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Found 12 results

  1. SUp guy's been a while. Just wanted to say 1 thing for this last update we had: The game is becoming easyer and easyer, you removed the fact for player to pay attention around him...veary convient thing. Sure its good to help players and to be cute, although this removes the fun and the challenge or makes the guy less aware of his sorroundings because the captain makes everything for him... Anyways that what i feeling in this lately updates/patches, its simple removing everything that makes this game fun or challenge to a "lego" easy game, that you play 1-2 hours then leave... Although please dont take this was a "crying" thread, but if theres older players special since close beta, they KNOW exacly what i mean. Making it easyer, does not make it more fun... - Just saying -
  2. piritskenyer

    Changes to BFT and AFT

    We all know what this is about: BFT and AFT are supposed to get limited to guns up to and including 130mm guns instead of the now effective up to and including 155mm. (It has also been rumored that it would be changed to to affect secondary battery only, but then the calibre clause is pointless as there is currently no secondary battery exceeding 155) Why do/don't you agree with/like this change? I for one do not like the idea of such a change for two reasons: I have a Kuma that has been geared with BFT and AFT (call me a clubber if you will, but I love that ship) and with those skills I can take her to games higher than its MM range. Not to say she'll become useless without the effect of B/AFT, but she'll become much more limited, especially that she'll not only lose range, but also rate of fire and thus DPM. I'm on the way to unlock the Mogami, which has rather short firing ranges for a T8 CL/CA. I was planning on keeping to the CL configuration and installing the Kuma cpt for the duration of the grind, extending the range and thus usefulness of the ship. Now I can't count on that anymore. Which bothers me. Now recently I read a nugget of information somewhere (for the life of me I can't find it), which was basically a question directed to one of the devs/producers/community contacts. The question was something like this: "Will people with BFT and AFT trained get a free skill tree reset after the cahnges are implemented?" to which the answer was along the lines of "there are new skills being introduced, wait until the see them, and only then pass judgement". Something like that. Now this answer makes me think that there may be new skills being introduced with similar effect to that of B/AFT, maybe in a split of 130mm and down, 131-155mm and 156mm and up (a bit like the turret rotation skill). This is of course pure speculation, but I'd like to hear what you think of that anyway.
  3. RIPMaxiB

    Zitadel hits in 0.5.1

    Guten Abend, werte Wows gemeinde. In diesem post versuche ich euch zu erläutern wie ihr trotz des "bug fixes" wieder Zitadel hits landen könnt. Wie aus dem Russischen forum hervorgeht, handelt es sich bei der änderung von 0.5.1 lediglich um einen "bug fix". Erläuterung: Vor 0.5.1 galt ein Treffer als Zitadellen Treffer, sofern die Granate die Panzerungsschichten vor der Zitadelle durchschlagen hat und danach die Zitadelle nur berührt hat. (Ob diese Berührung eine over penetration [bB vs. pensacola] ein abpraller [Tirpitz vs. NC] oder ein tatsächlicher Zitadellen hit war [beliebig vs. beliebiges penetrierbares Schiff] war egal) Seit 0.5.1 wurde dieser bug, auf welchem das gesamte Balancing beruht gefixt. Im Klartext: wenn ihr die Zitadelle Penetriert, dann habt ihr einen Zitadel hit, wenn nicht, dann nicht. Nun zur eigentlichen Anleitung: Wie Penetriere ich die Zitadellen Panzerung nun ? Eine gute frage, da das nun ganz anders funktioniert. Im Grunde genommen muss man nun auf die exakte Wasserlinie treffen, sprich dort wo die rote Bemalung eures Schiffes beginnt und zwar entweder ins Magazin oder den Maschinenraum. Getestet habe ich dies im Übungsraum auf verschiedene Distanzen mit Schlachtschiffen, sowohl auf stehende als auch auf fahrende Ziele. Auffälligkeiten: - Tirpitz ist nicht mehr in der Lage die Zitadelle einer NC zu Penetrieren (Distanz irrelevant) - Die NC ist (mit sehr viel glück) dazu in der Lage die Zitadelle einer NC zu penetrieren - Bei einem Test mit der Yamato gab es bei einer salve 9/9 hits !5! Zitadellen Treffer ~78k schaden an einer Yamato Fazit: Ich habe es zwar nur mit Schlachtschiffen getestet, jedoch muss ich sagen, dass diese Klasse momentan die Schlechteste ist. Bei Kreuzern ist es nahezu unmöglich die Zitadelle zu Penetrieren, da Overpenetrations nicht mehr als Zitadellentreffer gezählt werden. Bei Schlachtschiffen ist ein sehr sehr genauer Aim nötig, um überhaupt zu treffen, zudem reicht es wenn euer Gegner ganz kurz das Ruder betätigt und ihr schießt an der Zitadelle vorbei. Es ist dank dem neuen Patch in meinen Augen nicht mehr rentabel ein Schlachtschiff über Tier 8 zu fahren, da ihr schlichtweg gegen Kreuzer keine Chance mehr habt und nicht zuverlässig genug andere Schlachtschiffe bekämpfen könnt. Aus dem US Forum habe ich auch entnommen, dass Kreuzer einen weitaus konstanteren Schaden anrichten. Beispiel aus dem US Forum: Hindenburg vs. Montana, Distanz 10 Km: Ergebnis -> die Montana konnte mit glück eine Maximal 12k Salve austeilen und war danach auf Reload, während die Hindenburg permanent mit AP 8k bis 10k austeilen konnte. Hier wird ersichtlich, dass eine Montana keine Chance gegen die Hindenburg hat, da die Hindenburg eben die Nachladezeit besitzt um die entsprechende DPM zu erhalten. Ich hoffe ich konnte euch weiterhelfen. Zum Abschluss bleibt mir zu sagen RIP Battleships till new balancing Gruß RIP
  4. PrimePenetrator

