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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings wows community. I've been playing only ranked for last couple a weeks, and recently posted about how i enjoyed it. Ranked arms race 7vs7 have personally for me made the game much more enjoyable again, and it was a nice change compared to the standard random battle gamemode. Imho this mode need to be permanent for players who dont enjoy the standard random battle mode. Gameplay wise i found that Arms race offered alot more action, less snowballs effect games and overall more fun gameplay then random battle. People tend to be more team player oriented, and you had a feeling you could change the outcome of the battle mostly because of team size and overall smaller maps to navigate trough. In random battles u often face silly flanks where u find yourself extremely outnumbered due to a bad spawn or u simply get priority targeted by 6 players at once due to the gamemode having 12 ships per team and are deleted instantly like in eve online mass clan battles... while i dont post here often, I've think i read about billion post of people being sick of random battles because of the above mentioned issues.. so i hope im not alone Today i played maybe 8/11 matches of random battle and i quickly turned off Wows to go play something else or watch some streaming... i haven't felt that urge the last couple of weeks with arms race.. Random battles quickly reminded me of how boring the 12vs12 large maps meta is.... its just not for me imo.. So i thought to myself… this is a huge multiplayer game with a large playerbase and only one competitive game mode besides clan battles... most other game titles with this pvp minded setup offer alot more game modes then what Wows offers. What are your thoughts guys? PS: Added new option in poll.. forgot to say the game mode should be open for ships of all tiers, of course with same restrictions as their is now.
  2. Dear War Gaming (and fans of ENOUGH ALREADY MARK ONE) ENOUGH ALREADY MARK 2 Standard Battles should be the only game type available in random battles. Whilst I enjoy both Domination and Epicentre Modes, they should only be optional by player selection. Let's face it most players just want to sink ships, if a player has chosen to play something different to that of a standard battle, then they would be more inclined to understand that something more is required from them by selecting a different game mode. Something akin to selecting Capture the Flag in a FPS. Surely, if you are reading this, then I guess you've invested enough time to witness the inability of some players to grasp the inportance of capturing A, B or C and understanding what the points displayed at the top of the screen represent ? Wouldn't it be better if the players on your team understood what the objective of the game was, aside from sinking ships ? Wouldn't that be more fun ? I have a major issue with statistics and random games and this ties in with my previous point, I can and have easily inflicted 100000 damage in many domination games and still lost. Players don't understand or just ignore the objectives of the game to achieve as much damage as possible. This results in a situation where teams comprise of players , each with their own individual objectives, which may conflict with that of game mode they are playing! For instance : 'Stat Boosting' Earning in game achievements. Shoot the nearest 'Red Thing' 'Seal Clubbing' (Guilty!) God forbid ! ............... Play the actual game mode. Don't you think two CV's, 5 dd's and a multitude of torpedo laden cruisers per random game is enough ? In my humble opinion, there are way too many many torpedo laden ships. I've seen to many players trying to torpedo a ship with only 10 hp remaining for 5 minutes straight, when a single HE shell would do the job in an instance. I understand perfectly that firing guns could give your position away, by increasing the range of your visibility, but there are instances when guns are a better choice. Besides, while it's nice to get a torpedo hit, nothing beats deleting a ship with big guns and multiple 'citadels' and for me as Battleship player. At low tiers where most ships are of World War 1 vintage, with little or no anti aircraft capability, what chance do you stand against one or two good CV players? Of course there are strong exceptions, the Texas at Tier 5 for instance, but even so, I still feel that something is wrong and needs fixing. I will be honest, I feel carrier play is broken, especially in random games and it is jeopardising the 'team play' that War Gaming seems to be so keen on promoting. As far as I can tell, most carrier players will concentrate their efforts on destroying one anothers fighters in order to protect their own planes, so they can rack up as much damage as they can later in the game. Whilst this is taking place, any ship unfortunate to be attacked by enemy bombers has no air support other than his and his team mates guns and at tier 4 or 5 this is not a fun experience. To counter both these points, I would suggest that there should only be one Carrier per side in games below tier 6, I think it would make for smoother gameplay and a less frustrating experience for all. Make 'Dynamic Aiming' standard by default , this ties into my point regarding there being too many torpedoes. The majority of new players wont know this exists, but it is available in the options menu and allows a player to see the time it takes for your a shell to reach its target dependant as to where you aim, with a targetting scale based around a target travelling at 30 knots. Whilst standard sights maybe be adequate in a Destroyer or Cruiser, you will certainly see a great improvement when firing battleship guns using this mode. I find some Divisions annoying, they become a law unto themselves. Come on! How many times have you witnessed that 'minor miracle of consensus' at the start of a random game!!! A plan of action has been established, everyone is in agreement .... and then behold and witness that suicidal division doing the exact opposite, without even having the decency to share their aims with the rest of the team. A minor gripe, but there we are. The reporting system needs fixing. The number of times I have been told to 'STFU' and banned for desperately 'pinging' the map to notify my team that our base is being 'capped' is beyond a joke. The fact that a single destroyer, that after sinking both CV's has gotten bored, has nothing better to do than cap, after going unoticed by said team just reinforces my first point in this post. Call me what you like, but I am not trying or looking to 'Troll' and I believe that these points are both relevant and valid, Enough Already ..... :)))))))) Dirty Dunc ... See you soon ................
