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Found 13 results

  1. Hello fellow gamer people, I am writing this as I'm more than a little concerned with the current state of the game in general, the direction it appears to be going, and several other concerns regarding things like customer service and transparency. It may end up being a long post and maybe in more than one part, and, just to be clear, these are only MY opinions, you can agree or disagree as you see fit and I welcome constructive comment, however trolling because you haven't had enough attention today will be reported. First, a brief description of myself mainly for insight as to where I'm coming from with all this. I suppose I'm a whale, probably a Blue Whale If I'm going to be honest. Over the years I have given Wargaming a lot of money, thousands most likely, ok not likely, It's a fact, since starting playing tanks nine years ago I have spent?, invested? money, though I'm not going to think about that too much, but I game a lot. I'm also a bit of a Cliche, I'm 52 and live with my parent's, although I'm not In the basement, and am not antisocial, I do have friends and like a drink once or twice a week, but due to circumstances and family health issue's I'm back home and have a lot of free time. I've played games and built computers for 32 ish years ever since 4mb of ram was a big deal. I'm not an expert on gaming but I have a lot of years In the area. So, on to the meat of the subject, Wargaming, what are they doing, why are they doing it, and are they doing it for us?. Well, and again, my opinion, no, no they are not doing it for us, or if they THINK they are, they are not listening. I'm going to break it down, firstly by game type, then class and at the end I'll touch on the business side of things I suppose. So Game types, Random: I actualy have very few issue's with random, other than camping and skill level's of some players It's not too bad, with a couple of exceptions, but I'll address those In the class section. Co_op: Sorry but shouldn't we rename this DD-oP?, trying to get anywhere with , let's say, a bb Is 90% of the time (random % pulled out of thin air) pointless, by the time you get to engage half the time, the game is over and the Destroyer's have gobbled all the Exp, not a go at Destroyers, but the Mechanics of the game mean rushing forward and torp'ing is the way to go. How to fix? *&%@ if i know. Ranked: It's painful, I have seen people defending it, but as a reasonably skilled player who is just not good enough to carry hard I find ranked horribly frustrating. The amount of games in the last sprint I've lost due to players either rushing straight in and being sunk in the first two to three minutes, Going off alone down a flank in a BB....and getting sunk in the first two to three minutes, or sitting in a position that they are unable to make any difference to the game, until team is dead and they are outnumberes etc....... well a lot of you know what I'm trying to say. As of right now, ranked does not reward you as a player for playing the game, it relies on a team effort, and trying to get a lot of the players to work together Is Impossible. I've ranked out then next time never got passed rank 9 etc. Completely Inconsistant. Clan Battles: Borked, CV's, Stalin Rico's everywhere, etc. Only just started playing CB, but first impression's, while ok funwise, I just don't get some WG decisions. So CV's, why am I unimpressed with them in Clan Battles, well they completely take away using the Element of surpise / positioning. CV in game? yup, Flank from an unexpected place/angle to try get an advantage? nope, you were spotted four day's ago by planes that can perma spot you while you can do nothing to mitigate it, now that's a GREAT game design . So, coal / steel ships, you know I wouldn't give a flying If It wasn't for the simple fact that Wargaming don't even attempt to balance, and I know some of you are going to say I'm wrong, but let me be blunt, IF I'm wrong, why the hell was everyone who had them, using them?, how many other ship's did you see, how many Henri's, Mino's?, Ibuki's?, not many from my experience. While I'm not expecting every ship to be practicle, having only 4 or 5 being the Go To ship's just scream's Imbalance to me. I'd like to know what the % WR of CB's with CV's in was and then have skill level like for like factored in and a nice big bar graph putting out as well. I don't have issue with CV's being in game(See class DD's later for further comment), but honestly think they take too much away when It come to Clan battles. Sceanrio: no problems other than they should reset rewards each cycle of each scenario. So Class next I guess: Battleships: At some point Wargaming were going on about trying to get BB's to be more active in the game, everyone was sat at the back, hiding behing Islands and sniping, Battleship brawling was only happening late game when pretty much everything else was dead or one team was done for and out of options. Well, that hasn't worked has it. BB's now camp like they forgot to weigh anchor, and to be honest I can't really blame them. New ships introduced make It pretty much suicide to push early to mid game (though I personally do try now and then for lol's), Smolensk, Worcester, Halland etc. have pretty much turned the game into a campfest, which Is not as fun, also certain BB's just seem to be inferior to others due to power creep, or unique flavour (Thunderer armour / Citadel anyone). Cruisers: I think they are probably best class in game at moment, they do pretty much everything at least to a decent degree, and some of them excel in certain areas. Want a Denial ship, Smol, Worcester etc. AA Des, Salem, Utility, Stalin, Des, Moskva, an answer to every problem lies somewhere In one of the MANY cruisers and with the new lines we have even more to choose from. They can wreck BB's, hunt destroyer's, provide AA, I can't think of anything that they are bad at, with a few expcetions pertaining to specific cruisers. The only issue I have with them Is again that some just seem too powerful when compared to others of same tier. CV's: Currently I think they