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Found 7 results

  1. kumpf_yodap

    IFHE auf GK

    Mir ist aufgefallen das es nicht mehr möglich ist IFHE auf BBs zu skillen und somit kann man die sec auch nicht verbessern. Wenn ich bsp. Einen Kapitän mit IFHE skille und den Dan auf meinen GK packe wird die skillung dann deaktiviert?
  2. Introduction Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote my general guide on how to play battleships -> Link (Other guides -> How to play Yamato and How to play Montana) So now I would like to start sharing my experiences and tips on how to play some specific battleships. Today I want to make a guide about the Großer Kurfürst which I will just name GK from now on because it's less annoying to write. I'm making this guide with some tips gathered from [OP] and other players like @Runner357. Gun Choice GK has the option to switch between 2 sets of guns. While the 406mm guns give you a faster rate of fire they do often lack the penetration to hurt enemy battleships as much as the 420mm guns do. That being said, the 420's also do more damage/shell. This however is a personal preference and I do know people who play with the 406's and like them more. Captain's Skillbuild Just like any ship the GK is just a piece of easy target practice without a good captain and with that a good captain skillbuild. While there are a few ways to build the skills GK there is one build I definitely prefer over other builds. This build focusses heavily on survivability compared to f.e. a secondary build (a build that takes Manual Secondaries, Basic Fire Training and Advanced Fire Training) While the secondary build can be usefull in some occasions it generally lacks in flexibility. I take Preventive Maintenance to decrease the possibility of my main battery guns getting knocked out in a fight. Expert Marksman gives the usefull bonus of being able to turn your guns faster + it offsets the penalty your guns get to turret rotation by taking the reload module. This is a skill I tend to take on all my BB's Adrenaline Rush is a skill that gets more usefull the more your ship gets damaged, making it so that taking a torpedo or two isn't the worst thing in the world anymore (still try to avoid it tho) Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention serve the same goal of limiting fire damage your ship will take. GK is extremely big, even bigger than Yamato, and will be a very tasty target for cruiser HE spam. Fires do a percentage based damage on your ship every second. If my calculus is allright this should be 0.3% of your HP/fire/second. This is 317 damage every single second on the GK for only one fire. Limiting this damage is extremely important in the GK if you want to keep tanking for your team. Super Intendent fits very nicely in this image as it will give you an extra charge for your repair party (and Hydroacoustic search!) which will greatly help your survivability. Concealment Expert is a bit of a controversial pick because the GK's detection will remain quite big, however I've found it usefull because it allows you to get a little bit closer before opening up, and it does open up some ways to dissengage if things go south. Ship Upgrades Stearing Gears Mod 2 could be switched out for Damage Control System 2 which grants an even bigger reduction on fire and flooding duration, however, personally I like to keep my ships somewhat manoeuvrable so I tend to stick to the decrease in rudder shift. This makes turning to avoid torpedoes a lot less painfull. Some could argue that taking the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 would be better than the Main Battery Modification 3 because the range on the GK is indeed quite lacking. However I end up engaging targets at a shorter range so having that extra reload suits the GK better. You do not want to be sniping in this ship. General Playstyle GK is a ship that benefits from a slightly more agressive playstyle than f.e. its tier X counterparts Yamato and Montana. The biggest difference is that GK has acces to the German Hydroacoustic Search consumable which has a range of 5.88 km for ships and 4.02 km for torpedoes. This allows you to be more agressive in pushes because your hydro provides you with a lot of warning for incoming enemy torpedoes. While your size will hinder you in avoiding all, it will severely limit the total amount of torpedoes you might take. This is even more important when fighting against Destroyers equipped with deepwater torpedoes, torpedoes that are extremely stealthy. The bow on the GK encourages an agressive playstyle even more since it's the only tier X BB that has 60mm of bow plating (marked in red by amazing paint skills) keep in mind that the parts marked in blue are still only 32 mm of armour tho. Your 60mm makes you relatively resilient when bow on to enemy battleships and cruiser AP, however the superstructure of GK is one of your weak points. A good player will shoot for your superstructure and do lots of damage by penetrating that instead. Furthermore your good citadel armour and turtleback shape* of your main armourbelt allow you to get away with some manoeuvres other battleships could only dream off. This however doesn't mean you can't be punished. GK gets citadelled very rarely but it definitely does happen in certain occasions. And even if you don't get citadelled when giving your side to the enemy, your ship will take massive penetrating damage, 30K damage salvoes on a GK are not unheard off. Your bad turret angles will lure you into temptation to show a lot of your side and that's why, when you are being focussed, it is better to keep your bow turned to the enemy and resist the temptation to kill yourself by showing broadside. The GK isn't renowned for its accuracy but that doesn't mean it's super bad, when you are not being focussed and you can use all your guns they might suprise you with their accuracy. GK has a lot of HP for a tier X ship and when used correctly you can make that 105 800 hitpoint pool last a lot longer too. Don't forget to angle, use your heals, limit fires by pressing the damage control consumable at the right time (never press it for 1 fire) and, to add to that point, make sure you pick the premium consumables (22 500 credits), not taking these, especially damage control party 2 and repair party 2, will give you a very big disadvantage on the battlefield. Try to focus the enemy Battleships at the start of the game, your lack of stealth makes it hard to ambush cruisers. When the moment in the battle is there to be aggressive don't be afraid to push. A pushing GK with hydro running is a big pain to deal with for the enemy team. Just try to not overextend that much. *turtleback armour is a shape of armour that will have the effect of giving you less citadels when you give broadside. Outro That's basically it for this guide, if you have any other points I could add please do mention them in the comments, I will try to implement them if possible :) Have a nice day! Kathy.
  3. Jankr7

