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Found 36 results

  1. Rangers From The North RFTN is a Danish clan, all communication is in Danish. RFTN is a clan that has existed for 20+ years. We've played a bit of everything over the years and is still going strong. RFTN now runs as a multi-gaming community where members themselves are to determine and create the games. Here there is room for more than just a single game. At this writing the World of Tanks and World of Warships, which is focused on decidedly clan games. Whether you want to play any of these or perhaps enjoy playing something else - it's up to the members themselves. We are very much a fun clan with a focus on the social, but we also run more serious game for those who want the kind and possibly will help to create the framework. We plan to time various events such as Team Battle and Strongholds in WoT and we play countdown every night in wows. Clan members and the carrying value of RFTN is that on the basis of a common interest (the game) come together to create a community for the purpose of cosiness and enhance our ability to succeed. Our members range widely, both socially and play wise. Some are relatively new, but is working to reach higher tiers while they improve their game. Others are very experienced, talented players who like to pass on their expertise to their knowledge in the handling of the individual tanks / vessels, tactics or cooperation in the retaining elements of the game. The focal point of RFTN is our Discord server. Comfort, teamwork, professionalism and volunteerism As is hopefully seen, cosiness central in RFTN. It is reflected both in ordinary Platoons, bad jokes and talk about various games and what else is going on in the world. But we also work more seriously with teamwork and playing solid Stronghold / Team Battle / Training Rooms. Here we can win, learn, improve and have fun - even when we are not winning. What it can become in the future remains to be seen. Therefore, we seek also like players who have tier 10 tanks / vessels and want more of the game. In wows's ambitions very high and we are most likely to run all sorts of forms of CW and tournaments for those who want to test themselves in the more challenging aspects of wows. However, we do not buy with the cosiness and voluntary nature, as many of our members are in their 30s or 40s, have families, jobs or other commitments to attend to. Facts on recruitment in RFTN RFTN seeks members: Is fresh to learn to know new people. Can withstand a good dose of black humor and bad jokes on Discord. Is fresh to socialize with, in short. Demonstrates understanding and respect for each other's differences, socially, as well as playing wise. Show respect for the game, its rules and opponents. We are more into "gg, well played" than "noob". Are willing to learn, as well as to teach, depending on the situation. WHAT CAN RFTN OFFER YOU. A good and relaxed training / play environment Thrilling matches Permanent training days Fun Adults people to share experiences with WHAT RFTN EXPECT OF YOU. You are 18+ years. You use Discord when you play. You have a microphone available. Your PC can run the game optimally. You have a stable playing pattern. You keep an eye on the website. You connect / unsubscribe training and matches You are welcome to drop by WWW.RFTN.EU Or drop youre application here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/zzgRGdKgAl?i=Qd5LJ1E4
  2. Moin moin, ich hätte eine wichtige Frage zum Thema Flugzeuge. Als ich vor 2 Jahren das letzte Mal WoWs gespielt habe, konnte man noch ohne Probleme Alt drücken, um die Flugzeuge manuell ihre Torpedos abwerfen zu lassen und auch die Streuung zu verkürzen... Jetzt habe ich wieder neu angefangen und diese Funktion scheint es nicht mehr zu geben, diese würde aber mein Spielerlebnis um einiges verbessern. Ich habe es mit Flugzeugträgern von Tier IV-VI versucht, kein Erfolg. Es gibt bei Modulen->Flugüberwachung die Option "Angriffpunkt setzen", welche An gestellt ist. Jetzt ist nur die Frage wie ich sie ausstellen kann, falls das auch zur manuellen Steuerung der Torpedobomber und vielleicht auch Sturzkampfbomber führt. Ich würde nur gerne den Hotkey für den manuellen Zugriff wissen, Shift, Alt und co. habe ich schon versucht, kein Erfolg. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, falls mir einer von euch helfen könnte :) Viele Grüße, Robin
  3. Hey fellow warriors, Our newly formed Clan is looking for additional players that help us and claim spoils and riches (especially Oil :D ) You are looking for the opportunity to gain Oil (also for your own account) ? You can behave like a normal adult? You like playing Warships, but dont want all the stress that comes with a large, competitive Clan, like mandatory TS and stuff? Then wait no longer and join us. We not only offer the opportunity to gain Oil, but also - stress-free clan athmosphere to gather Oil for mutual benefit (it rows better when not alone in the ship) - a relaxed athmosphere where you can play without any pressure or make new friends to play together, just as you like. If i catched your attention, then wander no longer alone, but come onboard. ;) Best Regards
  4. thunder3oo


