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Found 8 results

  1. MIRAI The Future of Warships wants YOU! We are a clan where members enjoy watching animes and playing together, we take part in Clan Battles and other tournaments with the determination to win while having fun! What we offer Diverse community from all around Europe Activity in clan wars (Typhoon league) Excellent teams and a decent player base Motivated staff Improvement as a team player Rewards for members with good performance Special events, tournaments Requirements Winrate in excess of 54% overall and 56% recent At least 1300 overall and 1500 recent Personal Rating for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Statistics visible Having a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Battles is required Having a basic knowledge of the English language is a must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable playing and are a valid choice for T8 and T10 clan battles Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry, we got senpais to help you with this) If you are interested please contact: @Fogas21 @Peace_Of_Cake @Yuudachi_BestGirl or any of our recruiters on the discord server Click Discord chan to get an invite to the server https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy
  2. A-poi-calypse Now II: what killed the IJN destroyers? Not a guide, not about the update. Do not move! Yeah, we're doing this again. The poster girl this week is Yuudachi of the Shiratsuyus by the way. We won't be talking about her. I recently returned from a prolonged and painful surgery to correct various extreme medical injuries, self inflicted during and after playing the Shimakaze. Needless to say, I needed to have several of my teeth forcefully extracted from my tongue. I'll also have to drop by a nearby church for some supplies to clean up the things I managed to summon with my guttural screaming whilst playing the Shima. That brings me back to something that I would like to discuss however: the state and the future of the IJN destroyers and torpedo focused destroyers in general. The Shiratsuyu will be nerfed, as many may know. The Shiratsuyu, War Gaming's last attempt at introducing a fleet destroyer after the menace that was the Shimakaze in early release, was designed in the game to fulfill the role as a fleet destroyer despite her quite weak torpedoes and small size. War Gaming has decided that she was too strong however, and they decided to remove the last non-Akizuki Japanese destroyer that could genuinely be considered good aside her peers. Even now, it appears that War Gaming has no place to put the high tiered IJN destroyers. Reminiscing about: torpedoes The Golden Age of IJN DDs Whilst only the Shimakaze has the official designation as fleet destroyer in the game (for the Japanese tree), many destroyers of the IJN line used to act as fleet destroyers. They distinguished themselves from the lower tiered destroyers by being utterly lethal area denial and fleet destruction weapons. Before they were neutered and nerfed into the ground. F3s and the Minekaze The problems with the Japanese destroyers from tier VI onward basically all stems back to a simple change. The Shimakaze was the scourge of the sea in her golden age. After the first drop in carrier players, there was nothing left to stop the Shimakaze to become the dominant ship. Poor concealment but having the fastest speed of her time, she could keep any enemy at arm's reach and fill an entire map area with torpedoes that even destroyers struggled to dodge. A Minekaze needs 80-100% of her salvo firepower to kill a battleship. A Shima could kill most battleships with four torpedo hits, and most cruisers with two. Due to the escalation of arms, more players kept gravitating towards the Shimakaze until it was not rare to see half of each team made out of nothing but Shimakazes. War Gaming stepped in, as they probably had to, to begin the collapse of the IJN destroyers. The Captain's Skills All good things comes to an end, and the age of the Japanese destroyers slowly died. The first death blow was the changes to the captain's tree. Namely the removal of sixth sense and the fifth line of captain skills. The addition of destroyer lines The last cause of the death of the IJN destroyer line is perhaps the addition of more destroyer lines. The IJN line maintained the weaknesses they had in their earlier and far more dangerous phase, whilst lacking any of the strength of the other destroyers. The KM line is introduced almost as a 'fixed' IJN destroyer line. They are designed after the Minekaze playstyle. The issue with map size and ship distribution has gone unaddressed by War Gaming however, which means that the German destroyer lines are primarily played as anti-destroyer miniature cruisers. The IJN destroyer line is dying due to their lack of distinctiveness and the rise of awareness in the player base that makes the playstyle of the Minekaze style torpedo sniper more and more nonviable as time goes on. Ultimately, the Shimakaze will most likely not get restored to her old glory. I am unconvinced that such a thing could even be done without breaking the game. Ultimately though, there is little I could do or say. The problems with carriers is caused by gross incompetence and lack of comprehension of the class from the developer's standpoint. The problem with torpedo destroyers are far more intrinsic, and I can't say how they should fix it if it could be fixed at all. There's not much I could do, but watch it slowly vanish into the dark of the night without being able to say even a word of farewell. Addendum: I do realize that IJN DDs are still around, death is a literary device used in the editorial. I'm putting this here because no doubt someone will try to start a semantic argument with me down in the thread about this. To that guy, screw you!
