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Found 19 results

  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, i have started a new discord server for game-play, divisions and game-discussion. This week i am doing a start-up giveaway ... 2500 DOUBLOONS for one of the members. The servers link: https://discord.gg/Y7amYqg See you in there, good luck the poll will be live using a plug that discord provides. Oh and do not forget, good luck and fair seas !
  2. ubersreik

    Giveaway Oo Gracza dla Graczy

    Mamy dla Was Giveaway Kodu do World of Warships Legends (Xbox One) o wartości 320 zł 💪👍 Zapraszam do uczestnictwa !!! Czas trwania: od 12:00 dziś (19.05.) do 23:00 w wtorek (21.05) oto link do Gleam, który da Wam szanse na zgarnięcie nagrody. http://bit.ly/wowsLEGENDSgiveaway Kod w wersji na konsolę Xbox One. Kod odblokowuje: • Iwaki – japoński krążownik III poziomu • Arkansas – amerykański pancernik III poziomu • Marblehead – amerykański krążownik IV poziomu • Gremiaszczij – radziecki niszczyciel IV poziomu • Anton Gurin – radziecki dowódca • unikatowy stały kamuflaż „Fundator” dla okrętów w tym zestawie • unikatową flagę Fundatora • unikatową flagę Kolekcjonera • 60 dni konta premium • 6000 dublonów • 4 000 000 szt. srebra • duży pakiet doładowań Zapraszam też na LIVE dziś od 20:30 Szczegóły dziś na LIVE od 20:30 oraz poniżej ⚓️ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/OdGraczadlaGraczy/live Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/odgracza POWODZENIA KAPITANOWIE
  3. Lenin – a good ship in a questionable meta? With carrier planes leering at your team, waiting for any unfortunate soul to drift off far enough from the blob so they can make it regret opening the game again in 4 weeks, and Battleships - sitting at maximum range so as not to scratch their paint job - lobbing shells that take 20+ seconds to arrive but still manage to citadel perfectly, the Lenin stares you straight in the eyes and asks: “Do you want the power to push?”, and you answer yes. It’s crazy, and definitely not the right time, but you agree nonetheless. Knowing full well that you will most likely not come out of it alive, only by the grace of your team will you perhaps survive - a fool’s errand. You still take to the helm of this steel behemoth and steer it into the fray. What Lenin offers: 63200 Hitpoints, 45mm of deck armour, 32mm front and aft with a 100mm belt. A flat citadel compared to Vladivostok, no turtleback. 3x3 406mm Main Batteries. All of them mounted in the bow. 2 are super-firing, one behind the 2 mounts, similar to Nelson. The elevated mount has a 360 degree turn radius, while the 3rd gun receives worse firing angles due to the obstruction toward the front. 180 degree turn time is 30 seconds. HE and AP alphas are 5850 and 13100 respectively. Her AA suite is made up of standard LR 5.8km mounts with 128 DPS and 5 flak bursts and MR 3.5km with 358dps and 9 flak bursts. No short range, so there’s a 1km window of no AA. Maneuverability is on the better side, with a top speed of 29.9kn (Sierra Mike). The rudder’s 180 time is clocked in at 13,5 seconds. A fully concealed Lenin has a surface detectability of 13,1km and an air detectability of 8.9km. Smoke concealment after firing guns is 16.1km. Captain Skills: Skill tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 First Pick Priority Target Expert Marksman Superintendent Concealment Expert Second Pick Expert Loader Jack of All Trades Basics of Survivability Fire Prevention Third Pick Preventive Maintenance Full survivability to make the most out of a push with 2 points in EM for quick turret traverse. Modifications: Rudder shift and concealment for the ability to get close and maneuver more reliably when there. Gameplay and Analysis: Lenin is the first premium BB for the Russian tree. As such she is also the first tier 8 premium battleship to boast the new Soviet gimmick: accuracy increase below 12km, accuracy decrease above 12km. This, packaged with the front mounted guns, good side armour, decent maneuverability, and relatively small superstructure, make her ideal for situational