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Found 1 result

  1. Xinyue


    Hey guys, don't you think that the GZ test 1 needs immediate buffs? The ship is SO UNDERPOWER. I just had a game where I was sailing a Tirpitz, and the enemy GZ test 1 decided to bomb me. I was at full hp and started to turn in full speed, trying to dodge the bomb. Guess what happened? ... ALL OF HIS BOMBS WERE BOUNCE!! HE DID 0/ZERO/NULL/零/ゼロ DMG TO ME!! AND THOSE BOMBS, AFTER RICOCHETED COMPLETE FROM MY SHIP, FLEW ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE GZ TEST 1 AND ALMOST KILLED HIM!! He was at full hp and after the strike, he has like 2000 hp. I was deeply astonished. This ship is so underpowered. Firstly, we all know that the GZ test 1 is extremely hard to play: You have to left click at least 1 time to use those weak bombers. I can not imagine myself doing this, it is just too hard. You have to first avoid clicking the wrong button (the left button is the right one, and the right button is the wrong one. OMG so fxxking confusing right?), and then you have to click it at least once! To make it worse, sometimes you have to click THREE times if you want to attack multiple targets!! Shouldn't WG reward those brave and skillful players who dare to play this horrible ship? Secondly, the bombers are too weak. We know that the Tirpitz has very weak armor, and an OP battleship like Yamato, the only T10 BB which has never been built in real life and which has the highest win rate and avg dmg among all other T10 BBs, could one shot a Tirpitz at any angle, at any range. I am not saying that the GZ should be able to do that, but at least she should have some kind of strike power instead of doing 0 dmg. Don’t forget the GZ is very hard to play, while a 3 years old could play the Yamato and get a 160k avg dmg. I just don’t understand why this ship is designed in this way. Just too weak. Whoever plays this ship, will have his game experience completely ruined. But, I still have confidence in WG. This ship has been put into the game for testing for only 1 day, right? The intelligent and efficient WG will for sure immediately notice that the ship is underpowered and then removes it from the game to avoid ruining players’ game experience. They will not leave it there any longer because there is no need to collect any more data considering the fact the ship is just too weak. I just want to kindly suggest to WG that give the GZ a big buff. Thanks.