  3. dasCKD

    Smoking Up

    This article will be unstructured. What do you want? I'm trying hard to procrastinate at my internship right now! Honestly, sometimes I feel like none of you appreciate the work I put into not actually doing any work. War gaming continues its inability to maintain company secrets with the smoke screen changes that appears to be created for the sole purpose of driving the entire teamplay meta alongside the entire fleet back to the back lines where most of the battleships have already set up tents and are already breaking out the acetone torches. The smoke nerf, according to WG's propaganda ministers, aims to address the issue of certain ships (mostly battleships) sitting in smoke screens and shooting at ships with impunity. Due to this, they have decided that every gun fired in a smoke screen, depending on their caliber, would deplete the smoke screen. It's not strictly necessary for me to explain this, but I feel compelled to. There's no reason really. When it comes to smoke however, ultimately I do not think I could leave behind my biases. I never had a very high opinion of ships that utilized a combination of smoke and gunfire to do their role within the game. My opinion on this matter is unlikely to make me popular, but it hardly matters. I have almost all of the smoke screen cruisers, and I have different opinions of all of them. Even with that however, I can't help but feel that this is another justification for nerfing things that hurts battleships. When it comes to smoke, they are both responsible for alleviating and exacerbating the camping meta. Each ship can be thought to exert a sphere of influence, a sphere of power that holds most strategically aware players away. The power of the sphere becomes more pronounced closer to the ship of origin, as guns, secondaries, and torpedoes all increase in lethality up close to the enemy ship. As ships closest to the enemy get shot at first, being able to close to range whilst invisible offers massive opportunities for teams to push forwards together. Even once the smoke fades, the team can exploit the far more strategically strong positions that they would not normally have access to due to the fact that they would have far too little health left to burn once they get there. In a way, it temporarily nullifies the sphere of influence of a lot of ships, unless the enemy team has access to a radar suite in the optimum position. A smoke also, in many ways, exerts a nearly unlimited sphere of influence. Anything on the enemy team could theoretically be hiding in a smoke screen, and that anything could have access to radar suites, nearly unlimited AA, and potentially hundreds of guns ready to fire at the first thing that gets spotted. There is a reason most ships steer clear of smoke screens. It's not like there aren't any counters to smoke. There are plenty of counters, and most of them are at least moderately effective. The problem arises however because War Gaming insists on balancing around meta instead of games. Putting it simply, they balance World of Warships like it's Starcraft and not League of Legends. That may be a little confusing, but let's say you're playing as the allies in RA3, and I'm playing as the Japanese. If you sent a scout over and discovered that I was fielding three or four dozen attack helicopters, you would probably begin to stock up on missile buggies and interceptors to stop me. This is a viable tactic: giving incredibly strong units an inherent and insurmountable weakness that makes it possible to counter them and to stop cheesing tactics. This raises the skill of players and mandates variety in army compositions. War Gaming probably wants to see a similar thing in their games. Each ship lines probably takes approximately the same amount of effort to complete, modeling and initial programming accounting for but a tiny fraction of the development period. The problem is the matchmaker. If you see a Minotaur division on the enemy team, you can't decide to field an extra radar ship or two. If you see a tier X carrier on the roster, you can't decide to switch out your hydroacoustic search. War Gaming expects that eventually players will simply switch to the tools that are better suited to dealing with persistent problems, but that is a terrible way to balance. Theoretically, players will gravitate towards a line that can deal with the problems they face. In reality, most