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Found 31 results

  1. In weekly operation Narai I`ve encoutered a bug which cause that the oeration cannot be completed. Our ships(convoys with soldiers, and repair ships) suddenly started to reverse. Then the same thing happened to enemy ships (not all of them). Some dd when they were spawned started to go backwards. I`ve attached the game replay file just to show You guys what I mean. Enyone ever experienced this? It`s a game braking bug, cause our ships would never reach the objective which is to transport troops to the specified area. 20200429_130503_PRSC107-Schors_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  2. omerdivan

    Glitch and error macOS

    I have a big problem however I was not sure whether to contact my computer or the game developers so I am doing both please help me I am running at 3072x1920 MacBook Pro 16 i9 16gb ram 4gb amd 5500m First problem is the stuttering and unplayable glitches as attached note: this problem only occurs in fullscreen and i have tried windowed borderless but the resolution was locked to 1700x... (something close). the display continues as shown on the picture in every where it is not just loading screen Second of all I am unable to run antialiasing and when I do I receive an popup saying "world of warships ran into a critical problem" and crashes and bring two options: terminate, restart and I have to reset the settings to default to be able to open it successfully again Third, whilst running on windowed at the 1700x.. I was witnessing some 'black ship' glitches where the ship was blacking out from certain angles after taking damage but left and right sides had the correct textures I am able to run other games perfectly fine just for extra information I am running macOS 10.15.3
  3. RedRye95

    Lock on / Aiming Glitch

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the lock on bug that has affected the game for some time now where despite being locked on to the target you do not receive the corresponding accuracy buff. As a result your dispersion is as if you were firing without the target lock. On very accurate ships it is quite obvious when it happens as your dispersion should be wildly greater than the normal RNG. The only real way of combatting it seems to be manually unlocking and locking the target using your key bind. However, it used to be quite infrequent, but as of the latest patch it seems to be almost every other shot for me. I think it's one of those long standing issues that while irritating, didn't happen frequently enough to be a priority e.g. like how the camera can do a 180 sometimes when use use the free look button. I feel like this should be a bug report but I can't think of any way to gather evidence that it is happening more/less frequently than before. Has anyone else noticed a difference since the current patch went live or am I imagining it?
  4. AhnKahet

    New clouds

    What do you guys think about new sky/clouds? Looks like Mordor! That is not the only map where i encountered this Edit #1: Those black barely readable letters say: ''not found''.
  5. I have a very small clan of only 2 members. Despite our very small size, we are very active in Naval Battles and have been slowly but consistently developing our base week after week, month after month with our results on naval battles. It might not be very impressive but it works for us, and we are happy with this arrangement. At this point we don't want to expand the clan size. So far we have always been paired to clans of our same size (2 members) in every naval battle engagement stage and everything was fine, until this weekend. This weekend, for the first time, our clan of 2 was set to compete against a clan of 5. No big deal, right? After all, as long as you play well you should have a chance to win, even if you go against larger clans. At least that's what I thought. WRONG. As the rules are set it turns out that the larger clan ALWAYS wins and the smaller clan has no chance at winning a naval battle engagement. Let me explain why: -Each member on a clan has 10 attempts to win a battle, achieve a certain base XP and then win a corresponding star. -The clan that collects more stars wins the engagement stage. Since my clan has only 2 members, our maximum number of attempts combined is 20, hence the max amount of stars we can collect is 20 stars, and that would mean 20 perfectly flawless naval battles without a single mistake. A top score, for a small clan like ours. As the opposing clan has 5 members, their total attempts will be 50, making it potentially possible for them to obtain 50 stars. Since the clan that collects more stars wins the engagement stage, 50 stars will always beat 20 stars. As things are set right now, the smaller clan ALWAYS LOSES. This actually happened to my clan this weekend. Before we even had the chance to play our first battle, our rival clan (of 5 members) had already achieved 21 stars. Since we can never get more than 20 stars max, it was lost before we even played a single battle. Extremely fair, right? You might think this is not a real problem since very small clans are not so common. But this issue affects every clan: Every clan paired against a larger clan will potentially lose on naval battles, as the larger clan has always more attempts. An easy solution would be to equalize attempts: When two clans of different size are matched, the number of attempts for both will be those of the larger clan. This measure would restore the balance again. In my own example my clan (despite having only 2 members) would now have 50 attempts (same number of attempts as the larger clan) and could now compete in all fairness. The winner would be the better clan and not necessarily the larger clan anymore. Anyway, this is just a suggestion and I certainly hope the devs will check this post and fix this huge unbalance about naval battles. I already filled a ticket and complained with support. Support did absolutely nothing and suggested addressing this issue to the forum in the hope that devs would see it and fix this issue, that is why I am posting here. I have no high hopes, but here it is just in case a dev actually reads this and does something about it. After all, It would be nice to have a chance of actually wining naval battles when you play better than your opponent, independently of the size of the clan. I am attaching a picture just to prove my claims: 1) My clan has only 2 members and can reach a max of 20 stars. 2) A rival clan of 5 members had already scored more than 20 stars (actually 21 stars) before we even had a chance to play our first battle. Please note that the rival clan is picked randomly, so my beef is not with them at all: They bear no responsibility in this whatsoever. My issue is with the current rules that allow for larger clans to always win. The rival clan appears here merely as an example, where you can confirm they have more than 2 members and that is why they reach a higher score. They might be very skilled or not, but that is not the reason of their victory. They are winning solely due to their larger size (larger number of members).
  6. andrija_kaser_1