  3. Hello, Here some new game mode ideas: A. The main idea is: "Shake Down". The vision behind this is that all players/accounts on the server (+/- 22.000 currently) can participate in the "Shake Down". They must illiminate each other so that only 12 remain. The 12 that remain will be rewarded, after which the next shake down can occur. The "Shake Down" occurs in "Phases", for example: Phase 1: 22.000 players are seperated into 22.000 / 24 = 916 simultanious battles of 12 vs 12 players. After 15 minutes + 1 minute to prepare the next phase begins: Phase 2: 916 * 12 winners = 10992 players are seperated into 10992 / 24 = 458 simultanious battles of 12 v s 12 players. After 15 minutes + 1 minute to prepare the next phase begins: Phase 3: 458 * 12 winners = 5496 player are... and so forth, until 12 winners remain. If a match ends in a draw, which is rare, then all 24 players are moved to the next phase. Since battles happen at different speeds care must be taken that each player completes equal ammount of phases before proceeding to the next phase. Players are automatically queued for the next phase and will automatically start the next game/battle to try and keep a schedule of 1 phase each 16 minutes. If necessary a break of 5 to 10 minutes could be introduced to give players a chance to go to rest/sanitation room or so ;) For example after 2 hours of playing or so. Players can opt out of the "shake down" they are then removed from it. Variations to this idea which can happen on different days: B. Introduction/default mode: The introduction/default mode for shake down uses random battles to illiminate players. This is what players are used to, so they know it well. The winners of the battles will get a second chance even if they died and proceed to the next phase. To offer even greater challenges for regular players: C. Unforgiving mode: In unforgiving mode the player will be illiminated if the player's ship was destroyed even if the battle was won. D. Vampire mode: Vampire mode should be applied to/combined with unforgiving mode. In vampire mode the player's ship gets health bonusses by doing damage to the enemy. For example 50% of the damage done to the enemy is poured back into the ship's health. This should allow the somewhat more skilled players to survive in a match with bad team players, so this mode is more forgiving. However if the player's ship is destroyed the player is still removed from the shake down. E. Rage mode: The pure form of rage mode is the most harsh mode and the most difficult to master. In rage mode the player's ship is only partially repaired after each battle. The ammount repaired depends on the phases: Phase 1: 90% Phase 2: 80% Phase 3: 70% Phase 4: 60% and so forth down to a minimum of 10% repair. This will hopefully put the hearts of the players on fire (in a good way, love when they win, rage when the loose) ! =D To make it possible to get a taste of all of these modes the modes could be scheduled on a daily basis and then somewhat mixed up to give players that can only play on certain days a chance to play each one of them: For example the schedule for shake downs could start with: Monday: Introductionary Tuesday: Introductionary Wednesday: Introductionary Thursday: Unforgiving Friday: Unforgiving + Vampire Saturday: Rage Sunday: Unforgiving + Vampire + Rage (The ultimate mode) (Ofcourse once players are removed/illiminated from shake down they can fall back/participate in other kinds of battles like random battles, team battles, ranked battles, but must wait to be able to participate in the next shake down once it restarts, players can pre-emptively queue up for the next shake down, So even if they are already in a random battle once that's over they should be able to participate in the shake down !). Ofcourse such a great tournament/knock out like mode should have some awesome rewards for the 12 players remaining players to stimulate players to participate. The top 12 players will all receive a reward of 5 million credits ! for a total reward given out of 60 million credits roughly each 4 hours or so, ammounting to 360 million credits of rewards given out each 24 hours. If this is acceptable for war gaming they will have to decide *** Small but interesting update ***: ( An alternative method of acquiring credits to give out to the winners is to ask a "credit fee" for players to participate, the credit fee could be as low as 3000 credits per player, depending on how many will participate. 