of the players who play the game, even those who have played the game since launch, don't even have access to their first tier X yet. I very much doubt that most even have tier 8 ships on most of their lines. Even assuming that players will gravitate towards the correct counter, that theoretically prevents issues that will happen eventually in the future. It won't solve the issues that are happening in the match right then and there. This isn't an RTS player refusing to field AA units against a player who has been cheesing bombers and attack choppers. This is MM screwing a team over. I remember last night in an epicenter match in my Z-52. The results of that match was decided the microsecond the enemy team didn't have access to a Z-52 or a radar cruiser through no fault of any of the players on the enemy team. I'm not certain if WG understands this issue, or if they are under the delusion that this is the issue that will sort it out eventually. There are mechanics in this game that are nearly insurmountable except against a mechanic that instantly annihilates any pull that said mechanic might have on the outcome of the match. In the case of smoke screens, even one laid by a destroyer, an extra ship with the hydroacoustics removes all but the tiniest sting from torpedo destroyers. Their primary weaknesses are carriers and radar searches which is great when those items are available, but their availability is far from guaranteed. The dominance of ships like the Fiji and the Belfast are in fact artifacts of how rare the tools to deal with heavy firepower hidden inside of a smoke screen are in the middle tiers. One thing this does address is the issue of the dominance of divisions. A pair or triplet of Minotaurs could sit inside of a smoke screen that will last the entire game as they chain the entire smoke screen and is more difficult to remove than a terrible idea from Lesta's head without the use of radar and focus fire, something that is only occasionally provided by the matchmaker. This new change would certainly create an organic method of stopping the dominance of multiple Minotaur divisions who can just sit in a ring behind good torpedo cover and entirely shut down a whole flank or a double Minotaur and Des Moines division that could keep any plane, destroyer, cruiser, or battleship from approaching them save for some very accurate into-smoke firing or a radar cruiser. The Des Moines could also be replaced with the Conqueror with a radar suite, which this change could be a preemptive nerf to. If the smoke screen of a long Minotaur is balanced in such a way that their combat effectiveness doesn't change very much if there is only one of them inside of the smoke screen, then I don't see many players complaining too much. It would probably diminish the effectiveness of smoke based divisions, but I think we can all agree that smoke divisions can be rather unfair especially against extremely inexperienced players. Ultimately, my feelings on this change is mixed. On one hand, it does massively discourage team play and extremely aggressive ship action all the while making it harder to slow down enemy pushes using good application of combined arms and tactical manuvers. On the other hand, it might help diminish the dominance of divisions. Smoke screens help a large number of cruisers survive in this meta, but ultimately it is a bandage that is covering the nature of the problem that lurks beneath. Smoke only really helps the cruisers that have them, and very few destroyers are centered around firing from smoke. Whichever way this swings the meta, for once I am not sure.
  4. A little disclaimer ahead of things: I haven't found any recently active threads/polls to this effect. Sure, there are older ones - but I'm interested in a somewhat up to date picture of what we all are looking forward to the most right now, with the Italians (via first premium) and French (via first full line) finally in the game. If I've missed any such threads, feel free to call me an idiot, point me towards them and/or close this (not necessarily in that order). So, the question is very simple - which lines are you looking forward to the most? I've tried to include as many lines as I could think of that might have the potential of getting a full branch of some sort together, but I've probably missed some... again, feel free to call me an idiot
  5. Vaderan

    Quo vadis, World of Warships?