    Weird glitch

    So basically this sort of a glitch happened yesterday. I dont know what excactly caused it but i cant play the game anymore. please help me fix it .http://prntscr.com/ihscuc Only question releavent to topic please. This is the first time im posting this topic ,and my language isnt at its best.
  7. Have a look at the Roma in port view and then in game. There is a truck, car and lifeboats detailed on the ship. They are missing ingame. The lifeboat mounts are empty on both sides and the truck and car is gone. Please fix that, I need that truck for doing the Notser.
  8. Have any of you ever used the mouse wheel to scroll the ships line-up in your port, only for the ships line to suddenly stop and become non-responsive? When this happens, it's still possible to move the ships line with the triangle buttons at either edge of the screen, but the mouse wheel doesn't move the ships line. I just noticed that the mouse pointer has to always be on top of a ship picture for the scrolling to work. The pointer doesn't work if it should be in one of the gaps between the ship pictures. I'm sure many of you have noticed this before, but how come I wasn't notified? I kept assuming that it must be some glitch every time it happend and didn't pay more attention.
  9. nambr9

    Torpedo glitch

    Ive just hard a game where torpedo launched from a DD went through the island (smaller one). Unfortunately I dont have any replay to support this, but I would like to know if anyone has ever seen this happen...
  10. sevenforce72

    Self destruction?

    Hi guys. I got a really big question. How can someone kill himself? I just had my second match with the Izumo (kinda hard to learn) and saw the enemy Mogami dying. First he lost 1/2 of his HP then he died. Kill feed said: Nothing | Shipwreck| his Name/Ship. Normally it is like Me | Shipwreck | Enemy. I asked what happened but he just said dunno. I asked: "Did you torp yourself"; he: Nope... [edited]Wg. I am really curious how he did that. In general... how can someone kill himself and stay inside the game. If you desert then you would leave the game completely. Not in this case. So no ragequit. Thanks for the future answers. PS: Sorry, English is not my main language.
  11. So when the game was release this happened and there was no fix to be found anywhere. It seemed to just fix itself. About a week ago I started playing again and it was all really fun until yesterday. The desync was back. It's not my internet because it doesn't happen on any other games and my ping and jitter are fine (plugin won't run so packet loss wouldn't show but that's fine because I'd notice it on other games). I don't know why it happens or what to do about it. You can see on the attached picture that it's displaying the ship somewhere else (the shells wouldn't explode in mid air). This makes aiming way harder and also completely removes me from the game mentally.
  12. combattank

    Screen flickering during game & loading

    This glitch started to appear shortly after 5.10 patch. World of Warships flickering.mp4 1.18MB It occurs during gameplay & map loading, rarely also when in port settings menu. WoWs is the only game doing this, I'm not playing any other WG game currently. I tried: Updating GPU drivers Setting WoWs to use dedicated GPU in nVidia CP enabling Vsync + TB in settings specs: GTX 860m (maxwell) i5 4210H Win 10 64-bit World of Warships flickering.mp4
  13. John_M_Richardson

    Grafik ruckelt bei nahmen Feinden

    Hi Community, seit dem Update auf fängt im Binucular-Mode bei nahen und "schnellen" Feindschiffen die Grafik an zu ruckeln und die korrekte Position der Schiffe ist nicht mehr auszumachen (Beispiel siehe Video: https://vimeo.com/174580725). Kenn jemand dieses Problem seit dem Patch? Zur Info: Ich spiele ohne Mods! Viele Grüße
  14. Vojkan79

    Flying Castle

    Today just after beginning of battle i saw flying castle (it's probably a glitch). Nobody believed me, people think i was drunk so i will post a screenshot.
  15. Gojuadorai