    Ideas to motivate team play

    Hi, I was watching iEarlGrey's and one of his viewers pitched the idea to chose a leader before a match to better concentrate the efforts of the team to a common goal. That would be hard to apply, because all of us think they have the better strategy, but it did spark for me an idea that could potentially motivate teams to work better for the common goal. In loading match screen, where you can see team line-ups or the map, WG could input a quick poll, about where to cap, or which sector (East, West, North, South) to attack (or even defend), and the highest option chosen by the majority of team mates will double the XP of the ships that go on that sector and cap, spot, do dmg, assist, defend, kill. That would be a good option to motivate the team to work together on the sector previously chosen before the match starts. As a Ui aspect, the pre chosen sector could be highlighted on the minimap as a green sector, as a double xp zone. That wouldn't mean that other zones are less rewarding or no one will go there and we'll have lemming-only teams. The good players will always do what is best for a win, in whatever sector they're needed, but it would motivate the less experienced players to stay with the majority of the team and concentrate efforts in one specific area, instead of going on suiciding runs or camp at the back. What say you? What other ideas could you pitch for a better WOWs experience in random matches? Later edit 1: I don't think it would lead to a lemming kind o strategy/gameplay, because the good players will always go where is necessary in order to help the team to catch a win, even if it's potentially less rewarding in xp/credits (smoke curtains, AA cover proximity, till recently even spotting was not rewarded). So, if the team goes East, a good player might go in the center of the map to spot and cap, or a division could defend a flank, while the rest of the team goes for a previously chosen sector. And the double xp sector/ green zone would not discourage players to go in other areas, because where there is a large concentration of ships it is harder to do dmg or get kills when everyone is shooting at the same enemy ship, but when a division goes for a non-green sector it could possibly encounter more ships, do more dmg, cap or decap more and the xp amount rewarded could be bigger than in green zones. While the benefits of concentrating more team mates in one area are obvious: more detection, more firepower, more AA, more defense and so on. So i don't think this option would enforce more mindless lemming plays, we have enough of those anyway, but it would suggest to some players to camp less at the back. They can/will camp anyways, but at least they'll see camping more rewarding in the green zone, and their camp will help their team mates. Later edit 2: The green zone could be active only for the first 5 minutes for example, to unify the team in the first minutes, but if the enemy goes the other way, you will not just stay there and be inactive waiting for a fight the entire match. Later edit 3: I'm suggesting an idea to deter camping, especially done by BBs, by making it more rewarding to noobs or campers to stay with the common goal of the team. I'm not suggesting the best strategy to win every match. No amount of modifications will guarantee the perfect play or decision making.
  5. Marducas91

