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Found 7 results

  1. Today I saw a Friesland carrying the Dutch flag where on my Friesland I have a Blue European flag (near the back radar). If I add a flag it shows on a different place on the ship (forward Tower). Being Dutch, of course, I want to run the Dutch flag. Does anyone have any idea how he managed to do that? Is he running a Mod or something? (I have no Dutch flag in my inventory)
  2. Hms_Artful

    Submarines and Friesland

    In the game with the tech tree, ship Friesland apparently has anti-submarine weapons, will Friesland still have them when subs come in? The information will be useful as I am thinking of saving up the free XP to get this ship. DO NOT TELL ME NOT TO HERE! SEND A MESSAGE TO ME! Many thanks if you can answer this accurately. An answer from the team would be useful. HMS_Artful.
  3. Ocsimano18

    Blyskawica or Friesland

    Which Pan Euro ship would you get, Blyskawica or Friesland? I would need one for the Puerto Rico grind.
  4. Hi all, "Ships: Doubloons Aren't the Only Way to Get Them" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/free-xp-and-armory-ships/ I don't know... I got every single FreeXP ships to date... but 1.000.000 FreeXP for DD... I have the FreeXP but I really really don't know this time around... Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Now, I don’t have the Friesland yet due to working offshore, but I will be home soon and I'm trying to establish if she's worth it. I've see quite a lot of chat on the forum, mostly from a negative point of view, but looking at these stats from wows-numbers.com she seems to perform pretty well. Win rate seems ok but that never tells you too much. Average damage is up there to be fair and she certainly knocks those metal birds out of the sky, which is nice
  6. After testing Friesland in CoOp I was wondering... and threw together a (quick-n-dirty) spreadsheet /w her damage output in regard to BFT, DE, IFHE, fires/minute, etc. Should be self-explanatory. Feel free to use for other ships* if you like : ) ...for those who aren't familiar /w spreadsheets i included some basic info on how-to. Fair seas + good hunting o7 Spreadsheet: Friesland_DMGoutput.zip Preview: *) hereby declaring copyleft / public domain p.s. "quick-n-dirty" - if you find errors, please give me a nudge, thx. ; ) P.P.S. ...fires + AA aside... almost forgot to mention that pumping 2k AP dmg into CA and CV broadsides every 1.4s is also quite nice...
  7. I fired up the game tonight, and found myself in this mess in my first match. Four things happened here: Double Smolensk, Friesland and a team that doesn't yet know how to handle the endless smoked up HE barrages which gives players targetted by these barrages not a single second of rest to think what to do about their predicament. Wasn't the initial UK cruiser line considered too disruptive carrying smoke and rapid firing HE? Or was it WG just looking for a tech tree gimmick at the time? What do you think of the release of these HE/Smoke carrying ships? Disclaimer: I am not against the release of these ships, nor am I overly excited by them. I am just not sure what to think, yet. I've deleted Smols with my GK with ease before, and this match was my first encounter as a tier 8 cruiser. Looking at the score I'd say it was mostly a matter of a team that didn't know how to handle itself facing new features. I have the Smol but didn't play it much yet, and will be getting the Friesland pretty soon since I'm Dutch.