    Warning: wall of text incomming! Disclaimer: english is not my mothertongue, and i am speaking freely just from my personal perspective and experience! Greetings fellow captains! Last week, i by accident read a quote of an old, wise greek, Mr. Platon, which translated from my mothertongue into english read something like "Good developement is based on knowledge/experience, not on numbers." Maybe, this is the perfect historical quote to sum up, why i consider the developement of this game from CAT until today as a desaster, since WG always and repeatedly confirms that their development decisions for their products are basically based on numbers. This pretty much hit the nail when i was with an old friend in team speak yesterday, who was playing World of Warships and went from "hey, let´s play a round" into "ultra rage apocalypse breakdown" and a "Do these developers play their game at all?" exclamation within 3-4 games in CooP. He and I are the last relics of a dozen alpha and beta test veterans who still stick with the game and run it from time to time, despite the warnings of our inner voice. We are, for sure, no absolute pro gamers, but we went along with this game for quiet some time, experienced the changes in developement and game style, and are pretty much able to contribute significantly to the team in 95% of the battles we play, usually ending up top 2 if we decide to play CooP. In other words: we are familiar with the mechanics and know how to play. However, we just lost cannot answer the question anymore, why we should go on with this game at all. The dozen of us was attracted by the general topic of the game: capital warships of the two WW eras. Great. We lost the first 5 or 6 of us during open beta. They were basically BB nerds and were not happy with the changes that appeared, reducing BBs efficiency on primary and secondary guns, tinkering around with maneuverability, armor, fires and all this stuff. Two more left shortly after release, when the adjustments to the economy in combination with game experience was to much for them to keep em motivated for longer grinding sessions. The remaining four stayed for longer. We bought preorder packs, premium ships like Atago, Tirpitz and friends, and kept playing. The fourth made it to tier 4, with a Tirpitz for CooP games in his port, the rest made it somewhere up to tier 6-8. It´s still pretty hard to grind through the tiers, if you still have the impression of your favourite tier 10 ships out of the CAT and beta tests in your head. In addition, all of us 4 made extesive use of the test servers, just to relive the good old tier 10 games and check, if they are still woth it. And this is, where it becomes a little difficult. Yes, there are ships which are still worth it. But then, after all, with the impression of high tier battles as a bottom tier 7 or 8, and the NOT fun they are to play, why even bother to join them with higher tiered ships? It´s no secret that tier 4-6 games are considered the sweetspot of this game. But why? What has changed, that tier 7-10 are so much less enjoyable, especially since the CAT and beta days? The reasons for this have been discussed and summed up in numerous threads. Some are biased towards specific classes, some are just big whine threads and a number of them are issued by players who should probably learn to play before starting to write. However, there is something like a common base line, things that show up again and again in various versions. Matchmaking, the evergreen which keeps player upset again and again. RNG of course, in all the variations it has impact on this game (accuracy, fires, module damage etc.). The grind and ingame economy. Torpedoes. Rock-paper-scissors mechanics; the balance between the classes, in other words. If you put all these aspects together in a big bag and want to name it, the one word that comes into my mind and somehow fits for all these aspects, the one thing they have in common, is: broken. The next best is: fail. They, all together, are, from my perspective, the result of an ambitious and dedicated developement team, which made a lot of wrong decisions. Just like in World of Tanks. When i joined the CAT (or the CBT in WoT, back in 2010), these games felt somehow like a solid piece of rock. Or a nice carpet. Something in developement, but somehow complete. With a baseline and a concept. Flawed, but with potential. Today, it feels like ruined patchwork. Changes have been made, adjustments, patches. They still work around the same concept and base line, but it just feels (and plays), as if the developers just cannot keep up with the speed the game developes itsself. New big patches are announced to bring huge changes and stuff, but somehow it always feels like "one step forward, two steps reverse". While the developers attempt to work hard (and focused) on a specific issue (like the recent torpedo soup thingy), they leave the impression to lose the view for the overall, complete picture. In addition, it feels like they seriously just focus on their numbers. Ship/tank XY performs good/bad: we need to change something. Class XY performs good/bad: we need to rebalance them. More often, these changes appear to be not reproducable for a dedicated player, or even the average user. In addition to the average user, we get the so called "fanboys" (are ther no fangirls, by the way?), who always have to overreact and exagerate, once their favourite ship/tank/class is touched, which makes it even more difficult to make a difference between constructive feedback and whine/protest. As a result, many changes and adjustments, which appear drastical or radical, often