    gunboats and damage saturation

    Hi there everyone, hope u are all doing fine. I've started this topic to gather some in depth infos about damage saturation and in a more specific way on what to do with your gunboats when the enemy u are shoting at has parts of his ship that are saturated. I'm not a potato at this game ( my pr is closing up to 1.9 k), so I understand the basic game mechanics as damage saturation is, but I still find myself in situations in which I do not know which is the best thing to do or not to do . lets take an example: akizuki 4x2 turrets with 100 mm rapid firing guns ment to shred other dds to pieces, all fine and good untill a couple of days ago when in a game I was facing a benson. we met into the cap, excanged a couple of salvos and than he smoked and got away ( since I didn't chased him due to his cruiser support behind him). when we faced each other he was pretty much bow in so the majority of my shells landed on his nose so to say. game went on and when we met again ( after we both took more damage during the course of the match) I noticed that my shells were doing quite a bit less damage on him ( and before u can say anithing yes I have IFHE on my captain and yes I switch to AP when a dd gives me broadside and its not a point blank range). so I started wondering on how I can get the most damage out in every situation I find myself while firing to an enemy dd. is the answer as simple as "always target different areas of the ship"? should I aim for specific sections of the ship ( like bow or stern) to deal the most damage in the shorted period of time or is it fine to just aim for center of mass and land as many shells as possible? let me hear your opinions, greetings Marducas91 P.S: I'm not english so if there are any grammatical errors just forgive me
  6. DtXpwnz

    questions about game mechanics

    Hello, I have couple of questions regarding some of the mechanics... 1) Fire dmg is 0,31%of max HP per second per fire? (I am not sure about the exact number) 2) Flooding dmg is X% ?? 3) Not penetrating AP shots, how is the dmg calculated? I know how is damage calculated for penetrating shots, but never seen similar explanation for non-penetrating hits. I will have more, once I remember what was the question I was going to ask
  7. Hi there, I searched the forum first, but could not find the answer to my question which is following: In the upcoming patch the smoke mechanics will change, which we all know and is hotly debated, but what I don't find is how will the change effect the captain skill: smokescreen expert? You get 20% more smoke or so, so it will be logical that firing from smoke will decrease the detection also by 20%. Thank you in advance for the answer.
  8. Bunnytob

    Smoke spotting mechanics

    So I recently got into an argument with someone about how the "spotting range when firing in smoke" mechanic works. To cut the point short, he says that it's your spotting range for a ship INSIDE OF SMOKE to spot YOU, while I say its the other way around. Anyway, who's right? N.B: AFAIK, I'm no accusing this guy of anything, Ad Hominem at its finest.wowsreplay
  9. piritskenyer