are the equivalent of Arty in World Of Tanks, I don't think Wargaming truly know what to do with them, got close(ish) to having them balanced and then gave up. Spotting Mechanic Is just bad, being perma spotted and not being able to do anything about It Is just a bad Idea and takes so much away from the game as far as strategy is concerned. I think AA on some ships needs BUFFING (yes, I said it, so sue me) I also think that Ships detection range from the air should be equal to the LR AA umbrella of the ship being spotted and that ships should be able to detect the plane's at Maz AA range, so spotting has some cost. I also thin MM needs looking at, If you have ever been a bottom tier DD and had to face a CV two tiers above you, well yeah that's fun, sure you can stay at the back and hide with the cruisers / bb's, but isn't that the complete opposite of a DD's purpose (generally, yeah we have exceptions). I played a French DD the other day as an experiment for several games, no smoke and meh AA, every time I had a CV in game, well, It was bad, and If the CV was two tiers higher, It was bad, but not for long.... DD: Over taxed and soon even more so. CV's are a nightmare, Radar is everywhere, Hydro, sub's on the way (oh lord I hope not) I think, again with exceptions, that DD'ss are the hardest ship to play at the moment and when/If Sub's come then, well I don't know, will people just stop playing them?. Teams want you to spot or cap but at the moemnt your life expectancy a lot of the time Is pretty short if you even attempt, it. "Cap C" ok I'll go cap C, oh damn, planes incoming, no problem, I'll smoke up he will never see me , Oh damn, radar from a cruiser 12k away, behind an island....with a Smolensk , oh and look, those rocket planes are coming back, It will be ok, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happ..."Return to Port?" ho hum. Subs: not played them, don't want them, special game mode please thanks. From what I have seen on YT etc at the moment, they are nowhere near balanced. I am still trying to figure out as of now what a BB is suposed to do In a one on one with a Sub, Raise a white flag?. My answers to some of the problems that >I SEE< : I'd get rid of Radar and bring a little tension back to the game, "what's behind this Island?, I don't know, should I go look????? ewwwww what to do!!!", give more ships Hydro maybe to counter lack of radar, get rid of proximity spotting, above changes to CV spotting, Change MM so dd's are not uptiered with CV's two levels higher and deleted in first couple of minutes (or) Change rocket dispersion V DD's maybe, make them harder to hit, take cv's out of comp gaming. I would also like to see WG go back and balance ALL ships so they all serve a purpose, probably not realistic but hey. Zao, Henri, Mino to some extent are under played, anyone wonder why. Possibly look at rewarding active play and penalties for innactive play. Stop releasing ships that skew balance badly or are a bit silly in a specific are. Wargaming: Firstly, they are a business, they are not here because they love you, they are here to make money, and I am fine with that. What I'm not fine Is the downright vile methods they use to get that money. Loot box gambling In the Armoury for progression is just BAD and a horrible money grab, the whole PR fiasco was offensive and again IMHO an intentional money grab by WG, I truly beleive If the stink that was created regarding It hadn't occured they would have carried on with the concept. The current Dock Isn't as bad, In fact I look at It as simply a way to get a discount on a ship If I want to. I don't mind things like the Xmas Box's got to say, they are far enough away from the game itself to be out of mind, but something that you are actively taking part in via missions... another story. Premium ships, the prices are ridiculus, I have never seen a comment from WG regarding the pricing they use, but as hundreds have said before me, having a single in game ship costing the same as AAA title, and in some cases a couple of AAA titles, Is greedy, and let's be honest, they seem to knock them out at a insane rate, what is it, when you include reskins? One a week, two?. And yet how often do we see a new maps released?, game modes?. Yes they give stuff away, but a fair few have been pretty awful, others some are older ships that many people may have already bought...they ain't stupid that's for sure. I don't know If they even take note of feedback, LWM is probably the most level headed and does some pretty amazing and detailed reviews and has commented a lot on what she thinks a particular ship may need, both buff or nerf to be a good, balanced ship but do WG listen? do they care? do they try to give us, the gamers what we want or is it more of a case of they give us what they SAY we want, I don't know, I am starting to come around to the idea that a lot of it is just hot air and smoke. When I first started playing, the game was totaly different, far more balanced and after the way Tanks has gone downhill, a breath of fresh air, but now I'm starting to think that that was just the hooks going In before they reverted back to same old same old. I hope I'm wrong, the game isn't broke beyond repair, it just needs a little nudge here and there. Oh yeah, Wargaming, out of interest, you know those server transfers you promised NA to EU for world of tanks, like over two years ago, you know, the subject you point blank refuse to acknowledge on your forums any more in World of Tanks? well as you refuse to respond on THOSE forums how about someone reach out to them from here and find out WTF is going on? you now, customer service, valued customers, transparency, Integrity, honesty and so on??, I mean I know Wargaming didn't do a complete U turn and just not tell the customers, that would be a completely shameful way to treat the player base wouldn't it? just asking anyway, probably a metric tonne of spelling mistakes and punctuation error's and trolls have probably smelled blood and are crawling out from under the bridges, but I'm trying. Srgt_Misfire Deep Impact EU "I may be old n slow kid, but I still sunk you"
  2. AP_in_your_face