    All right, I had enough of this. Time to talk. I'll write them down in the order they come to my mind, so: 1. The game needs a chat open/close button (I know someone said that before). Transparency is a good thing, still, we have the minimap, the chat, consumables, the compass... I think there are enough items to fill the view field. 2. Engine's volume of the "voice" is including the captain's voice, but not that voice which announces the start of the battle/capturing a base, etc. Really now... it's not necessary for "my" neighborhood to know that "ENEMY TEAM HAS CAPTURED A BASE", for example. 3. I see no antialiasing settings in the video section beside that FXAA, thing that cannot be used unless you get your graphic settings higher. 4. Details of the ships are nerve breaking. Come on, now, what pleasure and feedback do you expect from your players, when you set ships like New Mexico and Fuso to have a stock fire range at 13,5 KM?? They are big ships, they suppose to have the best optics/radars/guns. Instead of giving ships bad mobility, small view range (let's say the first body of the ship has a smaller citadel) or smaller/fewer guns... you chose to get them a small fire range. Ineffective is the word for those stock ships. When you drive a slow battleship - everybody wants a piece of you and almost everyone manage to hit you, without having the chance to fire back properly. Practically that's a floating cookie jar. 12 guns are not really a big thing, if you're unable to hit the targets because they're too far. Also Fuso doesn't have the option of buying a module for bigger fire range of the main turrets, as New Mexico does. 5. Descriptions of the ships are incomplete. Why there's no visual range, actual speed, acceleration, turning in seconds, reverse speed? Thickness of the armor? That "mobility" detail is not giving us much info, for example. 6. The ability to put a fire under control seems ineffective, again. As I said before, It's a ship surrounded by WATER, and it has a big crew. 7. I really don't understand what captain's skills have to do with the AA operators. The biggest is the xp on the captain of the ship, the better and rapidly AA is firing. Maybe these two should be split. That's one thing that could make the game more complex. Maybe I want a dumb captain, but an excellent AA crew. Unless you have few hundreds battles in that ship, AA is firing like a half-blind trembling old lady armed with a rusty shotgun. Come on! In real life I don't think the captain has to do every little thing. He has subordinates who carry the jobs, he doesn't have to whisper to the AA crew ear every second "fire now". It's like the crew is half deaf and completely retarded. "Captain, what? Oh, look, a target. It's moving away. Your orders were about that target, captain? Well, sorry. Torpedoes! We're doomed!" The range of the AA is again ineffective. There are players who all they do is set their carriers in a corner and send planes. Planes after planes, torpedoes on the left and torpedoes on the right, bombs above, plus everybody is firing upon you. Combine this with a tier 6 slow, not upgraded&small rangeguns battleship, and you'll see the big picture. 8. Torpedoes, torpedoes... and more torpedoes. In my opinion they ruin the game, which is already unbalanced. Since people make abuse of the unlimited torpedoes, my suggestion is that ammo capacity to be introduced. What I drive? A battleship. That would be less rounds for me, but less torpedoes for them. 9. Smoke and visibility. Not only that destroyers are small and fast, they use smoke. All right. If they do that, why the battleships can't? Now comes the best part. A destroyer moves WITHOUT smoke at some 2-4 km distance from my ship (which is big, tall, and have a tall citadel/observation chamber, and I said before - should have the best optics). ... and it disappears in front of my eyes, to reappear again few seconds later. There's no such thing in real life on clear weather, not even on smaller visibility determined by some humidity or heat. It's the same problem I have encountered in WoT, and you can trust me on this, there I have more than 37 K battles. 10. Horns. That would be fun (with some restrictions on number of use). 11. Gameplay BEFORE graphics and special effects, people. That should be the rule of designing games, in my opinion. This game uses too much CPU (a part of lag comes from there). Is not the video card that is hard stressed here, is the CPU. A good friend of mine gave me his old motherboard and his old CPU. I had an Athlon 64X2 4800+ (2,5GHz) OC to 3GHZ, and the game was barely playable with tweaks and settings and drivers. Now I have a Core2Duo 3GHz/6MB cache, and I use the same video card as I did some days ago. Guess what, no more stuttering, no more sound problems (and the sound is set on high in the game), I even dare to test high video settings and it was still playable. That's all for now. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, Ticket submitted already but im hoping for some serious fast assistance as I am getting really angry at this situation, I worked my #*@*@ off to get myself a beta invite and key and finally got one, now downloading the EU version and download updates, it just refuses to update the game and you will find attached the error log from the launcher that shows what happens, I have tried %appdata% clean and even deleted all files in the "Updates" folders and redownload everything, still same issue. I am getting so angry, I want to play this game when I get home this afternoon and that's the end of it. Can anybody please help! guys, can anybody help me please Error log.txt
  6. Shifty31