    Camouflage choices on premium ships

    Hi there! My topic today is premium ships' camouflage. As we all know, all premium ships come with their own permanent camo. There is, however, a small tiny thing that kind of bothers me: Those camos, while pretty and useful, kind of limit the choices the players can make. All premium destroyers get a Type 1 equivalent camo (detection range reduction by 3%), CA's, CL's and BB's get a Type 2 (reduces enemy firing accuracy by 5%). Both camouflage types recieve an xp bonus as well, which is nice. But. You don't have much of a choice. You can't gear your CA for stealth and retain the bonus, or you can't gear your DD for avoidance and retain your bonus. Why not? I could even see the same camouflage pattern in two different versions being introduced: one for detection range and one for accuracy debuff. What do you guys think about this and why?
  10. Hello all who takes the time to read this. I normally wouldn't post whine threads. But there have been some minor and major annoyances. And I bet other people might have these as well. The opening post will be quite a bit long. It is also written from the point of view of someone who plays destroyers for the majority of the game. I enjoy these little buggers and dislike the slow and lumbering game play of the battleships and cruisers feel more like victims more than anything else. Now, if you look at my stats (they are public) you'll see that I 'only' have +/- 900 matches in a DD and 'only' 1800 matches in total. This does leave me open to the 'git gud' and 'get more experience' argument. While this is not as much as an argument in and of itself, I do believe that I have taken a fair bit of time to learn the game mechanics in details. That said, even if I lack experience, my performance is consistently slightly above average. It is my intention and hope to play/get a game that is as balanced as possible. It is not my intention to promote making 1 class overpowered compared to the other classes. However, I cannot be entirely without bias. The post is split up in several 'subjects' as per below. Concealment and Stealth firing RADAR/hydro Torpedoes Damage from battleships Maps Closing 1. Concealment and Stealth firing The general mechanics to concealment are actually quite well thought out in my opinion. With the exception of a few ships (Shimakaze and Conqueror spring to mind). However, lately it seems like concealment is not nearly as valuable as it used to be. Concealment is being countered in a number of ways. Soon there will be another change in the form of the smoke changes. What these changes entail is not really set in stone right now (to the best of my knowledge). So I will skip over them. As for smoke counters it is not just the usual suspect of hydro/RADAR. But also simpler things like torpedoes, torpedo bomber planes, radio location and shoot 'blind' with a spotter plane. In the old days the concealment had another option. The ability to shoot ships in the open without being seen or shot at yourself. This used to be the base concealment +4km for destroyers. However, ships like the Fletcher could get a range of up to 15km. This means that it had a maximum detection of 5.8km+4km=9.8km. Meaning that everything after 9.8km it could shoot at without it being seen itself. Now the Fletcher was a bad ship to do that with, since it had incredibly slow shells. But there were other Destroyers that were quite good at doing that. While I understand and agree that you should be able to see what is shooting you from the open or it creates frustration. It did damage destroyer game play amongst each other. The way it worked before the nerf was 2 Destoyers entered a cap together. They eventually detect each other and a short but severe firefight started between them and their supporting cruisers. Effectively starting the engagement. Torpedoes would be spammed if there was time. The loser was the Destroyer that got destroyed or smoked up. By smoking he was basically forced out of the cap. Staying in it and wait out your smoke gave the other DD oppertunity again later to scout you, kill you and smoke up himself. Since he did not have to use his lifesaving cooldown. The victor on the other hand did not have to do anything but dodge torps. The reason for this was that at this point, the DDs allies were all out of range to spot or in/behind smoke. This left the winning DD with the cap and still a remaining consumable. The problem with the current mechanics is that there is almost always a ship within 11,8km (stock Fletcher gun range as a reference). This means that when 2 DDs spot each other early game BOTH need to smoke up and play passive or they will both be taken down. Below is an example scenario of what I meant. I have taken full-stealth Fletchers with stock range module. This means 5.8km concealment and 11.8km gun range. The green Fletcher has the old system applied to him, the red one the new detection system. The removal of stealth firing did more than just remove the ability to fire from stealth in the open. It also ruined DD combat between the DDs. There is not really a way to outplay each other anymore. You both need to smoke up and hope for lucky torp hits or a detonation. I suggest to change it to a hybrid of both mechanics. Meaning that the direction you shoot at, you are detected for your maximum gun range (if not blocked by LoS blockers). But for all other directions you get the flat increase as per previous mechanics (4km for DDs, 6km for CLs and 10km(?) for BBs). This means that you can't shoot ships from the open without being detected, but you can still fight the fun fights like you used to be able to do. 2. RADAR and hydro RADAR and hydro are implemented as counters to smoke wielding ships. Be that either destroyers or cruisers. This is an ability that I applaud. Every game should have ways to balance and counter each other. The existance of RADAR and hydro itself is not a problem to me. The problem for me is the way it is working at the moment. RADAR and hydro are both complete i-win buttons. If a ship is in smoke, you just pop RADAR and he will be detected for the duration of the RADAR as long as the RADAR lives. The problem with this is that there is hardly a counter play to this. If you look at ships like the Des Moines or Belfast, their RADAR range is incredibly close to their concealment (not even talking about the Black which has RADAR range higher than its concealment). Which means that these ships can creep up to a smoke, RADAR and kill them without being seen (if they play it right). The only counter for this currently is staying at least 10km away from both or hide behind an island and using that as armour. Another problem is that RADAR is absolute spotting. With that I mean that it can spot everything and everyone within the range. This is a bit counter intuitive. This isn't a problem when