    Warspite cammo broken

    since 0.5.5 the warspite premium cammo is largely displayed wrong. only the cammo on the main super structure is displayed correctly on the rest of the hull its just blurred (i havnt installed any mods since the 0.5.5 patch)
  16. Flash_overlord

    Hiryu Possible Graphic glitch

    I never noticed this before, so i'm pretty sure it wasn't there before update 5.5 but now, Hiryu has a very weird black bar just under her flight deck on her left side, running from just behind the castle to the stern. and there is a second smaller black line just under the castle. it's visible both from above, behind and from the left. i see it both ingame and in the port. it looks to me like a graphic glitch, but nobody else seem to report it so... is anyone else seeing this too ?
  17. A rather gamebreaking bug that really needs to be sorted out. Planes flashing on the map and minimap for no apparent reason, giving away the location of the carriers.
  18. FoxVikingN7

    Weird Bug (possible hacker)

    I am making this thread to make the developers aware of this incident that happened. 05/11/15 8:45GMT So I was playing in my South Carolina in a Tier3/4 match on big race. I saw a cruiser and aimed my shots and fired but i saw no shell land in my binocular field of view. It turns out there seemed to be an invisible force field that stopped most shells being fired. They would explode as soon as they left the barrel. Torpedo's would get to around 10m of the side of my ship and disappear (the destroyer that launched them was a Clemson around 3km away). About 2 minutes later i was sailing up the west side of the map when my ship suddenly stopped. My forward 2 turrets suffered the same bug but the back 2 did not. The enemy aircraft carrier hit me with 1 air launched torp and it hit causing a large amout of damage (around 9k). After this I left the game and made this thread. This glitch seemed to happen to everyone in the game. If anyone has also experienced this phenomenon then please post below. If I have made this thread in the wrong category I'm sorry but this is my first post
  19. Sgt_Taube

    Weird position for a ship

    I played just a normal round with my BB and drove through this gap and saw this clemson that was parking on top of this mountain. I´m rellative new to this game so, does anyone see this kind of glitch/bug before? And he was shooting from this position at us but we aren´t able to hit him back . greetings.
  20. So i get a mouse everywhere else on the game (menu, port) but when i'm in game i used to press CTRL and that would bring up the mouse cursor and allow me to ping the minimap and select planes for my AA guns but now that doesn't work anymore the only way i can ping minimap now is pressing M have the map come up, this is the only way i seem to get the mouse cursor up but even then i still can't select planes and ships for my AA and secondaries to focus on. Can anyone help i've already tried deleting my preferences like other threads have said
  21. All of a sudden my game has a strange graphics glitch anomaly, the sea has developed stripes, and I can't figure out why. Drivers are up to date, have tried settings maxed (my usual setting) and settings minimal, unloaded all mods, but it remains. Has anyone any clue what is happening or even better a solution?
  22. master_blaster_2001

    Severe Control Bug!

    i have been having this very strange controls bug it completely freezes my guns into fixed position without pressing X, Crtl + X, or shift + X commands and my steering completely locks up forcing me one direction without any kind of control no idea what sets this bug off but this bug has been happening for last 5 days since friday afternoon (7th august) and once every two to three games making the game right now very un-playable with many zero xp games. it is not my keyboard since i can type with it just fine right now all the buttons do work. it is not my mouse because i can look around just fine but again no control of my guns or steering. can anybody help with this or confirm if anybody else is having same problems?
  23. E69_Mikel

    Irregular framerate on Nvidia GPU

    Hi all. Since last update I'm sufering from irregular framerates, ranging from top 50 somethings to as low as 17 without advice nor previous notice. GPU load is less tan 15% but I had to lower quality settings and the problema is not away... It increases max framerates, but time to time it goes down to 20 or 17 for few seconds, mainly on zoom-in situations. Note I'm saying 'since last update'. Previously it worked nice and smooth, with just a bit of stuttering from an average 35 fps to 24/25 fps with graphic settings on default médium (only fullscreened). My hardware is a bit outdated Quad Core Q6600 @ 2,40 GHz with 4 GB RAM runing under Windows 8.1 64 bit, GPU is an Old Reliable GT8800 with 512 MB DDR3 dedicated RAM and last driver versión. Yes, is a third (or fifth) line rig for gaming, but had no issues until last update.
  24. Seems that I'm not getting the correct modules display for my Nicholas destroyer. Anybody else getting this sort of thing?
  25. I spend a lot of time watching the mini-map as I move my fighters around to chase enemy planes. Every so often I notice "ghost planes" showing up, either in the top left corner of the map or in spots where I know there are definitely no planes of any sort. I have never seen this with ships, but it seems to be a persistent issue. Is it just me or are we fighting in the Bermuda Triangle?