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Found 2 results

  1. Dear staff of wargaming, I am tired. I am so tired and disappointed. How many times did I end up in a collosal losing team? I talk about teams, which aren't playing the game, but just dying like flies in no time. Neither them nor I have any game experience at all. Any game experience is completly disappeared in those encounters. No matter what time I play I regulary find those disgusting battles. I made breaks. I reduced my playtime in wows a lot. I come back and it happens again. I am so disappointed about this, it makes me realy sad. If I commit myself to win every single battle and I have to wittness how many players at my side do not care about winning or losing, it is the worst betrayel in a competetive teamplay based game. We all do mistakes in the game. And we all need time to learn. But if you played over 5000 battles you are tired of watching the same mistake all over again. The result of all this is losing control about the outcome of battle. I often find myself saving me against anymore disappointments in fleeing into indifference. I do not want to be indifferent, but the game forces me to be indifferent winning or losing a battle. If other players permanently behave indiffrent in a teambased game, why should you keep commiting? Thats the point where I quit the game, if I can not play the game in its concept. For me as a player it is a huge issue if I lose complete control over the battle. What provides you the feeling of losing controle over the battle ? absolute suiziding behaviour of players no support for each other no map awareness not playing the objective at all strange herd behaviour: building a bubble behind a single rock to avoid any incoming fire --> complete loss of map control if players do not know the strength and weaknesses of their ship Since spring of 2017 I played more often in singleplayer. But this alone as an answere to my experience is not enough. Why do some players experience ultimate bad battles more often than others? I do not know. If I try to describe what happens to me in the game, what my actual experience is I am not taken seriously. That is why I began to collect data. I made screens of these battles. I saved the replays. That way I hope you can wittness my specific experience in the game. I invite all of you to share their game experience to the community as well. But I beg you do it without anger and keep it civilized. What is the goal of this post? Basically I want to put focus back to the actual game experience. Statistics do not describe my game experience. I want you to experience, what I had to over the past months. There are so many videos on youtube with glorious and heroic battles, but there are no bad battles to watch. They are no fun, obviously. But this creates a serious Illusion about the status of the game. In my case I played many bad battles over the last months. MrConway and Crysantos played together on stream at 10.12.2017 to my entertainment. They almost had a complete win streak this evening. Yes! WoWs is supposed to make fun playing it, but there are many players, who experience something complete diffrent playing random battles. My profile: https://wows-numbers.com/de/player/527014205,Blechhaube/ Battles in order of time: 08.12.2017 10.12.2017 Something to add: I earn the impression further more WoWs is actually a social experience how people behave in a toxic enviroment.
  2. Ok Wargaming, you should know what happens to your game if you dont introduce any tutorial to the player base of World of Warships. The game experience for all players gets worse, if time passes. What do I mean? Look the following screens (I have to admit this is an extreme example). I do not intend to simply complain and blame wargaming. This is meant to describe my game experience over the last months. I play since close beta. Screens Map Replay link to my stats: http://wows-numbers.com/de/player/527014205,Blechhaube/ I can describe my basic game experience in this match as followed: I had been driven for 6 Minutes to get in position. Due to my spawning point in front of A without spotting support I chose to go for C. In that time 7 ships died. They all must have been hit by the first torpedo wave and gunshots. Battle over. Where is the game experience at all? Honestly, I deinstalled the game in the past months 2 times. Nonetheless I came back again. And I have come to a point, where this game is more frustration than fun and engaging. Why? The majority of my game experience aproxamatly the last 1000 battles got worse. I made many encounters similiar to my example above. Why am I supposed to keep playing this? Now some will call for division play. Well, guess what! Sometimes even in a division you can not push your team at all. I do like the concept of a team based competitive game with awesome graphics and sounds. I mean look the passion for all the details! Thats amazing! Even grinding every single ship up the techtree provides me with some fun. Playing all the ships with all their strengths and annoying weaknesses. But all this falls apart if your so called teammates do not commit to the game at all. This happens too often. It leaves you frustrated and annoyed. And I do know there are many good players out there who experience more or less the same. The strange thing is some experience these bad battles more often than others. And if you tell your experience to other players you are not taken seriously. They often argue in favour for the statistics like: "Keep playing. Better rounds will come". Sorry! Statistics do not describe my game experience! As far as I can follow the developement of the game since beta I can not spot any real approach to players who don't commit to the game. Yes, you made some questionable introducing and lecturing videos. Who is looking at them? You implemented more immidiate graphical feedback for the player in the game. If this is a team based game, why don't you reward good teamplay? It feels very rewarding just to overrule the opponent with only some random teamplay. It happens too rarely What choice do I have as a player who invested so much lifetime and money in this game, but to write to you, wargaming? I could keep flaming the ingame chat, to release some....pressure. The Karmasystem? Nobody wants to read how bad he plays. I am trapped. I like to play this game simply because I am good in it. But my frustration puts an end to it. I am very sorry wargaming, but as long as I dont see any real approach to confront the not commiting players you desperately need as money maker I do not see a point to keep playing the game. Cheers Blechhaube PS.: I keep editing to correct my horrorible grammar :P Edited Map of the match for better understanding + replay