there is just 1 or maybe 2 RADAR ships on a team. But when you get 3 or 4 or even 5 this leads to being perma spotted. It is incredibly difficult for a high tier DD to play when perma spotted. Especially if the team isn't pushing either. You are basically forced into supporting role only where smoke is actually a detriment to your own team more than anything else. The third problem is the fact that matchmaking doesn't take RADAR into account. RADAR is an extremely powerful tool that completely counters DDs. It is not rare to see a team consisting of Moskvas, Missouries and Des Moines's versus a team of regular BBs, Kutuzovs and RN CL's. This automatically means that 1 team completely counters the other team. One is smoke dependant, the other team counters smoke. The last problem is that RADAR is also able to look further than the view restrictions when encountering a cyclone. With this I point to stealth firing and why that is a problem. Furthermore, a cyclone is a complete counter to DDs as well. Since they can't see ships before they can RADAR and kill the destroyer. If a RADAR ship is spotted in a cyclone but can't spot himself, just activate the RADAR and kill the tresspasser. The DD in question is not able to counter it since it is possible he did not even know the cruiser/BB was there to begin with. For this I suggest that RADAR isn't able to look through solid rock. I also suggest that RADAR and smoke is taken into account in the matchmaking, RADAR function should be decreased in a cyclone as well (it is nearly useless irl in a cyclone as well). And since switching on a RADAR is like switching on a flash light, I suggest that a RADAR ship will also automatically reveal himself when switching it on. Effectively making it a double edged sword. But not for hydro, since hydro only means listening and not actively searching with a 'flashlight'. 3. Torpedoes In this instance I am not too fussed about torpedoes in general. My opinion that most torpedoes are all good and stuff. However, there is 1 glaring exception. In my opinion the IJN DD line has been nerfed too far. If you check the performance of the torpedoes, they are basically the worst of them all across the board. On top of that, they aren't the fastest, most armoured or best armed ships either. All they have is their superior concealment, with the exception of the Shimakaze. If you also take double spotter plane, radio location and/or hydro on nearly every ship into account it paints a picture of a line that has been surpassed in everything and by everything. Now I am not saying that we need to return to the 15x20km walls of skill. But even the 12km torpedoes on the Shima aren't great. And it seems to me it is near suicide to try to use the 8km torpedoes. I don't play the ships myself. Have never enjoyed them, not even before the nerf. But my prey has been affected too much and is on the verge of extinction. 4. Damage from battleships Now, if I am not mistaken. The game is build around some sort of a rock/scissors/paper system. The Battleships being the rock and the Destroyers being the paper. There are some nuances of course, since paper also counters and gets countered by paper depending on what paper you bring. However, there seems to be something off. Rock (battleships) seems to counter scissors (cruisers) a LOT harder than destroyers counter battleships. In some cases, rock even counters paper. A stray hit from a battleship AP can already cause thousands of hp of damage to a destroyer. Either completely wiping him from the map or crippling him in such a way that he is no longer combat worthy and delegated to either spotting or torpedo duty. WG has already stated that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. However, I still feel it is worth mentioning in order to keep it in the mind of everybody that this is still an issue. On top of that, WG has consistently released BBs that are increasingly more effective in countering DDs. The previous line (German BBs) do not only have incredibly strong secondaries of 11,8(?)km range that absolutely tear DDs to shreds, they also get a hydro consumable that they can use to charge DDs in smoke or counter their torpedoes. If you also take in account that some DDs only have a maximum gun range of 11.8km and a optimum gun range of 7-8km, there is nothing a DD can do to these ships but run away. They have had their hydro nerfed, so they don't get Hindenburg hydro anymore. However, their secondary range got buffed in the process. But the last line WG released is even worse, on multiple fronts. The RN BB line has received short fuse AP, meaning it will be even less likely to overpen a destroyer. They also get godmode napalm HE shells and great concealment and heal. It is increasingly more common to get hit from a RN BB. And to put some anecdotal evidence in the mix, I have been hit by a RN BB and this had taken out the following : 2x torp tubes, 2x guns, engine, rudder, multiple (all?) AA and double fire. This had to trigger a damage control. After which I received another hit, which took out my engine and rudder and put me on fire again. Ending my game in 2 salvoes. The worst of this is that these RN BBs have set a trend. RN BBs can just load HE and spam it on everything. But the other BB players have seen this. And while before they were flamed for not using AP, now they see that HE is more effective on this line. And they started using it on all other lines as well. As painful as BB AP overpens can be, HE completely wrecks. For this I suggest that RN BBs get nerfed back into line with the other BB lines. These ships counter their counters harder than anything can counter them. As for the KM BBs, I don't suggest anything, I don't know enough on the ships in order to make a good judgement. 5. Maps With the maps there are actually quite a bit of unfairness. I have picked a couple of high tier maps where it doesn't matter how well each player plays, they are disadvantaged through map design rather than anything else. I have put each map in a spoiler box to save on the space. I have already created quite a long wall of text. It might be considered nitpicky. But I still feel that it is worth mentioning. It might not matter that much for the average player, but the better will use the terrain to their advantage. And it is quite irritating if you or the opponent doesn't have that ability just through their spawn. Fault Line Islands of Ice New Dawn Sea of fortune Shards Shatter 6. Closing For the people that actually managed to read this far, thank you for reading my rant. I bet there is quite a bit in my post that you do or do not agree with. As for my expectation. It is basically nothing. I doubt that any changes will happen, especially on my behalf. I will do what I always have done and adapt. I will have to. But lately I have been extremely frustrated and needed to vent a bit.
  11. S4h3L