proove as "not working as inteded", developement into the wrong direction or just "half hearted". The developers come up with changes and ideas, which look great on paper, sound fantastic in announcement and look promising in numbers, just to turn out of being not what the players wanted to have. Correct me, if i am wrong, but let me take an example (just for the overall impression, no need to discuss the details): players love tier 4-6. The reason: small maps, short engagement distances, intense fighting, moderate economy costs. In other words, the game has the perfect balance between being easy accessable and requiring (just basic knowledge of) tactical unterstanding. High tier isn´t loved that much. Large maps, longe engagement ranges, horrible economy, torpedo spam, slow paced gameplay especially on huge maps, highly specialised ships. In other words: the balance tips to more demanding and challanging gameplay while it becomes less enjoyable, more expensive and less rewarding at once. To improve the situation, WG again refers to it´s numbers and sharts and starts tinkering around with various aspects, while stubbornly staying on course with the overall concept, no matter if it is good or bad. This is probably the biggest issue: instead of aknowleging the fact that they took the wrong turn, move back and start a new way, they usually hold the line and start patchworking, where it doesn´t help the cause. I won´t say, WG is immune towards improvement and listening to it´s players, since we see changes and developement again and again (yay, finally unbundled premium ships in the shop, yay! Seriously!), but the ideas and changes, as already said, feel half hearted. I mean: hey, the players complain about 20km range torpedo spam at tier ten, what can we do about this? a.) reduce torpedo range, reduce overall engagement range, reduce map size and provide a less static, more intense gameplay! b.) let´s hand over a radar consumable to a few ships which can occasionally detect hidden destroyers at ~50% of their max torpedo range. -"B sounds great, that will do it!" - not. With all these fancy ideas, and the evaluation and studying on numbers, Wargaming, like no other, seems to consequently ignore over and over and over again one, if not THE major aspect of any MMO: the players. I am not talking about the players numbers, their wishes and demands, but the average players abilities. Yes, we got very ambitious and skilled players around. Those who like this game usually stick on this forum, contribute to their best (or what they consider as such) and help to discuss and improve this game with dedication. But all these, even the "average forum user - player" is still more ambitious and skilled as the average player in these games (WoWs, WoT), because they care, and they usually want to develope. Either themselves or the game, both in the optimal case! But Joe-average, who might have heared about this forum at best, just cares about himself and his personal goal. He mybe doesn´t even care about statistics or success. All that matters is his progress. No teamplay, no improvement, no developement. Hand him a 10km range Kawashi, and he will snipe at 10km. Hand him a 27km Yamato, and he will still snipe. These average, ignorant players will never or just veeeery slowly improve and adapt to the game. Most of them even don´t recognize that they are doing something wrong. They lack the knowledge, the ability, and maybe even the intelligence. They live in their own world, and they are happy with it. However, they are part of a team, and if the need arises, the team will rely on them. Maybe Joe average is your top tier Carrier, while an absolute top crack ace is playing the carrier of the opponent team. Maybe he is your most important destroyer or the most tanky BB. Whatever, he might be put into a role, but he neither understands this role, nor is he able to fullfill it at average level. This is, where the "rock-paper-scissor" mechanics hits it´s limitations. 3 out of 4 classes are ridiculously team dependent. In some cases, it comes up to just one player in a team, who can make the difference, because he is the one in that specific class or ship, on which the "rock-paper-scissor" mechanic is build around to work. If this one specific player is not suited to fullfill his role (which can have various reasons, like low intelligence, low skill, low experience, but aswell as the wrong ship, wrong tier, wrong modules or just handicaped by the matchmaker), then the rest of the team has to work twice as hard. If one or two of these bad cases occure in a match, they can usually be compensated. However, these "bad cases" aren´t the exception. Due to the various possibilities of combinations and the "high number of bad cards in the deck", it is not the question of "which team is better" but "which is less bad"? The game is basically designed around all these nice, fancy numbers and statistics, while largely ignoring the human factor. When i started the game in CAT, i had the impression, that i would be able to deal with any situation in any ship, if i only be skilled enough. This was basically owed to a less drastical impact of RNG, but also due to a less specified role of the classes. A BB was able to hold it´s own, if properly played, aswell as a cruiser, DD or carrier. Yes, torpedoes were as annoying as they are today, but they were less of a factor. During the course of changes and adjustments, many ships or complete classes lost their ability of being equaly compeditive, they got pushed more and more into their specific roles. While this might contribute greaty to the course of "rock-paper-scissor", it also forces more gameplay. Something which isn´t shown in numbers, and completly made up by the human factor. A player, as long as he doesn´t just sit in a specific ship, most likely in a DD, is always forced to rely on his teammates. He is forced to rely on the most unpredictable, unstable and risky factor a game can provide. And this shows up again and again. This game in general, in PvP in specific, isn´t just "hey, i want to take out my XY (as long as it isn´t a DD these days) for a quick spin and have some fun". This game is more like "Okay, i take XY and let´s pray i get a team which is capable of something". However, most Joe-average players play it like the first idea (let´s have some fun) which usually ends up in bad results. I have lost track how many PvP games i had where i achieved great things and still lost, due to absolutely bad teammates (or died quickly because i was intending to play the role which had the game forseen for my ship, but got abondened by players who refuse to play their role). Due to this, i quit playing PvP with the end of the Kamikaze R event. I cannot recall the correct circumstances anymore, but i think i was forced to win XY battles in a BB to earn the last 15 or 20 pearls for the Kamikaze, with the event ending the next day. Despite hilarious carries with my BBs (Arkansas, Fuso, Colorado, Tirpitz) i ended up in an ultimatively 1 vs 5 victoriy to defear ratio, killing any ambition for me to take any ship of this class out again into PvP until they get properly adjusted (which means: able to make a stand and fight it out where they are, when they are left alone from their running supporters, which will require either more accurate main batteries or usefull secondary batteries). As a result, to stick with the game, i reduced my activity to just playing CooP/PvE. Yes, i know. But hey, at least, i can enjoy my precious premium ships and... yeah, well. Enjoyment has disappeared. Especially since the latest patch, PvE seems to be broken aswell. Bots were always smarter than 2/3 of the Joe average players, nothing new here, but they were 8 instead of 12, so a carry would be easier to achieve and 2 good bot matches almost make up one bad PvP match in terms of XP and credits, at an equal investment of time. Well, until the latest patch. Not sure if anything was changed to the AI or if it´s just the number of below average Joe-average players who join the CooP battles, but my teams in CooP just start melting over and over again. I have to admit, those bots give me, an self confident alpha veteran, a harder time than 2/3 of the opponent players i met in PvP battles. They aim brutaly precisely, focus fire with all available ships, especially when playing a DD, and even those bot carriers start playing tricks, like cross drops and recoordinating attacks. I usually can deal with 2-3 of them, considering it a moderate challange, but with a look on the results which my average CooP teammates achieve, i only can guess how frustrating even this "it´s just a training mode" CooP must be. Which brings me to my final question: Is or will there be fun in this game (again)? When it began in Alpha, PvE and PvP were enjoyable. Yes, the players/testers were veterans, so teamplay wasn´t much of an issue, and Bot AI wasn´t nealy as developed as it is today. And economy...yes...was no issue. But today, the game feels just like completly developed past the average player. Increasing demands on coordination, tactics and teamplay, highly specified roles of specific ships, especially in low tier, RNG factors which increase the dependence on other players even more, while the number of players one can rely on shrinks. This game, at least if you want to have fun AND success at once as an average player, has lost a lot of it´s accessability and lightness, just like WoT. PvP is full of frustration and rage, negative emotions, nothing to enjoy, and even PvE has lost it´s light hearted game experience. There is no "just let´s play" anymore, if you want to progress and keep the balance in credits. I know, not all will agree with me, but in my opinion, the line between "my skill counts" and "i rely on others and rng" has been crossed long ago. If i want to have success, i am forced to play specific ships, or i am forced to play in a division/team, so i have other with my who i can rely on, so i can at least pick the ship i want. In my opinion, the game has developed into the wrong direction. Or, at least, it has developed into a direction, where the complexity and mechanics of the game are more important than the accessability. The numbers count, not the human factor. So, quo vadis, World of Warships? Will we see drastical changes to the mechanics, to make ships and classes, according to the limits of the wider playerbase, less team dependend? Will we see an improvement on High Tier matches, like faster paced games on smaller maps, shorter engagement range, less torpedoe spam and area denial? Will we see an improvement in the PvE sector, for those who favor PvE over PvP? Armored Warfare is a great example, how to implement a working PvE mode. I consider something like that completly possible for WG products. The actual CooP is a good starting point, i´d say. How are your impressions? How did WoWs develope from your view? What would be your basic developement whishes? Please avoid detail discussions we already have in different threads, like torpedoes, DDs, matchmaking. This should be more about the overall impression, how the game feels to you, what you would like to see changed so it feels better. How do you consider the human factor in regards of game mechanics?