    New game engine also for ships ?

    Hello, I was thinking if the new WOT engine will go into WOWS too, it would be cool, anyone have any idea ? maybe some admin here
  7. SovietFury43

    Welcome back to World of Battleships

    Hello again people! After a few months break i decided to resume playing World of Battleships! Boy do i already regret it. The first thing i am greeted with is the removal of stealth fire with nothing to compensate for certain ships that relied on it (Akizuki), and no commander skill reset to compensate for the skills that are now useless on certain ships. Next i come under fire from secondary's by two German BBs at 11km, YAY! German BBs are still the special needs class of World of Battleships! Next match i take the Belfast only to realize to my sheer horror that the smoke on the British cruisers is STILL bugged! What in the actual [edited]Wargaming?! Are you [edited]kidding me right now?! But ok, i manage to survive that somehow without losing to much health. Only problem is after that i get citadeled by a Colorado twice while angled right after that losing 90% hp. So i take out my Fletcher only to be greeted by yet another nasty surprise! Every time i even dare fire my guns my ship lights up like a god damn Christmas tree for the whole enemy team to see and shoot! Forget any kind of stealth play at this point, the moment you dare attack anyone the whole enemy team knows where you are! The BB population explosion has gotten even worse from what i can tell because literally every match has at least 6 BBs on each team (and over half of those are German BBs)! Carriers are still barely played at all. DDs now can't rely on stealth any more, i suppose Wargaming thinks DDs are supposed to slug it out directly with German BBs or [edited]around with torpedoes for half an our that the German BB is going to detect with his hydrophones and dodge with his cruiser level turning any way. And BBs STILL readily citadel cruisers while they are angled and dodging. At this point they can literally rename the game into World of German Battleships. There is no point in playing anything else any more. To hell with this game, i am going back to War Thunder. Wargaming you fucked it up! AGAIN!
  8. KARDS - Card game of the WW2. ('' Appeared '' at WOT-GENERALS.) The wot-generals I liked very much, a pity that they did not keep it or add it as part of the wg trilogy. But hey, if you liked that game, this one could also do it even if it's in alpha phase. You can play it in steam with a code that will send you via email, sent an application from its official website; https://www.kardsccg.com/ Here you have a basic guide on the game; https://www.1939games.com/kards-alpha-guide Discord Channel; https://discordapp.com/invite/kards Some videos from youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOtmL3pmfUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3YbbFAtEPM
  9. HelldiverGr

    Is this a war game?