    Čo to je?

    zakladám topic pre nevyriešené záhady, veci ktoré popierajú herné mechaniky a podobne veľmi by ma zaujímalo ako dosiahnuť citadelu za 1,3 násobku AP dmgu Spoiler plná salva z NO (4600 AP dmg) do Hippera na 12km, zatočil to a ujala sa iba jedna strela, citadela, ok, 6118 dmg WTF?!
  12. The problem with game development and game mechanics. This thing has irqued me for a while now, but it's hard for me to describe. Doesn't make it easier for me that I'm a non-native English 'speaker' but I will try. I noticed, back when I was still something of a yoloing rookie, that some people disliked WG to (how they described it) "copy+paste an existing ship, make it a premium and slap a price tag onto it". But otoh I also sense some frustration or perhaps resentment or jealousy towards having unique premium ships that have a mechanic that is either unique to non-silver ships or implemented in a more enjoyable way (for example, BBs with torps, this is mostly a premiumship thing). This is not about some of these premium ships that are OP because of these unique sets of game mechanics they possess (like the HMS Winfast or perhaps the Kutuzov) but more broader, in what game mechanics, what tech trees could possible be implemented into the game that add to the game and make a tree unique, have its own flavor. When there's very little tech trees, this is easy. For instance, designating one tree for close combat or brawling and the other for sniping. That way 2 tech tree branches can be differentiated. Adding a third? Lets make it somewhere between those two. But once you start getting more and more lines, the notions of "gimmicky lines" start becomming more obvious due to limitations if how to differentiate tech tree branches enough from each other without using some gimmicks. I don't see gimmicks as a bad development in itself. I believe this is somewhat of a necessity if one is to make lines more distinctive from each other. It adds more flavor to a line of ships, adds unique and more distinguishable lines of ships to the game and overall makes a game like this one more colorfull. Another one is balancing new stuff vs the old stuff. Powercreep is one of them, but one is to be careful when judging a course of actions as being one of purposefully powercreeping in a game like this one, the (lets call them) more unimpressing new premiums get akinda forgotten and relatively little use. In my opinion I think WG has (during the time that I played WoWS, close to a year now which is longer then I ever played WoT in a single go) done pretty good work regarding the balancing of new lines while not messing up too badly (and sometimes quite promptly nerfed some stuff back like the 2 top tier Brit BBs), while adding a unique gameplay mechanic. The Brit HE BBs I think are actually a nice addition to the game, or at least it has good potential. And it's definitely a unique and in my opinion interesting branch. The French BBs were to me a bigger succes regarding how a new and unique line (with respect towards the older stuff) is implemented correctly, I think they hit the spot right in the middle there! Not OP, but certainly not UP. And definitely unique, though personally I would've liked to see Strassbourg as a silver ship but who knows, perhaps someday. But imo I think the French BB line, which added speed boost consumable as a flavor (or gimmick) to this new line, is how balancing is done correctly. A couple of the ships are quite daring (like Lyon and Republique) and would make a line as a whole stand out a bit more, but in itself is not necessary for to make a line interesting enough to receive the wanted attention from players. Adding too much 'exceptions' to the game may even end up clogging up the game with many hundreds or perhaps even thousands of 'unique' playable entities, each with their own specialities, this can be seen in WoT where for me it's totally impossible to learn all of these weakspots, making me feel like "ok, nevermind, forget it, I'm out!". At some point one can get fed up with the artificially created 'unique' content, which is a trapping pit filled with spears one would not want to trap onself into when adding game content. One wouldn't want to make the game something that is ridiculous, even though WoWS is more an arcade game then a simulator. The really silly stuff can be confined to events, I think it's proven that this works very nicely with the ingenious halloween event from last year Long introduction, but this has been in the works for a while