3000 credits sounds a bit low, so let's up this to something much more, let's make this 100.000 credits. In the case of 20.000 players participating this would gather an initial fee collection of: credits. The credits could then be divided among the 12 players as follows: 166.666.666 credits per player ! LOL. That's rich as b*tch ! Perhaps a bit high ? I like it though Feels like a lotery ?! Hmm interesting. ) *** Another little update ***: ( Entry fees could also be determined on the mode for example: Introductionary mode: 5.000 credits Unforgiving mode: 10.000 credits Unforgiving mode + vampire mode: 15.000 credits Rage mode: 25.000 credits Ultimate mode: 100.000 credits ) Besides from these additional rewards, the normal rewards for doing battle are also given out. Additional rewards for surviving each phase could also be applied. For example an XP bonus modifier of +0.25 for each phase survived. This shake down mode should only be available for experienced players, that means "high account levels", basically "maximum account level" should enable this mode. The ship tier is fully open, however with a twist: Players with the same ship tier will all battle against each other. Once the best 12 or less players of that ship tier per ship remain they will be placed against higher ship tiers and so forth. The idea is basically to give low ship tiers a chance at knocking out higher ship tiers, perhaps it could lead to some interesting surprise, the expectation is that most lower tier ships will be illiminated, but who knows for sure ?! That's also part of the fun. This gives players a chance to go completely insane with lower tier ships and try out anything, if it fails they will be quickly illiminated, if it succeeds great ! So to sum up let's look at the benefits/adventages of this idea: 1. A lot of fun for regular players that are looking for a challenge and want to play non-stop for multiple hours. 2. Fully open ship tiers to battle against each other, most interesting. 3. Massive credit reward for top players, this will surely stimulate participation ! 4. Fun to knock players out, this will also take care of less skilled bots. 5. Fortune and fame ! 6. A nice battle mode, less focussed at leveling and more focussed at surviving and doing well ! =D (I always wanted this kind of mode in other games like battlefield or call of duty, not many games have it, company of heroes did have some kind of leaderboard. I think this game idea with all it's twists and turns has something new to offer to experienced gamers ! So I hope it will be considered by war gaming and perhaps even implemented ! That would sure float my boat ! I'd love to hear feedback and critique/concerns for this idea so go right ahead down below as usual ! =D Also thanks to the people that contributed to the other thread called "perma death" some of your ideas ended up in this new idea ) Bye, Skybuck.
  4. SkybuckFlying

    Ranked Division Battles

    Hello, Game update is great ! The only thing I could wish for more is: "Ranked division battles" This would then allow "divisions" to participate in a special ladder, which is ment for divisions only. This would then allow skilled players/friends to team up... and have fun at ranked too. Apperently "ranked battles" is currently limited to random individuals only. A bit painfull if you have some good teammates available with you, which you would like to play with too at a more competitive level ! ;) I guess for now "random battles" and "higher tiers" challenges will do... but it a bit cheesy... to pitch tier 5 against tier IX... instead of just skilled divisions but ok... Maybe this idea will be part of the game in the future... might be cool ! In that case I would recommend expanding divisions a bit member count wise... Or maybe it can be a mode with multiple divisions on the same team just like now... Bye, Skybuck.
  5. Addicus

    Game Mode Suggestion - Port Raid

    I was thinking the other day while playing base capture mode that parking a ship in a random circle of water was kind of arbitrary. I mean what's so special about this cubic mile of H2O? How about instead the objective is to destroy (raid) the opposing team's base. You could place the bases on opposite sides of the map. You'd have to do X amount of damage to actual destroy the base and win (not just park a DD in a circle with a smoke screen). The base could be shielded by high hills so BB's couldn't just pound it from across the map, you'd have to get into the protected harbor first. Anyway, just an idea - it is Beta test afterall.