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Found 1 result

  1. In light of the upcomming Naval Training Center (aka NTC) and the huge outrage becaue of it, I wanted to start from a different position to hopefully change something in this games development so here goes my first topic. Main reason for this is seeing so many players beeing highly emotional while not beeing able to express what would matter, namely a solid reason for why the NTC is a bad idea. If anyone looks in this forum or reddit they will notice that the community doesn't like NTC but the purpose of this thread is to find the reason for it. If you want to talk about something else please use the other threads to not derail my efforts. After watching the Introduction and Q&A of the NTC to the CCs I was baffled that noone mentioned a good reason against this feature other than balance and the skill gap between old and new players, maybe they where all just so stuned by the implications this new feature proposes and maybe they talked about that later. No matter I'm not here to blame the CCs but to pick up an important topic that I think has been neglected so far. Now we all know that balance is a thing that is measured by statistics at WG, same for the skill gap it seems like. I take that deduction from the vid and dev blog since they share some insight about the huge differences when talking about premium consumables. So far with the introduction, now the main point of this thread. Since the developer are looking for ways to keep their players playing the game (by having to grind) and maybe even introduce new players I think we should share the most important reason we are playing this game and why so many people think this is the worst thing that ever happened. I too share the very negative feeling for the NTC but I know why I still play this game in particular: The game is competitive Yes that's all. Over all the games I played and am still playing this is the one deciding factor for me to keep playing a game or drop it in the corner after I'm finished with it. I can give you examples from MMORPGs to single player strategy games. Sure there are other reasons to why I play a game but the reason on top is the main reason why I keep playing. No graphics, no innovative gameplay mechanics can keep me bound to a game like the replay value of a competitive game does. I really just like to play something and get good in it. Maybe teach someone else, theorycraft about best builds and so on. I know I know WoWS is not known to be a competitive game especially without a skill-based match making and people keeping their stars for farming the most damage and all of that. But in the end it comes down to my ship against the enemies ship and thats what matters. I know that to expect, the radar and secondary ranges of several ships as well as their dispersion characteristics. I know that I can try to fight an German BB in open water in a cruiser if I am far enough away so his shells wont be able to hit me reliably. Let's imagine a situation in ranked for the sake of having two fully upgraded ships (without NTC) to further specify the problem. If I'm driving my Amagi and see a Bismarck on the opposite team I know what to expect. I know that the max range of his secondaries is 11.3km and that I have to try to keep him at a range bigger than that or I will lose the fight against him. I know that my health pool is already a bit smaller (2.900 health) and I know that my guns are more reliable. But all of this information gets completely changed with NTC. You now can't denounce the strenght of a ship by the name alone but have to factor unknown stuff like level two upgrades into account. It gets even worse if you take two of the same ship. Yes the players are never equally skilled and captain skills are maybe different and what not. But even if all of that was equal or better on my side I would still lose to someone with a higher upgrade level despite of beeing the better player. The addition of the Naval Training Center will remove equality between players even more. Yes you have to buy modules and level your captain now. Yes this might be a bigger impact than what the NTC might bring in total. But the grind for these things stops relativly soon. Most of the ships can be played in their "endgame" configuration with only a 14 point captain or even below that. Farming some extra credits to equip ones favourite ship with the best modules doesnt take more than a week. And most of the time you can play around this stuff which is also a major point the community expressed in regard of the CV rework. If I see another Bismarck in my own Bismarck but I know I dont have the longer range secondaries I can still stay out of range from him. With the new updates the game becomes much more of a guessing game than it already is. Lastly I want to explain why a competitive game is important. If you have a competitive environment in your game the game itself has a high replay value. This means that players will play your game just to get better even if there are no rewards. Best example for this would be StarCraft. Even the old SC was still getting played by millions of players despite not having any new content from 1998 (SC:BW) to 2010 (SC2:WoL). No events, no new classes just the same old game for 12 (!) years. And some players even went back to BW after they didnt like WoL. This means if you manage to balance your game up to perfection players will play it for the fun of competive gameplay alone. So please Wargaming do not let your game become another p2w title as the countless ones released by EA in the past years, ruining even the Star Wars franchise with it. A game is more fun if youre punished for mistakes and not just get a bigger an bigger weapon to beat anyone that you meet. Because as soon as you can kill everyone with ease you move on to the next game since this one is boring now. So, despite my long rant about what the game needs in my opinion I would still like to know what are your reasons to play. Is it the competitive mindset like it is for me? Are you rather just playing for the visuals? Or is it the potential to grind a ship into perfection like Wargaming thinks it is? If possible I would like to know from you why are YOU playing this game? Feel free to add some reasons for it too and not just some rather short answer so we can convince the devs about this! TL;DR: WG thinks you play game to grind, do you really?