pushes. This is what Lenin offers. Whether her captain makes use of this or not, is the main determining factor to the kind of performance the ship will have. Lenin likes to be close to her enemies, that’s where she works best and that’s where she should be. Sadly, however, being close to your enemies is not an ideal place for a battleship. For all the HE focus fire and the destroyer torpedoes, there is no place a battleship wouldn’t rather be. That’s not even taking carriers into account. Piloted competently, a player can make Lenin work most of the time. If one is selective, singling out ships to “push”, Lenin will provide the reliability to make it work. That is pretty much how she performed during the first few test iterations, and that’s the way she performs now. Absolutely atrocious at range, very good at close range – as long as you don’t get focused down. And that’s a bit of a problem right now. Perhaps she’d perform better a few months back, who knows? For me – a non BB player – Lenin is a ship with ups and downs. On good games you can easily go above 100k damage, on really bad ones you average around 50k. And let me tell you, I got more bad games than good ones, but it’s not entirely the ship that is to blame here. You see I am a very impatient player, BBs combine everything I dislike: slow and lumbersome gameplay, and inaccurate RNG based armament. Sure, there are games where you can do very little to prevent it from going bad, a full team blob rush on one flank for instance. You can’t single out a ship to focus, you cannot get close to the enemy because they’ll shred you to pieces. So you’re stuck there, kiting away for most of the game, knowing full well that it’ll eventually end with you running out of HP, heals, and team mates. But other times there really isn’t any reason other than getting bored. And I did do that quite a few times. Either that, or pushing a little too hard. Which happens… sometimes. The easiest work around to this is for me is to play in a division. This also enables you to take more risks when advancing in the right direction. Pros: Strong guns, good penetration Good armour layout and strong deck Frontal gun layout ideal for playing to the ship’s strength Decent maneuverability Cons: 3rd gun fire angles doesn’t allow it to fire most of the time terrible long range performance, lacking flexibility Large non-turtleback citadel, flat broadside Conclusion: So there she is in all her glory. Difficult to solo, fun when it works out. Sadly for me, the drawbacks, in combination with the fact that is a battleship, means that I will probably not take her out a lot. With the current meta in the game, I feel that it’ll cause me more grief than joy. Don’t let that be a deal breaker though. If you enjoy this type of gameplay or are looking for a new flavour of BB, and have a few clan mates or division mates to play with, this ship might be for you. If you’re still unsure, you can wait for the Vladivostok, which is essentially the same ship, but offers a more reliable citadel, a more usual gun layout, and a lot more hitpoints. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. WINNER: Shyrant ON EU Lenin giveaway
  4. Postate qui sotto i vostri risultati per partecipare alla missione Cor3y Regolamento nel video
  5. Postate pure qui i vostri risultati per partecipare alla super missione Frontline. Regolamento nel video
  6. Postate qui i vostri risultati per partecipare alla missione Orlathebeast Regolamento nel video
  7. Postate qui sotto i vostri risultati per partecipare alla missione Giolonutz Regolamento nel video
  8. Postate pure qui i risultati per partecipare alla missione Setepijotesiluro Regolamento nel video
  9. Postate pure qui gli screenshot per partecipare alla missione Powell90. Regolamento all'interno del video.
  10. Hello Captains. Im George from the clan "THE KRAKEN" . i wanna make a giveaway 1 Month Premium Account on my channel https://www.twitch.tv/elladaris when the followers be 500. I hope you enjoy me and give me your support. I stream every day for 3 or 4 hours in afternoon. Thanks Captains.
  11. Sonic_157