    Viel zu starke Zerstörer!

    Ich finde die Flugabwehr der neuen Zerstörer viel zu stark, so dass man mit einem Flugzeugträger keinerlei Chance mehr hat, wenn 2 dds zusammen fahren! Mir ist es schon öfters passiert das plötzlich eine Halland aufgeht und mir meine komplette! Torpedostaffel (12 von 24 Flugzeugen des Hakuryü. Kapitän und Module komplett auf überleben und Robustheit geskillt ) vom Himmel holt!F12^100 Das schafft nicht mal die Kremlin bei 2-3 Anflügen und die hat 100 punkte bei Flugabwehr, ohne Module und Kapitän. Vor allem ist das nicht annähernd realitätsnah, wenn so ein kleiner Zerstörer eine bessere Flugabwehr hat, als Schlachtschiffe oder Kreuzer. Besondes die Halland und die Cobert sind meiner Meinung nach stark überpowerd. Da kommt doch die Frage auf wieso diese Schiffe eine genau so gute oder bessere Flak haben als die Friesland, welche nicht einmal Torpedos hat!Meiner Ansicht nach hat Wargaming da mal wieder viel zu starke Schiffe entwickelt:-( . Findet ihr auch, dass die neuen Zerstörer das Spiel beeinträchtigen? Lasst einen Kommentar da wie man das Problem, eurer Meinung nach am besten beheben kann. Schönen Gruß und bleibt gesund.
  3. I wish to address the forum of the future and the unwillingness of the staff of admin and the programmers of W.G. The mods in chat are of the front line of staff of W.G of the game play of MM.s and RNG in game gen chat. a failure to address the problems have created a disorder that the mod's have to endure of day to day in gen chat in one game world of tanks i sent a ticket giving my concerns of the matter's of match play of balanced teams as the main problem the mods have to endure in chat. i was told that they addressed the problem by 2 updates to help the MM's to be...well more balanced ???well inn the last 2 years it has been anything less then balanced and has created a mass disorder of gaming in chat and game play...al programmers and admin at any time take a look on what the front line staff are dealing with....not very good...my frend's no longer play but if it went back to the game play in 2012 they would be still playing World of tanks and another player left over the MMs match making..in teams as unfair and unjust as my myself are on the verg of just well hope i do not have to and this will go to the top and something will be done...but yet i was told if they did it fair then the waiting time for a game between game will take longer..well as the front line staff take the abuse of very angry player's how do you balance it ? well programmers you have to find away....or you may be out of a job rather sooner then later's your's with concern...yorkigunner
  4. Ergastolano

