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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I have a suggestions to the upcoming radar change and an idea which makes community gameplay easier Lets start with the good old radar theme. 1.) Suggested Radar change Radar is ok although I sold most of my DDs because of it. In games with up to 6 or more radarships on the enemy Team -- fun is over. Suggested change: -Make radar a full time turning radar. (Make it radar all the time). That tells a DD exatly when a radarship comes in range and gives him the option to turn around or continue. And as said make it a turning radar with maby a 10sec rotation speed for a 360 degree turn. (Spotted ... fading away.....spotted...fading away.) It only should give the Radarship and its team the chance to take a snapshot at the radared ship. No spotting longer than 2-3 seconds at a time.....but for the whole battle! Only the people really concentrating should be able to take a successful shot. Gameplay: Enemy DD gets spotted and fading away. If you want to shoot at it then you will have start turning guns on predicted course and wait for next round of radar. DD spotted again...predict speed and course again and take the shot before DD is fading away again. Pros: -Full game duration radar. -Evereybody can still see the DD. -DD gets instantly warned if a radarship gets close and can leave radar range (also a con) -Much better protection for ships guided by a radarship. -Good chance for anti radar gameplay by using those 8 second gaps. -DDs don't get hammered away within one or more long radarphases. -DDs can change course and speed in those 8 second gaps making it harder for enemys to focus on you when spotted again. -Enhances radar cruisers life expectance Cons: -If your guns are not loaded or not pointing in the right direction, you can't take a shot and have to wait for the next radar turn. -DD gets instantly warned if a radarship gets close and can leave radar range -Gets rid of ships being able to sneak around the map until radar cruisers are out of position or sunk. -Hard for any ship to sneak up to radarships. -Makes DDs hard to hit for people which have slow turning guns. -Some DDs cant get into stealth torp range -Radarships will be focused even harder. -Well positioned radarships could constantly spot a whole map. It won't make it much easier, but then that instant wrecking surprise for DDs is gone and radarships more or less get buffed. By the way: Where is the german radar? Like the FuMG 38 G (Seetakt) which was installed on Graf Spee and even submarines? One of the first radar systems in use. 2.) Status buttons in the harbour and automatik "AFK"- status. If I play it is hard to tell who is online or AFK. Its good to see who is in a battle but we really have issues with invitations for clan battles. You invite member A wait for 5 minutes...invite Member B, and so on. Takes ages. Also I catch myself doing all sorts of thing while the game is running. Go to the basement doing the laundry, fetching the mail or heading to the mall next door. But I cant always post my activities it in every chat and dont want to disconnect from the game. So I get invites to clan battles & divisions or people try to chat with m while I am AFK. Also there is times I dont want to be spammed by the clan and just play the game. - Suggestion: - Make it an "automatic AFK" after 10 minutes of not touching mouse or keyboard and not being in battle. (AFK message on screen). Additionally give the harbour 3 Buttons -available (Green light) -DND/Busy (Orange light) (Online status hidden + no invites or personal text chat possible). Just playing for yourself! For everything else people have clan chat, teamspeak or discord etc. -AFK (Red light) (shows AFK symbol on screen and besides name/no gameplay possible) shortkey should be possible The status DND/Busy has to be clearly visible or should be mentioned after every battle. This makes it easier to setup clan battles and lets you see who fell asleep while waiting for clan battles to take place :-) Hope you like the ideas and hope that at least the status buttons get positive reactions from the community. Have fun. Admiral_Bayer
  2. MajorDooD

    may I have some suggestions please ?

