day is a new stage!" because WG runs a 4 weeks release cycle for the product. This means that to ultimately win the competition one team needs to win at least 16 days. Looking at the current situation it seems that one team is significantly ahead of the other not only by days won, but inside the day the performance is significantly better. This is with consideration that WG thought about the balance issue and there is a score multiplier applied for the loosing team. What is happening was more or less predictable based on past events. This is why I do not understand why WG choose this framework for an event to motivate players to play more...? The ultimate winner's prize is not that significant, therefore neither winners nor losers are differentiated significantly. It seems to me a good psychological experiment as how different players react to the "temptation" to change their choice, but this aspect does not add to the game experience, only can be a good data source for a behavioral P.h.D dissertation. Is there anything I miss to get excited for? Last but not least: if WG is so much married to a competition concept in RANDOM style, it would have been better to implement the concept on a battle level: so when RANDOM battle starts each side of the battle randomly gets assigned to Sharks or Eagles and the outcome of the battle counts for the teams and for the individuals. In such way the "autobalance" of team strengths are better and the overall event is less controversial.
  5. leopard_77

    Go Navy is a Fraud

    I think you wargaming people are wasting people time by creating such events like go navy, I am continuously playing in eagle team from last two weeks but not a single Eagle team victory. I will play the same event till its end if the results are same then I will delete my account and run a social media campaign against wargaming on wasting people time and make people sick by giving them mental torture by creating such events. you are such scum and stupid people.
  6. 1eyedW00Tleg

    cct container 2 change

    Hi folks, i was lucky last month with gettin cct container. I like 2 exchange my remaing code against a go navy container code or american container code. pm me
  7. Shortly: I wanted to know what conditions I have to meet to get screen with offer to change the team in Go Navy event. Bassicaly, when it happens? When I am online longer than X hours? I have to make at least X wins? damage? battles? missions? or it appears in totaly random way? This is quite important to get this offer because without it, it's not possible to get some rewards from arsenal. You can get up to 5 points per day including +2 for loyality so if it appears randomly then it's a little unfair...
  8. Xanta99

    Go Navy Tokens

    I've looked around and can't actually find any info either in the rather vague event blurb or on the forum on this so excuse the question please, if I'm just being dumb. 75 loyalty = 100 team tokens I think Permacamo costs 125 tokens Just opened up an in game team crate and no tokens in those. Is there any other way to get them or are we required to buy ~3 premium crates to get enough tokens?
  9. rat_ona_raft

    EAGLES Vs SHARKS GO NAVY "contest"

    Hello fellow players... So... why are the Eagles doing so badly every day? I'm not looking for spoilers or advantage, is the shark team more popular or something? Seems strange that the Eagles are so far behind every day so far... This is a genuine question, so if you have a stupid answer, keep it to yourself please.
  10. TrickySteelRat

    Is the Navy Go contest broken

    I know that we are only 3 days into the Go Navy contest but I feel like there are some problems with it, causing it to be Broken. These are 1) The fact that you can choose which team you are on everyday. It should have been the case, that at the beginning of the contest you choose your team and you stayed on that team to help it win. 2) Before you choose your team at the start of your first battle, you are shown how much it is winning by. This will encourage players to pick the team that is already winning, thus causing that team to have more players scoring points for it. It is human nature to want to be on the winning team. This leads onto: 3) Why was the option to change teams even given at all, and why are you rewarded for it with a container? People will change teams just to get a container. The loyalty bonus is not sufficient to tempt, well loyalty. 4) I chose to be on the Eagles team at the beginning of the contest and at the time of writing they have not won a single day. In fact they are losing by nearly 8 million points. Now i know some people will say " your only complaining because your team is losing/ not very good". I'm not complaining about that, I can just as easily pick the Sharks tomorrow and be on the winning team. It seems a silly way to conduct a " Contest" when everyone can switch teams when they want and be rewarded for it. If you had to pick your team and stay with it throughout the whole contest, then people would have a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the contest. What are your views on this, am I missing the point or am I making a valid point.