  6. so this patch is at least a year away, what features would you expect/want added in by this point? i would like better torp controle as the current torp fans seem a little random at high tiers while at lower tiers i would like to fire one at a time to make the very few torps i have go further the devs have hinted ther already looking at the possiblillities of heading to dx 11 which will enable them to up the graphics quallity in game im hopeing we end up with a HD cliant like wots where you can have extra details for people whos computers can handle it *and for a little troll, the royal navy* now, what would YOU guys like wargameing to add or change...
  7. Lukew82


    Hey all, would like to start with... I am loving this game! Am however getting annoyed with the timer. Would be nice if there are some more maps and annihilation win maps. Its annoying/frustrating when you only just manage to start getting hits and then the round is over because a destroyer capped the enemy base or your team get lucky with kills and win on points in a few mins. perhaps adding some AI CARGO SHIPS AS A MISSION or escorting or something would be cool, or a land assault/strike on a base or have land bases for extra points. Would be interesting to hear everyone else's ideas for improvements or add ons. Remember, that it is a great game already so what could make it even better in your opinion?
  8. Burnsyy

    Type 26 (Royal Navy)

    Have you guys heard about the type 26? This is the one of the latest royal navy ships that is planned to be built in 2015 and come into service in 2021. there is plans to make 13 of these ships costing EST 3250-350 Million per ship. the class is a Global Combat Ship. This is one of the concepts (None have been made yet) I think it should be named HMS [edited]Kicker :trollface: I bet you are wondering about the characteristics of this ship right? Class & type: Global Combat Ship Displacement: 5,400 t (5,300 long tons; 6,000 short tons) Length: 148 m (486 ft) Beam: 19 m (62 ft) Propulsion: CODLOG (T26)[1] or diesel Speed: 28+ knots Range: 7,000 mi (11,000 km) at 15 knots (28 km/h) Endurance: 60 days Troops: 36 embarked troops Complement: 130 Sensors and processing systems: Type 997 Artisan 3D search radar Sonar 2087 (towed array sonar) SCOT-5 satcom[1] Electronic warfare & decoys: IRVIN-GQ DLF decoys[1] Armament: Anti-air missiles: 4× 6-cell[1], 1× 24-cell[4] Sea Ceptor VLS canisters for a total of 48×: Sea Ceptor missiles (range 1-25+ km) Strike-length VLS: 1× 24-cell strike-length VLS, either Sylver A70 VLS or Mk 41 VLS[1] with e.g. Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles, quad-packed Sea Ceptor or anti-ship missiles Anti-submarine torpedoes: Sting Ray torpedo system Guns: 1× 5" gun, Otobreda 127/64 or BAE Mk 45 2× 30 mm DS30M automated guns 2× Phalanx CIWS 2× Miniguns 4× General-purpose machine guns Aircraft carried: 1× Lynx Wildcat, armed with; anti-ship missiles or anti-submarine torpedoes or 1× Westland Merlin, armed with; 4× anti-submarine torpedoes Aviation facilities: Flight deck Enclosed hangar Accommodation for UAVs So what do you think i this these ships will be something the british can be proud of :honoring: Future Surface Combatant (wiki) The Global Combat Ship started development under the original Future Surface Combatant (FSC) programme intended to replace the Royal Navy's Type 22 and Type 23 frigates. Planning for a replacement escort vessel started in 1998 with the ordering of a research vessel, the RV Triton, to study whether a trimaran design was practical for such a large and complex vessel. However, by the early 2000s it was apparently obvious the Royal Navy favoured more conventional designs. In March 2005, plans were released for a two-class solution, a cheaper "Medium Sized Vessel Derivative" entering service in 2016-19 and a more capable "Versatile Surface Combatant" entering service around 2023. if you want to look at the wiki click here But also what are your thoughts? :honoring: