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Found 14 results

  1. knodden94

    Download problems

    So a friend of mine is trying to download the game. He downloaded the Game center without problems but when he tries to download WoWs the problems start. The first problem is that the download speed is abysmal, he is running a 10/10gb fibre connection so there should be no problems. However WoWs only downloads at 100/kbs or lower, now you might say that we should look in the Game center download settings, we did and we changed those to unlimited speed and this is where the second problem arises. The game Center refuses to save any changes he does, we hit the save button and it accepts that, clicks down the settings menu but when we open it again the changes have in fact not saved. at this point any help is welcome.
  2. Hello! My friend has a problem with game center that it is only showing a black window. He has gotten past it earlier by starting the game directly from the .exe file, but with the game being updated it is no longer possible to do so. Anyone got a fix for this? He have tried to reinstall Game Center with no success.
  3. Bonjour, Quelqu'un saurait-il comment supprimer une instance de jeu dans le game center? J'ai un doublons de TST qui s'acharne à vouloir s'installer malgré mes nombreuses annulations d'installation. J'ai bien vu un bouton "désinstaller le jeu", je n'ai pas encore osé y cliquer. D'un point de vue plus large, existerait-il un mode d'emploi "officiel" pour le game center ? Les options et différents onglets à disposition sont plutôt light Merci d'avance
  4. Hallo Community, beim "rumspielen und rumklicken" habe ich im Game Center unter Spieleinstellungen eine zusätzliche Instanz aktiviert. Den download von über 20 GB habe ich unmittelbar abgebrochen. Nun habe ich eine 2. inaktive Spielinstanz und kann diese nicht löschen. Was kann ich tun um die Instanz los zu werden?
  5. K3LEVR4

    Game Center

    Moin erstmal, ich musste da neuer PC, WoT und WoWs neu installieren und seitdem zwingt mir WG das game Center auf, welches bei mir alles andere als funktioniert. Ich versuche nun schon seit zwei Tagen WoT/WoWs wieder zu installiere, funktioniert nicht. Bei WoT lässt sich der Download gar nicht starten, bei WoWs hört er auf wen der Download noch 13.12 GB runterladen müsste zeigt dann an "Installiert" aber dann tut sich gar nichts mehr. Ich habe schon alles mögliche ausprobiert, von wegen Antivirenscanner aus machen oder eine Ausnahme einzurichten. Bis her hat nichts geklappt. Gibt es nen weg wie man den "Alten" launcher zurück bekommen kann? Der Funktionierte wenigstens (größtenteils was immer noch besser ist als der scheiß jetzt) problemlos.
  6. Hello all. I have been playing WoW for a while now on mac (10.12.6), and everything was fine. Then I had the idea to try World of Airplanes. I tried it, didn't like it. In order do install WOA I had to download and install the Game center, which basically absorbed WOW. Now, when I tried to delete the game center, it messed up WOW, that was unable to start. I read somewhere that I had to reinstall game center and delete the game from there, which I did with some diffuculty. Now I don't have game center, and when I download again WOW and try to run it, it crashes. Any hope for me? thanks

    Problème de FPS avec le WGC.

    Bonjour, J'ai tout récemment installé le Wargaming Game Center pour avoir la trés mauvaise surprise de constater que mes FPS en bataille (et dans le port) ne dépassait la misérable barre des 10, alors qu'avant je roulait a 40+ FPS. Quelqu'un a t'il le même problème, ou bien avez vous une solution à me proposer, sachant que désinstaller le GC empêche de jouer aux jeux ? Merci d'avance pur vos réponses.
  8. I've recently taken the step of moving from the single-game WOWS launcher to Wargaming's unified Game Center (Centre) launcher, so thought I'd document the differences for those who haven't yet taken the plunge. At some point, WG are bound to deprecate the old launcher, so have a look and see what you think. Please note I do cover the common question of multi-region and PTS in this overview.
  9. _Kanaris

    Game Center

    I make a comment in Game Center topic in NEWS of WG.eu and when I try to see the response I find that comments where disabled!!! the comment was: "I have try Game Center before and it was VERY big problem. U start your pc to play some game and when u click it u have to wait to download ALL the updates of all games to play!!!! When I try to delete it, I have to download from scratch (2 days) all the games!!!! Not thanks". And if I cant download every game alone (like ARENA) I ll don't play it again. so simple
  10. Sjelden

    Game Center & download speeds

    I have an issue downloading the game client. It takes forever. I have a computer running both OS, the Game Center and the client installed on SSD's. My internet connection is 150mbs, and I reliably get 100-150mbs to all major download hubs in Europe. However, the World of Tanks/Warships takes forever to download. I wanted to reinstall WoWS, and initiated the download yesterday, about 18 hours ago. It is less than 30 percent complete. This is not an ISP / Internet Connection / Computer related issue. A search on the internet revealed that the new Game Center was a known issue - that the previous option to disable torrenting has been removed, and I am now stuck with downloading the game client from other players instead of downloading it from a server hosted by Wargaming. If that is the case, then this is a greedy and shitty solution in my opinion. If you however DO have a server hosting the installation files, then move it out of the third world. You cannot expect your customers to happily sit for days waiting for your game to download. So my question is, past this rant, simply; how can I download your game client with acceptable speeds (at minimum 10mbit/s)?
  11. Sjelden

    Downloading client takes forever

    Greetings, I wanted to reinstall World of Warships and started downloading the game client yesterday. That is aproximately 18 hours ago, and the progress is less than 30 percent complete. My operation system, the game client and the Game Center are all installed on SSD's. I am connected on a 150 mb down / 50 mb up broadband connection with no throthling and no limitations. I reliably get 100-150 mb/s to all major download hubs in Europe. Everything else I download with blazing speeds. The issue I see here is limited to only Wargaming games. So I did a little research, and the internet dwellers point to the new Game Center as being the source of the problem. In the previous installer, you had the option to turn of torrent. That option doesnt seem to exist in the new Game Center. Has anyone found a workaround for this?
  12. Hi everyone if someone have a problem with Game Center message saying " Game Center cannot recover " and it is not starts there i have a fix for it Fix for Game Center
  13. Spartan_93

    Game Center Torrent

    Hi, ich muss mir gerade das Spiel nochmal neu installieren und runterladen, aber nach jedem Pausieren fängt der mit dem Download neu an. Normalerweise hätte ich dafür ja eine Toorent-Funktion aktiviert, aber die kann ich beim Game Center nicht finden. Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wo man das einschalten kann?
  14. Wargaming is placing the launchers of all of its games into a single app called Game Center. It will be used to completely replace the individual launchers for World of Tanks, World of Warships, and all of the other Wargaming stable of games. Replace your regular launcher Get in the game faster with automatic background updates See current news, sales, useful links and more in the launcher before you play Check and repair installed games as necessary Access all your favorite Wargaming products from one convenient location Source :- HERE