    German BB 2019

    Hello guys, I feel really badly about German BBs. Since i have purchased Bismarck, I think it is probably worst BB line right now. Dispersion, weak guns, short range, they r very large ... I tried secondary build on Bismarck and it is awfull. Secondaris are very unacurate and in current meta it is hard to get close to enemy. In Bismarck most og my games are T 10 matches. I cannot fight even same tier ships. Even i stay angled to enemy I usually got hits for 7 k or more. Are tier 9, 10 better or i should go for another line ? Do u have some guides for german bbs in 2019 ? What builds do you recomend for T8 + german bbs ? Please help me ... I do not feel soo hopeless in other tier 8 bbs (I played them on my friend acount) Thank u
  4. Hallo, ich möchte mich zu dem neuen legendären Modul des großen Kurfürsten äußern. Ich habe das Modul +20% Feuerrate der sekundären Geschütze ausgebaut.... ...bekomme dafür +15%Feuerrate der sekundären Geschütze -8 % Reichweiter der Hauptgeschütze -7% Drehgeschwindigkeit der Hauptgeschütze -15% Nachladezeit der Hauptgeschütze. ? Will man mich hier veräppeln? die sekundären werden verschlechtert, der Nahkampf der Hauptgeschütze wird verschlechter, da sie auf kurze Entfernung kaum noch rechtzeitig auszurichten sind. Das verschlechtert das Schiff. Wenn wenigstens die Reichweite der sekundären Geschütze um +10% zunehmen würde. Ich sehe hier in dem "legedären Modul" keine Vorteile. LG Sir Vilu
  5. Colonel_Boom

    Gneisenau and GK

    Hey, i wanted to talk about the GK secondaries. The GK uses the 128mm multi purpose secondaries derived from the 128mm Flak 40 which was the last generation of heavy anti aircraft weaponry of the Wehrmacht, used in 1943-1945. Ingame the Gneisenau also uses the same 128mm guns. On my research towards the armament setup of the Gneisenau's Hull(B) i found out that the 128mm guns were supposed to be part of the 1943 refit of the Gneisenau which were never realized and the 128mm were never mounted on ships with the exception of the late DDs. Now my question is about buffing the fire chance of these guns. The only difference towards the previous generations 105mm guns is the HE damage(1200 to 1500). The GK actually has a worse secondy setup than the Bismarck/Tirpitz in regard to fire chance because it sacrifices 1 150mm dedicated naval battery turret for them. I would buff the HE fire chance from 5% to 7% to be in harmony with the increase in gun calibre. I also found out that the 128mm can fire shells with a weight of 26kg to 29kg while the 150mm 105mm shoots shells with a weight of 15kg to 16kg which would also support this change. I always found it weird how the secondary armament of the Hull(A) is better than the Hull(B). It feels like you trade naval secondary power for AA secondary power. What do you think? MfG Boom
  6. Well I don't find enough effective the 12x420 guns after ~50 battles (92k average, 167k top, 100-150k damage usually), so one of my friend offered me to use 406mm guns. Sure that was better for me on Große Friedrich, but this a tier X ship. So how about you this question? 406 or 420?
  7. TheWhiteJack

    GK Concealment stats

    Can anyone please tell me the value of concealment in the GK with only the concealment upgrade, with only the captain skill, and with both of them? If you knows any site where you can see the stats of ships with upgrades, etc. let me know please Currently i have a full secondary build, and i have to choose between the target acqu. system and concealment upgrade.