    Giocabilità del game play

    Gioco a Wows da 3 anni oramài. Fin dalle prime ‘’salpate’’ il gioco mi ha piacevolmente colpito: divertente, dinamico, mai scontato con un approccio al game sempre diverso grazie alle diverse categorie di navi da usare e con la maggior parte delle partite equilibrate (anche quelle contro i +2 di livello). 3 anni di DIVERTIMENTO insomma a 360 gradi (d'altronde uno non gioca cosi tanto tempo se non si diverte). Grazie agli ultimi aggiornamenti (che faccio risalire a quello che ha introdotto la nuova linea dei cruiser US, cambiata la linea esistente e modificato alcune mappe) tutto è cambiato. Wows è diventato monotono, statico e disequilibrato a tal punto da essere diventato NOIOSO. Tutti questi cruiser a farsi scudo dietro le isole/rocce con i loro ''12-13-15-20-50-100'' cannoni da un rateo di fuoco elevato, dalle parabole come nelle migliori palombelle ''calcistiche'' e ''cestistiche'' e con dei radar che sono interminabili, hanno DEPAUPERATO tutto quello che di buono c'era. Nuovi e vecchi giocatori si sono adeguati al nuovo ‘’stile’’ di gioco: BB che imitano i crusier e tendono a ‘’nascondersi’’ dietro le isole/rocce, DD ‘’costretti’’ a giocare in 2°/3° linea (d'altronde contro 2-3 cruiser impossibili da colpire perché si fanno da scudo con le rocce/isole, il loro ‘’eterno’’ radar che ti impedisce di avvicinarti e i loro cannoni cosa altro devono fare?) e appunto i cruiser che come già detto soffrono di un attaccamento particolarmente affettuoso e morboso verso le isole/rocce (bello vedere il panico quelle poche volte che si gioca nella mappa Oceano, un po meno invece il divertimento in quella mappa visto che inevitabilmente il gioco si sposta sulla linea A e J). Aggiungo a tutto questo un MM che è sempre peggio, perché o si vince facile e ti annoi o perdi cosi malamente che non sei potuto divertire per un solo secondo. Tutto questo mi ricorda qualcosa che fortunatamente ho abbandonato dopo non molto tempo... ...mancano le HE gold, le AP gold, i missili terra/aria da fare partire dal porto e la trasformazione (leggasi frittata) sarà completa. GG.
  5. Thanks to the guys of Extra Credits I obtained an satisfying answere to the need of our holy Rnjesus in the game. You all know this entity: it helps you winning, it helps you losing. Sometimes it helps you to survive a full shot in your broadside, on the other hand it makes sure your opponent gets away with barely HP left. Enjoy the show:
  6. elexier

    Food for thought

    Hi all Having played WOWS for a while now I'd like to talk about a few things that bug me a little, This is speaking as a 90% PvE player (Yes I know the game is PvP focused, But I am here for the PvE, sailing a big ship with big guns blowing stuff up, aka the Weekly Missions which I LOVE by the way. Things that.....bug me. - Weekly missions being limited to tier 5&6, - Is it REALLY that hard to scale them up or down, Tier 3-4, Tier 5-6, Tier 7-8, Tier 9-10. (Maybe it's already being worked on...no idea) - Badges/flags/Missions/campaign, - Can't be gained through these missions, If you're worried about the signal flags being too 'easy' to gain, Give us a slightly harder achievement to get during the PvE with the SAME reward, WELL TAKE IT. - Less Exp during PvE.....its annoying - Personal peeve here regarding the ARP commanders. Can we PLEASE be allowed to train them in different nations, I don't care if I have to start from 0 on the skill points, I just like the voices, As an added...bonus, I would LOVE to see a skin for each ship akin to the ARP ships (With the ability to turn off in options ofc for those that dislike them) Or maybe a way to EARN said skin for x ship while using x ARP commander, ARP was the series that got me into World of warships, I have 4 commanders....all BATTLESHIP commanders for Japan.....Guess how many are being used right now.......ONE, In the Yellow ship. It's only cosmetic, doesn't affect gameplay, but would make ME, very happy, and I'm sure many many other players too. The cosmetic for the ships hell, hold a contest get the community in on it for designing em (I dare say there's already more than a few 'floating' around. Hell maybe an ongoing campaign for ARP captains to unlock them ALL (Just the captains, those that got the ships should be unique I think, but that's open I suppose) Like the campaigns we have, but only doable IF you do it in a ship captained by an ARP captain. (For those that have none, give the first one free, or a prequel mission to sink an ARP captained ship. (Can even have one or two of these in the missions for the PvE'ers, again the 'cosmetic effect' would be disable-able in the options menu) That's my mini ramble, I don't think its too unreasonable to ask, ya know what they say, Don't ask, Don't get.
  7. Jammer68

    New Facebook Group

    After some thought and delaying (my wife says i'm lazy) i decided to start a Facebook group for Game-play videos and streaming for World of Warships. it is currently open for new members to join. the purpose of this group is to basically give everyone a one-stop place to go to watch videos of this game and to check and see when their favorite players are streaming. Another purpose is to assist some of our community You-tubers to grow their following. i would like to ask our community contributors to join the group and post their latest videos on it to assist in helping the group grow. World of Warships Captains Lounge is the new groups name and link to it. Thanks
  8. Since the latest updates the graphics have been terrible. In the port, there appears to be WOWS graphics pixelating in the background. During game play the explosions, fires and shot trails are awful. Any suggestions
  9. mel1111

    HIEI reward

    I received a cmdr HIEI reward, but I already have a cmdr HIEI from a previous mission along with the ship. Why does the new HIEI not just add the points to the exosting one?
  10. Any advantage to keeping and retraining captains when moving you the tier ladder? was shocked it cost more to retrain than to get new captain?
  11. s_lapking1

    Ramming Damage

    Is possible to change the way WG give in the post battle for the ramming damage credits and xp? what I mean is when you get rammed in any ship after the battle you always get more penalties even when the other player rammed you! and this is specially in BB's as you cannot reach fast enough to move out their way... is injustice!
  12. ShuggieHamster

    Good game or Bad?

    Recently moved up to the Minekaze and while still getting her upgraded, its been a steep learning curve as I'm running into better players. yesterday I had the following game ... The map was bees to honey/hot spot. I was out west looking to slide around the edge when I ran into a hatsuharu. I launched a spread, he tagged me from extreme range with a couple of shells and vanished. As I rolled round back east he reappeared from behind the next island. I launched a spread, he tagged me from long range outside of my guns. Our carrier was south of my position and I think he was carrier hunting. There wasnt a lot of support about and this continued another 3 times. Each time I drove him off, he'd tag me from long range. The game ended in a capping victory for the opposition. I didnt do one point of damage to anyone .. but did protect the carrier who was still launching strikes at the end of the game. Question is did I take one for the team (ok we lost anyway) or was this simply a sucky performance in that being a team player doesnt pay the bills/get experience. Felt like I let the team down with a "you have not proved yourself" but then again the carrier stayed active the entire game. Whatchya think?
  13. C_Hunter


    could we possibly have weather effects like storms huge waves to add another level to both aiming weapons and hideing small attack boats fog would be great !!!! as I feel the current format is far to open and skill levels remain quite basic game play would soon tailor off without some more in depth challenges in the real wars this was concidered a major part in the battles and should also take an effect in the current format of the game I think this is a really important point, Thanks