now. On to the gimmicky part Some new ones may get tested once in a while (like the reload booster during last halloween event, now getting added to Jean Bart) What kinds of gimmicks could be feasable to add to this game? So which unique consumables do we have? Here's a quick breakdown: - Damage Control Party - Repair Party (this one is the heal) - Smoke Generator - Engine Boost - Hydroacoustic Search (sees ships and torps in relative near proximity, relatively long duration) - Surveillance Radar (sees ships in relative wide area, short duration) - Defensive AA Fire - Torpedo Reload Booster - Spotting Aircraft - Catapult Fighter These ones here can be kinda lumped into an armament category: - Defensive AA Fire - Torpedo Reload Booster - Spotting Aircraft - Catapult Fighter Now we will be seeing a new one here, primary armament reload booster. But how about a secondary armament booster for some new brawler ships? (I'm not suggesting the speculated new German BC line, I'd prefer these have the earlier mentioned torps but this is kinda wishful thinking). Or something which I believe is not a first time mention, a consumable that lays a couple mines (perhaps in a similar fashion that puffs of smoke are laid) that last for a certain duration and can be spotted with hydro or only when really up close? - Secondary armament reload booster - Minelaying Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar use a unique game mechanic, I presume DefAA uses the same one but may kill aircraft, and smoke is possibly also using similar game mechanics. One possible new consumable could be a radar jammer but lets not get into that I wouldn't want it myself unless it's for some event or something - Radar jammer With the smoke there are already a couple variations using the same game mechanics, smaller puffs that are generated for a longer while while some ships (mainly Brits) have fewer puffs but are MUCH bigger. One unique one is the very short duration one that is basically meant to cover a ship instead of laying a smoke screen (Perth for example, iirc). One game mechanic that could be conceived is a puff of smoke that acts basically like the thunderstorms in Hermes, making accuracy towards ships inside this weird puff of smoke worse. But to me it doesn't fit into the game, or at least how things are right now, dunno if I'd want this one but it could kinda aleviate the radar meta). - Distracting Magic Stuff Accuracy Generator, or possibly make existing smokes a bit like this to aleviate the radar meta. Another one could be a consumable that lays anti-torp nets that last for a little while. This hypothetical consumable could somehow make it into the game without ruining the flavor of the game. I think this one might actually be interesting, though I'm not knowledgable enough to know if it's even possible to implement into the game right now due to engine limitations. - Torpedo Nets (stops movement of torps only, both friendly and enemy torps) Then there's the speed boost. How about a skill that is kinda like speed boost, but has a small area activation so ships nearby also receive a speed boost? Call it the "Get out!" or (not so serious) "Get to da exit zone!"-consumable. Raises the alarm, "full steam ahead", "signal all ships to disengage!", the name is kinda arbitrary but this one might be viable. Duration of its effect is debatable as is area of effect. Or perhaps an area consumable that repairs other ships (I think this one was mentioned before and was used during halloween event) or can put out fires (but not floodings), like how ships from those times already could put out fires by using fire hoses from other ships. Or make it so it can put out only a single fire by having an ally selected when activating the "Put Fire Out"-consumable. Perhaps it's possible and it could potentially fit into the game. Perhaps make it so that this doesn't work on one's own ship, there's multiple variations possible here when considering if it's possible using existing game engine mechanics. - Area Speedboost - Area Heal - Area Damage Control Party Like the mines mentioned earlier, one could 'drop' heals or heal packages, like a medkit used in some shooters, but dunno how this could fit into the game. I wrote this mostly to explore what could be possible within the boundries of what WoWS could offer (apparently something like radar/hydro not going through mountains is not possible for the current game engine, while other options are but are unwanted due to what WoWS is about) and I wrote it for fun.