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Found 5 results

  1. Lately Wargaming has been Bombarding us with German Premium Ships. Now as I like German Ships this is actually a Happy thing for me. Because I was always hoping for more German Ships. And we have not been getting any for quite a while before. But on another Viewpoint this also Worries me. Because right now Germany only has 1 Line for each Class. (Soon at least. When the Carriers Arrive) And I actually Hoped that in the Future we might See Additional German Lines. Or at least Partial German Line Splits beyond T6. But lately this is getting less and less Likely because more and more of the available Designs are getting thrown into the Game as Premium Ships. For Example. The Current München is the Early Design for the M-Project Light Cruiser. Which I would have Placed as a T8 as a Splitoff Point from the German Cruiser Line. Followed by the Late Design M-Project for T9 and the Mainz without the Armor Nerfs and with a Heal on T10. For Example. We now got 2 O-Class Battlecruisers and the Odin. Which could easily have been used with Odin at T8 being a Split off from Gneisenau. And then Leading to Ägir on T9 and Siegfried on T10 being Battleships instead of Supercruisers. (The O-Class was a Battlecruiser Project after all) For Example. We now get the Z35 Destroyer which is the 5x12.8cm Gun DD. Which I would Placed at T8 with Better Smoke and more Focus on Guns. On T9 you could then have used the Z43 which a Destroyer of the same Type. And which could get some Improved Reload and Speed in the Game. With T10 being the Type 1945 Destroyer Project that was never Finished. Which was a German Destroyer which had 4x2 128mm Guns and the Standard German Torpedo Layout thus being a Perfect Choice for a German Gun DD. Premiums would have been Better off being the Oddities of the German Naval Projects. For example the 1937J Destroyer which had 5 Single Mount 15cm Guns and only 1x4 Torpedoes. The P-Class Panzerschiff with 2x3 28cm Guns and an Impressive Secondary Suite as a Supercruiser. The H43 with 4x2 50cm Guns The German Flugdeckkreuzer Project which was an Aircraft Carrier that would only have Carried 2 Types of Planes but would have come with an Secondary Armament Consisting of 2x28cm Guns and alot of Smaller Guns :P I wonder if we now will ever see another German Tech Tree Line given that WG is using all the Designs as Premium Ships instead.
  2. Butterdoll

    German cruisers

    Well two days ago, I resumed my grind in German cruisers t5 because I was looking recently at the 27mm bow armour of some of them. But until now I didn't find anything special, but that doesn't differs so much of all the other lines. the t5 one it's like a little sparrow pecking here and there and that's all fine by me when you are supporting but when it's needed a little muscle, well, better not count with it. Specially when down tier. Provides funny moments and a change of pace, thou. So, I just free xp 19 k into the t6 that will be the same thing. (and yes, I did see the videos and read what was wrote about them) York and Hipper? Would I like them? It is worth it? On paper they seem ok to me, but perhaps I'm comparing them to t6s.
  3. I am just wondering if other players have experienced a decrease in the performance of Admiral Hippers guns? It plays more like New Orleans now. I find it really frustrating to play, as it hardly ever make any damage or xp now. I wonder if it was nerfed, secretly or public, without me reading about it. Or has I suddenly lost my grip on it. I used to play it more or less like my Pensacola and Königsberg, whitch I kept and never will sell. But now I make an average of less than halfe the damage (more like 1/3) in Hipper compared to Pepsi. A pity, since this used to be one of my favourites as well.
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    German cruisers and detection are broken.

    So a few days ago I was in a DD division with a friend - and he started complaining about how he was detected inside his smoke cloud by a german cruiser. A little later in that game (he got killed) I experience the same - I'm inside my smoke lying completely still, and get detected - but I can't see the enemy. He ofc starts he-spamming me so I try to retread and lay torps beind me but to no avail - I can't even shoot back as he invisible to me because of the smoke. Now over a few days of playing it has happened to me again several times - I get detected but can't see enemy (I'm outside of their ability - that's not the issue) And latest just now today it happened again: I pop smoke in my Mutsuki and come to a complete stop - enemy Königsberg keeps seeing me - I can't see him. And he just HE-spams me to death - Distance was about 5 kms so well outside the 3.48 kms of the acoustic ping.
  5. DBaron

    T9 - Roon

    Hi guys, just unlocked the Roon and wondering what to put in the 3rd Upgrade slot, at 3m credit costs, trial and error kinda sucks ;) Did you go with the range increase of the main guns, the reduction in loading time for more travers time, or simple the efficency of the AAA ?