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Found 7 results

  1. sx_Paladin

    Gamescom 2015

    Guten Tag liebe Community, ich würde gerne wissen ob es, einen netten mit Kapitän oder Kapitänin gibt, die oder der sich dieses Jahr auf die Gamescom begibt. Ich bin leider dieses Jahr verhindert und kann mich leider nicht an den, wie jedes Jahr geilen, Wargaming Stand begeben. Ich würde mich wirklich extrem freuen, falls sich jemand findet, der mir einen Promotion Code oder ähnliches vom Stand organisieren könnte. Ok ich stelle das weinen mal an dieser Stelle ein und hoffe auf ein positives Ergebnis. Mit bestem Dank schon mal. sxPala
  2. Tuccy

    Ask our team at gamescom 2017!

    Captains! During gamescom 2017, we're sharing information about the game's future content and plans on stage. Alongside this, you can ask our producers and the Community Team your most pressing questions related to World of Warships. Hit the button below to head over to the forum and post your question from 3 August to 9 August at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2). The best ones will be answered by us and posted on our portal, so use your chance wisely! Ask the team! Attention! The forum thread will be actively moderated, so please only post your questions about World of Warships in this topic. Any discussions will be removed to make it easier for us to find the best questions for the team. Thank you for your understanding! Action Stations!
  3. Shanck

    Gamescom mug

    Hi, at gamescom we got a (what looks like iron) mug after playing the game and I'm wondering if it's bad to put it in the dishwasher? anyone know what material it actually is and if you can indeed put it in the dishwasher? many thanks
  4. clash0r

    A gamescom Experience

    Some WG Gamescom impressions. Since i am living only 30min away + having week off, i took the chance today and visited gamescom in order to get a firsthand picture of situation there. As many may know, those wows gamescom accounts are having some impact on gaming experience since few days (mainly not positive one). So my mission for today was: See whats going on there in general, get to play a bit, have some fun and hopefully deliver some decent performance to not make another Team lose due to a GC account ;-). Fast forward to WG Exhibition Stand. Place was pretty crowded, some WG Show was going on. Goodies were handed out to the crowd (Shirts mainly). Highlight was giveway of some Hardware, ppl went Piranha over the top goodie, a 600 EUR Graphic Card. There were looong waiting Lines for WoT (PC and Xbox) and WoWs. Saw plenty of WG Forum Staff there, they took their time to chat a bit with ppl waiting plus already handing out some bonus codes, not bad! After ~1.30h in waiting line, and watching show on parallel, it was my turn to game a bit. They had like 15 gaming pc's and by now we got the Info that there will be only like 10 minutes of total PC Time (quite a bummer, but understandable due to long waiting Times). Ships, Captain, Equips all was of free choice. Went with my trusted Hakuryu, Map Hotspot, had another CV in Team vs Haku and Essex. My own team already noticed by then it had 2 gc accounts in team, wasnt quite optimistic lol. Ended up with 3 Kills (including the enemy Essex) in 10 minutes. Team confidence went quite up after first 2 Kills. Then despite my persistence, i was gently dragged away from PC by Tuccy before more could be rek'd. cheers. Hope u guys made it. Saw firsthand Bismarck and Tirpitz Play, saw other Ships of German line in Account also, had no Time for check them tho.. In the End everybody got his goodie bag (inlcuding: more bonus codes for WoT/WoWs, a shirt, a cup, some gaming cards, some baking or ice cube forms ?! havent figured it out yet), met only fun and friendly people, Organisation was of high quality. Under the line, i can absolutely understand now that those short game-time with GC accounts cant result in Quality play. Basically ppl need already some minutes to chose a Ship from all tiers, have some weird gaming keyboard where even i had my problems find all keys asap, and finally only approx. 10 minutes to perform then ship is abandoned ingame. All while u have a mad crowd and Show in the back. yea right. Only viable Solution wud be, as i think Vuk already proposed, limit those accounts to t6 max or so, else u get afk t10. Still can recommend to check out the GC and WG Stand. Mission: success.
  5. until
    Captains, If you want to get the chance to win a premium ship during Gamescom, sign up for our in-game competition! You can also find the portal article here. Good luck! Cheers, Kandly
  6. I posted this on the German forum already, but since nobody posted something similar over here, I thought I'd give you also some news from Gamescom. Sry for the bad quality of the video, but at the time I only had a mobile phone at hand and those big screens in the dark halls ain't really good quality either. So, what's this about? Yesterday at Gamescom Wargaming showed a short video of something they called "lootbox". There were no technical details, e.g. details about how to get those boxes. However, on the right side there is something like an EP bar, (22.000 EP). All text were Cyrillic but the loot that dropped from the box were 7 charges of smokescreen. The symbol used for the "lootbox"-menu were two dice - which I suppose indicates some kind of random aspect (like the loot). The WG official told us, they'd like to implement this "lootbox" this year.
  7. Morgan_Gorgoroth

    [GC-news] World of Warships - Die "Lootbox"

    Zunächst: sry für die miese Quali, aber ich hatte nur ein Handy zur Hand. Sehts mir bitte nach das ich keine Videoausrüstung zur GC schleppe! ;) Davon abgesehen sind diese großen Leinwände aber auch von sich aus etwas pixlig in dem Dämmerlicht der Hallen. Worum gehts: Heute auf der GC hat Wargaming ein kurzes Video gezeigt von etwas, das sie "lootbox" nennen. Technische Deteils, etwa wie man diese erhält wurden nicht bekannt gegeben, allerdings ist auf der rechten Seite so etwas wie eine "Ep-Leiste" zu sehen. Sämtliche Texte waren auf Kyrillisch. Das Symbol das für die Box verwendet wurde waren 2 Würfel, woraus ich schließen würde, dass das der Inhalt eine Art "Glückspiel - also zufällig - ist. Aus der Kiste selber kamen 7 Ladungen für den Smokescreen. Der Sprecher von WG/WoWs erklärte, dass sie beabsichtigen diese "lootbox" noch im Laufe des Jahres (2016) zu implementieren.