    If this is a WAR game, why people do not allow to insult others? Is it not war the most insulting thing?
  10. Dirty_Dunc

    Games Ending too Quickly - Mercy Rule

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has noticed games ending quicker than usual since the new patch 7.2? I seem to see this happen when one side has such an overwhelming advantage, in both ships and caps, that the game will come to a sudden end. This suddenly occurs regardless of 1000 points being accumulated or the time running out. Before writing this I’ve found players writing very similar posts, all describing the same sentiments as myself across World of Warships.com and other community forums. Some sources seem to indicate that War Gaming have indeed introduced a new 'Mercy Rule'. This apparently comes into effect when such a 'no win' scenario is reached, but I am uncertain of the exact circumstances when this is triggered, or any validation of its existence in the patch notes. If it is true, it really is have a debilitating effect on my ability to score heavily in the late stages of a game; be it either to take advantage of good team play and mop the remaining enemy ships up or make a desperate last stand against the approaching hoards. It's happening too often to be mere coincidence. The cynic in me says, this would be a good way for War Gaming to reduce the game length and ship more consumables. Dirty Dunc
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to WoWs like 60+ games. (started from 0.7.3 patch) 1. Game is much more better than WoT and i rly like it. I feel it is more skill based :) 2. No more gold ammo 3. It is hard for me to discover my place... i know i dont like BB for sure. I found JPN DD are very nice to play i like that camo and long range torpedo but what i hear later in the tree they are weak. I dont know how meta looks and what DD are good for competive battels. Now i have tier 4 JPN DD and tier 5 USA DD. What i dont like in USA is a short range of torpedo. In JPN i see games like no gun attack just torpedo spam and hiding (i feeled more save gameplay). it is good but when i am detected is more like over ( ofc smoke is like save life). It is hard to hit from 7km torpedo - sometimes i need to be closer but i feel the ship will lose that feat. In USA gameplay i need to be closer to send torpedo but ofc i have nice gun with nice DPM. Most of the time i am detected in USA faction i dont feel it is still a DD. I think main role of DD is to spot and not be spoted (then torpedo should be number one) Where should i go USA or JPN ? maybe other RUS/GER? What DD are good for ranked and clan battels ? 4. I feel CV are a littel OP and AA is weak... or i dont know what am i doing wrong. 5. Build order for capitan but i am not sure it will be ok or not. - Preventive Maintenance - Last Stand - Superintendent - Concealment Expert - Torpedo Armament Expertise - Adrenaline Rush - Basic Firing Training (dont know if upgrade AA will help) - Priority Target 6. When i was facing vs good player (6k battels) i couldnt hit them with torpedo from like 3-4km. They just dodged with no problems maybe i need more learing how to aim them. 7. There was one battel when i was USA DD vs RUS Crusier i couldnt run from him (cuz camo sucks) and chase him (he was sending torpedo and firing at me). Dont know what to do cuz he got better guns ... Well i need some advice how to improve. I checked all DD ships and torpedo camo/vision dont know if it is rly important or not. Sorry for my english :) P.S in WoT my favorite tank was A-44 / object 416
  12. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    I'm sure this has been covered before. So I apologise for not being good at finding things in the forum. I have read up on pretty much all the ships I have researched and bought in the game and every single one is different in the game. I have yet to find a ship who's game ship is the same spec as the actual. specifically armaments. some Battleships such as Kawachi game primary range 9km actual 22km !! can some one who has been involved in the game a whole lot longer than me explain why there is such disparity​? also the actual ships had torpedo tubes, but none in the game. I'm not being picky as I absolutely love this game albeit according to the ranking sites I'm classed as a bad player lol.
  13. Schmidt_zxc

    What about the Horn?

    Ahoy! What do you think about that new ship horn we have? I've noticed it's an usefull tactical information tool; you are busy (thats me tunnel visioning) doing stuff and you hear that horn. Immediately you shift your focus and avoid an unfortunate ram with your teammate. Have avoided couple of incidents including enemy torpedo soup and friendly ships in full panic with this little tool. I also had couple of fun moments informing my enemy that a ram is imminent .
  14. jerkchicken

    Lose lose and again lose...

    Today: 14 battles played 3 wins / 11 loses I think I'am done with this game, i always play good (i do my best for myself + the team), i cap everytime I'am supporting dd's and i follow orders from the chat. But those weekends my WR(winrate) is just falling by my team. or i have an unlucky day. No I would be unlucky everythime I play. It feels like i depends on my team, So there saying my skills of the match doesnt count if I've bad matchmaking (unlucky). I'am just working on the Missouri (getting xp with premuim account + premuims ships / camo's + flags = that i can convert it to free ex) but if i dont win like 50% (I would be happy alot if the WR was 50%) So this grind is very hard for me if I would lose everytime. Have somebody some tips to improve or to make my grind easier? Thanks for reading and helping me out, Splireplays (I'am working on my English its not very good)
  15. Arrrrgggg Sailors! I have a probem. I downloaded a launcher, but "Play!" icon is strikethrough by grey stripes (photo). Can someone help me? :/

    Quick Messaging Change...