    Hello,I have some innovative ideas ( although they may have been suggested by someone else before - yep, I am not a genius ) 1) naming ships just think about it, ability to name your own ship with ( at the beginning ) fixed prefix and whatever name you want to insert. Now that would be cool ( if not used with rude words or racial comments, etc .... ), and if it would be too hard for server to handle, you can start with something simple, like adding a prefix to the ship name ( instead of phoenix, you would have "cv-55" phoenix ), or changing the names only on the premium ships for starters. 2) map control did this ever happened to you ? Your teammate wrote something in the chat or asked for help and you were confused whether to firstly look him up on the map by his name or his ship class, in order to find him ? pushing M and alt because he is out of "sight" or pushing alt but being unsure whether is was this "phoenix next to you" or the other one on opposite side of map ? I know there is a ping, whoever makes an order gets highlighted on the map for a few seconds, but still, it is confusing ( and yes, me badly understanding the game mechanics may be the reason, I am open to "flaming" on this one :/ ) and at last, and also a bit of a fun cracker, can I become a beta tester by simply playing the emerald cruiser ? I can even sink an enemy ship with it, i feel like now, I can sail anything in any circumstances anyway, thanks for reading that mess right till the end ( or not ;d ), please leave a comment below ( no, I am not a youtuber )
  3. Hi all, Well, the title says it all, but I'll add something to clarify my meaning and why I posting this. So, inspired by the actions of below (and generally i'm sick of all the complaints) I would like to start this thread where gamers not only give suggestions where the game might be improved, but must also give suggestions on how they think it should be changed by providing a possible solution. The reason I do this, is because of this. We all love playing the game and we all encounter things in the gameplay. Things we think should improve. The problem here is that most players I talk to in the game, all agree things needs to change but when I ask how they have no idea and come up with no suggestions or examples. I always hated that. It's easy to criticize and spamming salt but not come with an idea to make it better. And further more, it's difficult for Wargaming to actually change it like we would like to. But, then there are gamers who can speak to the general public. Like Flamu in his video on March 9th, where he points out the reward system of the game is based on damage done. And now Notser with his recent video of the 14th of May where he points out that the XP reward system is still based on damage done and why it destroys the fun in playing ranked battles. And on this, is why I respect Wargaming. They saw the video of Flamu, held a general discussion and listened to the feedback of the community. (I would hope they would listen to Notser on a few on his ideas) and promised change, and they kept their promise. But now Notser comes with a new video. And here he talks on some of the same things like Flamu does. And both Flamu and Notser give ideas on how to improve. So it started to get me thinking on how we -the community- address and help fix these issues. These are my suggestions HE spam and fire starting. (fire chance are taken from the Wargaming website) I immediately start with probably one of the most hated subjects of late. HE spam/fire spam started after the British tech line came out and it became especially worse with the Conqueror. I don't need to further explain this one. We all hate the recent fire spam and especially those "edge of the map grinding" HE spamming Conqueror's who we find so much in games lately even in ranked battles (?!). But I won't blame it all on the Conqueror, Now the fire percentage that is being shown in the game today are the stats are based on every barrel of every gun turret. For example. The Zao has 12 guns with each a value of 19% of starting a fire. The Conqueror has a stock 12 guns with each a value of 48% of starting a fire and the top upgrade has 8 guns with each a value of 63% of starting a fire. Thus, with each salvo fired, you have this calculation: The Zao has: 12x19% chance of setting a fire, the Conqueror has 12x48% or 8x63% chance of setting a fire. My suggestion to fix this. Instead of having a calculation like for example 12x48%, make the fire chance 48% when ALL shells hit. Meaning that each shell hit increases the chance of fire of that salvo. My suggestion on achieving this is this is to lower the chance of fire for each gun/shell fired and multiply those percentages with the amount of hits. To achieve this we can uphold these calculations: Chance of fire when hit = amount of shell hit x chance of fire per gun/shell. and Chance of fire per gun/shell fired = Max. fire chance / by amount of guns. To give some examples. The Zao: fires a salvo and 10 out of 12 shells hit The ship has 12 guns Max chance of fire: 19% Fire chance for each gun/shell fired: 1.583% = 19%/12 Chance of fire of that salvo: 15.83% = 10 hits x1.583% Top Conqueror, fires a salvo and 6 out of 8 shells hit. The ship has 8 guns Max chance of fire: 63% Fire chance for each gun/shell fired: 7.875% = 63%/8 Chance of fire of that salvo: 47.25% = 6 hits x7.875% Großer Kurfürst: fires a salvo and hits 4 out of 12 The ship has 12 guns Max chance of fire: 41% Fire chance for each gun/shell fired: 3.416% = 41%/12 Chance of fire of that salvo: 13.66%=4 hits x3.416% In my opinion, this fixes the high amount of HE and fire spam and reduces gameplay you see here Bonus for helping with capping without them being in the cap. Now we already have a bonus for capping, or protect against capping but that only works when you either in the cap or help de-cap the base. But you won't receive a bonus when you're not in the cap and yet helping the team out by providing fire, or helping to de-cap by spotting from a safe distance. My suggestion to fix this. Use the Quick Command Panel we have with the F2 - F12 or B keys.We already have a similar "dynamic" option like this with the "Thank you" or the "Attack" or "capture that base" quick command. Extend that dynamic communication. It is a great tool to play as a team. When someone caps, an extra special quick command becomes available which request for support specifically in helping with the cap. When the quick command is given, player are received a second special quick command, that acknowledge this specific request. When they popped this quick command to answer the request, they receive a small bonus in XP and credits when they spot, radar/hydro or damage an enemy. The ships that don't answer the request just receive the normal amount on damage or spotting done while the team caps or de-caps.