    RAZER codes giveaway

    Hello everyone. Razer is having a giveaway for new and existing players. You have to download Razer Comms for the code to work(*). Link here. The code is valid until June 2016. Cheers! New players get: Diana (tier 2 premium ship) + port slot 500 Doubloons 3 days of premium account. Existing players get: 1 port slot 1 day of premium account *(if you already have Razer comms it doesn't seem to work though)
  12. The Big MightyMo Giveaway (Missouri) (30,500 - Doubloons) 26/04/2017 21:00 pm BST Well that time has come around again, When i will be giving away (30,500) Doubloons to 1 lucky winner. The winner can convert their XP to free XP for the MightyMo or you can choose to do what you want with it. To be in with a chance to win the big doubloons package Simply pop along to the stream on TwitchTV press that follow button. Every new follower will be given 200 rations to help start them off, The more rations you have, means more tickets you can get on the Giveaway day. if you Would also like to earn more rations each week you can also follow on YouTube and Twitter via Revlo each week you will be given 500 rations without being in the channel Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for giveaways, Or Unlock rewards from Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times the chance to win on giveaways. Good luck and fair sea's Terms and conditions Must be a player on EU & NA, must also be a follower, And must also be active at the time of the giveaway. If the player does not respond after 5 minutes the giveaway will be re-drawn.
  13. It's the Second Alabama giveaway from OttoCarius21st TwitchTv today. Simply pop along press that follow button, And earn your (Rations) to get your tickets in. 1 Ration = 1 minute viewing time each ticket cost 5 rations. All Subscribers receive 3x the chance ti win on Giveaways. Simpy click the link below to join the channel. 21:00 BST Otto TwitchTv
  14. GrimRider179

    Stream YouTube giveaway

    Mam przyjemność zaprosić was na mojego streama, który jest praktycznie codziennie, gdzie możecie wygrać różne gry. Stream: www.hitbox.tv/GrimRider/ Fb: www.facebook.com/GrimRider179 YT: www.youtube.com/user/GrimRider179/videos Playlista z serią Total War Rome 2: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTFPNxvkA5-Nl_Gp6FRNaojgXMOZb8tSP Obecnie streamuje głównie World of Warships, CS:GO, ETS2, Total War Arena. Stream właśnie trwa.
  15. Blizzard____

    "Quizzard", codici in regalo.

    Ciao a tutti; con l'evento aquile vs squali, wargaming ha deciso di elargire ai community contributor un extra contenuto questo mese, ovvero 10 codici regalo speciali, come quelli che trovate all'interno dello shop. Ogni codice permette di ricevere 3 container aquila-squalo. In totale questi 10 codici sono praticamente 100 euro di contenuti, se prendiamo come riferimento i prezzi del negozio wargaming. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ L'evento è fissato per Martedì 31 luglio, a partite dalle 19.30, in live sul mio canale twitch come sempre, ma questa volta tra una battaglia random e l'altra, organizzerò un quiz con una serie di domande ai quali i partecipanti della chat potranno rispondere. I più bravi e veloci, riceveranno questi codici in regalo. Tra i codici di martedì e quelli già consegnati la scorsa settimana, raggiungiamo un totale di 52 codici regalati in 30 giorni; un vero record per il mio canale. Buona fortuna a tutti i partecipanti e un grazie particolare ai giocatori della "Blizzy squad". https://www.twitch.tv/blizzardIT
  16. Want to Win 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium? Then Simply Follow or Subscribe on the following media via the link below. competition will end 30th May. >> Rules To enter in for a chance to WIN 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium Simply Follow / Subscribe to OttoTTV on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or TwitchTv, Discord must be a player on World of Warships on EU, NA, or Asia server. Click to Enter
  17. If I have understood correctly there is no way to redeem the invite code if you are already playing the game. That is why I have decided to make a post for the generous people who want to give away their codes for new players. If this post gets a lot of attention I will be giving away my own code as well! So if you have a spare code share it! lets make the world of warships community larger by giving a bonus for the new players! -JH275 EDIT: Also if this does get a lot of attention I might make a google sheets file with the gifted codes inside. 2ND EDIT: I have decided to already share my own code since not sharing it might slow the possible spreading of this post. Also to stop comments like (no offense) Arakus' which I have realized there will be lots of. But thankyou for sharing your opinion Arakus! Code: T59MD-NBH73-W374E-UWFUT
  18. tacopsjunky

    World of Warships - Beta Key Giveaway

    First of thank you Wargaming! Follow the rules as said in the video and you'll be entered, good luck everybody! PS: I know my forum name is different, that's because I just dont have the 2500 Gold to change it !