    Simply put @MrConway... PLEASE change the vague, useless and bloody idiotic F7: "I need intelligence data" to something frequently needed and infinitely more useful, namely to: "Defend Base!" ASAP.
  17. wiking333

    Sound bug

    Hi. So I found a bug but first let me say sorry for posting a bug topic on wrong site (I never did this and I am completely blind and green about that stuff, sorry). The bug is simple and it's fairly common, I mean it happens every one-two mayby three battles, it's a sound bug, it lasts usually few seconds and it usually happens while shooting from main battery. This sound is represented by... anus... What do I mean by that? Well, it's a farting sound mixed with acctual main battery firing sound and sometimes sounds of captain saying stuff in the meantime... That's it... PS, this is completely different thing but I must ask: shouldn't battleships have bigger range on their main guns? I mean I know it's a game and we cannot have only OP battleships just sitting on starting area and shooting people, but I find it strange that I can (with upgrade) fire my 4 main guns only up to 11km... They are ridiculously slow to reload which makes them easy target (I'm talking about the first tier battleship because that's how far I got, don't know how it looks after this point). Thanks and sorry, wiking333
  18. i just received the news when im logging in to the game that there is a new version of available to update since im a new comer i have no idea how to update the client else than downloading the whole thing over again. Is there anyway to update the WOWs client to version without downloading the whole thing?
  19. Sakura31

    Spiel in der Gruppe

    Hallo Ihr Lieben, ich möchte einmal etwas anderes anregen. Gerne spiele ich mit Freunden. Leider können wir nur in einer kleinen Gruppe mit 3 Spielern eine Gruppe bilden. Oft sind wir aber mehrere. Heute wären wir z.B. 5 Freunde, die gerne ein Match zusammen spielen möchten. Wann wird es endlich die Möglichkeit geben, mit mehreren in eine Gruppe zu gehen? Ich würde mich sehr freuen, hier ein Feedback zu meiner Frage zu bekommen. Vielen Dank :) lg Sakura
  20. Fogas21

    Direct Download?

    Friend of mine has peer to peer connection blocked in his building. Is there a way to directly download the game files for the latest update?
  21. GoT_PcDealer

    Full game direct link

    World of Tanks has the option (in different flavours), where's the WoWs option? The Help doesn't help: How to Install and Uninstall the World of Warships client.
  22. Admiral_Nightingale

    black screen during game session

    hey everyone, Since latest update when i am in battle at random moments my screen turns black and i have to kill the client. I am using a geforce GTX 1070 Ti card. and double checked if all drivers and software were updated. this happened about 6 times now in the past several days. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  23. Hello Topic speaks pretty much itself. But do you still get xp and coins after for example: Im in a battle... i die... i leave the game/get back to port... Have i lost my xp and coins from that match because i left afterwards? Do i have to spectate the game until the end to get coins and xp from the battle? I'm pretty sure I get it afterwards but i've never noticed, so I just thought I could make a topic about since some others are probably wondering about that too.
  24. Liason909

    Extreme lag/latency - unplayable

    Hi folks I hope you can all help me. Since yesterday I have been experiencing an extreme form of latency, and everything in the game seems to happen a good 3 seconds after a mouse click or button press. Additionally, when I launch torpedoes from my ship they appear ahead of my ship. Additionally my shells are passing through other ships, and they are getting hits on me when it looks like they should be passing harmlessly in front of me...It seems I am incredibly out of sync with the server, to the point where I am hitting islands which are still quite a bit in front of me. However I have maintained a ping between 30-40ms throughout and maintained an fps of 50-60. It had made the game completely unplayable at this moment in time. Thanks for your help,