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Found 3 results

  1. [R-U] Red Unicorns Red Unicorns is a Warships clan part of Red Unicorns gaming community. We are looking for active players to fill up few last spots in our clan. Any active player looking for steady groups for Division play, operations, Clan Wars or a good crowd to play with is welcome to join us. Since we are also doing casual Clan Wars we are looking for a few new Active Fleet commanders and officers to join us. If you are looking to join us just a few things; * We use Discord Click Here to Join * Be active on discord and get involved in the clan activities (working mic is mandatory element) * Be polite and respectful towards other players within and outside the community *You must maintain that you are no more then 30 days since your last battle or you will be removed from clan * You must be at least 16 years old to be accepted * You ought to have at least 1 tier 6 ship Current Clan bonuses include following: +4% XP Bonus per Battle at All Tiers +20% Free XP per Battle at All Tiers +10% Commander XP per Battle -12% of post Battle servicing cost at All Tiers -15% to the cost of normal tech tree ships at All Tiers +7% to Coal that you receive This is a Multi-National Community and welcomes everyone. Besides World of Warships we play many other games together as well: Some few examples consist of: WoT, PUBG, 7DtoD, Overwatch, AW etc. If you feel this would be a suitable place for you, then jump on our discord Click Here to Join or message one of the officers in-game directly: Spetznaz05 Aeliyah_Thord mellissus wellybob1975 Zenthilar
  2. Are you looking for a Social, Fun, & Experienced PC gaming Clan? [UKSF] Clan Are Recruiting Players for World Of Warships' Clan Battles! Established in 2005, the [UKSF] Clan have Members from all over Europe, You Must be English Speaking, and you must be 18+ Years old and a working microphone. To apply to join [UKSF] you must Join TeamSpeak3 or message: XanoXL, Daveymall, Hugh_Jaxident67 or _Riddy_ in-game for a discussion and entry requirements. MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN TeamSpeak Address Web site Address http://www.uksf-clan.com
  3. TheFallenGhost

    Join Wyvern Gaming

    JOIN WYVERN GAMING! TS: ( will change back to the old one soon (Ts.wyverngaming.com)) STEP 1. Apply @ the Website http://wyverngaming.com/forum/index.php Either pick on of those games(if you play one of them) if non of the games choose the bottom option > "Community Member" (READ THE RULES) When you apply say for what your Applying for. Remember this community plays a bunch of games but WoW (World of Warships) isn't one of them YET! That`s why you need to clarify it when you apply that you want WoW to be a Division in Wyvern Gaming. STEP 2. Then join the TS in talk to a Moderator or Recruiter (someone will come to you) Tell your Friends to join to and talk to the Members get to know them And talk to People with high positions that you want a WoW Division. P.s. if your one of the first to join and say you want a WoW Division and Log onto the TS server almost Daily you might get pick to become a WoW mod ;) Thanks! Look for Cartoonbuzz on the TS server WoW IGN: TheFallenGhost